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  1. Sewing Tutorial - How to Make a Square Bottom Bag -
    Duration: 14:31

    Description: Hey, I'm Lex! This is my first YouTube video, weeee! A step by step tutorial for how to make a square bottom bag or purse. This basic tutorial can be used to make any size bag - a larger size makes a perfect reusable grocery shopping bag. Subscribe to my channel for more tutorial videos, or visit for tutorials, supply sources, and a complete guide to all things DiY and Handmade! Check out my designs at http

    Keywords: crafts, craft, sewing, tutorial, sewing tutorial, fashion, clothing, smarmyclothes, smarmy clothes, what the craft, whatthecraft, purse, bag, reusable grocery bag, applique, fabric, singer quantum futura ce200, how to, tut, singer 301, seamstress, step by step, square bottom bag, handmade, diy, do it yourself, gift, giveaway
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Pin Up Girl Hair Roll Tutorial Katy Perry / Bettie Page Bangs Fringe 50s Wide Awake
    Duration: 8:40

    Description: Join me for a retro hair roll tutorial & Lime Crime makeup review! Hair Products Featured: I&K Clip in Hair Extensions in Darkest Brown #2, 18 inches long Lime Crime Products Featured: Opaque Lipsticks in Countessa Fluorescent, Centrifuchsia, My Beautiful Rocket, Retrofuturist, Airborne Unicorn & Cosmopop. Carousel Gloss in Kaleidoscope, Golden Ticket, Candy Apple, Loop-De-Loop & Cherry On Top. Jewellery Featured: Butler and Wilson Round Pave Crystal Earrings in Gunmetal Butler and Wilson Crystal Three Loop Bangle

    Keywords: Wide, Awake, Official, Music, Video, VEVO, HD, katyperryvevo, Teenage, Dream, The, Complete, Confection, Part, Of, Me, 3D, Hair, Pin-up Girl, Roll, Bettie Page, Katy Perry, Katy, Perry, pin, up, girl, Tutorial, rolls, vintage, 1940's, 1950's, retro, extensions, I&K, Lime, Crime, Makeup, cosmetics, Beauty, Bettie, Page, bangs, Pop, Fringe, Natural, Old, Hollywood, Glamour, Teaser, Trailer, Capitol, Records
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. How-To DIY Snorricam Tutorial : BFX : Build
    Duration: 5:17

    Description: This week, BFX shows you how to build a cheap DIY Snorricam for all your filmmaking needs. Darren Aronofsky and Martin Scorsese have famously used the Snorricam in their films and now you can, too. If you have your own Snorricam footage, set it as a video response to this video! Check back tomorrow for Indy Mogul's Original Short featuring the Snorricam from this episode. Previously featured viewer-submitted tutorial: Check out for more episodes, our blog, forums, and more!

    Keywords: howto, diy, Snorricam, tutorial, filmmaking, camerarig, darrenaronofsky, martinscorsese, bfx, backyardfx, indymogul
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Doll Face and Marie Antoinette Tutorial - ( 2 looks 1 video)
    Duration: 17:43

    Description: Hi My Beautiful Doll faces.... I made this awesome costume with two looks in one! First is the Doll Face look, then the Marie Antoinette look...with just a few simple costume and wig changes you can get both or either look! All the things I used in the video (it's alot) will be on my blog: CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE IT: The blue wig is a Katy Perry looking wig and the other 2 Marie Antoinette wigs are from California Costume. The doll lashes and all the costumes and make-up will be listed on my blog! Hope you guys love these looks! They are some of my favorites!!! Come join me on FACEBOOK TWITTER: My personal BLOGGY: My other youtube channel link to video of song that NewYorkOutlawz wrote for me: (i love it!!!) * So excited because my friends at Urban Decay invited me to be featured on their website (AND GUYS..invited does not mean sponsored!)...I already own most of these products......but they did send me some new things that I am loving! Thanks URBAN DECAY FOR inviting me to be featured on your site since I've been such a HUGE URBAN DECAY FAN since my first eyeshadow 15 years ago!!!! AND NO this is NOT a paid review guys! I've just been a fan of Urban Decay and was honored they'd ask me to be featured! I am a die-hard Urban Decay FAN!! And I don't want or need a penny or dollar to tell anyone that!

