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Hair tie

Hair tie

Hair tie

Video search results for Hair tie

  1. HAIR TUTORIAL: bow tie
    Duration: 3:46


    Keywords: bow, tie, hair, tutorial, missquynhiee, lady, gaga
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Quick Hair Trick: Updo without any hair ties, clips, & pins!
    Duration: 5:18

    Description: For a step-by-step tutorial with pictures, go to: Want to get your hair away from your face quickly but don't have a hair tie? No worries! I've got a solution for those with medium to long hair. I've been doing this trick since 8th grade, and a lot of my classmates/friends/strangers ask me how I do it, so I figured I'd share it with you! Remember, this is more for functionality than for looks -- but you can make it nice and neat too if you want! Let me know if you get it to work for you! :B FOLLOW ME ON BLOGGER!

    Keywords: hair, howto, updo, quick, trick, how, to, long, medium, secret, nerd, nerdy, nerdygirlmakeup, filipino, asian
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Flower Hair Bow Tutorial for Medium Long Hairstyles
    Duration: 2:42

    Description: Hi guys, this tutorial will show you how to make a flower hair bow out of your own hair. This highly requested hairstyle can be achieved on medium to long hair. You can view the original picture here: It didn't look like bobby pins were used in the original hairstyle but I played around with the flowers for a while and this was the best recreation I was able to do. Hope you enjoy anyway. :) *Important: To remove the elastic hair tie, simply snap or break it off and it will unravel on its own. Don't try to undo it because it will tug your hair and you might end up with a bald spot! lol I kid. Connect with me: ? Instagram: ? Facebook: ? Blog: ? Tumblr ? Click her to watch my other hair tutorials ? ? What you'll need: Hair Clip Elastic Hair Ties (I got mine from the dollar store) Bobby Pins Amika True Tattoo Tourmaline Curler 18-25mm conico barrel

    Keywords: flower hair bow, flower hair tutorial, bebexo hair tutorials, summer hairstyle, spring hairstyle, back to school hairstyles, easy hairstyle, hair tutorial, butterfly hair bow, hair bow tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. no hair tie ponytail tutorial
    Duration: 3:03

    Description: no hair tie ponytail tutorial quick and easy but looks super cute :)

    Keywords: Tutorial, Hair Tie, Ponytail (band), School Band, Natural, Haircut, Style, Beauty, Curly, Fashion, Salon, Products, Journey, Styles, Makeup, Shampoo, Hairstyle, Flat, Drums, Color, Expert, Styling, Stars, Weave, Gold, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Extensions, Straight, New Hair, Twist, Spa, Rb2, Hairstyles, Your Hair, Expert Drums, Full,, Dye, Musical Ensemble
    Average rating: 3.7

  5. DIY: Shibuya Gal (?????) Pom Pom Hair Tie Tutorial
    Duration: 7:00

    Description: Hey guys! Monster =^_^= here. Looking for some finishing touches to your gyaru look? If you are into gyaru (???) culture, then this tutorial is for you! This tutorial is about how to make one of those cute pom pom hair ties you see gyarus wear in their hair or as an accessory. MATERIALS: -Yarn -Scissors -Elastic hair tie TIPS: -Want more color for your pom pom? Use other color yarn when making the loops on your hand. -For a more dense pom pom, wrap the yarn for about 60-75 times and then cut down far enough that the yarn ends can barely will be kinda hard to squish! -Use clear nail polish top coat to keep the tie ends on the hair elastic from fraying. If you don't have a nail polish top coat, you can cheat like I did and use a clear sparkly nail polish. It also works well. Make sure to let dry for a few minutes before wearing your new creation! SONG USED: "Jumper" by Capsule I hope you find this tutorial helpful and enjoyable! Thanks for watching!! Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop a line or message me!

