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Free communication service

Free communication service

Free communication service

Video search results for Free communication service

  1. Voice4Me For Windows Tutorial - Free Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC
    Duration: 7:33

    Description: Voice4Me is designed as a quick and simple way to bring speech to users who have difficulty speaking. There are 154 Text-To-Speech (TTS) areas that can be customized to meet the users needs. Also, there is a text area for the user to type whatever he/she wants the computer to say. This software is designed to turn computers in to communication devices (Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC). This program is freely downloadable from

    Keywords: technology, freeware, schoolfreeware, text-to-speech, tts, text to speech, speech, text, special education, education, special, students, school, child, children, mute, voice, VOCA, assistive technology, assistive, assistive tech
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Vatsim & FSInn tutorial (part 5)
    Duration: 14:34

    Description: This is my fifth and latest installment of my Vatsim & FSInn tutorial. In this episode I cover live ATC communication. Please feel free to watch the 4 other episodes of my tutorial to better grasp the full picture and understand the context of this video. Also you should make sure to always have a pen and paper ready when communicating with live ATC. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment or send me a pm, and I will be happy to try and answer. See you in the skies! ATC positions in the video: Delivery: Reidar Fredrik Frydenlund Ground: Joakim Hagen Tower: Eivind Wed� Approach: Daniel Larsen

    Keywords: fsx, vatsim, fsinn, atc, communication, simulator, b737, ifr, delivery, ground, tower, approach, depature, nax, norwegian airshuttle
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Video tutorial: How to transfer your files using a NFC-enabled Android smart phone - Tap to share
    Duration: 9:11

    Description: This tutorial will teach you how to transfer files between two NFC-enabled smartphone by using an awesome Android file manager app called File Expert . NFC is a new technology that used to communicate in a short distance. In the latest release of File Expert, we becomes the first file manager app that supports NFC file transfer, this new sharing method will give you the most easy way to transfer files between two phones. Technically speaking, this new method will use NFC to auto-configure a Bluetooth connection between phones, there're no device searching and pairing process required, so it is a ZERO configuration solution for transferring files. To transfer file files in this way all you need to do is just simply tap phones together to get them connected, then leaves all the remain job to us. File Expert is an awesome file manager app which supports many powerful features like WiFi sharing, SMB sharing and others that you have never seen on competitive apps. File Expert is free, both price free and Ads free. Check out File Expert today to make your mobile life easier and smarter! Thanks, any questions, please comment below or you can drop us an email: support AT xageek DOT com

    Keywords: Android, NFC, Bluetooth, file, transfer, Expert, phone, how, to, tutorial, geeksoft, mobile, Google
    Average rating: 4.5

  4. FREE After Effects Tutorial // create realistic camera movement
    Duration: 9:52

    Description: This tutorial is presented to you by Your source for high quality After Effects project file templates and free After Effects tutorials and training

    Keywords: Adobe, After, Effects, tutorial, learn, videotutorial, training, royalty, free, project, file, template, aftereffects, Motion, Design, animation, onair, aedude, templates, Tutorials, projects, title, promo, commercial, trailer, 3ds, max, 3d, text, shatter, particles, fractal, noise, lines, pictures, mobile, phoes, network, particular, communication
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Adobe Technical Communications Suite 3.5 FREE FULL Download - How to install Guide for Windows
    Duration: 3:41

    Description: Adobe Tech Comm Suite 3.5: Or visit: Adobe� Technical Communication Suite 3.5 is a complete single-source authoring toolkit with multichannel, multidevice publishing capabilities. Develop standards-compliant content with Adobe FrameMaker� 10 software, publish in various formats with Adobe RoboHelp� 9 software and Adobe Captivate� 5.5 workflows, collaborate with reviewable PDF files, incorporate images using Adobe Photoshop� CS5, and add demos and simulations using Adobe Captivate 5.5. Expanded multichannel and multidevice publishing capabilities Easily create standards-compliant content and generate output in multiple formats including print, PDF, EPUB, Adobe� AIR�, WebHelp, XML, and HTML, to deliver your content to a wide range of devices, such as eBook readers, smartphones, and tablets. Enhanced Adobe� FrameMaker� and Adobe RoboHelp� integration Take advantage of Adobe� RoboHelp� software from within Adobe FrameMaker� without switching between applications. With the more robust and tighter integration between the two products, you can perform all authoring and publishing tasks within your preferred authoring environment. Comprehensive support for industry standards Author DITA-compliant content in Adobe� FrameMaker�, and seamlessly generate Eclipse Help output. Improved review workflows Participate in collaborative PDF reviews, and easily share your comments with the free Adobe� Reader� software. Versatile rich media integration Make your ...