    Keywords: kandee, kandee johnson, costume look, doll, doll face, marie antoinette, period, doll wigs, katy peryy blue wig, tutu, girl costume look, fun makeup look, dolly, pale face, period make-up
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Microphones & Audio Syncing Tutorial : Indy News
    Duration: 7:27

    Description: Griffin reports on the 48 frame-per-second hubbub with Peter Jackson's latest film, "The Hobbit," the DIY helmet cam in FreddieW's "Skyrim Badass" short, a sweet time-lapse video from Yosemite, and an in-depth microphone comparison and audio recording tutorial. Equipment featured in this episode: Azden SGM-1X shotgun mic, Sennheiser e816S vocal mic, Azden WLX-Pro wireless lavalier system, and the Zoom H4n portable audio recorder. VIDEO LINKS Russell's wireless microphone review: FreddieW's Skyrim Badass behind-the-scenes: Shawn Reeder's Yosemite time-lapse: Lens tutorial:

    Keywords: microphone, mics, mic, microphones, comparison, lesson, audio, sound, recording, sync, syncing, shotgun, dynamic, vocal, Azden, SGM-1X, Sennheiser, e816s, lavalier, lapel, omnidirectional, wireless, WLX-Pro, supercardioid, cardioid, Zoom, H4n, recorder, portable, behind the scenes, news, film, filmmaker, indie, independent, filmmaking, DIY, how to, tutorial, griffin hammond, Indy Mogul
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. How to Tie a Tie: Four-in-Hand Knot
    Duration: 3:14

    Description: How to tie a tie instructions, step-by-step on Four-in-Hand necktie knot, from the founder of

    Keywords: how to tie a tie, tie a tie, four in hand, tie knot, necktie
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Bookbinding tutorial part 1
    Duration: 9:38

    Description: This is part one of a tutorial on how to create a three hole long stitch hand bound book I featured on my blog

    Keywords: art, journal, handmade, craft, tutorial, bookbinding
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Fat Reese Bass in Massive Tutorial (free Presets & VJ Clips included)
    Duration: 9:28

    Description: Download presets and vj clips here: Since our fret_1 video seems to be doing quite well on YouTube as well as Vimeo, we decided to complete the cycle by unraveling a bit of the production magic in three in-depth fret tutorials. In this first tutorial, Durk shows how to create the heavy ripping bass-line modulations as the are applied in the second half of fret_1. Fret_1 might be a very abstract production all together, but still, the synthesis of both video and audio are kept very basic. This kind of makes it a showcase of what avarage production software has to offer, without getting lost in detail, both on an audio as on a visual level. In this tutorial, Durk unravels the Massvie patch responsible for the heavy ripping bass-line featured in the video (also downlodable in the link mentioned earlier). Eventhough the music in fret_1 is very sound-design like, the electronic instruments which are used are perfectly capable of being applied to productions in the range of drum and bass to dubstep and hip-, as well as glitch-hop. Stay tuned for two other fret_1 tutorials, one of which I going to be hosted by Equiloud, in which he explains how he did some of the animations featured in fret_1, and another by Leisure-B, in which he explains how to use battery and looped drum material in order to create fat but dynamic drums. Software used for this project: Cinema 4d, Adobe After FX, Adobe Premiere, Ableton Live, NI Massive, NI FM8, NI Battery (Origami Kit ...

    Keywords: drum and bass, reese bass, massive, native instruments, editing, programs, musical instruments, installation, dubstep, dnb, dub, technology, cinema 4d, ableton live, tutorial, presets
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. EPISODE 55 - Surrounded by Design
    Duration: 28:12

    Description: Interesting designs are all around us. See how to extract interesting shapes and forms from obscure objects. To download high-res images featured in this episode, please visit:

    Keywords: Concept Art Tutorial, Digital Painting Tutorial, Painting Tutorial, Digital Painting, Drawing Tutorial, FZD School of Design, FZD, Feng Zhu, Concept Art, Digital Sketching, Photoshop Tutorial, Photoshop Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Concept Design Tutorial, Concept Illustration, Entertainment Design, Game Art, Movie Concept Art, Video Game Concepts, Concept Artist, Game Design, Digital Drawing, Photoshop Drawing, Wacom Tutorial, Wacom, Wacom Sketch
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. How to get more views on Youtube....really!
    Duration: 4:59

