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  1. [] Gloves Lightshow Tutorial Part 2 by Gummy and Ha-Ha
    Duration: 8:41

    Description: This is part 2 of a 3-part gloves lightshow tutorial. Done by Gummy and Ha-Ha. Part 2 is about basic moves like the figure 8 and finger rolls.

    Keywords: gloves, lightshow, tutorial, part, truth, gummy, ha-ha, glove, set, gloveset, light, show,, rave, plur, inova, photon, freedom, ultra, bright, tearz, dotz, finger, rolls, figure, wheel, impact, basic, moves
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Nujabes - Feather
    Duration: 3:51

    Description: First Feather like it is from the Nujabes track, and then I just reharmonized it a little bit, I'm going to be honest and say I can't stop bobbing my head to it the way I play it at 1:08 because it sounds like a breakdown and the drumbeat is playing in my head, haha I love it. Then after Feather I go into one of my previous melodies, Love's End Recollection, because a hip hop producer emailed me about wanting to sample it but he also wanted a bridge so I thought I'd show you guys, comments and constructive criticism always welcome! I have to say this reharmonized part is one of my favorite things to play on the piano, ever. This may sound emo or something, but seriously, when I play this reharmonized version I feel so much emotion, it sounds so... how to describe it... utterly hopeful? It's as if someone has overcome their grief and pain and they are now soaring and able to rediscover the simple joys of life and face their problems with renewed courage and strength. Ok maybe that's just me, haha, tutorial can be found here:

    Keywords: Nujabes, Mark, Meronek, piano, jazz, soloing, Feather, mmeronek, hip, hop, breakdown, beat, sample, shin, ski, kenichiro, modal, soul, cover, Love's, End, Recollection
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Filipino CR Tutorial by Mikey Bustos
    Duration: 7:00

    Description: Disclaimer - The mom in this video, though inspired by my real mom, is fictional. Haha! Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Thank you! Official Facebook Fan Page: Follow me on Twitter: Music: 'If It Feels Good Then We Should" by Mikey Bustos from the album 'Memoirs of a Superhero' available on iTunes.

    Keywords: mikey, bustos, cr, comfort, room, restroom, number, two, washroom, bathroom, shower, toilet, paper, whitening, restaurant, cockroach, buffet, products, soap, filipinos, put, hotdog, slices, in, spaghetti
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Halo Reach Tutorial: 1 Million Points in Firefight Very Quick
    Duration: 5:16

    Description: Don't be a goof and get FireFight points confused with Cr! Haha, This is a tutorial on how to get the Halo Reach Achievements in 10-20 minutes. The Achievements you can get are: Fire starter - Score 50000 points in Firefight (10G) Blaze of Glory - Score 200000 points in Firefight (25G) Heat in the Pipe - Score 1000000 Points in Firefight (75G) Crowd Control - Earn a Killionaire Medal in Firefight (10G) Game, Set, Match - Complete a Firefight set on Legendary without dying (25G) 145 Gamerpoints in a little over 10 minutes...not bad By the way if you guys have any questions, comments, or feedback...Leave them in the comment box below! Hope this tutorial helped! =) PS Just a heads up, dont get confused between Firefight points and Credits haha

    Keywords: Halo, Reach, Tutorial, Firefight, One Million, Points, Glitch, Achievements, ODST, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo 1, Cheats, Hints, Revealed, Mods, Hacks, Jumps, Skulls, Easter Eggs, Sniper, Montage, Multi, Player, Multiplayer, Single Player, Campaign, Matchimaking, Online, Forge, Theater, Master Chief, Spartans, Elites, Invasion, Alien, Hunters, Weapons, New, Fire Starter, Blaze of Glory, Heat in the Pipe, Crowd Control, Game, Set, Match, Gamerpoints, Gamerscore
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Parazitii - Dusmaniti-ma toti
    Duration: 3:29


    Keywords: video, Parazitii, Dusmaniti, ma, toti
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 11:11

    Description: FOR ALEX TRAN! :D Haha. :] Sorry for any sort of confusion, but leave a comment or message me for any more help. **ALSO, In my video I said "A chord." I meant to say, "A MINOR CHORD."** Don't eat me. I'm only human. x: CHORD PROGRESSION FOR INTRO: G, G [Pluck second string], Am, C THE OTHER PART OF THE SONG ["I don't know why I'm drawn to you.. etc."]: Am, C, G, D HELP FOR CHORDS : FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR : -ALSO, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR ANYMORE GUITAR TUTORIALS, UKULELE TUTORIALS, COVERS, PIANO COVERS, AND ETC. I got it all. ;D HAHA.

