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Hair straightening
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Video search results for Hair straightening

Hair straightening

Hair straightening

Hair straightening

Video search results for Hair straightening

  1. Hair Straightening Tutorial ?
    Duration: 7:37

    Description: Sorry about the distracting sounds in the background. Did the voice recording in the school parking lot. =/ Blog: Twitter: DailyBooth: Tumblr:

    Keywords: vlog, girl, Sarah, Pearl, hair, straightening, flat, iron, tutorial, curly
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. How to Straighten Your Hair (the full video)
    Duration: 5:56

    Description: The same video but its finished....tutorial

    Keywords: the, dream, rihanna, straighten, hair, livin, lie, fast, car, nina
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Hair Straightening Tutorial
    Duration: 14:58

    Description: -- visit my blog :) Follow me on twitter! :) My requested everyday hair routine! If you have any other requests let me know & don't forget to subscribe! :) What I used: Infusium shampoo & conditioner Chi iron guard John Frieda "Frizz-Ease" Straight fixation chi flat iron Big Sexy Hairspray

    Keywords: requested, everyday, hair, routine, how to, tutorial, straighten, chi, flat, iron, frizz, straight, infusium, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, big sexy hair, john frieda, shiny, tease, paul mitchell, brookejayxx, brookejay, brooke jay, top, products, sephora, 2011, foundation, primer, glitter, shimmer, glowing, viva la juicy, juicy couture, smart phones, laptops, cosmetics, eyeshadow, makeup, quickcapture
    Average rating: 4.6

  4. Everyday Hair Routine/Tutorial
    Duration: 13:38

    Description: follow me on twitter: all of these products can be purchased at: products i used jocio kpak reconstruct shampoo jocio kpack reconstruct conditioner jocio kpack deep penetrating reconstructor jocio kpack split end mender redken satin wear blow dry lotion chi silk infusion chi 44 iron guard garnier fructis xxl volume thickening mousse garnier fructis full control hair spray tools: mebco double wide toothed comb conair hair brush mark kate and ashley blow dryer chi hair straightener

    Keywords: how, to, straighten, your, hair, products, review, every, day, tutorial, juicystar07, allthatglitters21, sister
    Average rating: 4.3

  5. A Simple Flat Iron Hair ? Straighten Tutorial for Thick Frizzy Long Hair
    Duration: 8:57

    Description: This is me straightening my hair using a GHD hair flat iron and hair straightening brush - check out how I turn my long, frizzy hair into a sleek straight hairstyle.

    Keywords: straight, hair, simple, flat, iron, thick, asian, indian, tutorial, curly, cute, romantic, holiday, serum, hairspray, review, Style, Beauty, Salon, Products, Haircut, frizzy, long, Hairstyle
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Dominican Fierce: Hair Straightening Tutorial Part 1
    Duration: 8:59

    Description: Products Used: Vitapointe, Razac Clear Polishing Gloss, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Dryer, Rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, hair clip

    Keywords: dominican, fierce, hair, straigthening, flat, iron, blow, dry, tutorial, part
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. Sleek Weatherproof Hair Straightening Tutorial
    Duration: 8:17

    Description: Summer is here! This means a lot of moisture from humidity :( Here's how I try to weatherproof my straight hair using Living Proof's Straight aerosol. It's super amazing. When you spray it on, it literally creates a shield, repelling oil and moisture from your strands! I love it. I also love this Croc Greenion flatiron. It has a cool pulsating LED light that emits ions to help smooth your hair and give it a shine. I give a short review in the video. Products used: -Hot Tools Hair Dryer -Living Proof Straight -Croc Greenion Flatiron ( Hairbrush -Croc Hair Clip -Nick Chavez Conditioning Spray Read the bloggy: Tweet Me! http Facebook Friends?

    Keywords: hair, style, beauty, products, living proof straight, straight, croc flatiron, croc greenion, flatirons,, hair tutorial, hair straightening, how to, croc iron, straight hair, living proof straight spray, straight hair style, tineey
    Average rating: 4.6

  8. Hair Straightening Tutorial
    Duration: 6:27

    Description: This was just a quick tutorial as I was going to meet my lovely friend Analecia. Some of you may not like it, but its my daily hair routine, well if im going out, i dont usually like to use heat on my hair (: So yeah! heres my straightening hair tutorial, hope you enjoy it. any extra information is on my blog! even if you dont follow my blog, please click on it to get the information you need. (: ! here are my links, dont forget to follow! Twitter: @misskaboo Blogger:

    Keywords: straight, flat, iron, straighteners, hair, middle, short, long, black, asian, small, kermet, frog, top, enjoy
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Tutorial: Straighten Curly Hair
    Duration: 10:25

    Description: This video is for my blog:

    Keywords: tutorial, hair, straighten, curls, curly hair, straightening, glam-me-up, glammeup, curling iron
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Mens Hair Straightening Tutorial
    Duration: 7:52

    Description: Follow me on Twitter! Tired of flat or curly hair? Try straightening it with simple instructions! All you need is a straightener and a heat protectant. Giesel Straightener is called Tourmaline. Hair Specs: Top: 3 inches Side: 1.5 inches Back: 2.5 inches

    Keywords: Mens
    Average rating: 4.7

  11. Hair tutorial: Hair straightening.... my way!
    Duration: 9:36

    Description: My site : FB page ?