    Description: 10 tips on how to get views on your Youtube videos and how to keep them wanting more! This is a sure fire way to get your videos some views and maybe even featured! @OfficialRJukes

    Keywords: youtube, views, audience, how to, popularity, youtube famous, featured, Tutorial, Get, Most, Subscribed, Top, Viewed, Discussed, Rated, Favorited
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Minecraft Church Tutorial
    Duration: 26:32

    Description: With a crypt, tower, alter, flying butresses and other shite like that =] the texture pack is my own edit of ovo's rustic pack and can be found in the description of my channels featured video =D

    Keywords: minecraft, church, tutorial, idea, design, cathederal, walkthrough, guide, medieval, old, english, traditional, jamziboy
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Fast and Easy Pinwheels!!!
    Duration: 5:32

    Description: - How to make pinwheels for a quilt the easy way! Follow this link to our shop for a HUGE selection of charm packs, perfect for pinwheels Bella Solids - White charm pack featured in the video: Click here to see our entire charm pack selection: If you'd like to get started on quilting and need supplies, come on over and check us out at or take a look at

    Keywords: pinwheel, pinwheels, quilting tutorial, quilting, quilt, learn how to quilt, make
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Outer V Eyeshadow Tutorial
    Duration: 8:11

    Description: Want a more lifted eye look? Or a slightly more dramatic way to wear your eyeshadow? Try the outer V technique. I use it often in my tutorials, but in this one, I describe exactly how I do it. FEATURED PRODUCTS: -MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque ( -Wet & Wild shadow single in Fine Wink (drugstore) -Wet & Wild shadow single in Wicked (drugstore) -Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black Shimmer (drugstore) -Black mascara BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: search "beauty broadcast" in the facebook search box- become a fan!

    Keywords: beauty, makeup, cosmetics, how, to, tutorial, smokey, outer, eyeshadow, drugstore, lifted, eye, look, transformation, dramatic, easy
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. "Suddenly, a Hole" Trap Tutorial
    Duration: 4:12

    Description: A tutorial on how to make CraftedMovie's humorous trap featured in their most recent video: Check it out and be sure to subscribe! Enjoy!

    Keywords: craftedmovie, storm, smurf, minecraft, trap, tutorial, lava, fire, hilarious, stairs, pistons, sticky, falling, pickaxe, not that easy, suddenly a hole, crafted movie, crafted, movie, stormsmurf1, video game, stanton, club
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Turntable Tutorial 7 - TRANSFORMER (Mixer Scratch Technique)
    Duration: 10:09

    Description: Official DJ Angelo website and merchandise store: This tutorial explains how to perform the Transformer scratch technique using the crossfader. I hope you find this video informative and entertaining, and I welcome any feedback. APOLOGIES - The video should have featured DJ Spinbad from Philadelphia, NOT DJ Spinbad from New York. Sorry for any confusion. Become a Facebook fan at FREE mixtape download: DJ Angelo's music page: Follow DJ Angelo on Twitter: Follow DJ Angelo on Myspace: DJ Angelo (This tutorial is in association with http

    Keywords: DJ, Angelo, Turntable, Turntablism, Tutor, Tutorial, scratch, scratches, scratching, crossfader, cutting, fade, fading, vinyl, deck, record, ellaskins, learn, cut, mix, mixing, how, to, for, beginners, fader, decks, technics, records, mixer, hip, hop, hiphop, transform, transformer, transforming, jazzy, jeff, cash, money, spinbad, spin, bad, dead, prez, bigger, than, beat, beats
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Moon easter egg full tutorial The Big Bang Theory and Cryogenic Slumber party Achievements unlocked!
    Duration: 13:44

    Description: Get AWESOME Custom Zombie Merch here! This video was featured on MTV and IGN!! Thank you guys! A like and maybe a favorite would be awesome, from zombie fan to another! Here is the full tutorial, on how to do the moon easter egg! be sure to subscribe for all the rest of the videos!