    Keywords: JRA, By Chance, Tutorial, Guitar, Requested, Tumblr, ssalenaax3
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Chola Makeup Tutorial by Mar�a
    Duration: 4:15

    Description: Click ^share^ above to send to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more! Week 2: JPMETZ Mar�a teaches you how to do sexy chola makeup in this less-than-helpful tutorial. Make sure you "Like" me on Facebook to vote on next week's theme: And follow me on Twitter if you want, too! See all collab month videos: Full results here: Soundlyawake is a collab channel for the month of July. ---------- Travel/Extras: Skin care/Home remedies/Tutorials: SHIRTS! Facebook Facebook APP Twitter MySpace Nick (Nicola if you're fancy) Foti PO Box 481 Middlesex, NJ 08846

    Keywords: chola, latina, funny, makeup, tutorial, chongalicious, chonga, guru, parody, comedy, maria, soundlyawake
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Creative Hairstyles: French Braid Bun
    Duration: 5:50

    Description: I know, I konw...another side bun...haha. But you dont have to do the side bun that I show in this tutorial! you can do a side ponytail and curl it...or anything you want! This is just what I have been doing with mine so I thought I would show you! Hope you guys give this hair style a try! i have been wearing it a TON lately and i looove it! :) Let me know what you think!! What you will need: Hairspray Brush 2 hair ties bobby pins french braiding skills... :) Check out my other profiles!! BLOG: TWITTER: FORMSPRING: Disclaimer: I didnt receive anything for free for this video. Im not getting paid to make this video or compensated. and Im not affiliated with a company at all. these are my 100% honest opinions

    Keywords: updo, bun, french, braid, quick, and, easy, braided, hairstyle, hair, do, style, tutorial, prom, elegant, night, out, highschool, back, to, school, fall, side, bobby, pins, how, big, sexy, hairspray, carahamelie03, carahamelie, no, heat, hunger, games, hunger games hair, hunger games braid, hunger games braided hairstyle
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Youtube Poop: Boggle Crunch
    Duration: 6:44

    Description: I completely remade Boggle Crunch and added a lot of extra scenes. I originally planned to upload this around Christmas of last year, but my computer died before I could finish.

    Keywords: youtube, poop, ytp, durhamrockerz, boggle, crunch, bobby, robo-dale
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Cinderella Tutorial
    Duration: 10:20

    Description: for where I got my glass slippers (ha ha ha): Find me on facebook I love this Cinderella look!!! Every girl wants to be a princess!! You can also read my personal-daily-diary at: have fun watching....xo kandee

    Keywords: cinderella, kandee, kandee johnson, disney princesscinderella wig, cinderella makeup, tutorial, princess, cinderella tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 5:42

    Description: PART 2- CREATIVITY, CONCEPTS, & COOLNESS...HAHA! LIKE MY FB FAN PAGE: ************************************************************************************* iphone 4 review free iphone 4 kittens puppies kitty cat videos cat dance smiz tutting tuts king tut finger tut tutorial how to tut esv popping john salah americas got talent russian tiger dance style popping popping battle 2010 tutting tutorial part 2 how to pop poplock kanye west drake thank me later justin beiber tutting usher tutting twitter dancing battle 2010 dallas fort worth texas rwj equals 3 ESV MGF

    Keywords: dance, smiz, tutting, tuts, king, tut, finger, tutorial, how, to, esv, popping, john, salah, russian, tiger, instructions, discussion, iphone, review, free, kittens, puppies, kitty, cat, videos, environment, vlog, religion, spirituality
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. A Middle Part Hair Tutorial!
    Duration: 6:16

    Description: i didn't really know what to call this tutorial haha! Enjoy! :) Thank you all so much for watching! Leave any other requests below. xx Products Used: Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray Garnier Fructis Flexible Control Hairspray Conair Curling Iron 1" On Me: Shirt: Forever 21 Nail Polish: Essie Van Di Go Where else to find me! Twitter: Facebook: Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.