    Keywords: hair, tutorial, straightening, beauty, singapore, sweden, umapreve, mua, haircut, style, natural
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Life Before GHD Hair Straighteners! (1948 Straightening Tutorial for Black Women's Hair)
    Duration: 2:23

    Description: Life Before GHD Hair Straighteners, taken from the reel "Hairdressing" in the British Pathe Film Archive. 1940s hair tutorial for African women, in which various techniques are applied to straight out straighten the lady's hair. Subscribe to our YouTube channel VintageFashions: Join us on Facebook at

    Keywords: GHD, Hair, Straighteners, Tutorial, Straightening, Tips, 1940s, Style, Fashion, African, Styles, Black, Women, Hairstyles, British, Pathe, Vintage, Fashions, Beauty, Shopping, Glamour
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Dominican Fierce: Hair Straightening Tutorial Part 2
    Duration: 9:48

    Description: Products Used: Vitapointe, Razac Clear Polishing Gloss, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Dryer, Rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, hair clip

    Keywords: dominican, fierce, hair, straigthening, flat, iron, blow, dry, tutorial, part
    Average rating: 4.5

  14. Hair Tutorial: Manly Hair Straightening
    Duration: 3:54

    Description: -READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO Jonathan's Page Anna's Page TheSacconeJolys Join Our Facebook APP Subscribe to the AfterParty With JoFus DAILY BOOTH TWITTER = BlogTV = OUR POSTAL ADDRESS: Jonathan Joly Po Box 211 14 Washington Street West Cork City Ireland Jonathan joly vlog vlogs vlogging dublin ireland cork irish anna saccone thestylediet leflooftv cork jonathanjoly sacconejoly subscriber wall thesacconejolys albi sisina sina maltese puppies jofus nina

    Keywords: Jonathan, joly, vlog, vlogs, vlogging, dublin, ireland, cork, irish, anna, saccone, thestylediet, leflooftv, jonathanjoly, sacconejoly, subscriber, wall, thesacconejolys, albi, sisina, sina, maltese, puppies, jofus, nina, talk show, haircut, interviews, banjo, hair, live, natural, top
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Hair straightening Tutorial
    Duration: 11:29

    Description: As you know I love doing hair and showing you guys the easiest ways to do your hair. I use to never flat iron my hair, but I have to say it gives it the appearance of a polished look. I love the way this flat iron works, and how you can use it in both wet and dry hair. It works amazing and the plates just glide through my hair. It is a bit pricey, but well worth every penny. The company is also amazing. Stay tuned for many more tutorials with this flat iron. I highly recommend it. Here is the link to the exact flat iron I reviewed and demonstrated. Misikko is an amazing company and here is the link to their main page The sell all kinds of different products and I am sure there is something for everyone.Here are a few other ways to keep in contact with me. I look forward to getting to know all of you so much more. My Blog: My Twitter: My FormSpring: My BlogTv: My Facebook Fan Page: My Facebook Page: My personal email: Disclaimer All products shown are either received for review purposes or purchased with my own money. I am in no way affiliated with any companies, and am not compensated for any reviews that I do. All and any reviews that I do are my honest opinion. Please keep in mind that what works for me, may not work for you, and vice versa.

    Keywords: How, straighten, my, hair, flat, iron, misikko, hana, elite, shine, shield, thermal, quick, tutorial, review, creativejackie831
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Dominican Fierce: Hair Straightening Tutorial Part 3
    Duration: 9:51

    Description: Products Used: Vitapointe, Razac Clear Polishing Gloss, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Dryer, Rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, hair clip

    Keywords: dominican, fierce, hair, straigthening, flat, iron, blow, dry, tutorial, part
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Straightening curly/frizzy/thick hair tutorial! I found the video! :D
    Duration: 6:12

    Description: I found the old video guys! Sorry I have been gone so long there have been a few reasons, but I am back now! Hopefully I will be filming more!! :D

    Keywords: curly hair, frizzy hair, thick hair, straightening curly hair, straightening, straightening thick hair, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Hair Straightening Tutorial on Relaxed Hair
    Duration: 4:28

