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  1. "Keepin' it Stylish." UMvC3 Dante Tutorial
    Duration: 14:47

    Description: I went ahead and put together a little tutorial video to help Dante players transition into Ultimate. He has some new rules to his combos and one or two moves were tweaked in his nerf. DON'T TRY TO BRING A VANILLA DANTE TO AN ULTIMATE FIGHT. Last song is the opening theme from Highschool of the Dead. Combos: Mid-screen(everyone but short characters): "jC--cr.A--st.B--st.C--stinger--bold move--volcano--jC--air play--jC--st.C--S--clay pigeon--prop shredder--jump-cancel teleport--hammer--volcano/beehive--S--clay pigeon--stinger--bold move--teleport--hammer--volcano/beehive--million dollars" Mid-screen(short characters or after assist)"st.B--st.C--stinger--bold move--volcano--jB--jC--killer bee--S--clay pigeon--stinger--bold move--teleport--hammer--volcano/beehive--million dollars" or "st.B--st.C--stinger--bold move--jB--jC--killer bee--S--clay pigeon--prop shredder--hammer--cold shower--stinger--bold move--teleport--hammer--volcano/beehive--million dollars" Mid-screen off jS or Hammer: "Volcano--jB--jC--killer bee--S--clay pigeon--stinger--bold move--teleport--hammer--volcano/beehive--million dollars" In corner(everyone but sentinel): "jC--cr.A--st.B--st.C--stinger--bold move--volcano--jC--air play--jC--st.C--cold shower--prop shredder--hammer--volcano/beehive--S--clay pigeon--stinger--bold move--*sky dance* *if sky dance hits in front*--beehive--stinger--bold move--volcano/beehive--million dollars *if sky dance hits behind*--air dash B--volcano/beehive--million dollars ...

    Keywords: changes, vanilla, mvc3
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Advanced Dante Tutorial: Marvel vs Capcom 3
    Duration: 6:33

    Description: For Dante's basics, head to Combo Annotation: The numbers when I describe them refer to a number on the numberpad. It's called "numpad notation." If you look at a number pad on a keyboard, you can think of directions. All directions are taken from the 1 player side. 1 = down+back 2 = down 3 = down + forward 4 = back 5 = neutral 6 = forward 7 = up + back 8 = up 9 = up + forward LMHS should be done right. L = Light M = Medium H = Heavy S = Special DHC Glitch: The DHC glitch, or Delayed Hyper Combo glitch, is done by first placing your opponent in a captured state. The two moves that dante can do this with are his crazy dance (Special after 214L or 214H) and his grapple (236H236H) And are both able to be comboed into. The second part is to activate two hypers, each of which do not immediately hit the opponent, for example, Dante's Devil Trigger, Tron's giant serve bot, any counter super, Hulk's gamma quake, and Sentinel's hyper sentinel force. By doing this, all damage and hitstun scaling are completely reset to zero, allowing for some seriously damaging combos. Music is from the Devil May Cry 3 game in various areas, and one from Devil May Cry 4 I think. Any questions, leave down below. Enjoy!

    Keywords: Dante, Advanced, Tutorial, Marvel, vs, capcom, three, mvc3,, devil, trigger, teleport, combos, DHC, glitch
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Dante Tutorial Pt. 1
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: Part one of my Dante tutorial covering his movement options. Sorry about the quality, this was done with my laptop's webcam.