    Keywords: hair, tutorial, middle, part, eleanor, calder, celebrity, inspired, poof, beauty, makeup, style, get, the, look, haul, review, natural, quick, easy, fast, curling, conair, guru, tesschristine123, spring, summer, fashion, short, long, waves, loose, soft, curls, messy, half, up, down, back, to, school, prom, dances
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. mario barth schiefilm titanic
    Duration: 9:17

    Description: mario barth schiefilm titanic

    Keywords: barth, mario, schiefilm
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. Abigailm28's Hair tutorial! | fluffy swoopy puffy hair ?
    Duration: 2:59

    Description: ----------------------------- Please read jelly beans! ----------------------------------- *SORRY IF PARTS GO SUPER FAST ? i didn't want it to be boring xD * Hello everyone! hehe! sorry about the lack of amazing video's lately! T____T darn college course work y'know! *nods* a lot of you on my facebook and tumblr and twitter lately have been asking me to do a hair tutorial! haha! so i braved up to it and did one for you girl's and maybe long hair guys who want to fake the thicker hair look ^______^ i know i'm horriable chubby xD but i'm working on that! ^-^ so yesh this is my everyday routine on how i do my hair! hehe! i hope you find it useful! (???)? Sorry to the guy viewer's out there! i promise to plan some awesome things for you lot too! :) Also this probs will be my last video before MCM LONDON EXPO video's! (after i have no college so video galore!) i hope to see you there! i will be cosplaying cure-melody from suiteprecure on the Saturday the 26th. i will have blue contact lenses in and pink hair! I love you all so much! (?????) ??*:.?. .?.:*? Don't forget to check out my collab channel! it's been revamped and now PARTNERED! we have new people and giveaway's coming up! xcolorsplashtv! *(*�??*)? Dress: Primark (BARGIN!) Sailor moon watch: SassyNpunk Boutique ? Star clip: SassyNpunk Boutique ? Links: ? ? http ? ? ? ? ? If you read this far ...

    Keywords: abigailm28, hair, tutorial, long, blone, scene, swooshy, fringe, big, side, bangs, kawaii, sassynpunk, Beauty, Style, Haircut, mullet, straight, layers, Salon, Products, Styles
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Barbie Costume Make-Up by Kandee
    Duration: 14:38

    Description: BLOG: JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK: This is a very fun glamour Barbie look, very heavy, make-up look...after all your supposed to look plastic...ha ha can get the wig from Incognito wigs! You can any eyeshadows in purple, pinks and lavender...I used MAC eyeshadows in: Pen & Ink, Da Bling, Carbon Vibrant Grape, Indian Ink, Fig 1, Deep Damson I used LARENIM mineral eye shadows in Bedazzle & Lust And Urban Decay shadow in Grifter I also used a hot pink blush as eye shadow I used Make-Up Forever lipliner in a hot pink Estee Lauder lipliner in Pink MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick in Glaze and white eyeshadow for higlight on the lips

    Keywords: barbie, kandee, johnson, barbie doll, costume, make-up, make up, kandee johnson, plastic, MAC, Larenim, doll, kandeejohnson
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. I'm Bad at LoL: Be a man - The Xin Zhao Tutorial
    Duration: 3:50

    Description: Can you count how many things I stole from everyone on youtube past, present, and future? The answer is all of everything because only 1 person has thought of this before me.

