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  1. Fake Double Tutorial
    Duration: 6:54

    Description: A tutorial on how to do the Fake Double, a hybrid in pen spinning.

    Keywords: Tutorial, How, to, do, Fake, Double, Hybrid, Pen, Spinning, Penspinning, Trick, UPSB, ktrinh93, ECS, RE
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Mario Kart Wii - Delfino Square Double Shortcut Tutorial with SagarG0630
    Duration: 2:48

    Description: Join now! - Hey guys, it's Sagar! This is my first upload to NinBuzz so I really do hope you guys enjoy it. In this shortcut tutorial, I show you guys how to do the double shortcut on Delfino Square multiple ways with the alignment you should be taking. Expect more videos coming from me soon because I have really cool video ideas that I will be showing you guys soon! Leave a comment telling me what you want me to upload to NinBuzz as well, please. My Youtube Channel: My Twitter:

    Keywords: Mario, Kart, Wii, Delfino, Square, Double, Shortcut, shortcuts, Tutorial, mkw, mkwii, how, to, guide, tips, tricks, glitch, help, gameplay, commentary, sagarg0630, nintendo, nintendo buzz, ninbuzz
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. Minecraft | Tutorial: Double Hidden Piston Door
    Duration: 12:51

    Description: In this video: Dowsey shows you how to construct a Double Hidden Piston Door. If you found this tutorial helpful, please hit that thumbs up button. It helps a lot!

    Keywords: xdowsey, Dowsey, Double, Hidden, Piston, Door, Minecraft, Mojang, 1.8, 1.8.1
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Back to School: Double Braided Side Bun Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 4:25

    Description: I just got my hair cut so thats why a lot of pieces fell out of the messy bun, but if your hair is about my length it should work. Thanks for watching! A more on depth video of my messy bun hair tutorial: (it's an old video btw)

    Keywords: Flipshare, Savanna, back, to, school, hair, style, tutorial, double, braided, side, bun, no heat, pulled, two, dutch, braid, braids, cute, beauty, video, Hairstyle, special, occasion
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. I'M BLONDE! Double Loop Braids & Loose Curls Tutorial
    Duration: 8:38

    Description: Vanity Makeover on my 2nd Channel: Giveaway winners announced!!! Let's Tweet! FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM: LOOKBOOK: Products used: Disclaimer: The rollers were gifted to me by FlatIronExperts. The links are NOT affiliate links and I do not get any commission or compensation.

    Keywords: evelinabarry, evelinicutza, hair, natural, tutorial, curls, loos, waves, romantic, sweet, cute, style, heatless, no, heat, low heat, curly, haircut, Products, Salon, damage treatment, babyliss, pro, review, hot, rollers
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Machinima Realm - World of Warcraft 3v3 Double Healer Warrior VS SPriest Rogue R Sham (WoW Gameplay/Tutorial)
    Duration: 7:53

    Description: Click this to watch World of Warcraft: 2v2 Paladin Warrior Gameplay ft. Sacredheals and Vurux (WoW Gameplay/Commentary) World of Warcraft 3v3 Double Healer Warrior VS SPriest Rogue R Sham (WoW Gameplay/Tutorial) Here are two 3v3 matches with us playing the combo Double Healer Warrior. We are up against another 3v3 team made up of a resto shaman / rogue / and shadow priest. I tell you exactly what we're doing at all times along with the gameplan. The music in this video: - The music is from this royalty-free source: DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high "World of Warcraft" Cataclysm Blizzard Entertainment "Collector's Edition" UPC 0202514010432 Standard Edition 9325121000267 wow Raythunda mages game mmorpg mmo rpg pc windows computer wow hobs wowhobbs gold power leveling epic loot level burning crusade wrath of the litch king machinima respawn realm gameplay commentary Feral Druid Zybak ZybakTV Miirkat HybridPanda pwn Tarou Sacredheals wowhobbs belligerent23 ...