    Keywords: DIY, Shibuya, Gal, Pom, Hair, Tie, Tutorial, ??, ???, Japanese, Street, style, Kawaii, Monster
    Average rating: 4.5

  6. No Hair Tie? No Problem! 3 hair tutorial TRICKS
    Duration: 6:02

    Description: EXPAND FOR MORE Q & A!!! Twitter: Instagram: rosemarie627 YouTube: BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY Contact me @: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here I show you 3 Tricks on how to put your hair up WITHOUT a hair tie. Here's what you'll need =) #1: NOTHING #2: Pencil/Chopstick/etc. #3: NOTHING -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching :) Please don't forget to: COMMENT-RATE-SUBSCRIBE Have a FAB day! Editing Software: iMovie '11 Camera: Nikon D3100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop Hautelook: JustFab shoes: Sigma brushes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY RECENT VIDEOS TO CHECK OUT!!! May 2012 Hits & Misses Happy Feet, Happy Girl!! How to Prevent Blisters rosemarie627 rosemarie 627 rose627 hairstyle hair style tricks no hairtie hair tie tutorial fun easy braid bun half pencil cute how to quick updo work school show put hair up without tie

    Keywords: rosemarie627, rosemarie, 627, rose627, hairstyle, hair, style, tricks, no, hairtie, tie, tutorial, fun, easy, braid, bun, half, pencil, cute, how, to, quick, updo, work, school, show, put, up, without, Tips, Beauty
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Tutorial: How to sew a Hello Kitty Bow Hair Tie
    Duration: 14:21

    Description: You will need: - Red Felt Fabric - Black thread - Cotton - 1 Sewing Needle - 1 Pair of Scissor - 1 Any coloured Hair Tie - 1 Hello kitty Bow Tracer - 1 Pen/Pencil (if need) Hello kitty bow tracer: Song: SS501 - You are my heaven (inst)

    Keywords: project, cute, tutorial, accessory, hand made
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Hair Bow Tie Tutorial Hairstyle
    Duration: 3:12

    Description: Hair bow tutorial. Fast and easy how to make a Hair Bow Tie hairstyle! This tutorial shows how to make a cute hair bow step-by-step. Similar to the famous hair style of Lady Gaga. For more end result photos, DIY style guides and outfit inspiration: check out my blog

    Keywords: how, to, how-to, hair, bow, bowtie, do, hairstyle, style, hairdo, updo, hairbow, tutorial, instructions, spring, summer, cute, girly, lady gaga, long hair
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Tutorial: How to Tie a Turban (Natural Hair)
    Duration: 3:32

    Description: I did a review before filming this vid - that's what I'm referring to...I'll upload that one lata.

    Keywords: naturalhair, hair, curlyhair, coilyhair, kinkyhair, turban, style, wrap, tutorial, beauty, howto, tips, instructions, how-to, diy
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Carp Fishing Tutorial - How to tie a knotless knot hair rig
    Duration: 3:30

    Description: A simple guide from showing the basics of a hair rig and how to tie one

    Keywords: Carp, Fishing, Sport, Hair rig, carp rig
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Hair Tutorial: Quick on the Go Updo
    Duration: 2:24

    Description: Do you ever get those days where you have no time to spend on your hair?! How about 1 minute to spare? Then here's the look! What you need: 1 hair tie 2 bobby pins Very simple, yet edgy!

    Keywords: beauty, hair, tutorial, diy, quick, and, easy, updo, on, the, go, effortless, one, minute, hairstyle, itsjudytime
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. A Swingapore Tutorial - How To Tie A Neat & Secure Hair Bun
    Duration: 3:36

    Description: A home-made tutorial to teach parents how to tie a neat and secure hair bun for the season of performances, competitions and examinations!

