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  1. Building Your Own Frames Tutorial
    Duration: 7:21

    Description: A nice frame can really set off a painting, but custom framing is extremely expensive. In this video, I will show you how to build a very simple float frame, which compliments a modern, contemporary, abstract painting rather nicely. If you want to frame a traditional style painting, a more ornate frame may be desired and this video probably isn't for you. Building frames yourself saves money, and gives you complete control over the finished product. It's also not too difficult. Poplar is my wood of choice. while it has a bad habit of warping if it is exposed to moisture, proper sealing can prevent that problem, and its other positive qualities more than make up for that shortcoming. Poplar a hard wood, relatively light weight and inexpensive, free of resins or oils that can negatively affect paints and stains, and a very light grain that will not soak in paint unevenly. In shot, poplar lets you build frames cheaply and easily. The first step is to measure your painting, remember add a 1/8" to 1/4" of extra space to each piece of wood to leave room for error. (this is important!) then mark the side of the wood that will be facing inwards (the side touching the painting) in the finished frame. Glue and clamp 2 pieces of wood together to form "L wood"-L wood is the secret to a good float frame. once you have your 4 pieces of L wood, glue 'em together and you are the proud owner of a brand new frame! all that's left is paint and varnish. Stain the wood with a watered down ...

    Keywords: kyle, clements, art, frames, do, it, yourself, DIY, painting, abstract
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Paper Frame Tutorial
    Duration: 5:46

    Description: Hey guys !!! this is a paper frame you can put in a mini album or you can put on a scrapbook layout!!!! very easy to make !!...... enjoy !!!!!! let me know what you think !!!!! WWW.DORATOUCH.BLOGSPOT.COM

    Keywords: Scrapbook, Frame, Mini Album, Scrapbooking, Tutorial, tags, Paper, Cardstock
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. HTML - Frames Tutorial
    Duration: 9:52

    Description: HTML - Frames Tutorial

    Keywords: HTML - Frames Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Adobe Flash Tutorial: Frame by Frame Walking Animation
    Duration: 25:01

    Description: If you don't have the Bone Tool (featured in Flash CS4 and CS5), then you may want to resort to frame by frame animation. This tutorial shows you how to move a character's legs frame by frame. This tutorial is a bit more advanced and contains elements like symbols and keyframes. Be sure you know about these subjects (which I have tutorials for as well) before trying out this lesson. Link to the GIF I use in this lesson

    Keywords: adobe flash, flash, walking animation, frame by frame, bone tool, cartoon, animation, drawing, keyframes, symbols, tutorial, intstructions, animation art
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Freeze Frame Tutorial - CommiXV
    Duration: 6:28

    Description: Freeze Frame bedeutet einen Frame einzufrieren (freeze) und dann dieses Standbild weiter zu bearbeiten. Eine sehr spannende Technik, welche mit Video deluxe extrem einfach umzusetzen ist. :-) Gr��e, CommiXV

    Keywords: freeze, frame, tutorial, german, how2, how 2, howto, how to, magix, video, deluxe, einzelbild, standbild, einfrieren
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Road to be an Editor - Keyframes, Fade Out and Screen Flash
    Duration: 10:25

    Description: In this episode you will learn: -How to use keyframes -How to fade to black -How to make screen flashes Leave a comment on what effect you want to learn next!

    Keywords: Adobe after effects, CS6, AAE, AAE CS6, Introducing AAE CS6, Afert effects CS6 new features, Cool, Effects, Cool AAE Transitions, how to use AAE CS6, How to be a good editor, Cod editor, Editing call of duty, Easy editing tutorials, Advanced, editing, tutorial, AAE CS6 3D Motion Tracking, Screen flashes, How to fade out AAE, How to screen flash AAE
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Minecraft Tutorials - E49 Stronghold (Survive and Thrive II)
    Duration: 18:26