    Keywords: yt:quality=high, World, of, Warcraft, Cataclysm, Blizzard, Entertainment, Collector's, Edition, UPC, 0202514010432, Standard, 9325121000267, wow, Raythunda, mages, game, mmorpg, mmo, rpg, pc, windows, computer, hobs, wowhobbs, gold, power, leveling, epic, loot, level, burning, crusade, wrath, the, litch, king, machinima, respawn, realm, gameplay, commentary, Feral, Druid, Zybak, zybaktv, Miirkat, hybridpanda, pwn, Tarou, Sacredheals, belligerent23, swifty, warrior, death, knight, Sacred
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Billy Wingrove's Double Neck Stall (Tutorial) :: Freestyle Football / Soccer
    Duration: 2:11

    Description: Thank you for Subscribing! How to do a Double Neck Stall with two footballs. This trick was created by Billy Wingrove (the first we've seen anyways). Billy Wingrove has performed in front of stars including Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Xavi, Andeas Iniesta, and legends from the game, for the FIFA Ballon D'Or awards. Billy displayed his amazing soccer freestyle skills alongside fellow football freestyler and friend Jeremy Lynch. The duo are known as "the F2". Check out our channel for football / soccer tutorials :) Copyright Attribution: Title: I Dunno -- Creative Commons | Royalty-Free Music Artist: Grapes Copyright: 2008 Grapes. Licensed to the public under Verify at

    Keywords: Billy, Wingrove's, Double, Neck, Stall, Tutorial, Freestyle, Football, Soccer, neck stall, neck stall tutorial, billy wingrove, billy wingrove tutorial, billy wingrove freestyle, f2 freestyle, billy wingrove skills, jeremy lynch freestyle, in-depth soccer tutorials, easy soccer tutorials, step by step soccer tutorials, how, do, best, amazing, skills, tricks, fussball, learn, skillz, yourhowtodo, tutorials, sport, sports, 2012, yt:quality=high
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. MW3 Glitches & Tricks - HUGE Double XP Glitch! [TUTORIAL]
    Duration: 52

    Description: OPEN FOR TUT! 1) Join a Free For All Game ONLY! 2) Play the game, and right when the game ends SPAM the X & B buttons at the same time. 3)View the after action report, your Match Bonus should be almost DOUBLED! :D Enjoy! Found by: Skippy9191

    Keywords: Call, Of, Duty, Modern, Warfare, MW3, Glitches, -HUGE, Double, XP, Glitch, voice, TUTORIAL, Hack, Cod, Call Duty, Big, Cod4, Arms, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Average rating: 3.5

  9. Minecraft Tutorials - Double wide piston door
    Duration: 2:56

    Description: I show you how to make a double wide piston door with a small redstone connection. Please like and subscribe if you liked this video :)

    Keywords: minecraft, mine, craft, how, to, make, build, an, double, wide, 2x2, piston, pistons, dorr, door, video, game, episode, flodmasters, flodmaster, flod, master, lp, let's, lets, play, tutorial, guide, tips, tricks, world, tour, map, single, player, creative, creeper, zombie, skeleton, boat, cart, station, survival, dispenser, beta, epic, mob, trap, monster, spawner, grinder, eats, redstone, red, stone, circuit, detector, water, lava, fire, home, house, base, design, mining, digging, diamond, fun, notch, mushroom, pumpkin, melon, xp, farm, wolf, blaze, dragon, potion
    Average rating: 3.9

  10. How to Make a Double Ninja Star (DIST-8)
    Duration: 11:30

    Description: So it seems most people wanted to see the Double paper Ninja Star (Shuriken), or the DIST-8. So here's the tutorial. BUT I DID THE HEART TOO!!! :-) Click This Link!!! In this tutorial, I explain how to first make two Single-Sided Ninja Stars, which have a sleeve on the back. These type of ninja stars only interlock on one side (hence the name), and are made by two pieces that are exactly the same. I also have a tutorial for the Double-Sided Ninja Star, which interlocks on both sides. You can find that tutorial by clicking this link below: Main Channel: Facebook: Twitter:

    Keywords: How, to, make, the, Double, Ninja, Star, Shuriken, Interlocking, pointed, transforming, DIST-8, robh0629, Robho629, Rob's, World, Beating, Heart, tutorial, paper, folding, howto, crafts, naruto, ninjahinja, nigahiga, rainbow, all, way, tobi, illibi, throwing
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. MW3 Glitches - Double Health On Recon Drone Tutorial
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: MW3 *NEW* Double Health On Recon Drone Tutorial Found By : Please Check Out :

    Keywords: MW3, *NEW*, Double, Health, On, Recon, Drone, Tutorial, mw2, cl, host, admin, vip, black, ops, call, of, duty, zombies, cod4, waw, saints, row, Waw (letter), Modern, ps3, xbox, pc, Call Duty, Cod, Cod5, Duty Modern, Gameplay, jamiexelite, Montage, Scope, Map, Secret
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Easy everyday hairstyles for long hair tutorial for school work Double knot Flipped ponytail
    Duration: 3:19

