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Video search results for Hair highlighting

Hair highlighting

Hair highlighting

Hair highlighting

Video search results for Hair highlighting

  1. Highlights and Lowlights on Golden Blonde Hair: Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 9:23

    Description: Facebook: This is a tutorial on how to to do low-lights and highlights on Golden blonde hair. First we applied the foils, then we applied the all over hair color in between the foils.

    Keywords: Blonde, How to fix your brassy hair, hair, highlights and lowlights, how to, Tammy Favata, hair color, foils, tutorial, howto, how-to, hair dye, style, beauty, instruction, how to Dye your hair, how to color your hair, How to do lowlights, how to do highlights, How to weave hair, tips, bleach, lowlighting hair, Highlighting hair, favatat, Salon, root touch up, corrective color, foil
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. Caramel Color Partial Highlights on Medium Brown, Virgin Hair (Hair Tutorial)
    Duration: 9:34

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a Hair tutorial on how to do Carmel Color Partial Highlights on medium brown hair.

    Keywords: How to do highlights, Highlighting with foils, blonde on brown, how to color hair, how to dye your hair, Caramel highlights, weaving, caramel highlights on brown, Tammy Favata, foiled highlights, long hair, highlight like a professional, professional, hair, style, beauty, demonstration, favatat, hairstylist, salon, how to foil hair, how to lighten your hair, Redkin, highlighted hair, blonde highlights, Color, educational, Blond, Brown, haircut, natural looking, subtle
    Average rating: 4.6

  3. Katy Perry Curly Colored Highlights Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 11:35

    Description: Follow me on Twitter: Follow and Read my Blog: ................................................ Le Angelique Curling Iron - 19mm (3 Black & Easilites Promo Code: SKPHAIR Valid until November 30th, 2010 10% off Le Angelique curling irons Colored Highlights .............................................. FTC: The iron and clip in highlights were provided by I am affiliated with the company

    Keywords: Katy, Perry, Colored, Highlights, Hair, Tutorial, pink, blue, purple, how, to, long, diy, at, home, rocker, rockstar, halloween, curl, with, clipless, iron, curling, beauty, choice
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Salon Foils To Go Tutorial
    Duration: 9:45

    Description: The first at home foil highlighting kit; salon perfect highlights for your hair.

    Keywords: hair, highlights, salon, foils, beauty, cosmetology, Kari, Brown
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Copper Hair Color Low Lights and Highlights: Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 8:34

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a demonstration on how to to add copper colored low lights and highlights onto medium brown hair.

    Keywords: Hair, favatat, tammy favata, hair tutorial, demonstration, educational, lowlights, highlights, red, copper, color, how, Beauty, Style, Light, Natural, Salon, foils, how to, How to highlight hair, how to do lowlights, Medium brown hair, Haircut, Demo, Products
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. How To Color Hair Tutorial: Step by Step Dimensional Hair Color Technique
    Duration: 9:39

    Description: Shirts For Sale!! Check out this video to learn a fast and easy way to do highlights. This is a dimensional highlighting technique only using 16 foils. This video breaks it down step by step and shows you exactly how to do hair...

    Keywords: How to, highlight hair, dimensional hair color, Hair Color, block color, step by step, The hairstylist blog, hair enthusiasts, celebrities, celebrity hair, instructional video, howto, haircut, instructions
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Full Head of Blonde Highlights with Foils on Long Hair: Hair Tutorial: Blonde on Light Brown
    Duration: 8:12

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a hair tutorial on how to create a full head of blonde highlights with foils on light brown hair. Different Bleach formulas were mixed throughout the process to achieve even, beautiful results.