    Keywords: Marvel, Vs, Capcom, mvc3, Dante, tutorial, shine3rection, stylish, shoryuken
    Average rating: 4.7

  4. DMC4 - Dante Advanced Combat Tutorial Part 1
    Duration: 10:41

    Description: Here it is. The long awaited Dante tutorial for DMC4. I put a lot of effort into this, trying to record everything that I needed. I believe I wasted about 10GB worth of diskspace on my harddrive. :P The songs are in the video so I won't repeat myself. I also used the debug menu for the following: Stop BP Time Endless life for enemies HP bar Slow Motion Endless Devil Trigger Part 2 will also go over the following techniques: Sky Running Star Rave Side Rave Reverse Rave Lucifer Cancelling Part 2 will also talk more about Jump Cancelling as well. I won't work on the video till next weekend, seeing how I have classes I have to attend to at college. My controller configuration: PS3 Controller, Default configuration ========= FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ========= Q. Is this PC? A Yes. Q. What is your configuration? A. PS3 Controller, Default controls. Q. How did you fight Sanctus? A. Debug Menu. Q. How do I use debug menu? A. Go here: Q. How do I stop bloody palace time and have infinite enemy life? A. Use the debug menu (for PC users who use controllers) Otherwise, you will have to use SpoilerAL (for PC users who use keyboards, go to Infernal Works and search SpoilerAL) Go here for SpoilerAL Q. What are the song names? A. The song names show in the beginning of each song. Please don't ask me this. Q. Are these techniques possible to do on other gaming systems? A. Yes.

    Keywords: DMC4, Dante, Tutorial, Devil may Cry 4, advanced techniques, combos
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. MVC3 - Dante "Bold Cancelling" Tutorial
    Duration: 1:27

    Description: A short tutorial video showing how to execute the Bold Cancel (as I have coined it), an integral part of Dante's meta game and combos. Let me know what you think Discussion

    Keywords: marvel, vs, capcom, dante, devil, may, cry, bold, move, cancelling, bcing, shoryuken
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Black Ops Emblem: Full Dante Tutorial
    Duration: 4:33

    Description: Too many people were too confused about the last video, so I hope this will help.

    Keywords: Dante, Emblem, Blackops, Game, Dmc
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Dante Teleport Cancel Tutorial..
    Duration: 1:41

    Description: Sorry about the mic Il remember not to use turtle beach x11's to do a voice over again.. Anyways I got asked alot about this and was tired of my inbox blowing up with messages on how to do this

    Keywords: Dante, Teleport, Cancel, tutorial, mvc3, smexymillz
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Dante Tutorial Pt.2
    Duration: 8:48

    Description: Part two of my Dante Tutorial covering his normals. Sorry about the quality, this was done with my laptop's webcam.

    Keywords: Marvel, Vs, Capcom, mvc3, Dante, tutorial, shine3rection, stylish, shoryuken
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. DMC4 - Dante Advanced Combat Tutorial Part 2
    Duration: 16:02

    Description: If you live in a region that cannot view this video, look at the response to this video. The final installment of the DMC4 Tutorial series. Sorry for the long time on this one. I had planned on splitting the video into parts but then I'd figured that I should just upload everything at once. I put a lot of time and effort into this video, seeing how it's such a long one. I would also like to thank the people who sent me their video clips. Without them, this tutorial wouldn't have been completed at all. Music is listed, so if you ask I will deleted your comment Don't as for cheats as well. I'm fairly tired of hearing multiple comments about them. If you wish to know where I got my cheats from, look at the credits. My controller configuration: PS3 Controller, Default configuration

    Keywords: DMC4, Dante, Tutorial, Nero, Vergil, Devil May Cry 4, Stylish, Combo, SSS, Sick, Smoking, Jump Cancel, starrave, skystar
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Dante Tutorial Pt.5
    Duration: 12:07

    Description: Part 5 of my Dante tutorial covering his specials. Sorry about the quality, this was done with my laptop's webcam.

