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Video search results for Hair stick

Hair stick

Hair stick

Hair stick

Video search results for Hair stick

  1. LAZY WRAP BUN-long hair held with 1 stick!
    Duration: 3:19

    Description: An easy style held with one hair stick. I learned this one from the longhaircommunity where this is a popular style. The hair stick I am using here is a Ketylo brand. Music credit: Asha "House of spirits"

    Keywords: bun, updo, lazy, wrap, JJJ, Blonde, hair, ketylo, stick, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Simple Loose Updo w/ Hair Stick Tutorial
    Duration: 3:18

    Description: Longlocks Hair Sticks: http

    Keywords: beauty, how to, style, easy, simple, quick, fast, hair, accessories, loose, tousled, straight, wavy, curls, curly, long, medium, length, twist, beaded, crystals, pink, beautiful, romantic, sexy, elegant, updo, tut, tutorial, fancy, decorative, dangle, dangling, pendant, Geisha Stix, stick, synthetic, wig, weave, natural, relaxed, valentine's day, wedding, special, occasion, locs, braids,, Chade, NEW BORN FREE, DELICIOUS, women of color, woc, House of Diva D
    Average rating: 3.8

  3. Peacock twist held with 2 hair sticks
    Duration: 1:10

    Description: One of my favourite styles at the moment

    Keywords: Shoulder length hair, hair sticks, peacock twist
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. How To Make A Bun Using Hair Sticks - Fail Tutorial
    Duration: 2:31

    Description: I HAVE SUPER HUMAN HAIR! This would happen to me. Haha. Was filming this for my other channel, BunnyRabbitD, and well. FAIL! Haha. Subscribe for more random vlogs, fails, and random adventures.

    Keywords: fail, hair, tutorial, how, to, make, bun, using, sticks, chopstcks, whatever, it, was, :-p, HAVE, SUPER, HUMAN, HAIR!
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. How to Make Hair Sticks Stick: Tribal Fusion Hair Tips
    Duration: 8:31

    Description: Courtesy of Amy Danielson of The Gypsy Kiss shows you how to get hair sticks to STAY in your hair while dancing. Hairsticks are commonly used in tribal fusion costuming, but most tutorials for using them are just for making loose buns or french twists that would easily fall out during dancing. So I made this quick tutorial for you. Mainly for ATS, tribal fusion and cabaret belly dancers, this tutorial will also work for most other performance artists. Don't be afraid of flowers any more! ;) - Bloom! Also, check out my etsy shop! It's where I do most of my business.

    Keywords: tribal, fusion, belly, dance, bellydance, dancer, ATS, hair stick, hair sticks, tutorial, how to, how-to, The Gypsy Kiss

  6. Tutorial Simple and Quick hair bun with hair stick!
    Duration: 2:58


    Keywords: hair, simple, save, stick, natural, life, easy, pivot, animation, haircut, style, flash, beauty, figure, quick, salon, figures, clean, listening, curly, products, saving, fray, tutorial, save life, journey, welcome, makeup, styles, perfect, natural hair, shampoo, hairstyle, flat, color, styling, weave, straight, extensions, twist, new hair, spa, hairstyles
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. #14 Hair Stick Tutorial
    Duration: 2:04

    Description: Here's how I use my hair stick. Feel free to use bobby pins to secure hair that fall out of place.

    Keywords: hair stick, natural hair style tutorial, 4a hair, 4b hair, natural hair updo
    Average rating: 4.5

  8. Hair Stick Bun Tutorial (Chopstick up do)
    Duration: 35


    Keywords: hairstyle, bun, chopstick
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 5:17

    Description: HAIR STICK PIN SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL This is a video tutorial to provide users with easy instructions to assist with attaching their hair accessories. For more information please visit our site at

    Keywords: hair accessory, hair stick
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Tutorial -- Summer Hairstyle: Bun & Stick
    Duration: 6:21

    Description: hey guys, sorry for not posting for a while! here's a new hair tutorial :) hope you like it! let me know if you have any questions!! xo twitter: @KOKOBERRIES tumblr: @KOKOBERRIES

    Keywords: hair, hair style, summer hair, pin up, chopstick, beauty, howto, kokoberries, kokotv, bun hairstyle
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Three Bun Styles - Messy, Classic, and Hair Sticks
    Duration: 6:08

    Description: Here are three types of buns y'all can do! :) Requested by CoolCns9. Things you'll need: 1st style- hair tie (messy bun) 2nd style- two hair ties (classic bun) 3rd style- hair sticks (bun with hair sticks) You'll probably want to pin down any baby hairs and such with bobby pins or clips.