    Description: How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we hunt down a hidden Stronghold--a gloomy ruin buried deep beneath the ground--complete with monsters, treasure, special blocks, and even a portal to the End Realm! Download this tutorial world: or create it from scratch: Time lapse song is "Power Juice" by PacDV @ BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: Get Minecraft here: In this episode you will learn - how to craft eye of ender - how to find a stronghold - how to activate an end portal Tags: yt:quality=high minecraft "minecraft beta" "minecraft 1.2" "minecraft survival" "minecraft tutorial" "minecraft help" "pc gaming" paulsoaresjr tutorial "how to" gameplay commentary tips secrets gaming computer help beginners survival guide how to survive "survive and thrive" "minecraft stronghold" end portal frame "minecraft end realm" eye of ender

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft beta, minecraft 1.2, minecraft survival, minecraft tutorial, minecraft help, pc gaming, paulsoaresjr, tutorial, how to, gameplay, commentary, tips, secrets, gaming, computer, help, beginners, survival, guide, how, to, survive, survive and thrive, minecraft stronghold, end, portal, frame, minecraft end realm, eye, of, ender
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 3:47

    Description: OLA ESY

    Keywords: GREECE
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Sony Vegas Pro 11 Intro Tutorial: Epic Glitch
    Duration: 18:07

    Description: - - - Sony Vegas Pro 11 Intro Tutorial. Another easy-to-follow Sony Vegas Intro tutorial from AquuL. Works in all versions of Sony Vegas Pro! Download the tutorial files: Download FREE INTRO TEMPLATES @ Download FREE TEXTURE PACKS @ You can purchase the full original (unedited) audio track here: If you have any questions related to this tutorial, be sure to leave them in a comment below and I'll try my best to answer it. Otherwise, ask at my forums. (link below) -- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEO NOTIFICATIONS! -- -- Video Editing and Design Forums -- -- Visit my website for more tutorials! -- -- Like me on Facebook! -- -- Follow me on Twitter! --

    Keywords: sony vegas, intro, tutorial, introduction, sony vegas pro 11, movie studio, 10, intros, platinum, aquul, Edit, Effect, Editing, Text, Effects, zoom, keyframe, keyframing, cinematic, music, download, files, Free, beginners, advanced, cool intro, sony vegas pro 9, ssony, vegas, pro, Educational, Software Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Beautiful Duas--With Translation
    Duration: 7:19

    Description: Asalamaul Alaaikum ukhtis and akhis! VIDEO DOWNLOAD LINK: This is a video response to brother rnjigga's favorite thikr video. Mine is a bit different. In this video a qari recites a few duas an another person translates the dua into english. I have a few duas, but insha'Allah I hope you all benefit greatly from it. :) The reciter is Qari Altaf Hathodwiis and the English translation is by Jazaar Raad. Masha'Allah. Wa'alaykum Asalaam!

    Keywords: dua, quran, Islam, Muslim, Allah, duah, doa, qunut, qunoot, Qari, Qur'an, Muslimeen, ilm, imaan, Muhammad, Prophet, Pakistan, England
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Iframe Tutorial - Dreamweaver
    Duration: 8:58

    Description: Check out these great GoDaddy Hosting Plans! In this Dreamweaver tutorial by James at , you can learn how to create html iframes and embed not only external website content into you web pages but also learn how to load page content from your own site.

    Keywords: iframe dreamweaver, html iframe, iframe content, iframe css, iframe example, iframe height, iframe scroll, iframe scrolling, iframe style, iframe width, iframe window
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Minecraft Tutorials - E11 Cozy Cottage - Part 1 (Survive and Thrive II)
    Duration: 20:33

    Description: How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft 1.0! In this episode, we begin construction on our first home, a cozy cottage! We clear some waterfront property, lay the foundation, and build the frame. Cozy cottage design by Leostereo: Download this tutorial world: or create it from scratch: BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: FAQ: Get Minecraft here: In this episode you will learn - how to build a house - how to make glass - how to use shears on tall grass and leaves - how to sleep in a bed to stop rain Want more Minecraft Secrets? Get the "Survival Guide"! Tags yt:quality=high minecraft "minecraft beta" "minecraft 1.0" "minecraft survival" "minecraft tutorial" "minecraft help" "pc gaming" paulsoaresjr tutorial gameplay commentary tips secrets gaming computer retro help beginners survival guide how to survive "survive and thrive" "cozy cottage" "minecraft shelter" "minecraft house"

