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  1. Video 01 - FL Studio Tutorials Beginner to Pro
    Duration: 32:20

    Description: This is a 30 minute Lesson. This is the first of a series of tutorials for FLStudio. In this video learn how to get started using FL Studio, along with a overview of how to use the step sequencer, mixer and Playlist. This is a 30 minute HD video. If you are still having trouble with ASIO4ALL - Watch this video : by FL Studio Guru. It covers the most common problems that people seem to encounter

    Keywords: FL, Studio, tutorial, Fruity, Loops, electronic, music, lesson, ste1438, drum, pattern, music software, synthesizer, synthesized music
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. FL STUDIO TUTORIAL: The Basics: How To Make a Simple Beat
    Duration: 9:58

    Description: --How to Use FL studio Here's how to make a simple beat in FL Studio. This video is meant for beginners. Check out http Here's how to make a simple beat in FL Studio. This video is meant for beginners. Check out my website for more Free tutorials, downloads, and articles. The beat might sound better if you used VST sounds, mixed properly, layered, etc. This was just an introduction to using FL studio.

    Keywords: FL, Studio, Fruity, Loops, Tutorial, Hip, Hop, Rap, Beats, beat, making
    Average rating: 4.7

  3. FL Studio Tutorial For Beginners - Making a Full Dance Beat
    Duration: 01:16:30

    Description: Download samples used for this tutorial: This is a 1 Hour+ FL Studio Tutorial For Beginners - Making a full Dance Beat. This is a great way to show you the basics. You will learn. - Dance beat layout - Dance beat melody - Dance beat composition - Dance beat EQ - Dance...

    Keywords: fl studio tutorial, dance beat, FL studio dance tutorial, make a full dance, make, dance, beat, in, fl, studio, modern, music, produce, Dance Music, Tutorial, Beat (music), Beats, Instrumental, Fruity, Dancing, Rap, Hiphop, Producer, Reason, Song, Singing, Making, Sample, Instrumentals, Rapping, Fruity Loops, Song Dance, Samples, Loop, Remix, Produced, Piano, Remake, Scott, R&b, Timbaland, Logic, Track, Dirty, FL Studio, Lyrics, Nexus, Rhythm And Blues, Producers, Hop Beat, Class, Ballet, Tap, Choreography, Boogie
    Average rating: 4.5

  4. FL Studio Tutorial For Beginners - Making a Hip Hop Beat
    Duration: 40:22

    Description: Share - Upload & Download Free Hip Hop beats - Download Professional FL Studio Drum Samples Free Drum Samples & Loops for Fl STUDIO - http Download link For samples used - This is a 40min FL studio tutorial, my apologies to the sound coming out so distorted, i should have tested the peak meter of the recorder input :S.. so very sorry for that, the final beat was not so distorted. I Hope everyone will subscibe to me after so much effort i put into these tutorials :D - thenk you

    Keywords: Fl Studio Tutorial, hip hop beat in fl studio, Fruity Loops Hip Hop beat, making hip hop beat, FL Studio, Beat (music), Rap, Beats, Instrumental, Hiphop, Rapping, Producer, Reason, Sample, Instrumentals, Software Tutorial, Underground, R&b, Samples, Freestyle, Reason (software), Remix, Help, Tips, Need, fl, studio, tutorial, fruity, loops
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. FL Studio Tutorial Basics- Beat Recipe: How to make a Dr. Dre Beat - Warbeats Tutorial
    Duration: 22:45

    Description: From is another beat recipe on a Dr. Dre style beat. I'm always nervous doing these recipes because I don't think I can capture the essence 100% but it's close enough. I hope you guys get something good from it.

    Keywords: warbeats, nfx, nfxbeats, fl, flstudio, fruity, fruityloops, dre, dr., beat, recipe
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. FL STUDIO TUTORIAL: How to make a dubstep "wub wub" bass in FL Studio
    Duration: 11:09

    Description: Please LIKE my Facebook page for free tracks, samples and more: Also, like my Viral Beat Recordings Facebook Page for new on releases! Download your free Dubstep Samplepacks at So this one is showing ya the basics of how to get a "wub wub" bass going in fruity. I show ya my own personal technique about how to accomplish this! Started listening to ALOT of dubstep recently ya see, its a nice tequila shot drinkin type of music haha! so yes this is it Enjoy Subscribe!! Kev x My videos are also donation ware so please donate something if you have found this video to be helpful http

    Keywords: Dubstep, Bass, in, FL, Studio, Wub, Kev, Willow, Tutorial, Tips, Tricks, How, To, Rusko, Skream, Caspa, music software, Underground, FPS, FLP, Justin, Bieber, Wobble, Massive, Albino, Rob, Papen, KRK, Vinyl, London, LDN, Bar, OFFICIAL, Exclusive
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. FL Studio Tutorial: Step By Step How To Make David Guetta ft Sia - Titanium (Alesso Remix) Part 1
    Duration: 13:43