    Keywords: Marvel, Vs, Capcom, mvc3, Dante, tutorial, shine3rection, stylish, shoryuken
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. MvC3: Tutorial *Dante Bold Cancel* pt1
    Duration: 13:47

    Description: Bold canceling can be a little confusing so it's no surprise to me that I had to break this up into 2 parts. I know 2 parts seems like a lot for a simple tutorial, but I couldn't find any way around explaining it with talking about certain things that I feel that could make learning easier. Learning how to bold cancel gave me more problems than anything else I have tried to learn so far in MvC3. It's not that's that timing is hard, it's just that the inputs and motions make it to be a little confusing since there are quite a few. Again, it's not hard, just like anything else it takes time and understanding. Don't expect to learn it after a couple of tries, expect to spend some time in training applying your self to the combo. Just like my last tutorials, if you have any questions or are stuck on something, post a comment or send me a message and I'll do my best to help you out. Thanks for watching

    Keywords: Dante, Bold, Cancel, Tutorial, marvel, vs, capcom, mvc3, training, mode
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Dante 101: A UMvC3 Tutorial for his new BnBs
    Duration: 5:01

    Description: Some assistless BnBs for Dante in Ultimate and some bonuses. Transcript can be found here:

    Keywords: Dante, Devil, May, Cry, Ultimate, Marvel, vs, Capcom
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Dante Acid Rain Loop Tutorial
    Duration: 2:59

    Description: Any questions feel free to ask and I will get back to you peace.. Make sure to subscribe

    Keywords: smexymillz, mvc3, neo, empire, dante, acid, rain, loop, best, version, xbox, devil, may, cry, tiger, knee, motion, explain, awesome, informative, help, arcade, cheats, tutorial, gun, comics, computer hacks, creature, tournament, video game, handheld console, anime, consoles, wii, nintendo, tips, wolf, psp
    Average rating: 4.7

  14. Dante's Inferno Worldly Splendors tutorial
    Duration: 3:35

    Description: i made this tutorial to show you how to get to the girl at the top of the gears in worldly splendors. some people were asking how to do this on my last video where i was trapped so i hope this helps them and everyone else who needs help. dantes inferno tutorial worldly splendors save check point hints tips tricks secret relics

    Keywords: dante's, inferno, EA, game, play, glitch, trapped, greed, worldly, splendor, save, check, point, stuck, strategy, video, dante, hints, tips, secret, relics, how, to, devil may, guide, mosh, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. I watched some MvC2, A UMVC3 Dante Reset Tutorial
    Duration: 6:21

    Description: Been playing phoenix a lot recently, and she's made me explore one aspect of my chars I've been overlooking since I had easy kill combos, resets. I gotta say, Dante is the reset king. It doesn't matter whether he has meter, if he touches, you're probably gonna die. This is probably my last video. Blazblue CSEX is coming out this week and is gonna steal my life.

    Keywords: Dante, Resets, Marvel, vs, Capcom, Ultimate
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. UMvC3: Tutorial *Dante Bold Cancel BnB Update* 2.26.12
    Duration: 15:20

    Description: Welcome to another tutorial, well more like an update to a tutorial I already did. Here I'm breaking down Dante's new BnB combo that uses his bold cancel. Like I said in the video, I'm not breaking down the actually bold cancel, for that you can go to my bold canceling tutorial. Since I made the Updated Magneto fast fly combo tutorial, I felt it to be appropriate to update Dante's combos as well. It was also requested by a viewer. UMvC3 changed some of the hit properties of characters causing their old combos to be performed slightly differently. There are other ways of getting damage in with Dante, but my goal is to just give you a base to build off of. So that you can start to at least play the characters and begin to develop your own versions or whatever. As stated in the video, if you Liked it, Rate it, and and thanks for watching. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bold Cancel Tutorial pt. 1: pt. *Note: The bold cancel itself is all in pt. 1 of the tutorial. So I wouldn't worry to much about pt. 2 since that combo doesn't really transfer into UMvC3 very well.

    Keywords: umvc3, Tutorial, Dante, Bold, Cancel, bnb, Update, 22612, ultimate, marvel, vs, capcom
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Devil May Cry 4 - Blitz is Easy. Tutorial (DMD, Nero and Dante)
    Duration: 9:41

    Description: DMC 4 - Blitz tutorial. There are some easy, chip tips about how to defeat Blitz at DMD difficulty on company playthrough with Nero and Dante. I remember my youth, when i was terrified each time i met Blitz. It was absolute horror at DMD. So i hope this video helps people like i was. PS To block Blitz lightning you need to press block button with frequency 345 bpm on Normal (not Turbo) mode. And, yes, Blitz take all your health with Lunging Grab move (suicidal explosion).