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft beta, minecraft 1.0, minecraft survival, minecraft tutorial, minecraft help, pc gaming, paulsoaresjr, tutorial, gameplay, commentary, tips, secrets, gaming, computer, retro, help, beginners, survival, guide, how, to, survive, survive and thrive, cozy cottage, minecraft shelter, minecraft house
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Microphones & Audio Syncing Tutorial : Indy News
    Duration: 7:27

    Description: Griffin reports on the 48 frame-per-second hubbub with Peter Jackson's latest film, "The Hobbit," the DIY helmet cam in FreddieW's "Skyrim Badass" short, a sweet time-lapse video from Yosemite, and an in-depth microphone comparison and audio recording tutorial. Equipment featured in this episode: Azden SGM-1X shotgun mic, Sennheiser e816S vocal mic, Azden WLX-Pro wireless lavalier system, and the Zoom H4n portable audio recorder. VIDEO LINKS Russell's wireless microphone review: FreddieW's Skyrim Badass behind-the-scenes: Shawn Reeder's Yosemite time-lapse: Lens tutorial:

    Keywords: microphone, mics, mic, microphones, comparison, lesson, audio, sound, recording, sync, syncing, shotgun, dynamic, vocal, Azden, SGM-1X, Sennheiser, e816s, lavalier, lapel, omnidirectional, wireless, WLX-Pro, supercardioid, cardioid, Zoom, H4n, recorder, portable, behind the scenes, news, film, filmmaker, indie, independent, filmmaking, DIY, how to, tutorial, griffin hammond, Indy Mogul
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. Halloween Series: Living Doll Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 8:22

    Description: I refilmed the part that was out of frame :) So this is the best i could come up with for a creepy doll type halloween tutorial, I apologize for the quality of this video, I wasn't paying attention to the camera so i go off screen a couple of times. I got the idea for the stitches from lisajoyyoung's video so check out her amazing face painting channel. Hope you guys enjoy this vid xoxo

    Keywords: Halloween, series, creepy, doll, living, makeup, tutorial, empress, stitches, Beauty, Look, gothic, dead, scary, eyeshadow, fake, lashes, Cosmetics, Eye, Eyes, Death, dolly, dollie, babydoll, face, painting, paint
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Ellen and the Saints
    Duration: 6:51

    Description: Drew Brees just broke the NFL passing record. Did Ellen have something to do with it? We're thinking yes.

    Keywords: The, Ellen, Show, theellenshow, fun, funny, hilarious, hysterical, season, nine, daytime, talkshow, Degeneres, comedy, laugh, humor, football, new, training, full, Orleans, Saints, Go
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Brow 101
    Duration: 3:45

    Description: Sorry for being away for so long! i was in New Zealand filming for Wanderlust. I was gone for 2 weeks! :( They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, and windows need frames, so that should make your brows the frames to your eyes! right? A good frame can make the biggest difference, and this tutorial is going to show you very subtle ways to change up your brows for that new look Please check out my website, it's updated daily! ? instagram is MichelleFawn ? Like me on Facebook! ? ? Follow me on twitter! ?

    Keywords: Michelle, Phan, ricebunny, Makeup, Tutorial, Brows, Eyebrows
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Sasa Matic - Lanac srece
    Duration: 5:05


    Keywords: Sasa, Matic, Lanac, srece
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Common Infected: Zombie
    Duration: 16:31

    Description: There isn't one look for a zombie so you can do whatever you want, call it a zombie, and call it a night. This is my zombie (#1), I'm calling it a night. Since most of my ideas for a zombie include latex pieces, and skin falling off, blah blah etc. etc., I thought I would give it a shot and do one that didn't involve any of that. photo & list of products used on my blog: Contacts are from here (If you're going to order/wear contacts from anywhere MAKE SURE you make an appointment and visit an eye doctor before ordering anything!! This will ensure you'll get the right size lenses for your eye, and learn how to apply them properly. Be safe and get the right products that will work for you, since you don't want to mess up your eyes. Being able to see is far more important than looking cute for a night.) Twitter: Facebook: Personal Channel: General Emails & requests: Professional, business, or media inquires: ps I'm not taking anymore Halloween requests since I've already pre-recorded the rest of this weeks looks, & after that I'm done until next year. This video contains sample products from temptu, & mehron sent for consideration by PR.