    Description: I'm a 13 Years old house music producer! I made this because I was happy and bored, a really strange feeling hahaha Hope you guys like this tutorial! Thumbs up for more! :) Like Me On Facebook: Twitter:!/DiegoMolinams Souncloud: Beatport:

    Keywords: fruity, loops, fl, studio, remake, tutorial, flp, free, downloda, how, to, make, step, by, david, guetta, ft, sia, titanium, original, mix, alesso, remix, dirty, dutch, electro, house, progressive, avicii, calling, diegomolinams, part, FL Studio, David Guetta, Beat, Beats, Instrumental, Dance, New, House Music, afrojack, sidney, samson, r3hab, Block, Rap, Hiphop, Techno, Feat, Rapping, Producer, Takes, Reason, Making, Dancing, software tutorial, music
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. FL Studio Tutorial - How to fix 808 and Kick Frequencies (Lex 808)
    Duration: 6:49

    Description: This is just a quick tutorial on how to fix an 808 transition between notes. With the Big White Kick 17 for example, when you change notes, the sound waves are all over the place in fl studio. In this video, Im going to show you how to fix those frequencies. This goes for any 808. FL Studio, fruity loops, logic, reason, cubase, music production software, squencer, tutorial, Mixing, producer, studio, lildrezy22 aka ldrproductionz

    Keywords: FL Studio, Tutorial, How to, fix, 808, and, Kick, Frequencies, Lex 808, fl, studio, fruity loops, producer, edition, 10, cft, cutoff, lildrezy22
    Average rating: 4.8

  9. FL Studio Tutorial - Easy Sidechain
    Duration: 5:15

    Description: NOT A Beginner Tutorial: In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set-up a Kick-Bass sidechain. Also a quick look at how to create a hard-style kick. This video also explains the reason why you may want to use a sidechain.

    Keywords: Sidechain, FL Studio, flstudio, Tutorial, Bass, Kick, Compression, bass kick, side chain, loop, loops, fruity, beats, FL, Studio, electronic, music, lesson, ste1438, drum, pattern, Beginner, FL Studio 9, Drums, lick, snare, backbeat, theory
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. FL Studio Techno Tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Duration: 8:17

    Description: Please support me, I have created a soundcloud for those who enjoy this style of music! MY OLD SONGS ARE THERE a lil tutorial on how to make hardbass and hard dance songs. note this isnt a very complex thing. there are no fills, breatbeats, snare rushes, nothing, just the basics of a techno beat. Vengeance Essential Clubsounds( what i used for the kicks an claps in the tutorial

    Keywords: How, to, make, techno, Fl, studio, tutorial, tut, Fruity, Loops, music
    Average rating: 4.6

  11. Pressure (Alesso Remix) FL Studio Tutorial! (With FL file dl)
    Duration: 8:03

    Description: skip to 6:38 to hear the finished product! Download the FLP here: I apologise I didnt spend more time on matching, I have been extremley busy latley with gigs and originals. Mess about with the sounds/effects and see what u can come up with! Hope this gives u guys a good start point anyways! Track link:

    Keywords: Pressure, Alesso, Nadia, Ali, Avicii, Style, Remix, Original, mix, Tutorial, TMAN, FL, Studio, Free, download, recording, project, new, producing, synth
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. West Coast Hip Hop Beat - FL Studio Tutorial
    Duration: 14:16

    Description: Share - Upload & Download Free Hip Hop beats - Download Professional FL Studio Drum Samples Free Drum Samples & Loops for Fl STUDIO - http Get Kanye West kit HERE; This beat was produced by pav production and it was made in fl studio.

    Keywords: Kanye West, Kanye West hip hop beat, hip hop, fl studio dr dre beat, Kanye West (Musical Artist), Tutorial (Literary Genre), FL Studio (Software), Rap, Beats, Instrumental, Fruity, Wayne, Producer, Jay, Reason, Making, Sample, Instrumentals, Remix, Drake, Underground, R&b, Fruity Loops, pav, productuion
    Average rating: 4.4

  13. FL Studio Tutorial: How to make Afrojack - Lionheart intro synth (DiegoMolinams)
    Duration: 2:42

    Description: Quick and easy tutorial! :) Like Me On Facebook: Twitter: Souncloud:

    Keywords: afrojack, lionheart, original, mix, remix, bootleg, dirty, dutch, electro, house, fruity, loops, fl, studio, remake, tutorial, flp, free, download, sylent1, 303, generation, nicky, romero, sidney, samson, how, to, make, diegomolinams, Beat, Beats, Instrumental, Sensation, Rap, FL Studio, House Music
    Average rating: 4.5