    Keywords: jitterbugs, swingapore, kids, neat, secure, hair, bun
    Average rating: 4.4

  13. Hair Tutorial : Back to School Hair - Low Messy Side Bun
    Duration: 3:57

    Description: Requested by marcopolo7039 - Inspired by Selena Gomez :) Here's another quick Back to School Hairstyle for you! I said that it might take more time but I think this one took me less time than my last tutorial.. haha. Anyway, they're both fast and easy! I hope you enjoy this one! Products Used: Paul Mitchell Heat Seal Biosilk Silk Therapy Babyliss 1 1/2 in Ceramic Curling Iron Hair Tie Bobby Pins I'll try to put up another tutorial or at least another video this week! Tweet tweet! Email/MSN Me :) AIM Me :) brittneecakes

    Keywords: raelyni, hair, back, to, school, quick, easy, five, minutes, curling, waves, iron, cute, low, messy, side, bun, asian, girl, howto, beauty
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. hair tinsel tutorial tie it in and maintain it so it will stay in longer
    Duration: 7:08

    Description: How to tie hair tinsel in you hair and make it stay in for a long time. Where to buy it cheap.

    Keywords: webcam, video, servcheryl, How, to, tie, hair, tinsel, in, you, and, make, it, stay, for, long, time., Where, buy, cheap., tutorial, shop, cheap, shopping, style, sparkely, glittering, glitter, shimmer, makeup, salon, natural, products, curly, beauty., statement, do., glamorous, hair.
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. Sock Bun Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 5:38

    Description: This is a hair tutorial using a pair of cut tube socks to create a donut shaped bun and a braid surrounding it. Facebook me: What I Used: 1 rat tail comb 1 brush 2 tube socks 3 bobby pins 2 elastic bands that are my hair color 1 thick strong hair tie

    Keywords: sock, bun, braid, french, tutorial, hair, style, fashion, easy, quick, beginner, makeuppbymel, howto, instructions, diy, military, jlo, celebrity
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. One-side-up hair bow tutorial
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: Lady Gaga inspired hairdo. You will need a few bobby pins, Black hair tie (depending on what color your hair is), Hair spray. Have fun. xx

    Keywords: Erickable, Ericka Villongco, Ericka, Krissy and Ericka, Krissysings, Tutorial, Hair tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Mermaid Tail Side Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 3:21

    Description: ? Click here to watch more easy hairstyles: ? ? Pictures on my blog: ? Subscribe for more free hairstyles! ? Connect with me: ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�?? ? Facebook: ? Blog: ? Tumblr ? Instagram ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�?? This Mermaid Tail Braid hairstyle is perfect for summer even though summer is no where near. LOL Oh well, I still love braids anytime of the year! ^_^ I saw a cute ponytail version of this on my YT homepage a couple of days ago from hair4myprincess and thought I'd add a side-swept version for the older girls to pull off. :) Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch my videos. Have a great weekend! xo, Nee ? What I used: - Paddle Brush - Hair ties - KQC X-Heat Professional Ceramic Flat Iron ?�??????�? ?Shop Online ? Flat Iron Experts ^ Use coupon code shop5 for 5% OFF -Free shipping on orders over $50 -Free KQC mini flat iron with your purchase of $100 ? Sigma Brushes: ^ View my channel page for the latest 10% Off coupon code ^ Receive a Free Gift with your purchase of $30 or more! ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�??

    Keywords: How, to, mermaid, tail, braid, plait, hairstyle, hair, tutorial, braiding, plaiting, easy, side, swept, bebexo hair tutorials, long hair tutorial, hairstyle for long hair, how to do a mermaid tail braid, easy hairstyles, back to school hairstyles, everyday hairstyles, summer hairstyles, spring hairstyles, double
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Lady GaGa Inspired Hair Bow - Tutorial [: (REQUEST)
    Duration: 8:08

    Description: LADY GAGA! I LOVE HER! --Requested by melonxbaby [: PRODUCTS USED: -Bobby pins & hair tie -Big Sexy Hair Hairspray -Big Sexy Hair Root Pump -Bristle brush/rat tail comb My first attempt EVER. It's not perfect lol. The video didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to be but hopefully you guys like it! I'm still not used to talking on cam. *No copyright infringement intended. I do not, in any way, own these songs.