    Keywords: petrilude, halloween, costume, makeup, 28 days later, quarantine, application, tutorial, theatrical, cosplay, special effects, sfx, zombie, living dead, undead, corpse, ill, sick, diseased, rotting
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. ? Dara Mactire - WoW Keybinding Tutorial - Fiveshot + TGN
    Duration: 15:17

    Description: See the complete show! ? ? TGN Most people do know how to keybind. This guide helps those who haven't learned to or are just starting out. Fiveshot is the author of the popular rogue pvp series Crit Happens and makes regular videos for this show and his channels. Focus frame importance, macro video, and PvE videos coming soon! Fiveshot's main channel- http Fiveshot's second channel - Dara Mactire's channel - Music courtesy of Maklibek. - Video by [Fiveshot] and TGN Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click "Like" and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= ? TGN -- Get more views! See ? TGN Times -- Get more news! See http ? TGN Stratics -- Discover Stratics! See ? Follow us on Twitter! See http ? Join us on Facebook! See

    Keywords: World of Warcraft, wow, World, of, Warcraft, Cataclysm, wow Cataclysm, gameplay, guide, how to, World of Warcraft gameplay, World of Warcraft guide, World of Warcraft how to, wow gameplay, wow guide, wow how to, Dara, Mactire, Keybinding, Tutorial, Fiveshot, keybind, tutorialtgn, duel, duels, how, to, TGN, TV on youtube, Gamer TV, ? TGN, Get more views!,, Join TGN, HD, Commentary, Games, Academy, People
    Average rating: 4.7

  20. 360x180� Panorama Tutorial - Pt.1: Shooting the images
    Duration: 7:02

    Description: Part 1. In this tutorial, I'm showing you my three favourite panorama shooting techniques, all using an 8mm fisheye lens, both on full frame and crop cameras. Virtually all of my panoramas on are shot using either of these methods. The first two use a so-called "philopod" -- a string rather than a tripod -- whereas the third technique involves a tripod and panorama head (the Nodal Ninja 3 in this case). The advantages of using a piece of string rather than a tripod are clear It's fast (takes virtually no time to set-up), it fits in any photobag (just wrap it around the lens), it saves you from lugging around a heavy tripod+panohead, and it's much more inconspicuous. To read more about the brilliant "philopod pitch variation technique", see here: I will also record a number of screen casts about how to post-process and stitch the images from this tutorial together to create the full 360x180� spherical panorama with no tripod in it, and do some retouching. ? Part 2: ? Part 3: ? Part 4: ? Part 5: ? Part 6: ? Part 7: Thanks for your interest and stay tuned! Florian PS: For those who need it, I also went through the trouble of adding subtitles to the videos... Click on the [CC] icon to enable them.

    Keywords: panorama, tutorial, shooting, technique, pano, philopod, pitch, variation, pitch variation, philopod pitch variation, howto, 3d, 360, virtual tour, how, guide
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. ? Dara Mactire - Nerk's Tips/Tricks: Using Focus Frame - NerKMinD + TGN
    Duration: 1:43

    Description: Check out our full show : Sup Nerk here to show you how i use my focus frame to victory hurr hope you enjoy derp. Dara Mactire Channel: Cliper's Channel: =-=-=-= ? TGN -- Get more views! See ? TGN Times -- Get more news! See http ? TGN Stratics -- Discover Stratics! See ? Follow us on Twitter! See http ? Join us on Facebook! See

