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Video search results for GnuTLS

  1. How to install wget on Mac and Fix --with-ssl was given error
    Duration: 5:25

    Description: IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH "NO C COMPILER", INSTALL XCODE FROM THE MAC APP STORE AND IT WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM. This is a quick utility tutorial on installing wget on your mac. It also includes how to bypass the --with-ssl was given, but GNUTLS was not available error. wget download link: You can wget with the same link after it is finished installing in order to be sure that it works. (just choose a package link first)

    Keywords: wget, mac, terminal, utility, tutorial, ssl, how, to, linux, programming, Macintosh, Mac OS, Windows, Maker, Computer, Park, Desktop, Basic, Apple, Linux Kernel, Linkin, Ubuntu, Apple Inc., Software, Linkin Park, South, Computer Software, Visual, System, South Park, End, Sound, Computers, error, solution
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. How to install and configure CouchDB 1.3.0 onto ubuntu desktop
    Duration: 18:53

    Description: How to install ubuntu: Steps to install couchdb ================== sudo apt-get build-dep erlang sudo apt-get build-dep couchdb sudo apt-get install libicu-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev sudo apt-get install automake autoconf libtool help2man sudo apt-get install libmozjs-dev sudo apt-get...

    Keywords: couchdb, nosql, 1.3.0, Ubuntu, Futon, ubuntu desktop, couch, couchbase, Software Tutorial, Linux, How-to (Conference Subject)

  3. Plagiarism: Real Life Examples (Part 2 of 3)
    Duration: 2:26

    Description: Developed by the Paul Robeson Library. This video is an educational parody of a typical classic 50's classroom environment. This is part 2 of 3 of the series. Contact for more information about this comical tutorial created at Rutgers University. Film credits:

    Keywords: Plagiarism, Education, School, Rutgers, Funny, Gameshow, Cartoon, 50's, Parody, Tutorial, Paul Robeson Library, Teacher

  4. Install LFTP using Cygwin
    Duration: 8:00

    Description: How to install LFTP in Windows using Cygwin.

    Keywords: lftpusingcygwin
    Average rating: 1.0

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