    Keywords: waterlily716, curly, hair, buns, how, to, instructional, video, pretty, sticks, messy, elegant, you, are, gorgeous, curlies, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. Summer 2009 Favorite Bun hair style tutorial
    Duration: 2:46

    Description: My favorite bun this summer. 7" hair stick from

    Keywords: afro, natural, black, hair, hairstyle, style, bun, 4b, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. How to get pretty curls with the stick. TUTORIAL
    Duration: 6:56

    Description: This video shows you how to curl your hair with the stick :) and How to protect your hair and your hands. Please subscrbe.

    Keywords: Sexy, Curls, Stick
    Average rating: 3.8

  14. JJJs Single Braid Bun with hair sticks
    Duration: 2:19

    Description: An easy bun to do. I have seen many photos of this style and I think it may have a Chinese origin. Hair sticks are used in the USA and other countries for many styles. Visit my hair site: Music credit "art of gardens" (instrumental)

    Keywords: blonde, bun, updo, easy, chinese, wrap, claw, clip, hair, sticks, braid, plait, JJJLONGHAIR, kneelength, webcam, pelo, largo, langs, haar, longs, cheveux, lang, capwlli, linghi, cabelo, longo, dlouhe, vlasy
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Long Tresses RETURNS with a "Stick Bun" Tutorial
    Duration: 2:12

    Description: My first video since my illness. I don't know what to call it so it's called stick bun. If you like, please subscribe to my other hair videos. I'm thinking about making some crochet videos as I'm always making afghans and scarfs and stuff. Enjoy!

    Keywords: sam, craig, long, tresses, sameese79, floor, length, hair, style, how, to, comb, wet, beyond, crochet, braid, bun, knot, dry, curly, frizzy, straight, tutorial, samantha, rapunzel, prom, wedding, special, occasion, pentecostal, up, do, apostolic, upci, amish, pins, claw, clips, split, ends, thinning, wavy, red, cocoa, butter, jojoba, oil, coconut, shampoo, conditioner, natural, beauty, salon, products, natural hair, styles, very, hairstyle, stick, stickbun
    Average rating: 4.7

  16. Easy 1940s hair with Hot Sticks
    Duration: 9:33

    Description: My quick and easy everyday 1940s hairstyle, done using Hot Sticks. (Mine are by Babyliss, but they are idential to the ConAir ones you can get in the US). This is my first hair tutorial for my blog, so please excuse the rubbish editing! You can find lots more vintage styling tips & tricks on my blog itself, plus the entry in which I posted this video has answers to some questions you may have about the tutorial: And here's the picture I mentioned about 3 minutes or so in!

    Keywords: 1940s, retro, vintage hair, how to, WWII, curls, waves, hot rollers, 40s, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Requested Tutorial: A Little Chunky huh?!
    Duration: 10:17

    Description: **Products & Tools** Your Styler (i used ORS Smooth N Hold Pudding) Parting Tool or Comb (i use a hair stick) Bobby pins

    Keywords: Tutorial, lailajean, flat, twist, updo, fusionofcultures, uk, naturals, neffyfrofro, Hair, Natural, Style
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. {118} ? How to make homemade caramel candy apples on a stick! DIY Thursday Tutorial #3
    Duration: 4:08