    Keywords: World of Warcraft, wow, World, of, Warcraft, Cataclysm, wow Cataclysm, gameplay, guide, how to, World of Warcraft gameplay, World of Warcraft guide, World of Warcraft how to, wow gameplay, wow guide, wow how to, Dara, Mactire, Nerk, Tips, Tricks, Using, Focus, Frame, nerkmind, n3rk, swifty, mercader, zybak, warrior, rogue, druid, shaman, how, to, howto, tutorial, editing, arena, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, TGN, TV on youtube, Gamer TV, ? TGN, Get more views!,, Join TGN, HD, Commentary, Games, Academy, People
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Barbie Transformation Tutorial
    Duration: 8:40

    Description: This tutorial is going to show you how to look like the glamourous Barbie doll. Perfect for Halloween. I just moved into a new place, thus no furniture. I also did this tutorial with no mirror, just the reflection of my please bear with me =/ All music is by Annie. From her hit album, Anniemal. Purchase songs from iTunes for just 99 cents! "Anniemal" "Me Plus One" "Heartbeat" Or her entire Anniemal album for just $9.99! ALL PRODUCTS ARE USED IN ORDER. Remember you do not have to use what I use. Make the best of your products. Strivectin-SD Eye Cream Sally Hansen Airbrush to buy Amazing Concealer - Medium Beige Academy Of Freelance Makeup Brushes La Mer Powder Academy of Freelance Makeup Brushes Blonde Wig EBAY, I forgot who I bought it from. I bought 3 wigs for Lady Gaga, but this was the wig I didn't use for it. Just search Blonde wig with bangs =) Coastal Scents 88 Palette NYC White Eyeliner Ardell Elegantly Wild Lashes - Purchased from CVS NYX Eyeshadow Trio (Used for Blush) Lancome Rock Icon Fuchsia lipstick My top is from Diesal To get WHITE eyes like this, I used Rhoto V green.

    Keywords: Michelle, Phan, ricebunny, Beauty, tutorial, makeup, barbie, plastic, sugery, perfect, blonde, halloween, costume
    Average rating: 4.7

  23. Tree-of-Life Pendant Tutorial
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: Tutorial on how to create a tree-of-life pendant (a little beaded tree). Inspired by a comment posted on another of my videos, I've spent months making many little trees. Some worked, some didn't. Here's the one that I like the best. You can see some of the rejected trees on my Twitter site @CamilleSharon.

    Keywords: Tree-of-Life, Pendant, jewelry, how-to, do it yourself, beading, wire, wire working, wire wrapping, beads, tree
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. How TO: Apply FALSE EYELASHES tutorial
    Duration: 6:19

    Description: Video explains it all :) 1. Apply thin layer of liquid liner 3. Curl Lashes if you like 2. Apply mascara 3. Place drop of glue on lash container (Duo Surgical Glue is best, you can get it at MAC or any drugstore) 4. Use back of tweezers to apply thin layer of glue to lash band, concentrating on the ends 5. Wait 20 seconds or so for glue to become tacky 6. Apply just above lashline, make sure ends stick 7. Use tweezer back to push lashes on and down so they are close to lashline 8. Add line of liquid liner over lashband to cover any glue and make it look seemless :) **Sorry theres like a little bit of glue on the lashes midway, but the glue dries clear so you can't even see :)** **EYESHADOW LOOK IS IRON MAN :)**

    Keywords: xsparkage, how, to, apply, false, faux, eyelashes, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 15:16

    Description: Estimated time : 25-30 minutes How do I research signature looks? PRODUCTS USED Benefit Playstick foundation in Jax Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage Concealer Benefit High brow Benefit luster dust in Nugget Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in Bone, Taupe and Mahogany Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara Revlon Fantasy false eyelashes Bourjois Pressed powder in medium beige MAC lip pencil in Red Beaute weightless lip creme in Masochist. Silly FTC thing. Yes, I got all these products for free. No, I am not paid by or affiliated to any of these brands.

    Keywords: marlene, dietrich, black, and, white, make-up, tutorial, pixiwoo, 1930's, thirties, hollywood, glamour, red, lips, benefit, bobbi, brown, laura, mercier, beaute, Samantha, chapman, norfolk, norwich, bridal
    Average rating: 4.9

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