    Keywords: How to do highlights, Highlighting with foils, blonde on brown, how to color hair, how to dye your hair, Full head of highlights, weaving, bleached hair, Tammy Favata, foiled highlights, long hair, highlight like a professional, professional, hair, style, beauty, demonstration, favatat, hairstylist, salon, dirty dish rag blonde, Dirty, dish, blonde, how to foil hair, how to lighten your hair, bleached blonde, highlighted hair, blonde highlights
    Average rating: 4.8

  8. Highlights and Lowlights on my Own Hair (Hair Tutorial)
    Duration: 9:08

    Description: http I'm going to show you how I did Highlights and lowlights in my own hair. If you decide to try this at home..proceed with caution, it's a lot harder then it looks:)

    Keywords: Hair, tammy favata, favatat, highlights, lowlights, how to, tutorial, dye, Color, bleach, foils, haircut, Slicing, professional, hairstylist, how to color your hair at home, how to do highlights, Highlight with foils, salon
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Highlight hair tutorial, Foil & Meche hi-lite techniques
    Duration: 1:40

    Description: learn how to highlight hair online simple techniques, foil meche and slicing application. We demonstrate the different weaving techniques and focus on which ones work best and why. learn,techniques that can be mastered with a couple of hours practice,the techniques demonstrated will reduce application

    Keywords: online, hair, school, perfect, highlight, style, cut, hairstyle, haircut, colour, color, foil, meche, slicing;, Hi-lites;, learn, to, high, light;, do, your, own, highlights;, school;, slice, hair;, classes;, trevor, francis;, fran, smith;spawell;, longford;hairdressing
    Average rating: 3.6

  10. ? How To: Beyonce Inspired Hair Color & Highlights Tutorial
    Duration: 8:52

    Description: Here is a quick Do It Yourself video on how to achieve Hair Color and Highlights all at the same time, along with achieving the look with dark roots. You will need: Hair color (any color and brand you want to use) Creme developer (20-30 volume, depending on the level of lift desired) Powder bleach Mixing bowl (2)(or applicator bottle) Applicator brush Foil Gloves and don't forget to... VOTE FOR ME IN THE ARJUNI "I LOVE MY YOUTUBE GURU CONTEST" HERE: Make sure you "LIKE" my entry and comment on it. By doing this you will be automatically entered into MY giveaway (5 winners total) Disclaimer: All products contained within the video were supplied by a client for use on her hair (Wagman's Natural Curly hair shown in video). I was not paid nor given any discounts or other incentives to post this video. I do videos for fun and to help others. Enjoy. The hair at the end of this video is Wagman's Natural Curly (old batch) installed on a BOSSY Wig To order a BOSSY Wig? Twitter http Facebook BOSSY Wigs Facebook

    Keywords: Beyonce hair color, dark roots, How to highlight weave, Wagman NC, virgin Indian hair, how to bleach weave
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. TUTORIAL: DIY Gorgeous Golden Blonde Ombre Hair Color & Highlights
    Duration: 12:33

    Description: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! It's Free ;-) OUR ONLINE BOUTIQUE IS NOW OPEN: For More Fashion & Beauty Follow My Blog http My Bloglovin' My Chictopia My My Twitter My Official Facebook Fanpage (My Facebook Fabulous Friend Page) Purchase Sigma Brushes & Makeup/Beauty Products Here *RECEIVE A FREE SIGMA GIFT WITH EVERY ORDER OF $30 OR MORE *Use "NY2011" For 10% off any December Sigma order plus free gift *Products Used: *Mixing Bowl (purchased at Sally's) *Applicator Brush (purchased at Sally's) *Clairol BW2 Bleaching Powder (purchased at Sally's) *Salon Care 30 Volume Creme Developer (purchased at Sally's) *Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer (purchased at Sally's) *Loreal Super Blue Kit (purchased at Sally's) *Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo (purchased at Walmart) *Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner (purchased at Walmart) Products Used For Final Wash & Conditioning After Coloring Complete *Pantene Frizzy To Smooth (purchased at Target) *Mane & Tail Conditioner (purchased at Target) *These products are recommended for this hair by It's Better Than The Rest On My Lips: *MAC Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" Lipstick *Coastal Scent Pink Lip Pencil *NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss "Dolly Pink" *What I'm Wearing: Orange Dress in size S (My Online Boutique *direct link below) Jewelmint Madame Mystery ...

