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  1. FL Studio Trance Tutorial by Helion [FLP Download]
    Duration: 25:35

    Description: Tutorial on how to start when you make Trance music. Download link for the project file: If you guys need more in-depths Trance music tutorials with steps for making the synths and going further into making a full track, I would be able to make another longer one. If you liked this video, please take a couple of seconds and hit that subscribe button to stay updated with the music and tutorials I'll upload in the future. Also take some time to see what my final projects look and sound like in my latest videos. Thanks for wathing and enjoy. -Helion

    Keywords: helion, dj, psycho, p5ych0, psych0, p5ycho, tutorial, how, to, Trance Music, Trance, Techno, Free, Dance, Remix, Beat, Mix, Electronic, Instrumental, Beats, Fruity, Producer, Reason, Making, Sample, Fruity Loops, Electronica, Reason (software), Electronic (band), Instrumentals, Rave, software tutorial, music, Samples, DJ Mix, Electronic Music
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Hardstyle Song All 3xOsc and Stock FLstudio FLP and MP3 download. Example / Tutorial
    Duration: 3:50

    Description: Download FLP and MP3: So I tried to make a song with just 3xOsc and the plugins that come with flstudio. I love what I ended up with. Hope you will to. I included and FLP file with the MP3 download for anyone who wants to open it up in fl studio and learn how i made the sounds. Feel free to use the sounds in your own song. Just be aware that the song will be in my free web album I'm about to release. Enjoy. My Website My Facebook http My Twitter My Myspace

    Keywords: Fl, studio, flstudio, hardstyle, how, to, example, flp, download, full, song, 3xosc, only, stock, stockfl, no, plugins, vst, vsti, effect, distortion, hard, style, musix, producing, downloadable, mp3, help, tut, easy, lead, leads, snare, highhat, screech, professional, profesional, dance, trance, hardtrance, techno, tek
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. Strobe fl studio remake + Flp ( Tutorial )
    Duration: 3:24

    Description: Rating and Suscribing is only one click away :D Follow me on This is my remake of Strobe in fl studio. Midi ( Flp) : Due to the Closage of Megaupload, the file is gone :(

    Keywords: Strobe, fl, studio, progressive, house, trance, techno, dubstep, hihop, tutorial, deadmau5, electro
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Hip hop instrumental made in FL Studio (FLP tutorial aswell): Fire
    Duration: 4:48

    Description: ~This is a GOLD production~ Ok, so some people wanted to see the FLP of my beat "fire". This is it. Hope you guys enjoy and learn something useful from it. =)

    Keywords: Rap, hiphop, Hip, Hop, FL, Studio, flstudio, Gold, Beat, Music, Fire, Fruity, Loops, Remix, Instrumental, Hot, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.1

  5. Rob Mayth - Another Night 2k12 (Lead Tutorial) + FLP FILE :)
    Duration: 3:07

    Description: Facebook : Rob Mayth - Another Night 2k12 (Lead Tutorial) how to make the notes :) and a similar lead to Rob's Lead :) with tape down effect :) FLP: Facebook

    Keywords: Rob, Mayth, Another, Night, 2k12, (Lead, Tutorial), Sylenth1, Glitch, Tutorial, Remake, how, to, make, the, notes, :), and, similar, lead, Rob's, with, tape, down, effect
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. AfroJack No Beef Tutorial (ELECTRO, FL STUDIO) + FLP
    Duration: 1:39

    Description: This is an electro version of afrojack no beef. FLP= 20 LIKES AND ORIGNAL VERSION ;) Tags afrojack, fl studio, tutorial, help Dance Techno Original Author Minimal "Original Mix" Novel Electronic Trance Audio "FL Studio (Software)" "Tutorial (Literary Genre)" "Afrojack (Musical Artist)" Beat Beats Instrumental Help "Beef (Drug)" Fruity Book Rap Hiphop Tips Producer Reason Freestyle Making Need Sample Tricks Instrumentals Rapper "Beat Generation (Literary School Or Movement)" music "Rapping (Literature Subject)" Books Reading "Fruity Loops" Underground Electro Mix Remix Library Comic Writing