    Description: CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE SIMPLE DIY PROJECTS! Since today is Thanksgiving, I decided to post a cooking tutorial! These caramel apples are so easy to make and so VERY tasty, you'll wonder why you ever bought those factory made candy apples! All you'll need to complete this project is: 4-6 Granny Smith apples 2 14 oz. Bags of soft caramels 4 TBS of water 1 TSP of vanilla extract Wooden Sticks This is the perfect project to get the kids cooking in the kitchen! SUPPORT BY SUBSCRIBING ORIGINAL MUSIC for your YouTube videos - sign up here BLOG: FACEBOOK TWITTER: Business & Booking: 303.991.9842 ????? WANT MORE? ????? T-SHIRTS: BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: BLOGLOVIN LOOKBOOK BIG CHOP: HAIR JOURNEY: REGIMEN: SELF TRIM: & STAPLE PRODUCTS: DETANGLING: TRANSITIONING TIPS: HAIR TYPE: GIRLS' HAIR: SKINCARE ROUTINE: DIY PROJECTS: ???????????????????? ________________________________________ FTC: I am not representing being paid by or endorsing any of the products or clothing in this video & I purchased everything with my own money - UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. ________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a trained/practicing stylist, cosmetologist, beautician, dietician or medical professional. All suggestions, tips, prizes, techniques ...

    Keywords: LHDC, diy, diy thursday,, homemade caramel apples, caramel apples, carmel apples, candy apples, double boiler, vanilla extract, cooking tutorial, kids in the kitchen, kids cooking
    Average rating: 4.7

  19. Conair Hot Sticks: Crazy Curls Tutorial
    Duration: 5:59

    Description: So I have been wanting to try these curlers for a while!! I finally bought them because they were on sale at walmart for $15....craziness!! So I did a tutorial showing you how I use them and then what the curls look like. Hope you guys enjoy this:) Thank you so much for subscribing and commenting!!! (oh and I bought these curlers myself) XOXOX

    Average rating: 4.2

  20. Pivot Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 5:11

    Description: how to make a cool stick with hair! download it here LEAVE COMMENTS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keywords: pivot, hair, droidz, tutorial, stuff, darkdemon
    Average rating: 4.5

  21. "Kim Kardashian" Hair Tut~~~BONUS Lip Stick Tip
    Duration: 23:49

    Description: Here is a full tutorial on how I style my straight hair in what I call my "Kim Kardashian inspired look... There is also bonus footage on a quick lipstick tutorial :-)

    Keywords: naturalhair, straighthair, flatiron, curlingiron, kimkardashianhair, makeup, beauty, cosmetics
    Average rating: 4.6

  22. french twist --- mei fa hairstyx way
    Duration: 3:47

    Description: french twist with patented hair sticks. Shows you how to use hair sticks to hold hair in french twist style, by the creator of hairstyx herself Shaune Bazner. Other styles shown at

    Keywords: french, twist, hairdo, hairstyle, hairsticks, hair, sticks, mei, fa, hairstyx, fashion, beauty, accessories
    Average rating: 4.5

  23. Creating a complex stickman
    Duration: 5:51

    Description: Im making a stickman, one with clothes, and one with hair, Its kind of a tutorial, but im not going to call it that, cause it probably wont teach you anything -------------------------------------- Fratellis - FlatHead -------------------------------------- yay! my first honor :D #46 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & DIY credits to Flared for the complete body turning technique

    Keywords: A, stickman, Stick, man, figure, stupid, pivot, tutorial, Alchemist7000, lol, awesome, crap, animation
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. CuteWinFail: Static Dog
    Duration: 1:20

    Description: Check out a dog's hair stick up straight after being rubbed with a blanket. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here: Electrifying:

    Keywords: cutewinfail, Cute, Win, fail, cwf, toby turner, toby, tobuscus, funny, funny video, funny videos, dog, dogs, puppy, puppies, static, hair, hairs, raising, raises, raise
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. How To Add / Remove Wefted Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 8:46

    Description: This video shows how to add wefts of hair with adhesive and also how to remove the wefts. The demonstration is for viewers that have little knowledge about how the tehchnique is done.

    Keywords: add, glue, in, weave, wefts, hair, extensions, remove, track, style, african, american, hairstrandz, amid, beauty, amidbeauty, sew, adhesive, human, synthetic, black, easy, how, to, tutorial, natural, grow, stick, attach, method

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