    Keywords: call, of, duty, black, ops, moon, zombies, map, easter, egg, the, big, band, theory, cryogenix, sleep, party, finished, achievements, achievement, rage, lol, pack, sam, samantha, richtofen
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. PhotoShop Beginners Tutorial #2
    Duration: 19:54

    Description: - Short URLs This is my PhotoShop Beginners tutorial #2. A carry on to the request by SuspendedFTW. This video goes over the basics of URL of renders: Blurs Renders Image Renders Quick Selection Transformations Layer Adjustments Opacity If you would like more advanced videos watch my PhotoShop Tips & Howto's instead as this video is for beginners. If you need any further help feel free to comment. Want to request a video? message my channel, private message or or comment on my featured video 'Message to all my subscribers' I would like 1000 subscribers by December 25th, so please help by subscribing, commenting, rating 5*, favouriting to my videos and it'll be greatly appreciated. Do you want a #3? Send me a message :D More PhotoShop coming soon. This tutorial was made using Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended. Recorded using CamStudio.

    Keywords: joecox406, photoshop, beginners, tutorial, tips, howtos, cs3, extended, blur, renders, image, selection, transform, layer, adjustment
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Party Makeup Tutorial [Giveaway Closed!]
    Duration: 7:21

    Description: **READ THIS OR YOU WON'T GET KISSED FOR LIKE A MILLION NEW YEARS!** (hahaha kidding of course!) list of products used + pictures from the look: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Auld Lang Syne Acoustic by Robert Burns: **None of the brands or companies featured are paying me for this video. The gift card is 100% from my own pocket so I guess I could say this video is sponsored by me, myself, and I. lol ;)

    Keywords: new, years, eve, makeup, tutorial, silver, jessica, harlow, sephora, lancome, l'oreal, beauty, idea, party
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Full Face Fall Makeup Tutorial!
    Duration: 15:34

    Description: A full face tutorial- showing step-by-step foundation, concealer, contouring, eyeshadow, and more! Follow me on Twitter for updates on future videos! Give & Take Beauty Advice on Facebook! (makeup page) (personal page) Check out my blog! FEATURED PRODUCTS FACE -Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer (Sally Beauty Supply) -Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (drugstore) -Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer (drugstore) -Mary Kay Signature Loose Powder ( -Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Dance (drugstore) -ELF Studio Contouring Blush/Bronzer ( -ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose ( -ELF High Definition Loose Powder ( EYES -Palladio Herbal Eyeshadodw Primer (Sally Beauty Supply) -Hard Candy Eyeshadow Duo in Rush Hour (Wal-Mart) -Cover Girl eyeshadow in Brown Smolder (drugstore) -Physician's Formula Cream Liner in Brown- Hazel kit (drugstore) -L'oreal Pencil Perfect Eyeliner- black (drugstore) -L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara (drugstore) -Maybelline Lash Discovery mascara (drugstore) LIPS -Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipstick in Nearly There (drugstore)

    Keywords: beauty, makeup, cosmetics, how, to, tutorial, foundation, powder, concealer, contouring, blush, full, face, fall, autumn, brown, warm, drugstore, eyeshadow, hard, candy, cover, girl, rimmel, bronzer, elf, slimming, the, maybelline, eyes, lips, emily, emilynoel83
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. O Holy Night
    Duration: 5:50

    Description: This song on SPOTIFY - This song on iTUNES - This song on AMAZON - "O Holy Night" FREE DOWNLOAD of my songs - OFFICIAL - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - GOOGLE+ - ______________________ oh o holy night cover lyrics acoustic piano tutorial karaoke "oh holy night" "o holy night" "o holy night lyrics" "o holy night karaoke" "oh holy night karaoke" "oh holy night lyrics" "o holy night cover" "o holy night piano" "o holy night remix" gavin mikhail

    Keywords: oh, holy, night, cover, lyrics, acoustic, piano, tutorial, karaoke, oh holy night, o holy night, o holy night lyrics, o holy night karaoke, oh holy night karaoke, oh holy night lyrics, o holy night cover, o holy night piano, o holy night remix, gavin, mikhail
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Lightroom 3 RAW Edit + Recovery Tip + Featured Profile Pic.
    Duration: 8:48

    Description: Lightroom 3 lesson Tutorial on RAW edit file.