    Keywords: FL Studio (Software), Tutorial (Literary Genre), Afrojack (Musical Artist), Beat, Beats, Instrumental, Help, Beef (Drug), Fruity, Book, Rap, Hiphop, Tips, Producer, Reason, Freestyle, Making, Need, Sample, Tricks, Instrumentals, Rapper, music, Rapping (Literature Subject), Books, Reading, Fruity Loops, Underground, Electro, Mix, Remix, Library, Comic, Writing, Dance, Techno, Original, Author, Minimal, Original Mix, Novel, Electronic, Trance, Audio
    Average rating: 4.0

  7. Faithless Insomnia FL STUDIO TUTORIAL + FLP!
    Duration: 3:18

    Description: Took me literally 5 mins to make so no negative comments , do use noobs a favour :D Comment, Like and subscribe for flp :)! Tags Faithless Insomina fl studio fruity loops remix Insomnia Faithless "FL Studio" David Beat Beats Instrumental Fruity Rap Takes Hiphop Rapping Feat Producer Reason Making Cook Sample Remix "Reason (software)" Instrumentals Kelly "Fruity Loops" Craig Freestyle Samples "David Cook" Beckham Produced R&b Piano Remake Scott Tutorial Timbaland Logic Track Dirty Nexus Producers "software tutorial" drums music "video game" "Hop Beat"

    Keywords: Insomnia, Faithless, FL Studio, David, Beat, Beats, Instrumental, Fruity, Rap, Takes, Hiphop, Rapping, Feat, Producer, Reason, Making, Cook, Sample, Remix, Reason (software), Instrumentals, Kelly, Fruity Loops, Craig, Freestyle, Samples, David Cook, Beckham, Produced, R&b, Piano, Remake, Scott, Tutorial, Timbaland, Logic, Track, Dirty, Nexus, Producers, software tutorial, drums, music, video game, Hop Beat
    Average rating: 4.6

    Duration: 4:31


    Keywords: 808 mafia remake, mafia, 808, remake
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Avicii ID 2 (FIRE) Tutorial FL STUDIO + FLP
    Duration: 1:35

    Description: Comment and subscribe for flp :)! Tags! Avicii, fire, id 2, tim berg, david guetta, fl studio, fruity loops, reason, tutorial, how to, dance, music, hardstyle, levels, deadmau5, skrillex, afrojack, Tutorial "FLP-FRT Recombination" Avicii music Fire Beat Beats Instrumental Fruity Rap Hiphop Producer Reason Rapping "Reason (software)" Making Sample Instrumentals "Fruity Loops" Freestyle Samples "FL Studio" Burn Remix Produced Burning Flame Sean Out Kingston R&b Piano Remake Scott Timbaland Logic Track Dirty Nexus Producers "Sean Kingston" "Hop Beat"

    Keywords: Tutorial, FLP-FRT Recombination, Avicii, music, Fire, Beat, Beats, Instrumental, Fruity, Rap, Hiphop, Producer, Reason, Rapping, Reason (software), Making, Sample, Instrumentals, Fruity Loops, Freestyle, Samples, FL Studio, Burn, Remix, Produced, Burning, Flame, Sean, Out, Kingston, R&b, Piano, Remake, Scott, Timbaland, Logic, Track, Dirty, Nexus, Producers, Sean Kingston, Hop Beat
    Average rating: 3.9

  10. Fl Studio Tutorial - Electro House+Free FLP by Almi (Link in description)
    Duration: 15:19

    Description: FLP:Download; Hey this is my first tutorial :p Showing how to make a short but good electro house beat on Fl studio 9.7 If you have any questions just ask me :

    Keywords: Tutorial, Electro, House, Fl, studio, Almi, luxtck, Free, Flp, produce, how, to, make, bassline, cool, synth, 3xosc, vengeance, clubhouse
    Average rating: 4.5

  11. FL studio - Trance - Arpeggiator Tutorial + Flp project
    Duration: 4:55

    Description: Sorry for clipping, but my CPU sucks :\ hope you enjoy the content. Download it on your own PC & check personally. Link:

    Keywords: fl studio, trance, fruity, loops, techno, tutorial, tutorials, video, flp, project, arpeggiator, epic, melody
    Average rating: 4.1

  12. Avicii Freedom Tutorial FL STUDIO + FLP
    Duration: 1:38

    Description: A quick 5 minute remake of avicii freedom, no point disliking this tutorial because it took me about 5 mintues. Comment and subscribe for flp :)! Tags! FL STUDIO, AVICII, FREEDOM, FRUITY LOOPS, STYLE, HOW TO MAKE, TUTORIAL, Tutorial "FLP-FRT Recombination" Avicii animation "video game" "software tutorial" music Beat Beats Instrumental Fruity Short "Video Game" Rap Hiphop Producer Reason Making Rapping Experimental Trailer Sample "Reason (software)" "Short Film" Anime Reel Documentary Filmmak

    Keywords: Tutorial, FLP-FRT Recombination, Avicii, animation, video game, software tutorial, music, Beat, Beats, Instrumental, Fruity, Short, Rap, Hiphop, Producer, Reason, Making, Rapping, Experimental, Trailer, Sample, Reason (software), Short Film, Anime, Reel, Documentary, Filmmaker, Interview, Instrumentals, Filmmaker Reel, Animation Anime, Fruity Loops, Samples, Freestyle
    Average rating: 2.0

  13. FL STUDIO- INNA Style TUTORIAL (Like Amazing) + FLP download by Intruder
    Duration: 3:20

    Description: vuk milivojevic aka intruder SORRY FOR BAD QUALITY VIDEO AND MUSIC......i will buy camera and i will uplaod this video again................ SUBSCRIBEEEEE FOR MOREEEEEEEE.........

    Keywords: INNA, Style, TUTORIAL
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. FL Studio Tutorial W/Soundkit and FLP (Prod. by DjTrill)
    Duration: 21:06

    Description: FL Thanks to all my subscribers leave a comment for anything!

    Keywords: trap, how to make a beat, how to make a lex luger beat, fl studio fl9, fl10 fruity loops, vybe beatz, superstaro, johnny juliano, trap music, lex luger, nhb, sizzle, d rich, dhood, best video ever, yt, dj trill, trill tv, cdh click, bust you down, landofilms, lando, instrumental how to
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Fl studio Tutorial: How To Make Westcoast/G Funk Whistle/Synth with 3xosc + FLP Download
    Duration: 2:40

    Description: Alot of people asking me how i make the whistle or what vst i use, so i made this tutorial. I also show you how to make the whistle melody from: California Vacation & Aint Nothing But a G Thang. If this video helped you, please return the favor by clicking thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Also follow me on twitter and facebook: Heres the flp: or: Also check out my soundclick

    Keywords: funk, westcoast, whine, worm, crip, funky, dr, dre, aint, nothing, but, thang, the, game, ice, cube, snoop, doog, california, vacation, love, download, flp, free, tutorial, how, to, make
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. [Tutorial]How to make "Calling" by Sebastian Igrosso & Alesso + Flp
    Duration: 3:28

    Description: [Tutorial]How to make "Calling" by Sebastian Igrosso & Alesso + Flp Facebook: Need Nexus V-station and Sylenth1 Haloween edition and dblue Glitch Sylenth1 Haloween edition : Flp File Password : nrg-boy

    Keywords: [Tutorial]How, to, make, Calling, by, Sebastian, Igrosso, Alesso, Flp, Square, lead, saw, bassline, swedish, house, mafia, style, progressive, garage, fl, studio, fruity, loops, ableton, logic, pro
    Average rating: 4.8