    Keywords: adobe, serial number, keygen, free download, crack, software tutorial, adobe framemaker 10, adobe robohelp 9, adobe captivate 5.5
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Nappy Free! Trailer
    Duration: 5:28

    Description: Elimination Communication is the most environmentally conscious way to deal with your babies elimination needs. People everywhere are embracing this ancient method as humankind begins to take responsibility for the impact we have had on the natural world. This short trailer gives you a taste of what you'll find on the Nappy Free! Dvd

    Keywords: elimination communication, Nappy Free, EC, natural infant hygiene, natural parenting, attachment parenting, natural toilet training, toilet timing, natural baby, eco living, eco babies, environmental footprints, green baby, No Nappies
    Average rating: 4.5

  7. Analyze Your EVP W/Free Software! (Tutorial)
    Duration: 10:49

    Description: In this tutorial video Mike St. Clair from Viper Paranormal Shows you how to use a free software called wavepad to review and analyze your audio files for EVP. Here is the link to the free software.

    Keywords: Analize, analyze, review, evidenceevp, paranormal, tutorial, free, software, new, 2010, ghost, hunting, 101, spirit, communication, ghosts, scary, haunted, tape, caught, hunters, spirits, tips & tricks, science, activity, educational
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Free Course: Multimedia Applications with Director MX Tutorial
    Duration: 8:10

    Description: Study this free course by registering at: This video teaches you how to create professional animated multimedia videos for your business or place of employment, or simply to entertain your friends and family. Visit our website and register at to start studying for free today! ABOUT ALISON ALISON provides FREE online interactive multimedia courses with certification. One million people, young and old, have studied with ALISON worldwide since its launch in 2007. ALISON offers over 300 FREE courses covering a wide range of subjects, the most popular being basic IT Skills Training and English Language. Other certified learning subjects on ALISON includes: Health and Safety, Psychometrics, Financial and Health Literacy, Business and Information Technology Skills, Psychology, Economics, Government Policy, General Science, Mathematics, Law, Outdoor Education, Visual Communication and Design. The mission of ALISON is to enable, anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive multimedia on any subject online. ALISON is a privately owned social enterprise based in Galway, Ireland and is promoted with the help of 3000 volunteers worldwide

    Keywords: director software tutorial, video editors, animated multimedia videos, director mx free tutorial, free tutorial, free course, alison free online learning, free grind
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Free English Lessons
    Duration: 1:50

    Description: FREE English Lessons If you want to be more fluent with your English and communicate clearly and confidently, then these lessons are for you! Join Now: Also, take a look at my blog: You will learn ... English Conversation - Learn how to talk to people and make friends in English! Pronunciation - Be understood by others! Listening and Reading- Understand what you read and hear! Vocabulary - Use the right words to communicate your thoughts, ideas and opinions! Grammar - Be able to create effective English sentences! Business English - Communicate successfully at work! Culture - Knowing culture helps you to be more comfortable and to fit in News and World Events - Understand and discuss world news in English! And Much, Much More! All of this, for you 100% Free!

    Keywords: free, english, lessons, learn, ?????chat, room, discussion, forum, voice, text
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Self-hosting WCF Services
    Duration: 10:53

    Description: Watch full HD course: Learn how to host WCF services in your own applications. You'll see how to create and manage a ServiceHost instance for self-hosting a WCF service within a console application.

    Keywords: Pluralsight, Screencast, .NET, WCF
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. XML Web Services in Visual Studio 2008 Tutorial
    Duration: 3:56

    Description: Create an XML web service and call it from an ASP.NET 3.5 web application and a Windows application. Using Visual Studio 2008.