    Keywords: reezyriot, reezy, arena, lady, gaga, inspired, real, hair, bow, tutorial, the, fame, monster, so, happy, could, die, bad, romance, telephone, hairstyles, hairstyle, asian, long, wavy, howto
    Average rating: 4.7

  19. Holiday Braided Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 3:26

    Description: Thumbs up for more holiday hairstyles :D Click here to watch more easy hairstyles: ? Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of requests for holiday hairstyles to wear to Christmas parties so here's one incorporating this season's hottest hair trend: braids! This elegant braided tucked in updo is also perfect for Spring and Summer and adding flowers makes it all the more girly. Hope you guys like it. :) ? My facebook: ? ? My website: ? ? My beauty channel ? ? Subscribe for more free hairstyles! ? ? What I used: Hair Brush Elastic Hair Ties KQC X-Heat tourmaline ceramic flat iron Necklace worn: Juicy Couture Bow Starter Charm Necklace (from Nordstrom) ?�??????�? ?Shop Online ? Flat Iron Experts ? ^ Use coupon code shop5 for 5% OFF -Free shipping on orders over $50 -Free KQC mini flat iron with your purchase of $100 ? Sigma Brushes: ^ View my channel page for the latest 10% Off coupon code ^ Receive a Free Gift with your purchase of $30 or more! ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�??

    Keywords: Holiday, Braided, Updo, Hairstyle, for, Medium, Long, Hair, Tutorial, bohemian, boho, Christmas, Party, french, braid, headband, how-to, formal, event, romantic, Bebexo hair tutorials, hairstyle for long hair, hairstyle for short hair, hairstyle for medium hair, summer hairstyle, back to school hairstyles, easy hairstyle, hair tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Easy Bridal Party Hair Tutorial: Brides, Brides maids, Flower girls
    Duration: 4:43

    Description: This look was inspired by this photo of Beyonce CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron Promo Code: JudyTurbo 10% off any chi turbo spring curling iron valid until August 31st For this look you will need: - heat protectant - 1 1/2 inch curling iron - bobbi pins - hair brush - hair tie - hairspray - moose/ pomade You can also find me on.... twitter: blog: personal youtube channel Disclaimer: I am affiliated with beautychoice

    Keywords: beauty, hair tutorial, how to, diy, easy, simple, bride, bridal, bridesmaids, flower girl, updo, wedding, summer, curls, party, holiday, special occasions, CHI, curling iron, beyonce, one and a half inch, itsjudytime, itsjudyslife
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Romantic Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Medium Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 4:23

    Description: Hey guys, originally I wasn't going to post this video because my sister had just gotten her hair bleached twice that day. It looked super fried at the tips, making the overall look not as pleasing as I had hoped for :( But I had a lot of prom up-do requests for this coming week so I decided to post this video up anyways. This works with medium to long hair. Enjoy :) ? DON'T FORGET TO ENTER MY CONTEST/GIVEAWAY: ? Visit my blog for pictures: ? Watch my Prom Side-Do Hair Tutorial: ? Thanks to my sis for being my model! Check her out & subscribe :D ? Tools Used: It's a 10 as heat protectant Hair Tie Bobby Pins Amika True Tattoo Tourmaline Curler 18-25mm conico barrel White Sands Stuck Up Hairspray ?�??????�? ?Shop Online ? Flat Iron Experts ^ Use coupon code shop5 for 5% OFF -Free shipping on orders over $50 -Free KQC mini flat iron with your purchase of $100 ? Sigma Brushes: ^ Receive a Free Gift with your purchase of $30 or more! ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�?? Good Luck and have fun! Love, Nee

    Keywords: prom hairstyle, perfect prom hair style, prom hair tutorial, twisted rope braid hairstyle, Romantic Prom Updo, Hair Tutorial Spring, hairstyle, for, dance, formal, pretty, cute, easy, wedding hairstyle, bridesmaid hairstyle, Bebexo hair tutorials, hairstyle for long hair, hairstyle for medium hair, summer hairstyle, easy hairstyle, hair tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Looped Side Swept Prom Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 3:40

