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Video search results for FOURTV




Video search results for FOURTV

  1. Channel 4 Idents
    Duration: 3:05

    Description: Those crazy but cool channel 4 idents

    Keywords: channel, four, idents, tv
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. Instrumental Core - Strenght of a Thousand Man (Two Steps From Hell Remix)(SpeedArt)
    Duration: 4:21

    Description: A really cool instrumental remix tracks from Instrumental Core it's good to listen if you like both instrumental and dubstep both combined into this amazing track (= Support Instrumental Core: A NEW COOL BG MADE by TheMDesignsGFX support him aswell at :

    Keywords: Instrumental, Remix, Man (band), Two, Karaoke, Beat, Three, Singing, Musical Ensemble, Male, Four, Five, Cover, Part Two, Mix, Episode, Lyrics, Part Three, Number, Along, Six, Season, Minutes, Eight, Twenty, Seven, Song, Part Four, Nine, Episode Two, Four (TV Series), Hundred, Television Program, Episode Part, software tutorial, music
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. The Four Eights Magic Trick Revealed
    Duration: 2:28

    Description: tutorial

    Keywords: Magic (illusion), The Four (TV Series), Power Forward (basketball), Magic, Trick, Card, Tricks, Waikato Bay Of Plenty Magic, Illusion, Revealed, Criss, Orlando Magic, Basketball, Magic (paranormal), Two, David, Three, Coin, Cards, Blaine, New, Magician, Tutorial, Ice, Five, Amazing

  4. Blind Creates a Magical 3D World for Bright House Networks
    Duration: 31

    Description: Santa Monica-based Blind - - used CINEMA 4D to make four TV spots promoting Bright House Networks' HD digital cable, high-speed Internet and digital phone service bundles for its Orlando, Florida, customers. Using pop-up books and origami for inspiration, Blind created a cast of paper figurines intended to look as if they were made by hand, though they were actually built in 3D. "We wanted to create the illusion of a hand-crafted world to encompass the Bright House products and brand to make the campaign stand out and engage the viewer," says director Tom Koh, who has been using CINEMA 4D for four years. Artist Blind Country: United States Home Page:

    Keywords: blind, bright, house, networks, MAXON, CINEMA, 4D, 3D, animation, modeling, rendering, TV, spots, Tom, Koh, motion, graphic, broadcast, paper, figurines, origami, pop-up
    Average rating: 4.7

  5. The Four Eights Magic Trick Revealed
    Duration: 2:28


    Keywords: dynamo, Magic (illusion), The Four (TV Series), Power Forward (basketball), Waikato Bay Of Plenty Magic, Illusion, Trick, Two, Card, Tricks, Three, Orlando Magic, Basketball, New, Magic (paranormal), Ice, Five, Revealed, Criss, David, Cream, Coin, Cards, Part Two, Zealand, Magic Trick, Blaine, Magician, Tutorial, Magic Johnson, Magic In Harry Potter, Florida, Amazing, Cool, St. Louis Cardinals, Miami, Episode
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. The Four Eights Magic Trick
    Duration: 1:22

    Description: A cool easy magic trick

    Keywords: Magic (illusion), The Four (TV Series), Power Forward (basketball), magic, mr, jack, wills, jam11lpfc, decks, card, bicycle, Orlando Magic, Playing Card, Trick, Tricks, Two, Three, Magic (paranormal), Revealed, Criss, David, Card Trick, Coin, Cards, Magic Trick, Blaine, Magic Johnson, Magician, Tutorial, Five, Mini, Part Two, Amazing, Cool, Episode, Magic Tricks
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. The Four Eights Magic Trick
    Duration: 1:22

    Description: A cool simple magic trick

    Keywords: Magic (illusion), The Four (TV Series), Power Forward (basketball), Illusion, Orlando Magic, Basketball, Trick, Card, Tricks, Magic (paranormal), Two, New, Revealed, Criss, David, Three, Ice, Coin, Cards, Five, Cream, Magic Trick, Part Two, Blaine, Zealand, Magician, Tutorial, Magic In Harry Potter, Amazing, Episode, Television Program, Ice Cream, Cool, Episode Part, New Zealand
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. 4 Banned Commercials!!
    Duration: 1:57

    Description: Outrageously funny!!!

    Keywords: banned, commercial, ad, tv, funny, humor, hilarious, comedy
    Average rating: 4.8

  9. 24 Time Effect
    Duration: 08

    Description: Time effect i made of the timer in the Fox Show "24"

    Keywords: 24, clock, timer
    Average rating: 4.6

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