    Keywords: league of legends, league, legends, lol, rofl, lmao, haha, wtf, rage, stupid, loud, xin, zhao, mulan, lu, bu, be, man, make, out, you, make a man out of you, be a man, john, stamos, funny, tutorial, work, wow, can, chen, tonight, working, there, good, role, play, ownage, noob, pro, owned, gg, victory, soraka, mysterious, as, the, dark, side, moon, epic, win, fail, fails, epic fail, epic win, swear, im, not, racist, hahaha, attempt, n00b, owning, owns, uber, vent, skype
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Patrick Jumpen : Jumpstyle How-To Video tutorial in English
    Duration: 9:52

    Description: Add my Facebook page: !! And for the biggest fans also add my private facebook account /// See u there English Jumpstyle How-To instruction video. The easiest way for our international viewers to learn it! Special thanks to Dion for starring in this video next to me , and to Jeroen Flamman for filming it This video cost me over 20 hours to make , edit and voice over so you better LEARN it right haha Music licenced from Lower East Side Records and used with premission of the respective owners (me, smartass ^^) Jumpstyle tecktonic Melbourn Shuffle jump tutorial english how-to how to dance learn duo Hardstyle Patrick Jumpen Lernen

    Keywords: Jumpstyle, tecktonic, Melbourn, Shuffle, jump, tutorial, english, how-to, how, to, dance, learn, duo, Hardstyle, Patrick, Jumpen, Lernen
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. TUTORIAL Chris Brown - Deuces Choreography by: Dejan Tubic
    Duration: 6:59

    Description: Click here to watch: Yes I know, FINALLY! Haha. Thanks guys for the Love. Here is the MOST requested tutorial to date. Have fun. Post them up and let me see them all! Werk. Twitter: @DejanTubic Chris Brown Tutorial for Deuces Choreography by: Dejan Tubic. My name is Dejan. I dont dance, I Dejance. DoYouDejance?

    Keywords: Chris, brown, dejan, tubic, choreography, choreo, dance, dueces, deuces, lyrics, official, cover, remix, music, video, tyga, new, song, mash, up, hip, hop, janelle, ginestra, tutorial, ida, hollywood, rihanna
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. Bleach Ichigo Hollow Mask Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 13:00

    Description: This is my Ichigo Hollow mask inspired makeup look! For Halloween, cosplay...or if you want you could just wear it one random day :) This is a re-make of the original look I took in my photos so the makeup will not be exact exact fyi :) *Photos are done by myself *If you're planning to do this for Halloween or whatever, send me pics via facebook! I would love to see it! :D Originally my boyfriend inspired me to do this look because he is such a dork for anime, especially Bleach haha. I figured I do this tutorial because Bleach is quite a popular anime and I've seen many cosplayers cosplaying as Ichigo. So perhaps this could help if someone is looking for actual face mask. **(Original Photo, Makeup and video tutorial for Bleach Ichigo Look) This video got me my first Honors xD: #28 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Howto & Style #29 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Howto & Style #55 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Howto & Style #77 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Howto & Style ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHITE GREASE PAINT (WEBSITE TO BUY): WEBSITE: FACEBOOK TWITTER: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC: Younha - Houki Boshi Yui Yoshioka - Life & Rolling Star Bleach OST - Will of the Heart

    Keywords: Chuy, yang, ichuyy, hmong, bleach, anime, ichigo, hollow, mask, version, makeup, inspired, tutorial, theatre, mehron, cosmetics, cosplay, look, halloween, how, to, style
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. UDK Machinima Tutorial with Kootra Episode 1- Getting Started
    Duration: 5:51

    Description: UDK Tutorial Playlist: Here is the link to the Unreal Development Kit Download site: These tutorials are meant to teach people how to make machinima using the Unreal Development Kit. I am here to help people, so feel free to ask questions in the comment section and I will answer them. I hope you guys enjoy these tutorials even though they are very scattered haha.

