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Eric Deakins

Eric Deakins

Eric Deakins

Video search results for Eric Deakins

  1. Evolution of the fraudulent European Project - part 3 of 7
    Duration: 8:43

    Description: Part 4: Like Eric Deakins, Nigel Spearing has been a vocal opponent of the European centralisation project since its inception. Spearing was MP for Acton from 1970-74 and MP for Newham South from 1974-1997. "... at the time of our entering the European Community", Spearing explains, many people had forgotten "that our Constitution in the United Kingdom not only had a unique history in providing parliamentary democracy to the whole of our... 'common wealth' and associated nations, but also the fundamentals of parliamentary democracy which have been acknowledged throughout the world and which we in Britain were privileged to have as our own heritage. "And my view has been... that the terms of our entry to the so-called European Common Market would be detrimental, indeed was contrary, to the fundamentals of British parliamentary democracy as we understood it, and the British Constitution". The copyright of this film is held by the Campaign for an Independent Britain: The film was recorded in 2008, before the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

    Keywords: nigel, spearing, mp, eu, european, union, ratification, lisbon, treaty, rome, tyranny, dictatorship, superstate, alien, bureaucrat, bureaucracy, commission, common, purpose, anti-common, market, league, eec, economic, integration, uk, britain, british, sovereignty, fifth, column, marxist, marxism, communist, fabian, society, new, labour, third, sector, trojan, horse, traitors, gordon, brown, tony, blair, john, major, margaret, thatcher, james, callaghan, harold, wilson, edward, heath, macmillan, hm, the, queen, nwo, world, order, law, constitution, eussr
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Eric Deakins
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