    Keywords: allthingsfabulous101, Fashion, How to, Style, DIY, DIY Ombre Hair Color, Ombre Hair Tutorial, How To Color Your Own Hair, Virgin Brazilian Hair, It's Better Than The Rest, Bleaching Virgin Hair, Color Virgin Hair Extensions, Blonde, Highlights, Golden Blonde Hair Color, Beyonce Hair Color, Blonde Highlights, Hair, Hair Tutorial, Beyonce Inspired Hair, Ombre, Ombre Hair, Sally's Beauty Supply, Clairol BW2, Salon Care Creme Developer, Ombre Haircolor

  12. Highlighting Sisterlocks Tutorial
    Duration: 6:33

    Description: Learn how to add a few highlights to your Sisterlocks or Traditional Locs with Temporary Spray-on Hair Color. The color I used in the video was "Auburn" by Jerome Russell and I purchased it at my local beauty supply store. [blog] [tumblr] http [twitter] [facebook]

    Keywords: temporary, hair, color, Tutorial, curlynugrowth, sisterlocks, locs, sisterloc, sisterlocs, locks, natural hair, beauty, style, highlights, Products, hair color, Curly
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Peek a boo Highlights and Toner Tutorial
    Duration: 9:01

    Description: how to do Peek-a-boo highlights (with foils) and toner at home... its not as hard as you might think. Enjoy! ***** Follow my blog: Follow my Tweets: ***** All products shown were purchased by me and opinions expressed are my very own. I am not a paid sponsor or affiliated with any of the companies or products shown or expressed.

    Keywords: at, home, haircolor, toner, peekaboo, highlights, tutorial, foil
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. How I highlight MY hair from home!
    Duration: 13:37

    Description: Here is a full tutorial explaining how i got my hair color. its different than what i orginially said i was going to do (auburn) but i love how it came out! I hope you ladies enjoy. any questions comments or concerns leave them belong!

    Keywords: prettyjwats, how to dye relaxed hair, highlight tutorial, how to dye black hair, Dye black hair blonde
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Tutorial - Adding Hot Pink Highlights To Blonde/Fair Hair
    Duration: 11:27

    Description: I decided that it's time for a change. You will notice that I said I just did my regrowth.. but when I section my hair, I still have dark roots underneath.. Thats because I had only done the top half of my hairs regrowth just incase I HATED the pink, then I could just bleach it out when I do the bottom half of my hair. I decided to use Fudge in the colour Pink Moon to freshen up my look. I am totally in love with pink hair at the moment and am working myself up to a major change (but it's all explained in the video) I hope this was helpful. Photos will be listed on my BLOG: Or for the specific blog link to this post Get regular updates through my FACEBOOK: Speak directly to me through my TWITTER: Check out my random photos on DAILYBOOTH:

    Keywords: hot, hair, pale, pink, tutorial, blonde, hotd, bleach, fudge, highlight, dye, colour, color, how, to, style, moon, flamingo, bury, me, in, velvet, guru
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Hair Highlight Tutorial
    Duration: 4:56

    Description: Hey Divas! so heres just a quick video about my hair it was a request so if you have any questions let me know and also if you guys have some requests for looks just send them to my inbox and I will try to get to them all =)

    Keywords: hair, highlights, tutorial, style, coloring, makeup, divas, tv, yt:stretch=16:9
    Average rating: 3.0

  17. How To Highlight Your Own Hair With Foils
    Duration: 9:54

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a tutorial on how to highlight your own hair with foils. Bleach and peroxide are used in the formula to achieve blonde highlights.

    Keywords: highlights, hair color, how to, highlight your own hair, hair, foils, hair dye, tammy favata, Bleach, Peroxide, how-to, style, Blonde, beauty, tutorial, highlight hair, highlight your hair, hair coloring, hair colour, hair coloring tips, at home hair color, light blonde hair, blond, blonde hair dyes, foil highlight your hair, Blonde on blonde, favatat
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. How To Do Your Own Partial Highlights & Retouch - Part 1 of 4
    Duration: 10:06

    Description: I have put together 4 parts to this "How To Do Your Own Partial Highlights & Retouch" tutorial. I tried to be as detailed as I can possibly be in the steps from mixing your lightner, sectioning your hair, positioning/applying your foils and how to apply your retouch color. I hope my tutorial will inspire you! Enjoy - Pecky