    Description: Like this video for more holiday hairstyles :D ? Click here to watch more easy hairstyles: ? ? My facebook: ? ? My website: ? ? My beauty channel ? ? Subscribe for more free hairstyles! ? What I used: Heat Protectant Spray Paddle Brush Rat Tail Comb Infiniti by Conair You Curl XL Curling Wand Elastic Hair Ties Sc�nci Bendini Clips You can get everything I used at Walmart, Target, CVS... etc. Hey guys, here's an easy cascading side swept hair style that's perfect for proms and parties. I always love using hair accessories to glam up my hairstyles and as you can see, it does make a difference! Thanks so much for watching! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! Bendini clips were kindly gifted by Sc�nci: http

    Keywords: Cascading, Side, Swept, Curly, Hairstyle, Holiday, Hair, Tutorial, curls, Party, Prom, Wedding, Ball, Formal, Dance, Infiniti, by, Conair, You, Curl, XL, Curling, Wand, how, to, Sc�nci, Bendini, Clips, bebexo hair tutorials, hairstyle for long hair, hairstyle for medium hair, Beauty
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Summertime Hair Tutorial: Double Braided Hair Headband
    Duration: 6:35

    Description: This is a perfect, super easy hairstyle for summer that gets your bangs out of the way but still looking super cute! It's the perfect alternative to a headband! :) You can wear it in an updo or leave it down like I have done! :) It's super versatile and very quick to do too once you get the hang of it. This is my first hair tutorial on YT, so let me know if you would like to see more! :) FIND ME ON: - Twitter: - My Blog: - Formspring All you need is a brush, some mini plastic elastics, some bobby pins and a big clip or hair tie. I used the Brushlab Pronto Ionic Nylon Bristle Hair Brush Have fun with this! :) Thanks for watching!

    Keywords: balletandpinkroses, hair, tutorial, double, braid, braids, braided, headband, summer, easy, quick, simple, milkmaid, Brushlab, Pronto, Ionic, Nylon, Bristle, Brush, summertime, time, spring, bohemian, boho, chic
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Prom Series: Curly Hair Updo Tutorial
    Duration: 2:52

    Description: very easy to do, and self explanatory! :D used: conair infiniti curlion iron elastic hair tie bobby pins hair accessory SUGGEST A NEW VIDEO HERE: FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR: KBYE! comment, sub, like, and yeah everything else lol.

    Keywords: hair, style, beauty, curly, updo, prom, curlingiron, tutorial, easy, quick
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Classic Prom Hairstyle Updo Pin Curly Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 3:38

    Description: ? Like and favorite to try this hairstyle later. ;) ? Click her to watch my other hair tutorials: ? Connect with me: ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�?? ? Facebook: ? Blog: ? Tumblr ? Instagram ??�??????�?? ?�??????�? ??�??????�????�??????�?? ? Subscribe for more free hairstyles! ? Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of requests for prom updos. This hairstyle will work on medium to long hair and it's easy enough to do yourself. I chose to do this pin curl bun because it's popular for prom and I actually did this on my little sister for her prom before. ^_^ If you don't have bangs that's even better. I think this style looks more elegant without them. ? What I used: Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray Hair Brush Scunci No Slip Grip hair tie Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Curling Iron 1 1/4 barrel White Sands Stuck Up Hairspray (max hold) ? Hair Accessories: - Scunci Crystal headband (Claire's has some pretty ones too.) - Pearl headband - Flower clips ?�??????�? ?Shop Online ? Flat Iron Experts ^ Use coupon code shop5 for 5% OFF -Free shipping on orders over $50 -Free KQC mini flat iron with your purchase of $100 ? Sigma Brushes: ^ View my channel page for the latest 10% Off coupon code ^ Receive a Free Gift with your purchase of $30 or more! ??�?????? ...

    Keywords: bebexo hair tutorials, pin curl bun, prom hairstyle, prom hair tutorial, prom undo, easy hairstyle, pin curls, long hair tutorial, medium hair tutorial, hairstyles, for, teens, teenager, ball, formal, prom, party, wedding, curly, curls, pretty
    Average rating: 4.9

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