    Keywords: Lightroom3, lightroom, RAW, JPEG, edit, workflow, importing, exporting, spot, removal, white, balance, air, brush, soften, skin, basics, hdr, sharpening, vintage, black, and, portrait, wedding, children, event, night, photography, sunset, adobe, photoshop, elements, aperture, editing, picture, color, printing, preset, watermark, jared, polin, fro, knows, photo, dom, bower, gavin, hoey, borders, background, blur, eyes, landscape, split, toning
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Tsubasa Masuwaka ????? inspired makeup tutorial
    Duration: 8:52

    Description: Hello its been a while since my last tutorial, hope this one is ok still new at making tutorials so I hope you like it! Also first time doing voiceovers I felt really weird doing it hope,, it doesnt sound too cheesy.... ^^; As I was editing this video Major Earthquake happened in northeastern coast of Japan, magnitude of 8.9 that has generated a tsunami along the coast of Sendai. estimated damages of $10 billions in damage and thousands needs help, if you can please donate to RedCross Japan/pacific fund by texting "RedCross" 90999 or If you cannot donate please keep a prayers in your heart for people of Japan and everyone that were affected by this quake/tsunami. THANK YOU! Featured: shot on Panasonic Lumix GH2 Contact lens sponsored by All the makeup are listed in the video moreinfo please visit Music made on logic with a piano loops.

    Keywords: ekimura, eki, Tsubasa masuwaka, ?????, candy doll, dolly wink, princess mimi, bambi series, circle lens, tutorial, skin 79, lumix, gh2
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Poke Your Eye Out!
    Duration: 7:47

    Description: An Update video filling you in on what's been happening with me over the last month and a half. I am now home (on Long Island) and have been enjoying my break away from school. I will be here until around January 2nd or 3rd and then start school the Monday afterwards. Christmas and the holidays are approaching so I'd like to get a tutorial out soon if possible. Please comment below and let me know what you would like to see. Also, do you like the new format I have been trying out where I do a tutorial, update (with featured comments), tutorial.. etc.? Hope to hear from you! My Brother's YouTube: My Facebook: My Twitter: -Rob

    Keywords: robh0629, Rob's, World, Update, Christmas, New, Years, Holiday, Funny, How, to, Origami, Oragami, Tutorial, Dan, Brown, Pogobat, 3.0
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Flirty Romantic Updo Tutorial
    Duration: 9:43

    Description: Sport this kind of hair to formal events, proms, dances, weddings, parties, or even dates =) Hope you like it! Songs featured: Hot Chocolate and Drops of Rain in the Spring by Ken Liu Check out his channel: Facebook Page: Products Used: -Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray -BedHead 1 1/2" curling iron -teasing brush from Sally's Beauty Supply -Tresemme Hair Spray -bobby pins (small and large) -flower clip from Forever 21 Nail Polish: China Glaze in "Cords"

    Keywords: xteeener, hair, tutorial, curls, curly, waves, loose, soft, updo, sexy
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Xisuma's Show 05 Spider XP Farm
    Duration: 8:13

    Description: Xisuma's Show, channel news, videos, featured channels and other cool stuff all in one place. In this video we take a look at the spider xp farm i created a while ago. Download for Spider XP Farm Livestream Channel ? Featured Videos Tutorial: Fix Glitchy Mobs In Your SMP Experience Farm Anarchy Server Secret Base Tour World Of Keralis Server Tour Minecraft Over-Engineering Biffa Gets Pranked! ? Featured Channels Joe Hills H2211Games Zueljin's Lets Play Channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to support my channel? ? Donate ? Twitter ? Reddit ? Planet MC ? Facebook ? Livestream ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for more tutorials? ? XP Farms ? Animal Breeding Machines ? Mob Spawners ? Farming ? Other Tutorials ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have a technical / construction LPs where i walk you through epic builds and creations ? Xisuma's World ? Hermitcraft ...

    Keywords: xisuma, xisumavoid, xisuma's, show, xisuma's show, spider, xp, farm, spider xp farm, xp farm, spider farm, normal, normal spider, normal spider xp farm, trap, spider xp trap, spider trap, normal spider trap, normal spider xp trap
    Average rating: 4.9

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