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  1. How to do a Dry Haircut: Long Layers, Point Cutting: Haircut Tutorial
    Duration: 8:19

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a tutorial on how to do a dry haircut on long layered hair. Point cutting and texturizing are demonstrated to create a blended effect.

    Keywords: Hair, haircut, long layers, How to cut long layers, dry haircut, how to do a dry haircut, dry haircutting, texture hair, point cutting, long layered hairstyle, how to cut around the face, face framing, Tammy Favata, how to cut straight hair, favatat
    Average rating: 4.6

  2. Medium-Long Layered Haircut: Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a hair tutorial on how to do a Medium/Long Layered haircut. Learn how tow round out and point cut your layers.

    Keywords: hair, How to cut hair, how to layer hair, how to long layer hair, hair cutting, style, beauty, hairstyle, texture hair, texturize hair, Tammy Favata, hairstylist, hair dresser, beautician, haircuts, long hairstyle, teenage haircut, mom haircut, long hair layer, layered haircuts, layered hair cuts, long, layered, layered hair, demonstration, women's haircut, point cutting, medium length, twirl and cut, blend, cosmetology, salon, styles
    Average rating: 4.6

  3. Free short advanced fashion hair cut tutorial Part 1
    Duration: 8:01

    Description: presents part 1 short hair cut It was like doing a refresher coarse in my own hom I've been out of hairdressing to be a stay at home mom for 10 years. I felt it was time to get back to work. Watched the online streams from the online hair school and learnt all I needed to know about modern styling. The tutorials are really clear and easy to understand. It was like doing a refresher coarse in my own home -- they gave all the confidence I needed to get back into the workplace. Karen Greenan from Wilmington

    Keywords: short fashion hair cut, learn to cut hair, graduation, layer's, fashion styling, Fran Smith master hair stylist
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Skin/Bald Fade Haircut How To Tutorial Part 1 of 3
    Duration: 10:01

    Description: Al gives step by step instruction on performing a skin fade haircut correctly. Follow along, practice the techniques and never be afraid of a skin fade again.

    Keywords: alsmillions, barbering, skin, bald, fade, haircut, tutorial, razor, lineup, taper, edgeup, line, clippers, andis, master, balding, bumps, clean, hairline, SC, barbers, five, star, shaper, shaver, abmaam
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Meagan Good Inspired Haircut (tutorial)
    Duration: 8:51

    Description: Hey ladies! This is my take on the gorgeous Meagan Goode's posh haircut! I hope you enjoy! -xo Need some inspiration? Check out my Tumblr:

    Keywords: meagan, good, hair, makeup, short, tutorial, how, to, rihanna, cut, black, style, kim, kardashian, beyonce, kelly, rowland, brandy, lola, monroe
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Long Layer Modern Shag Haircut: Hair Tutorial: Thin and Texturize to Decrease Bulk
    Duration: 9:10

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a Hair Tutorial on how to cut a modern shag. This is a great haircut for those who have thick hair or someone that want lots of layers and wants to keep their length.

    Keywords: Hairstylist, Blog:, Facebook:, Layers, modern shag, shag haircut, Tammy Favata, favatat, how to cut hair, texturize, razor, how to thin long hair, thick hair, texture, hair, long hairstyle, how to, how to do a long layer haircut, beauty, how to layer hair, layered hair, 180 haircut, beauty school
    Average rating: 4.6

  7. Asian Guy Haircut Tutorial (How to use Texturizing Scissors)
    Duration: 6:17

    Description: Here it is. The techniques I use to be able to cut my own hair. I have saved so much money on my car insurance... no, just kidding, I've saved a lot of money being able to cut my hair myself.

    Keywords: texturizing, scissors, hair, cutting, techniques, birdieskate, style, how, to, thinners, blades, anime, asian, azn, detailed, thinning, birdy
    Average rating: 4.5

  8. Haircut Tutorial: How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers (V-Shape)!
    Duration: 8:34

    Description: Watch this tutorial on how I cut my own hair. I have been doing this for years, and have saved so much money not having to go to the salon. Let me know if you have any questions. PS: This works for ME, I can't guarantee it will work for you. Check out my hair tutorial on how I style this haircut!: Check out my blog post on this tutorial: Music by:

    Keywords: Haircut, hair, cut, v-shape, shape, Hairstyle Style
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Men's Haircut Tutorial: Haircutting on a budget
    Duration: 3:25

    Description: Watch Ann demonstrate her skills at trimming my shag. This is only her 4th time doing it...SO if she can do it, SO can you! Remember it'll always grow back...unless of course you are balding. Follow Me On Twitter @sreytproduction

    Keywords: haircut, mens haircut, haircut tutorial, how to cut hair, how to give a haircut, shaving your head, long hair, short hair, hairstyle, cutting hair at home, hair trim, conair, expert village haircut, free haircut, cutting your own hair, cheap haircut, budget haircut, how to save money, hairstyling, haircutting tips, easy, fun, silly, shag, clip, shave, haircutting, style, buzz, sideburns, beard, short, hairdresser, JVC, everio, HD, video, film, tutorial, blonde, dark
    Average rating: 4.4