  14. Fl Studio Tutorial: Progressive House like Deadmau5
    Duration: 11:31

    Description: Hi there. Here's a tutorial to make music like deadmau5. Hope you enjoy and learn. Please SUBSCRIBE! FLP file: SUB! Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter:

    Keywords: Deadmau5, Tutorial, deadmau5 tutorial fl studio, fl studio deadmau5 tutorial, deadmau5 fl studio, fl studio deadmau5, deadmau5 fl studio tutorial, strobe, faxin berlin, not exactly, skrillex, fl, studio, easy, flp, .flp, flp download, download, dope, gum, dope gum, Mix, Free
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. FL Studio tutorial - How to make a drop - Build Up for Dance / House / Dubstep
    Duration: 3:54

    Description: Learn this method quickly and efficiently. Easy to do! Sorry about the quality of sound. Click Here to listen to the full song that I used as an example for the tutorial: Follow me on twitter here:

    Keywords: fl studio, Dance, how to, Music, Trance, Techno, Ultimate, Recording, Remix, Dancing, Mix, Session, Electronic, Electro, Studios, Original Mix, Electronica, Song, Software Tutorial, Singing, Deep, Mobile Device, Windows, Song Dance, Computer, Maker, Pinnacle, Minimal, Linux, Desktop, Basic, Apple, Apple Inc., Visual, Ubuntu, Computers, Disco, Screen, Install, Leopard, Using, Phone, Program, System, Technology, Help, DJ, Beat, Producing, Cell, Nokia, Iphone, Wireless, Drop
    Average rating: 4.6

  16. FL Studio Tutorial - How To Make Your Track Sound More Professional [Mixing And Mastering]
    Duration: 18:17

    Description: *make sure you have annotation on to follow instructions* watch in 720p and full screen for better viewing. In this video tutorial i will show you how you can make your music track sound more professional and bring it to life using mixing and mastering. if you have ever finished making your track and it just don't sound right and sounds very basic and lifeless then using the mixer and master fx you can make it sound a lot better, which is how professional producers make their music better. The exact settings and fx i use in this video may not work your track because every song is different and needs different fx tweaking, this video is just to give you an idea of how you can give your track more energy, but you will most likely need to use your own settings because again each song is different, but if you just play around with the settings your track will start to sound much better. If this video helps you out then please leave a thumbs up, comment or even subscribe. Thanks, and enjoy making music.

    Keywords: whitey, whiteyxm, fl, studio, fruity, loops, tutorial, how, to, make, your, track, sound, more, professional, better, using, mixing, mastering, mixer, mix, master, music, song, beat, tune, new, 2012, video, edit, software, pro, soundtrack, dubstep, dub, drum, and, bass, drumstep, drop, trance, electro, dance, progressive, house, instrument, rap, hiphop, audio, sample, preset, remix, remake, producer, tips, tricks, produce, simple, basic, dubnbass
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Fl Studio Tutorial Part 3: Basic Presets + Some Plug-ins = CooL Sound
    Duration: 19:14

    Description: How use basic presets and make very great sound )) in this video i show how make chord lead enjoy )

    Keywords: Part 3 (Musical Album), FL Studio (Software), Tutorial (Literary Genre), Help, Effects, Tips, Recording, After, Ultimate, Pinnacle, Need, Tricks, Book, Valentine, Adobe, Mass, After Effects, Special, Sound, Please, Mass Effect, Session, Your, Learn, Valentine's Day (Holiday), Books, Reading, Library, Comic, Writing, Audio, Author, Howto, Novel, Ideas, Trailer, Letters, Needs, Secrets, Studios
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. FL STUDIO TUTORIAL: How to make a dubstep Bass and Drums
    Duration: 22:56

    Description: Share - Upload & Download Free Hip Hop beats - Download Professional FL Studio Drum Samples http Free Drum Samples & Loops for Fl STUDIO - To get the dubstep drum samples click here, http If you like our FL STUDIO TUTORIAL: How to make a dubstep Bass and Drums please hit the like button :) and please subscribe for more awesome tutorials, thank you.