    Description: I'mwearing Glam Time clip in hair extensions and I talk about them in detail in http They are made of 100% Remy human hair, 120g and 18 inch (45-50cm) long *** In this 2011 hair tutorial I'll show you how to do a couple of very unique, stylish and charming hairstyles - a double knot, a flipped ponytail and a low bun. These looks work great on most long hair types (fine / thin / medium / thick , curly / wavy / straight hair). These bohemian looks are perfect for a party, for a night out and going out clubbing, for a romantic first date, for meeting friends and for all kinds of informal occasions and modern events. You can also wear then as casual hairstyles for school, college, university and work / office. *** Modne fryzury z dlugich wlosow krok po kroku -- modne, do szkoly, do pracy, wieczorowe, na randke ???????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ???????????? ???????? ?? ??????? ?????, ???????? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????, ??????? ??????? ????? ??? ?????? ? ????????, ??? ??????, ?????????? ???????? ??? ??????????, ??????????, ?????, ?????????, ???????? ????, ???????? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? 5 ????? Elegante hochsteckfrisuren, frisuren zum selber machen f�r lange haare, f�r locken, f�r glatte haare, f�r die schule Peinados faciles de moda para cabello largo paso a paso y rapidos de hacer, de fiesta, para la escuela, universidad Chignon Coiffure facile a faire cheveux longs, rapide, simple, a la mode, a faire soi meme, pour l'�cole ...

    Keywords: easy everyday hairstyles, for long hair, hair tutorial for school, how to, do, double knot, flipped ponytail, long hair tutorial, school, work, office, job, interview, curly, side, bun, hair, tutorial, romantic, bohemian, boho, chic, elegant, stylish, fashion, smart, casual, look, hairstyles with extensions, winter, spring, 2012, bubzbeauty, coiffure, facile, cheveux, long, acconciature, capelli, lunghi, veloci, peinados, faciles, cabello, largo, modernos, frisuren, f�r, lange, haare, anleitung, fryzury, modne, lilith moon
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Double or Nothing
    Duration: 19:32

    Description: Max and friends are enjoying a leisurely shopping trip when they spot the Alpha Gang robbing a local bank. It's no secret the gang suffers from Ursula's reckless spending, but this seems too bold a move even for these shameless crooks. Reese analyzes video from the crime scene and learns that the four villains they witnessed are in fact imposters who somehow look and act exactly like their Alpha Gang counterparts. When Dr. Z makes the same discovery, and decides to join forces with his carbon copy, the D-Team must face off against the usual suspects... times two.

    Keywords: TV, cartoon, Dinosaur King, Chomp, Paris, Terry, Ace, Dr. Spike Taylor, Max, Zoe Drake, Rex Owen, Ursula Z, animation, anime, trailer, toonzaki
    Average rating: 4.4

  14. Crochet Tezzie Hat / Beanie Tutorial
    Duration: 25:52

    Description: This Crochet lesson will be how to make a Tezzie Crochet Hat beanie. The pattern can be found here on Cats Blog and pattern was designed by It is rated as a easy+ / intermediate project. You will need to know hot to Chain, single crochet, Double crochet, and increase and Treble crochet. This hat / beanie can be made in a small to large adult hat Doyou have a Facebook Account? Just search for Bobwilson123. Share you latest projects, ideas and photos Don't have a FaceBook Page? Share your photos and send them to I will use them in a video to share with other YouTube viewers Find the Master List of Video's here

    Keywords: crochet, beanie, hat, double, single, treble, tutorial, cradle, crib, purse, camel, afghan, blanket, wrap, granny, square, join, joining, Jacobs, ladder, strand, bow, bootie, nappy, diaper, cover, imagination, rib, bracelet, scarf, cowl, shawl, poncho, neck, warmer, fingerless, gloves, half, how, to, howto, instructions, shell, puff, cluster, icord, cozy, flower, rose, easy, adult, baby, child, bag, coin, pouch, headband, hair, clip, cupcake, head, ear, button, scoodie, hoodie, cardigan, sweater
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Runescape Live PK Commentary 2012 - Fail - How to Double Korasi Spec - Guide and Tutorial
    Duration: 4:35