    Keywords: Hair, Highlighting hair, Highlighting hair at home, Partial Highlight hair, How to do partial highlights, How to do a partial Highlight, Hair color, Hair coloring, Hair color techniques, Hair coloring techniques, Hair tips, doing your own highlights, hair tutorials
    Average rating: 4.7

    Duration: 8:53

    Description: THIS IS ME SHOWING YOU HOW TO DO HIGH LIGHTS i am a nvq level 3 hairdresser with 10 years experience this tutorial shows you how to do the high lighting technique yourself ,it doesnt matter whether your hair is short or long the same principles apply!!enjoy

    Keywords: highlights, highlighting, hair, How-to, tutorial, colouring, foils, streaks, tint, bleach, diyhair, hair-dye, Style, Salon
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Tint Back with Peek A Boo Highlights: Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 8:09

    Description: Hairstylist Blog: Facebook: This is a hair tutorial on how to color lighter hair darker and add Peek-A-Boo Highlights.

    Keywords: hair, tammy favata, favatat, blonde on brown, tint back, blonde to brown, peek a boo highlights, blonde highlights, slicing technique, hair products, highlights on brown hair, how to color hair, how to do highlights, how to dye hair, foil, hairstylist, professional, Redkin, Matrix, Wella, Color, Brown, Blond, style, beauty
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. Tutorial: Bang Highlight
    Duration: 9:46

    Description: How to add a highlight or some color to your bangs with just one foil

    Keywords: Hair, highlight, foil, color, tutorial, bleach
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Highlight + Contour Tutorial
    Duration: 10:42

    Description: Facial Contouring | Not as hard as it may SEEM... Here are some easy techniques even the NOOBEST of all NOOBS can follow. You will need Foundation Highlight powder Contour Powder What I used Makeup Forever 178 MAC Brown Down Guerlaine Ebony Bronzer ID Bare Mineral Flawless Radiance Sigma Brushes FREE GIFT with $30 purchase | Sonia Kashuk Brushes Video on UNDERTONE: BLOG: VLOG Channel FB App: ME!: Google ================== MY HAIR ================== Unit: Soft Yaki Layers pw7535s02 Website for HAIR: SOFT YAKI Unit shown is Color: #1 Jet Black, Length 24" Stock Lace Wig Lace Front Wig 100% Authentic Indian Remy Human Hair Baby hair across front Adjustable Straps at the Nape Density: Medium (110%) Cap Size: Medium (22.5) Lace Color: Medium Brown Lace Type: Swiss

    Keywords: how to contour, how to highlight, highlight and contour, contouring, facial contouring, how to contour your face, makeup tricks, makeup tips, Tutorial, Beauty, Look, Haul
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. How to: Highlight Hair at home using Highlighting Cap
    Duration: 7:54


    Keywords: hair, tutorial, how, to, dye, highlight, bleach, blonde, streaks, foil, cap, japanese, asian, simple, easy, quick, fast
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. Emma Dyes Her Brother Jonah's Hair!!
    Duration: 6:17

    Description: Hair highlighting tutorial brought to you by your favorite 7 year old beauty guru! Emma! Please realize this was parent supervised the whole time. :) Music while Jonah is flipping his hair: "Purple Nurple" by Alex (feat. go1dfish) is licensed under a Creative Commons license: Chimes sound is a free sound from

    Keywords: kittiesmama, hair, highlight, dye, bleach, tint, frosting, kids, fun, silly, how, to, tutorial, year, old, children
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. How to : Hair Foiling Techniques to Highlight Hair, Lowlight Hair highlight your own hair -part 1
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: This was a request by verben3300. Please watch part 2 here: Disclaimer: All and any products mentioned in this video are used at my own free will. All products and companies mentioned do not have any afflilation with me or my video. No moneytary transactions have taken place between me any any an all manufacturers or companies mentioned in this video. All products seen in this video have been purchased using my own money and no financial assistance has been offered Music/ intro: I own the rights to this music. It's my own production.

    Keywords: MAC, Wedding, makeup, Hairbeauty4you, colors, eyes, smoky, smokey, bridal, contest, natural, foundation, powder, look, tutorial, hair
    Average rating: 4.9

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