    Keywords: dubstep tutorial, making dubstep beat, dubstep fl studio, how to make dubstep, making dub step instrumental, dubstep music production, making dubstep remix, how to produce dubstep, dubstep drum samples, dubstep samples, fl studio tutorial, dubstep bass tutorial, dubstep wub wub
    Average rating: 4.5

  19. FL Studio Tutorial Basics - Vocoder Explained - Warbeats Tutorial
    Duration: 17:22

    Description: From How to use the FL Studio Vocoder. FL Studio Tutorial, FL Studio Help, Fruity Loops Tutorial, Fruity Loops Help

    Keywords: nfx, warbeats, fl, studio, fruity, loops, nfxbeats, tutorial, vocoder, troutman
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. Fl Studio Tutorial: Justice League Style Beat 2/4
    Duration: 10:03

    Description: In this section we cover the first part of the instruments needed to achieve a justice league type sound. Go to for more tutorials and a free trial! http

    Keywords: FL Studio (Software), Tutorial (Literary Genre), how to make beats, fl studio tutorials, slicex, hypersonic, nexus tutorial, piano roll, justice league, jeezy beat, drake instrumental, how to make a beat, hit boy, hitboy, kanye west beat, kanye instrumental, make instrumentals, sampletank, sonny digital, vybe, superstar o, johnny juliano, todaysbeats, warbeats, Rap, Hiphop Producer, ryan leslie, Reason, in studio, 808, how to mix, jahlil beats, rick ross instrumental
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. FL STUDIO TUTORIAL - How to Make a Westcoast Beat - Part 1/2 (Piano and Drums)
    Duration: 10:04

    Description: In this video show you how to make a very simple Westcoast style beat in Fruity Loops Studio (the beat at the beginning of the video). This beat highlights some of the basic concepts of Westcoast style beats. This is the 1st of a 2 part series. Part 1 will show you how to add the piano chords, piano melody, drum beat If you want it to sound like the beat playing in the beginning, don't forget to up the tempo to 150, and add some hats. Also remember, there are a lot of other things you can do with this...for example you can change the low piano to strings. Also, this is not mastered or is just to show you basic Westcoast concepts w/ an example. If this video is too fast for you, check out our intro to interface video, or our how to make a simple beat video. Enjoy

    Keywords: Fruity Loops, FL Studio, Tutorial, Westcoast, piano roll, piano, bass, boo bass, Fl keys, drum samples, beats, hiphop, producer, rap, beat, instrumental, dre, snoop, ice cube, nwa, 2pac, Dr. Dre
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. FL Studio Tutorial - Create nice Melodies
    Duration: 14:57

    Description: Hello guys! In this video I am showing you how to make a nice melodies or tunes in fl studio 9. This tutorial is for both beginners and advanced fl studio users. I only used fl studio's official sounds so it would be easy to make stuff like this. Take full advantages of captions or subtitles by clicking on 'CC' button given below. Ask me any questions you want related to fl studio. Watch my stuffs just by entering my channel. Please subscribe to keep updated with me. Add me on Facebook - Tweet me on Twitter - Check out my blog -

    Keywords: FL Studio, fruity loops, how to, create, creating, nice, melodies, melody, tutorials, yt:quality=high, music, education, tips, tricks, acoustic, hip hop, trance, dance, beat
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Avicii ID (Levels) FL studio Tutorial!
    Duration: 8:21

    Description: PITCH BEND TUTORIAL: PIANO TUTORIAL: FL File below: If you dont have the same VST's as me the synth patches wont work unfortunatly. You will also require FL studio 10 producer edition aswell. For any other questions just write them in the comments section and between me and the rest of the world, we should be able to answer them :) Project file: skip to 6:07 to hear the finished product! check out my soundcloud/fbook pages for some more tunes!:

    Keywords: TMAN, Avicii, FL, Studio, Tutorial, Produce, Nexus, Cakewalk, ID, Levels, Original, Mix
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Welcome to St. Tropez (Fl Studio Tutorial)
    Duration: 2:22

    Description: Hey Guys, a short Tutorial how to make the melody of Welcome to St. Tropez hope you like it =) If you like you can subscribe !

    Keywords: Alexandra, Stan, Mr, Saxobeat, Fl, Studio, Remake, Flp, download, beat, beats, instrumental, fruity, rap, hiphop, beat1a, Beatz, Music, Musik, cool, soundpack, sound, files, design, xxl, loops, loop, fruit, datei, hip, hop, youtube, techno, trance, power, rappen, downloaden, how, to, make, tutorial, VIDEO, Amazing, in, Aussenseiter, free, making, instrumentals, fruity loops, downloads, howto
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. Eric Prydz - 2Night FL Studio Tutorial! (With FL file dl)
    Duration: 11:48

    Description: skip to 9:23 to hear the finished product! Download the FLP here: - - - - - Links - - - - - Download an Original here for FREE: "Limitless" - Original Mix: Buy "Eric Prydz - 2night (Original Mix)" : Monstercat Youtube Channel:

    Keywords: Eric, prydz, 2nite, tutorial, FL, studio, TMAN, project, 46, produce, production, recording, electronic, dance, music, vst, synth, plugin, download, file, free, sound, piano, bass, kick, mastering
    Average rating: 5.0

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