    Description: Thumbs up for being jagexed! haha! Hope u guys enjoy it! - I Give TehOriginalGangsters Full Rights to use this video! - My other channel! - -------- Guide to Double Korasi Spec -------- 1. Need a Ring of Vigour 2. Need a Timer (can just use Please subscribe if u want to see more. And Thumbs up if u liked the vid. Fav if you are pro :D Hope u guys enjoy! Ring of Vigour method WORKS in PvP Special attack method is slightly easier to use outside PvP, but does NOT work in PvP! With a Ring of Vigour and good timing, some players are able to perform two special attacks back-to-back without the use of Leech Special Attack or Recover Special potions. Two special attacks, while wearing the ring, cost 110% special attack. By waiting to attack until just before the bar naturally restores, their second attack comes just after the 10% is restored. RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd.n play runescape at : Tags Pepsies PepsiesForRs Pk Pking World NightmareRH No1s Perfect Sparc Mac Weerdonerd Dikbil Vid Runescape Player Moderator Pmod Dharok Ags risk Ftw Combo High risk Barrows Whip Ags Claws Torva Korasi PVP Dds Old wild Wildy Veng Ko Live Elysian Divine Chaotic Rapier Bow Hybrid High hits Verac Guthan Bandos F2P Corrupt

    Keywords: how, to, double, korasi, spec, guide, tutorial, f2p, pking, live, runescape, commentary, rs, bandos, godsword, pk, video, Runescae, Jagex, Purple, Phat, Dragon, Defender, sword, Huge, XP, lamp, squeel, of, fortune, Divine, Elysian, Spirit, Shield, Armadyl, godword, Chestplate, Tassets, Dungeoneering, Chaotic, Longsword, Rapier, Maul, Fire, Cape, Hilt, Corp, ags, sgs, abyssal, whip, dagger, dds, rune, vengence, SS, bank, 1b+, fury, claws
    Average rating: 2.3

  16. Double Barrel Pwnage!
    Duration: 2:15

    Description: FPS Russia Shirts - Follow me on Twitter: Retweet: 2nd Channel: 3rd Channel:

    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Easy Pretty Rose Flower - Crochet tutorial
    Duration: 20:50

    Description: This easy flower is great for beginners and only uses the slip stitch, chain stitch, single crochet and Double crochet. Make it into a hairclip or attach it to a headband, bag, shawl, beanie or afghanStay up to date with Twitter and FaceBook - Just search for Bobwilson123. Share you latest projects, ideas and photos Don't have a FaceBook Page? Share your photos and send them to I will use them in a video to share with other YouTube viewers Find the Master List of Video's here Free written pattern

    Keywords: crochet, bag, purse, shawl, poncho, scarf, hat, beanie, cowl, single, double, treble, how, to, craft, tutorial, baby, blanket, afghan, adult, bootie, bib, granny, square, join, joining, hair, clip, Crafts
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. ? Friendship Bracelet Tutorial 1 - Beginner - The Candystripe (Chevron Base)
    Duration: 7:48

    Description: [Click "Show more" for Pattern Instructions] Beginners Click Here: ____________________________________________ MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC BRAND) ? Before leaving a question please check to see if it has already been answered in the comments section or in the links supplied below. ? I know it is always easier to just simply ask a question but with so many people following me it is getting harder and harder for me to answer. If for some reason your question has not been answered below (or) you can't find it on your own check out these links: FAQ: Annotation Link Video: ____________________________________________ ? Link To My Store ? ____________________________________________ RELATED LINKS: The Chevron Tutorial- The Double Chevron Tutorial- ___________________________________________________ PATTERN INFO: This is just a simple candy stripe. You will need 4 colors cut about 20" (inches) long for practicing purposes. If you are more advanced make sure you cut your strings about 55" (inches) long (and then folded to form a loop) so you have enough string to make a complete bracelet with ties. Remember, you can also double up on colors to make a thicker stripe. Just set them up as 1 2 3 4 and starting with the first string on the left (always) make three forward knots across the bracelet. When you get to the end pick up ...

    Keywords: beyondbracelets, Friendship, Bracelet, Tutorial, The, Candy, Stripe, Candystripe, Thin, Thick, Bands, Knots, Striped, Knotted, Macrame, Woven, Stripes, Weaving, Camp, Crafts, School, Easy, Kids, Adult, Teen, Children, Jewelry, Embroidery, Floss, Thread, String
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Minecraft Tutorials - Double piston extender
    Duration: 2:39

    Description: I show you how to make a double piston extender that can move a block two blocks high.