    Keywords: xml, web, services, visual, studio, .net, 2008, framework, 2.0, 3.5, c#, visual basic, tutorial, training, online, video, 'visual, visual studio 2008, vs2k8,,, web service, wsdl, XML Web Services
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Membership Management Software By Wild Apricot: One-Hour In-Depth Tutorial
    Duration: 57:05

    Description: Try Wild Apricot with an instant free trial at To learn more about membership management software, visit http This webinar is a introduction to the Wild Apricot software for associations, nonprofits and other member-driven organizations. It will cover the major features of the system, including: * Membership management - member applications and renewals, self-service portal, online member directory and communication functions * Web editing - design features, creating and customizing site content, public and members only access management and online community features * Event management - registration, payments and event promotion * Fundraising - online donations, donor database management and communications

    Keywords: wild apricot, membership software, website software, membership management software

  13. Couples Counseling
    Duration: 3:38

    Description: Couples Counseling - Couples Counseling Made Easy - Learn two key skills to improve your communication as a couple. Using these skills will make your communication easier and more comfortable. Couples Counseling http Couples Counseling

    Keywords: couples counseling cost, online couples counseling, couples counseling retreat, does couples counseling work, couples counseling tips, relationship advice, danafillmorepsyd, Strong marriage now
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. What is the difference between Service and Component?
    Duration: 5:39

    Description: This is the video which will discuss difference between between Service and Component. For more free articles, interview questions and video tutorials, please visit

    Keywords: SOA Service and Component, c#, .NET interview questions, programming, dotnet, csharp, tutorial, learn, educational
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Go Natural English - Intonation Lesson - Free Secrets for Speaking and Understanding Conversation
    Duration: 2:33

    Description: Go Natural English wants to help intermediate to advanced level ESL learners to rapidly improve communication skills in international business situations. There is a three-step process that includes 1) Online FREE video lessons, 2) Online one-to-one lessons, and 3) Online support and coaching.

    Keywords: ESL, English, lesson, teacher, coaching, communication, skills, language, pronunciation, intonation, American, class, tips, tutorial, Lessons, How-to, School, Learn, Student, Education, Students, Free, Tutorials, Resource
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. What are endpoints, address, contracts and bindings?
    Duration: 8:07

    Description: This video will discuss about endpoints, address, contracts and bindings in WCF. For more free articles, interview questions and video tutorials, please visit

    Keywords: endpoint, address, contract and binding, .NET interview questions, programming, dotnet, csharp, tutorial learn, educational
    Average rating: 4.7

  17. 2012 FIAT 500 - BLUE&ME? Handsfree Communication
    Duration: 2:22

    Description: Learn how to use your FIAT 500 BLUE&ME? Hands Free Communication.

    Keywords: FIAT, BLUE and ME, Handsfree Communication, 500, Cinquecento
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Flash Website Guestbook AS3 MySQL Tutorial and Free Editable Source Files
    Duration: 24:07

    Description: Starter Package: Learn how to make a Flash guestbook for your website or your client sites. We are using Flash CS4, but it is OK to use CS3 also. Use for testimonials, guestbook, shoutbox, or whatever you like. Brought to you By Adam Khoury at

    Keywords: Flash, Guestbook, Tutorial, actionscript, 3.0, AS3, CS3, CS4, CS5, Learn, How, Free, Create, Website, Guest, Book, Application, Professional, Build, Make, Web, Site, Leave, Comment, Module
    Average rating: 4.6

  19. Autodesk Revit MEP Free Tutorial 1 of 18 Start New Project from Existing Templete
    Duration: 11:16

    Description: Free Tutorial Series Autodesk Revit MEP See Complete Series at This video Topic: Start New Project from Existing Templete

    Keywords: Autodesk, Revit, MEP, BIM, Construction, Simulation, VDC, Virtual, Design, Coordination, 2011, Building, Contractor, Architecture, Structure
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Communication Between Cultures
    Duration: 8:27

    Description: The back ground music by Omar Akram Omar:"In a world where communication and understanding between cultures is sometimes difficult, I hope my music can serve as a form of international language that crosses any cultural barriers. Having lived and traveled in many countries, I have come to realize that we need to embrace aspects of each culture that make them unique and special. What some people see as problematical differences, I see as our planet's entire cultural heritage. With my music, I try to celebrate some of the sounds and feelings I have encountered worldwide. I would like to invite music lovers from all cultures to join me in traveling on this "Secret Journey." --------------------------------- Six Fundamental Patterns of Cultural Difference Different communication styles Different attitudes towards conflict Different approaches to completing tasks Different decision-making styles Different attitudes towards disclosure Different approaches to knowing Culture is often at the root of communication challenges. Exploring historical experiences and the ways in which various cultural groups have related to each other is key to opening channels for cross-cultural communication. Becoming more aware of cultural differences, as well as exploring cultural similarities, can help you communicate with others more effectively. Next time you find yourself in a confusing situation, ask yourself how culture may be shaping your own reactions, and try to see the ...