    Description: So..Since people always ask me how I get my hair/other peoples hair so straight. I decided to make this video... Some things have changed since I made this video... 1. I have cut back my flat iron use to 1 a month. I wear a lot of curly styles now. Created by twists and rollers and such. 2. I have a heat protectant that I use when i blow dry and flat iron. 3. No more Blue Magic for me...Only natural oils for me now... and I have cut out a lot of the oil moisturizers that contain Mineral Oil. I still use sulfur8 in my scalp. FAQ's 1. What is the name of your flat iron and where can I get it? -It's an Andis brand flat iron, they sell them in both Walmart and Target . It cost me somewhere between 20 and 25 dollars. They also have a website . 2. Is my hair relaxed? - Yes, I get 3-4 perms a year. I use ORS No Lye in Regular. I usually stretch my perms from 16-21 weeks. 3. Is grease bad for your hair? - Yep. It sure is. I have basically stopped using grease with the exception of my sulfur8. I now use natural oils such as coconut, olive, and castor. Some people say you should straighten hair with nothing on it...or just a little bit of heat protectant... I've decided against that just because that WILL break all of my hair off. This I know for a fact. 4. You should be using a heat protectant. - You are right, and I went out and got one. It's called "YOU Straight Thermal Straightening Creme"... Oh yeah...and also rememeber that what works for some may or may ...

    Keywords: african, american, hair, tutorial, flat, iron, black, beauty, women, of, color, straightening
    Average rating: 4.5

  19. Hair Tutorial: Straightening with a Flat Iron
    Duration: 10:03

    Description: Tutorial on how I straighten my hair. Requested by: 94pink08 Products: CHI Infra Treatment (John Freida Thermal Protection Serum) MAX Pro System (My flat Iron)

    Keywords: alisha, lishehh, hair, beauty, cosmetics, makeup, straighten, flat, iron, max, pro, CHI, john, freida
    Average rating: 4.4

  20. How to Straighten really curly hair Tutorial
    Duration: 5:30

    Description: **watch in high quality**just a quick kinda hair tutorial to keep that curly hair straight and a couple of tips. (my curls i not fully curly here because i had just flat ironed it a few days ago and washed it when i made this vid.) STOP complainin that i dont know what curls are.. im pretty sure ive lived my whole LIFE with them!! certain times they are super curly and when i dye my hair they arent! get over it! :) **also i take omega 3,6,and 9 pills. idk if that has an effect on my hair but

    Keywords: blaxican1509, rocki, cury, straight, chi, hair, tutorial, kidd, rock, summer
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. Hair Straightening Tutorial
    Duration: 7:51

    Description: Hey Guys! I'm finally getting around to filming this! YAY! :D Sorry its so long.. The music is kinda off my editor was going slow. I hope you guysenjoy! FTC Disclaimer: None of these products have been sent to me for free. I am not being paid by any companies mentioned in this video. All opinions are my own. Products Used: -Tresseme Heat Tamer Spray -IT&LY Proffesional Hair Straightener (For Professional Use Only, I got it from my hair stylist) -Frizz Ease Hair Serum Extra-Strength Formula - Garnier Fructis Style Smoothing Milk -Garnier Fructie Style Glossing Spray -Pantene Hairspray in #3 I do not own any of this music! No copyright infrigment intended. Check out These Channels!

    Keywords: straighten, hair, tutorial, baechgurllll, gigilovessmusic
    Average rating: 3.7

  22. Instyler As Hair Straightener Tutorial
    Duration: 3:10

    Description: Hey guys! Just showing you how I straighten my hair with the instyler. Enjoy ! Subscribe & Support ? Blog:

    Keywords: ablankpalette, blank, palette, instyler, straighten, hair, how, to, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.2

  23. Tutorial: Straightening My Curly Hair!
    Duration: 8:49

    Description: So its been 3months since I straightened my hair and its finally time!! Hahaah this is a tutorial on my straightening technique and the products I use. I had to edit it down a lot so I didnt talk much. But check out my video of the last time I straightened my hair and how much its grown in just 3 months!! I cant figure out how to find the link with this new YouTube but the video is "Natural Hair Update!!" Leave me a comment or send me a message if you have any questions! Thanks ladies!

    Keywords: naturally, curly, hair, st, raightened, argon, oil, shortysgs03, round, brush, flat, iron
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. Hair Straightening tutorial. ...
    Duration: 8:04

    Description: This video was requested by Flakiis92. Thank you girl. I hope everyone enjoys this video and I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also if you want me to review the straightener I used let me know. Thanks... xoxo monicaisabel2

    Keywords: straightener, leonardo, hair, makeup, how to, nails, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Straightening Hair Tutorial: Long Thick-Frizzy Hair
    Duration: 9:07

    Description: DUE TO COPYRIGHTS ISSUES** There is no sound to this video..Im sorry about the Inconvience..I will fix the problem asap! *PRODUCTS USED IN THE VIDEO* ********SPECIAL EFFECTS FLAT IRONS THERMAL PROTECTION SPRAY******** *********FANTASIA STRAIGHTENING HEAT/SHINE SERUM******* **BOTH CAN BE FIND AT ANY DRUGSTORES** **LOOK FOR AN SALE**

    Keywords: Purplediamond420, Straightening, Hair, Tutorial, Long, Thick, Frezzy
    Average rating: 4.8

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