  17. FL Studio Tutorial - How To Make A Hip-Hop Beat Part #1 (+Free .flp)
    Duration: 10:16

    Description: FL Studio Tutorial Part #1 (English/German) .flp : Extra Tags: Makaveli 2Pac Tupac The outlaws Ice Cube Snoop Dogg NWA Eazy E Tha Dogg Pound Dr.dre G-Unit 50 Cent Eminem How We Do Hate It or Love It Put You in the Game Dreams Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin' Westside Story Let's Ride Wouldn't Get Far It's Okay One Blood Remix DISS TRACKS 2PAC HIT'Em UP hip-hop r&b rap Three 6 Mafia DJ UNK I'd Rather Official Video Most Known Unknown Last 2 Walk Stay Fly Side 2 Side Crunk Music Dirty South Lil Jon Lil Flip Young Buck Slim Thug, Trick Daddy, & Project Pat Mike Jones & Paul Wall 8 Ball & MJG Project Pat, Lil Wyte, Akon, Good Charlotte, DJ Unk, Lyfe Jennings, UGK, Eightball & MJG, Al Kapone, DJ Spanish Fly, Frayser Boy, Chrome, Yung D, Superpower, and more DJ Paul and Juicy J G-Unit - Like A Dog Britain's Got Talent Britain Britains Signature Thriller Michael Jackson Suleman Mirza Madhu Singh Impersonation ITV TITI whatever you like Mr. Carter Feat. Jay-Z A Milli Got Money Feat. T-Pain Comfortable Feat. Babyface Dr. Carter Phone Home Tie My Hands Feat. Robin Thicke Mrs. Officer Feat. Bobby Valentino Let The Beat Build Shoot Me Down Feat. D. Smith Lollipop Feat. Static Major La La Feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes Playing With Fire Feat. Betty Wrigh You Ain't Got Nuthin Feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous Dontgetit 2pac tupac shakur 50 cent biggi diddy dmx mike tyson wwe Timbaland xzibit nelly eminem slim shady akon mario kanye west Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown T-Pain;Lil T ...

    Keywords: FL, Studio, Tutorial, How, To, Make, Hip-Hop, Beat, Part, #1, (+Free, .flp)FL, Tutorial-, #2, (English/German), deutsch, englisch, german, english, synthesizer, dnb, musical instruments, drum and bass, music, bass
    Average rating: 4.7

  18. How To Make The Beat Kiss Me Through The Phone By Soulja Boy Tutorial In HD (FLP DOWNLOAD)
    Duration: 9:42

    Description: (This is a old tutorial u now can download this flp file from here) This Is A Tutorial On How To Make Soulja Boy's Kiss Me Through The Phone Beat Using FL Studio, If You Need The Crystal Plug In That I Use In This Tutorial Just Leave A Comment Asking For It With Your Email Address Or Message Me And I Will Send It To You. Comment, Rate And Subscribe Thanks! (More Tutorials Coming Soon Plus Step By Step Guides On How To Make A Nice Beat Using FL Sudio)

    Keywords: Untitled, tutorial, Beats, Music, Soulja Boy, 2pac, Biggie, Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne, FL Stuido, Fruity Loops, Instrumental, Rap, Hip Hop, Big L, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Bow Wow, Neyo, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Cassidy, Papoose
    Average rating: 4.7

    Duration: 3:23

    Description: Here the FLP : Alternative : If you like it subscribe my channel. Please comment and rate always my new videos. Become a fan : Follow me on twitter : More tutorials + free flp's? Check always my channel for the latest tracks. Remake of KayO? Redd-Neutron *

    Keywords: tutorial, fruity, loops, 10, fl, studio, flp, free, download, lex, luger, style, type, beat, beatz, limit, trap, music, instrumental, 808, gucci, mane, juicy, juice, hard, boom, ham, fire, hot, banger, tuturial, totorial, how, to, make, good, beginner, amateur, producer, beatmaker, fast, min, taylor, gang, bricksquad, waka, vst, vsti, soundfile, files, sound, pack, kit, drum, drumma, boy
    Average rating: 4.6

  20. Tutorial How to make a RnB Piano Beat [FL Studio 9] Part 1 FLP Download
    Duration: 13:55

    Description: Heyyy guyyzz :).. This is my first tutorial.. In these video i will show you how to make a rnb piano beat :) i think you will like it because it can improve your experience on fl studio :) If you want the flp go here SUBRSCRIBE and watch the second part ;)