    Keywords: Omar, Akram, musiccommunication, Between, Cultures, crosscultures, theonenesslovefoundation, yubupa, love, freedom, peace
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. A Real Example of Cell Communication
    Duration: 4:34

    Description: This 3-D movie is a close look at some of the cell signaling and responses that take place throughout the body during the fight-or- flight response. The dynamic ways in which cells communicate with each other through molecular signals is depicted without focusing on anatomy, vocabulary or chemistry. For a detailed play-by-play of what is happening in the movie and a higher-resolution version, visit: For supplemental classroom materials for teachers about cells visit:

    Keywords: cell, biology, membranes, flight-or-flight, signaling, physiology, muscles, heart, lungs, proteins, lesson, plans
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Tech-Free Mind Tutorial.avi
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: Here is a quick tutorial to get you stared with Free Mind.

    Keywords: Free Mind, Tutorial, Mind Mapping, Clustering
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Visual C++ 2010 Express Tutorial 1 - Getting Started Hello World Free Download
    Duration: 7:48

    Description: Microsoft Visual C++ (VC++) can be downloaded for free at http That website also holds the downloads for the Express editions of Visual Basic, C#, Visual Web Developer, and Visual Studio for Windows Phone CTP, Visual Studio Express 2008 is still available and so is the Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition Trial. After 30 days Visual Basic 2010 will have to be registered. No financial information is needed to receive the free product key code that will unlock VC++. Registration can be done by clicking the registration button or by going to Microsoft's website. System Requirements can be found at:

    Keywords: schoolfreeware, school, freeware, cpp, visual, c++, vc, vc++, 2010, express, download,, programming, application, windows, free, install, hello, world, beginning, easy, quick, .net, dot, net, ms, interface, youtube, software, howto, tutorial, downloads, computers, installer, install software computers
    Average rating: 4.8

  24. Elastix Open Source Unified Communications Server (Install & Config PT 1)
    Duration: 4:08

    Description: Elastix Open Source Unified Communications Server (Install & Config PT 1) Elastix the Open Source Communication Server that can handle all your business communication needs. Out of the box on a basic installation and Elastix VoIP Server is ready to start accepting connections from any SIP Capable device. During the installation and configuration in this two part series we are going to show you how to configure elastix for a SIP capable device. This means IPhone Apps, Android Apps, VoIP SIP Capable Phones, etc... This configuration does not show you how to setup the Trunk it self so no out side communication is possible from this tutorial. The reason being is there are many Trunk Providers and depending on the provider of your Trunk will depend on the configuration you will use and your trunk provider should be able to walk you through this. But please do check back in the future because we will show how to add some of the larger Trunk Providers like in future tutorials.

    Keywords: elastix, linux, linux help, voip, sip, voip server, setup voip, setup elastix, pbx, asterisk, fop, fop2, call center, predictive dialer, telephony, sms gateway, instant messaging server, ip-pbx, xorcom, digium, centos, linux tutorial, linux box, linux box solution, communication, open source, openvox, freepbx, free pbx
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. VSAT Tutorial - 1/6 Intro. iDirect Evolution X3/3100/5100 - Satellite Internet Connectivity
    Duration: 2:28

    Description: - The VSAT Installation Manual introduces you step-by-step to the technical requirements and practical applications of setting up an antenna and a VSAT-based satellite router to access the SkyVision satellite broadband service. Topics covered include the VSAT components, the process of site surveying, antenna installation and alignment, satellite router installation, troubleshooting, and the SkyVision Support Center Help Desk procedures. VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a small earth station used for broadcast, reception and interactive communications via geosynchronous satellites. Typical VSAT antenna diameter sizes are between 1.8 to 2.4 meters and utilize Ku-Band and C-Band for satellite transmission that handles up to 56 Kbits/sec of digital transmission. SkyVision services employing VSAT include: SkyVision Advantage SkyDirect Series SkyVision VPN SkyVision VNO SkyVision Optimize SkyVision Satellite Cellular Backhaul

    Keywords: vsat, tutorial, training, satellite, internet, africa, middle, east, cband, very, small, aperture, terminal, idirect, modem, evolution, x3, infiniti, 5100, 3100, satelite, broadband, service, providers, inclined orbit, point, multipoint, nigeria, kenya, Cameroon, Skyvision, Secure, vpn, services, installation, technology, sattelite, receiver, telecommunication, network, uplink, downlink, connectivity, backbone, collocation, dvb s2, bbc, logo, microsoft, software, twilight
    Average rating: 4.8

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