  10. intro / haircut tutorial
    Duration: 6:32

    Description: an introduction of myself to my viewers and a tutorial of how to cut your own hair

    Keywords: haircut, intro, college, home, problems, life, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. shantea self hair cut
    Duration: 10:04

    Description: Visit for the best prices on the HOTTEST NEW FLAT IRONS! Just giving myself a hair cut. I know you guys been dying to see it.. So here it is!!!! Excuse me. I'm sick so I sniff and touch my nose alot. It was runny... I lost weight! notice it?? BLADE: SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY

    Keywords: shantea, self, hair, cut
    Average rating: 4.6

  12. Enrique Tha Barber Razor Fade Haircut Tutorial 1
    Duration: 14:50

    Description: Enrique Tha Celbrity Barber gives a lesson on a perfect razor fade hair cut!

    Keywords: Tutorial, Razor (band), Battlestar Galactica: Razor, Samuel Barber, Musical Ensemble, School Band, Hair, Drop, Scooter, Hair (musical), Natural, Haircut, Style, Training, Beauty, Sebastian, Salon, Curly, Products, Press, Low, Marching, Dave, Bench, Powerlifting, Fitness, Strength, Workout, Exercise, Ups
    Average rating: 4.7

  13. Haircut Tutorial: How to Cut Your Hair Shorter
    Duration: 12:04

    Description: This haircut tutorial is to show you how I evenly cut my own hair shorter. I did a previous tutorial on cutting my hair v-shaped, but this is different. This video is to show you how I cut my hair to make it look shorter! It is not exactly a hairstyle, only a hair cut. It can be a bit confusing, if it is, please ask me any questions you may have. Visit my blog for more:

    Keywords: cut, your, own, hair, haircut, hairstyle, trim, short
    Average rating: 4.4

  14. e04 PENELOPE CRUZ style HAIRCUT TUTORIAL - upper front section - center
    Duration: 4:42


    Keywords: SEASON, 2011, MODEL, SAPHIRE, of, HAIRCUT, UPPER, FRONT, SECTION, CENTER, MID, BACK, episode, hair, instructional video, GODFATHER OF HAIR, GODFATHEROFHAIRTV, HAIRCUT EDUCATION, HAIRCOLOR EDUCATION, HAIR GURU, beauty, style, natural, intro, lesson, teacher, lessons, season episode, body-building, pokemon, school, weightlifting, medicine, battle, break, box, learn, episode part, tutorial, student, students, teachers, free, painting, dental, workout, physical exercise, photoshoot, howto
    Average rating: 4.0

  15. How to create the perfect Bob Hairstyle :: Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 5:53

    Description: Creating the perfect Bob hairstyle - Celebrity inspired hair tips and tricks. Find out how to create a bob like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes with this hairstyle tutorial. A perfect bob begins with a good haircut, a good blowout, and a quality flat iron. In addition to this, there is some insider secrets the stars use to keep their bob haircuts red carpet ready at all times. Find out how a good backcomb, a volumizing extension, and clip in bangs can change the look of your bob hairstyle instantly! For more details and where to buy visit: the bump up the volume extensions by hairdo will be available on December 2nd, 2009.

    Keywords: hair tutorial, bob hair style, bob hairstyle, how to hair, bob haircut, hair, celebrity hairstyle, bob, hairstyle, hair styles, katie holmes hair, Katy perry hair, katy perry hairstyles
    Average rating: 4.3

  16. How to cut all LAYERS tutorial - Medium to Long layered hairstyles
    Duration: 4:06

    Description: $29.99 How to cut layers for medium to long layered hairstyles. Step by step tutorial of cutting layered haircuts. Makes Layering quick and easy at home. The latest in layer cut hairstyles. Save money on trims!

    Keywords: How, to, cut, layers, layering, hair, layered, hairstyles, haircuts, tutorial, cutting, trimming, creaclip, trims, cuts, tutorials, trim, how-to, layer, curly, products
    Average rating: 4.8

  17. Men's Hairstyles For Medium Hair, How To Cut Hair In Layers, Short Choppy Haircut Tutorial
    Duration: 3:33

    Description: Celebrity Hairstylist Stuart Phillips creates a complete new look on model Perry, at the Stuart Phillips Salon in London's Covent Garden. Stuart removes lots of weight in Perry's hair and rearranges the shape to look more funky, trendy and most importantly wearable. A couple of inches was cut which had a massive effect on the shape. Stuart also cut an asymmetric fringe and then chopped into it, this gave him more movement and shape at the front. Stuart Phillips top colourist Lara Clark coloured Perry's hair three different shades of blonde, this added even more texture to the haircut. Lara shows a variation of techniques in Perry's hair. Top make-up artist Anna Orkiszewska added a little make-up to Perry's face, this was for the photo shoot that Perry modelled for on the same day as making this video. All photographs were taken by Adnan Siddiqui Photography, this was for the before, after and step-by-step photographs. You will see more of Adnan's photographs from this shoot on the Stuart Phillips blog, coming out at the beginning of April, 2012. Blog: Facebook fan page: Website: Twitter:

    Keywords: Hair Colour Makeover, Celebrity Hairdresser, Medium Length Hairstyles, Hair Makeover, Haircut Tutorial, Stuart Phillips, Drastic Hair Makeover, Stuart Phillips Salon, Brown To Blonde, Long To Medium Length, How To Hair Tutorial, men's haircuts, 2012 hairstyles for men, hairstyles for men in 2012, Men's haircut, Men's, hairstyles, Men's haircut with scissors, Men's haircutting techniques, Men's hair, Men's hairstyling, Men's hair care, Men's haircut tutorial, haircuts for men
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Pauly-D Blowout Haircut Tutorial
    Duration: 18:42

    Description: Subscribe

    Keywords: pauly-d, jersey, shore, season, haircut, tutorial, pauly, line, up, how, to, fresh, blow, out
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Fake an Edgy Rihanna Short Hair Cut Tutorial
    Duration: 4:17


    Keywords: hair, short, natural, haircut, style, curly, LOVER, FASHION, CHIC, no, heat, waves, bantu, knots, eco, styler
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Hair Cut Tutorial
    Duration: 1:08

    Description: For my friend poyenl! For requests and questions tweet me up at @style06com

    Keywords: Hair, Cut, Tutorial, weesee, style, asian
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. mens haircut tutorials,mens haircut lessons ,mens haircutting lessons,haircutting tutorial
    Duration: 7:31

    Description: mens haircut tutorials,mens haircut lessons ,mens haircutting lessons,haircutting tutorial

    Keywords: mens haircut tutorials, mens haircut lessons, mens haircutting lessons, haircutting tutorial, haircutting tutorials, fade, taper, how to taper, how to fade, fading mens hair, shaving face, how to be a barber, barbershop, jay the barber, ono on one lessons, barber dvds
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. e02 PENELOPE CRUZ style HAIRCUT TUTORIAL - mid back section
    Duration: 4:57


    Keywords: SEASON, 2011, MODEL, SAPHIRE, of, HAIRCUT, MID, BACK, SECTION, episode, hair, instructional video, GODFATHER OF HAIR, GODFATHEROFHAIRTV, HAIRCUT EDUCATION, HAIRCOLOR EDUCATION, HAIR GURU, beauty, style, natural, intro, lesson, teacher, lessons, season episode, body-building, pokemon, school, weightlifting, medicine, learn, episode part, student, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Long To Short Hair Makeovers: Short Length Hairstyles For Women: Haircut Tutorial By Stuart Phillips
    Duration: 4:55

    Description: A long to short trendy haircut by celebrity hairdresser Stuart Phillips. Stuart transforms the pop singers hair Anja from a long too short cut. The condition of Anja's hair was damaged and breaking off so a shorter style was suggested. See how great she looks with the shorter style! Facebook fan page: Website: Twitter: Blog:

    Keywords: Award winning, Celebrity Hairdressers, London Hair salons, London hair salon, hair Makeovers, hair makeover, Trendy Haircuts, Hairstyles, Short Haircut, Stylist, Long To Short hairstyles, Short Haircut Makeover, long to short haircut, UK Hairdressers, London hair stylist, London hair stylists, Hairdressing video's, Hairdressing tutorial, Hair, Hairdressing, Haircut, Makeovers, Before And After
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. SK fly haircut tutorial 2.mp4
    Duration: 2:11

    Description: Sara Kamkarian Hairstyle using Sk Shark Scissors new styles

    Keywords: Arabic makeup, glamorous, sexy, eyeliner, glitter, Wedding, fly hair cut, Sexy lips, Hair Cut, Exhibition 2011, Sara Kamkarian, Trailer, Style, Beauty, Woman, NGSK, SKNG, THE MAKEUP, Sk Iron, Jalyd, Nina Gallery, Nina, Fashion, Hair, Tearser, Tutorial, 2011, bollywood, models, haircut, curly, salon, artist look, natural arts, educational, eye, cosmetics, eyes, color, foundation, mascara, pink, brush, shadow, makeup tutorial, media, performing, blush, social, fitness
    Average rating: 4.6

  25. Modern Day Mullet Haircut Tutorial
    Duration: 7:00

    Description: Slithering and Point Cutting technique Inspired after I watched Redken's Sam Villa and Chris Barnes demo on stage at last years hair show in June 2010. Here is my version of the Modern Day Mullet. Will post step by step on my blog soon at

    Keywords: haircut, hairstyle, mullet, modern, punk, black, emo, slither, slithering, point, cut, hairstylist, fashion, goth, rock, rocker, chick, woman, young, fierce, bold, salon, hair, sophia, sanh, sophi, the, stylist, sam, villa, chris, barnes, asian
    Average rating: 3.8

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