    Keywords: fl, studio, how, to, make, piano, beat, rnb, 10, flp, download, link, dj, plague, spreaderfl, beats, free, instrumental, fruity, rap, hiphop, producer, making, sample, instrumentals, fruity loops, music software, music sequencer, hip hop, bass
    Average rating: 4.6

  21. Deadmau5 Strobe TUTORIAL FL STUDIO 2012 FLP
    Duration: 1:06

    Description: This is my quik remake of strobe :)! The sounds for the main melody isnt the same but i like it :D comment like subscribe for flp ;) Tags Deadmau5, fl studio, tutorial, notes, melody, synth, nexus, "FL Studio (Software)" "Deadmau5 (Musical Artist)" Beat Light "Beat Generation (Literary School Or Movement)" Beats Instrumental Led Fruity Book "video game" music Rap Hiphop Electro Lights Producer Mix Remix Reason Making Dance Techno Original Sample Minimal "Original Mix" Zeppelin Instrumentals Electronic Trance Deep "Fruity Loops"

    Keywords: FL Studio (Software), Deadmau5 (Musical Artist), Beat, Light, Beats, Instrumental, Led, Fruity, Book, video game, music, Rap, Hiphop, Electro, Lights, Producer, Mix, Remix, Reason, Making, Dance, Techno, Original, Sample, Minimal, Original Mix, Zeppelin, Instrumentals, Electronic, Trance, Deep, Fruity Loops
    Average rating: 4.0

  22. Tutorial How to make a RnB Piano Beat [FL Studio 9] Part 2 Piano Melody FLP DOWNLOAD
    Duration: 26:47

    Description: Hey guyzz this is the second part of my tutorial.. In this video i show you how to make a piano melody :).. I'm improvisating so sorry for the duration of the video :) I'm sure that you will like it so please SUBSCRIBE :) The flp file is here so if you want to make your own beat, download it :)

    Keywords: fl, studio, tutorial, hoe, to, make, piano, beat, dj, palgue, spreader, 10, rnb, flp, download, beats, instrumental, fruity, hiphop, free, rap, producer, making, instrumentals, fruity loops
    Average rating: 4.8

  23. Tutorial How to make a RnB Piano Beat [FL Studio 9] Part 3 FLP Download
    Duration: 9:39

    Description: Hey guyzz this is the third part of my tutorial.. Here i make the beat :) but i think it's not very finished so if you want, you can use this beat to make experience :) Here you can find the flp project :) i hope you will aprieciate it. Please SUBSCRIBE.

    Keywords: tutorial, how, to, make, piano, rnb, beat, part, dj, plague, spreader, fl, studio, 10, instrumental, beats, fruity, producer, making, flp, download, link, free
    Average rating: 4.7

  24. Fl Studio 10 - Greatest Lex Luger Trap Beat Tutorial (Free FLP)
    Duration: 5:53

    Description: (MP3 4:18) FREE FLP!!! (You Must Sub, Like The Vid, And Message Me) SOUND KITS COMING SOON!!! Jahlil Beats Sound Kit Lex Luger Sound Kit Boi 1-Da Sound Kit Cloud 9 Sound Kit SOD Money Gang Sound Kit

    Keywords: Fl Studio 10, Lex Luger, Trap Beat, Fruity Loops, Tutorial, Jahlil Beats, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Nexus, Samples, fruity, loops, 10, fl, studio, flp, free, download, lex, luger, style, type, beat, beatz, limit, trap, music, 808, gucci, mane, juicy, juice, hard, boom, ham, fire, hot, banger, tuturial, totorial, how, to, make, good, beginner, amateur, producer, beatmaker, fast, min, taylor, gang, bricksquad, waka, vst, vsti, soundfile, files, sound, pack, kit, drum, drumma, boy
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. How to Make a Drumma Boy Type Beat W/ FLP File (Tutorial)
    Duration: 18:33

    Description: FLP:

    Keywords: beat, beats, instrumental, fruity, tutorial, rap, hiphop, producer, reason, making, sample, instrumentals, fruity loops, samples, remix, produced, r&b, piano, remake, scott, timbaland, logic, track, dirty, producers, nexus, hop beat, producing, hip hop
    Average rating: 4.7

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