    Keywords: minecraft, mine, craft, how, to, make, build, an, double, piston, pistons, video, game, episode, flodmasters, flodmaster, flod, master, lp, let's, lets, play, tutorial, guide, tips, tricks, world, tour, map, single, player, creative, creeper, zombie, skeleton, boat, cart, station, survival, dispenser, beta, epic, mob, trap, monster, spawner, grinder, eats, redstone, red, stone, circuit, detector, water, lava, fire, home, house, base, design, mining, digging, diamond, fun, notch, mushroom, pumpkin, melon, xp, farm, wolf, blaze, dragon, potion, enchanting, nether, wart
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Double Bun Rolls Tutorial Hair Style
    Duration: 5:43

    Description: Want some affordable Diva Jewerly and more stop by this is an evolving site so stay posted. Here I am sportting my 5 week old protective hair style the twist. I decided to do a style I seen to beautiful youtube divas do, I've always worn one, but the two was even better. I used: Water to mositurize my hair Bobby pins Gel for my edges silk scarf to tie down my hair at night check out these two divas: prettydimples01 kinkynappyhappy The musice is by shirley Murdock :Oh to Know Him" Peace and blessings

    Keywords: hair, roll, style, natural, haircut, rick, beauty, salon, curly, products, journey, styles, tutorial, hairstyle, Beauty Salon, Natural Hair, Makeup, Cosmetics, Color, Flat
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. Card Double Throwable Technique Tutorial
    Duration: 5:04

    Description: Compared with diving board double by Lee Asher that I figure myself and by watching first other people's performance. This is a variation from another duo street magician that I watch long time ago on a VHS using both hands, this is the same technique but with only one hand. =================== Comparado con diving board double por Lee Asher que descubr� por mi mismo y al ver primero el desempe�o de otra gente. Esta es solo una variaci�n de un d�o de magos de calle que vi ya hace mucho tiempo en un VHS usando ambas manos, esta es la misma t�cnica usando solo una mano.

    Keywords: Card, Trick, Technique, Double, Throwable, Tutorial, magic
    Average rating: 4.4

  22. DanceTube - Double Dream Hands
    Duration: 2:30

    Description: Check out the first episode of our new original show "Dance Tube" where we will show you the top 5 response videos to John Jacobson's notorious "Double Dream Hands."

    Keywords: double dream hands, dance tube, kourtney richard, john jacobson, dance on, danceon, k-rich, double dream hands mom, dance video, double trouble dream hands, funny kitten man, funny cat man, dancing cat, double dream hands eli, double dream hands baby, double dream hands toddler, double dream hands all the way, planet rock
    Average rating: 4.0

  23. The Minecraft Files - The Minecraft Files #61: Double Doors and Locking Door (HD)
    Duration: 11:28

    Description: In this episode, I show you how to use redstone to make working double doors. I also show you how to make a locking door using redstone as well! *IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE* Chimney's Store: The Minecraft Survival Guide: MY OTHER CHANNELS: Follow me on twitter

    Keywords: the, minecraft, files, the minecraft files, chimney, chimneyswift, chimneyswift11, luclin, mcwb, minecraftwb, silver, microphone, redstone, double, doors, redstone doors, redstone double doors, pressure, plate, switch, locking, lock, redstone lock, redstone locking doors, the minecraft survival guide, redstone tutorials, redstone tutorial, tutorial, survival, notch, adventure
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. David Blaine Double Aces: Performance and Tutorial
    Duration: 4:39

    Description: This is another David Blaine Card Trick, Enjoy! You can check out my blog here: You can check out my Google plus here:

    Keywords: Performance (Project), Magic, Trick, Card, tricks, cards, cool, David, Blaine, illusion, fun, Intermediate
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. MW3 Secrets - How To Get Unlimited Prestige Tokens (Tutorial for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC)
    Duration: 3:38

    Description: Tutorial by -- Step 1: Prestige Step 2: Go to Barracks, Prestige Shop, Unlock Equipment, then click on blind eye and hover over "No". Step 3: Have a friend in your lobby, tell him to join a public match, then quickly back out. (The "Yes and No" should be hovering over your screen.) Step 4: Find your way back to the Prestige Shop and click on double xp, click yes, then yes again and so on.

    Keywords: mw3, how, to, get, unlimited, prestige, tokens, shop, modern, warfare, blindeye, pro, double, xp, weapon, tutorial, xbox, ps3, pc
    Average rating: 4.7

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