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Video search results for EASYSHARE5500

  1. How to remove or install a printhead on KODAK printer?
    Duration: 41

    Description: Demonstration - 1.) To replace the printhead in your all-in-one printer. 2.) To resolve the error message "Printhead is missing, not installed correctly, or has come loose" (error code 3513) [Note: You may need a replacement printhead, if the error continues] Lift the printer access door and wait for the carriage to move to the access position. NOTE: For ESP 3250 and ESP 5250 all-in-one printers: On the printer control panel, press Home. Select Maintenance, then press OK. Select Install Ink Cartridges, then press OK. If "Install Ink Cartridges" is not an available selection, upgrade the firmware. Remove the black and color ink cartridges and set them aside. Remove the existing printhead: For ESP Series Printers, unlatch the printhead by lifting the latch in the center of the carriage. For 5000 Series Printers, unlatch the printhead by pressing the button in the upper-left corner of the carriage. Lift the printhead out of the carriage. Remove the new printhead from its bag. CAUTION: Do not touch the copper contacts on the printhead, as this may damage it. Remove the plastic protective shields. Place the new printhead into the carriage. Push firmly against the target label of the printhead until you hear a loud snap. Insert the color ink cartridge into the printhead and press down until you hear it click into place. Insert the black ink cartridge into the printhead and press down until you hear it click into place. Close the printer access door.

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