    Keywords: kootra, machinima, tutorial, unreal, development, kit, engine, gears, of, war, mass, effect, tournament, matinee, kismet, terrain, static, meshes, animsets, skeletal, editor, getting, started, epic, games, download, easy, map, reprisal
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. Breakdance How To: Windmill Tutorial/Guide
    Duration: 9:41

    Description: FACEBOOK PAGE: TWITTER: TUMBLR: ******READ THIS FIRST******* Be sure to check out the Video responses to this video because they contain errors that many people will do in the process of learning windmills! And I do my best to teach you how to get past them. Check them out! Comment, Rate, & Subscribe! More Tutorials coming soon! My guide to windmills. It's a little wordy, but hey. That's why we have EARS and eyes right? haha

    Keywords: dance, windmills, wind, mills, breakdance, break, bboy, bboying, tutorial, guide, lesson, mill, how, to, howto, millz, dancing, video, merango
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. B.yu Toprock Tutorial Pt.1 (Guide Only)
    Duration: 4:46

    Description: In Part one i will be only identifying the type of steps that i will be trying to teach in part 2 Hence Part one should only be used to refer to as a guide this video should show what each steps look like from front, side and back BTW THIS TUTORIAL WILL ALREADY ASSUME YOU KNOW THE BASIC STEPS and hence work on more DETAILED steps REPEAT..PART 2 WILL BE THE HOW TO, AND PART 1 IS THE GUIDE So refer to this, if you are not sure on how it looks again Hope it will help, and yes it is NOT professional, please keep in mind i am no pro so think before you flame haha But more than that.. i will be glad to help anyone Message me if you are not sure of something and i will get back to you asap i do not own these songs Track names 1st track is Carioca Moon AYB Force 2nd track is AYB Force- Hardboiled

    Keywords: Bboy .Byu Toprock guide
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 2:55

    Description: This tutorial will teach you once and for all how to create makeup out of common household items. If you've ever wondered how to turn ketchup into lipstick, or apple sauce into a fine/clean eye liner, this do it yourself video should get you where you need to be. Special thanks to Draculoh for helping me focus my cameras etc :) Social Facebook: Twitter: Channels Onision - OnisionSpeaks - OnisionEncore - OnisionArchive - Cool Stuff Onision Site - Onision Shirts - http Onision Music -

    Keywords: how, to, wear, makeup, on, your, face, cosmetics, beauty, how-to, tutorial, his, look, eyes, foundation, mascara, parody, spoof, foundation (cosmetics), eye, comedy, inspired, shadow, funny, chibi, derf, mock, of, haha, knockoff, sketch, palette, not, fred, junk, you, splat, top, someones, lol, comment, if, you're, reading, this, lmao, girls, girl, guy, guys, guide, at, home, make, up, pretty, for, prom, 2011, 2012, new, fresh, omfg, GREAT, HALLOWEEN, onision
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. FL STUDIO TUTORIAL: How to make a dubstep "wub wub" bass in FL Studio
    Duration: 11:09

    Description: Please LIKE my Facebook page for free tracks, samples and more: Also, like my Viral Beat Recordings Facebook Page for new on releases! Download your free Dubstep Samplepacks at So this one is showing ya the basics of how to get a "wub wub" bass going in fruity. I show ya my own personal technique about how to accomplish this! Started listening to ALOT of dubstep recently ya see, its a nice tequila shot drinkin type of music haha! so yes this is it Enjoy Subscribe!! Kev x My videos are also donation ware so please donate something if you have found this video to be helpful http

    Keywords: Dubstep, Bass, in, FL, Studio, Wub, Kev, Willow, Tutorial, Tips, Tricks, How, To, Rusko, Skream, Caspa, music software, Underground, FPS, FLP, Justin, Bieber, Wobble, Massive, Albino, Rob, Papen, KRK, Vinyl, London, LDN, Bar, OFFICIAL, Exclusive
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Filipino Balut Egg Tutorial by Mikey Bustos
    Duration: 3:02

    Description: Please SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for the support! My dad always said, "You're not a true Filipino if you haven't eaten balut!" So, I had to create this video. Enjoy! NOTE: Kris Lawrence is a friend of mine and he knows about this video. Every time I'm in Philippines they say we look like brothers. Haha! Official Facebook Fan Page: Follow me on Twitter: Music: 'If It Feels Good Then We Should" by Mikey Bustos from the album 'Memoirs of a Superhero' available on iTunes.

    Keywords: Mikey, Bustos, balut, balot, tutorial, egg, Filipino, Philippines, Pinoy, Comedy, funny, Frank, is, fan, of, Kris, Lawrence
    Average rating: 5.0

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