    Keywords: Devil May Cry 4, dmc4, Blitz, DMD, Dante, Nero, tutorial, fast, easy, Dante must die, Buster, skill, tips, tricks, strategies, Air, Ground, PC, Royal Guard, Royal Release, Royal Block, RG, RB, RR, Gilgamesh, Lucifer, dmc 4, vid, HD, high quality, Style, Stylish, modding, mod, mods, dervadok, Vadok
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. UMVC3 dante tutorial traducido al espa�ol ��
    Duration: 5:20


    Keywords: UMVC3, Advanced, shuma, gorath, gill, megaman, Modok, Dormammu, Wesker, Ironfist, Phoenix, Gright, Team, Asteroides, Spencer, strider, doom, morrigan, ryu, akuma, tbone, felicia, rocket, racoon, thor, x23, nova, frank, west, vergil, dante, hawkeye, drstrange, resets, aerial, iron, man, sentinel, storm, magneto, hypercombo, spiderman, chris, hulk, she, viper, haggar, hseien-ko, amaterasu, viewtiful, joe, zero, arthur, skrull, deadpol, capitan, america, taskmaster, gosthraider, trish, chun, li, fire, brand, nemesis
    Average rating: 3.7

  19. Dante's Prayer
    Duration: 7:23

    Description: By Loreena McKennitt, spiritual, inspirational, new age Lyrics: When the dark wood fell before me And all the paths were overgrown When the priests of pride say there is no other way I tilled the sorrows of stone I did not believe because I could not see Though you came to me in the night When the dawn seemed forever lost You showed me your love in the light of the stars Cast your eyes on the ocean Cast your soul to the sea When the dark night seems endless Please remember me Then the mountain rose before me By the deep well of desire From the fountain of forgiveness Beyond the ice and fire Cast your eyes on the ocean Cast your soul to the sea When the dark night seems endless Please remember me Though we share this humble path, alone How fragile is the heart Oh give these clay feet wings to fly To touch the face of the stars Breathe life into this feeble heart Lift this mortal veil of fear Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears We'll rise above these earthly cares Cast your eyes on the ocean Cast your soul to the sea When the dark night seems endless Please remember me Please remember me

    Keywords: spiritual, inspirational, new, age, proshow
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Dante Bucci - Outbound
    Duration: 5:24

    Description: "Outbound" copyright 2009 by Dante Bucci / UFO Tunes (ASCAP) http Dante Bucci: Hand-pan John Glaubitz: Bass Chris Farrell: Guitar Wesley Rast: Drums Recorded live at Kawari Sound Mixed by Adam Winokur Mastered by John Glaubitz Videography by Mia Johnson Intro graphic by youtube user morgggx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want a HandPan: The makers of the "Hang" are no longer creating a musical instrument. PANArt is now focusing on creating a tool for meditation that does not follow the conventions of traditional musical notes. If you would like to purchase a Handpan, I would suggest you look into one of these other Handpan makers:

    Keywords: handpan, hang, hung, hong, hand, steel, pan, drum, percussion, dmbufomus1c, hand-pan, panart, Dante, Bucci, ufo, tunes, philadelphia, inspirational, musical instruments, fanfare, halcyon, let me go, outbound, reminiscence, hangfunk, evolution
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. Dante's Prayer - Aragorn/Arwen
    Duration: 4:36

    Description: The story of Aragorn and Arwen, from their meeting in the Trollshaw to their reunion at Aragorn's coronation. A beautiful song that screamed at me to be vidded.

    Keywords: aragorn, arwen, eowyn, evenstar, lord, of, the, rings, loreena, mckennitt, dantes, prayer
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Dante Bucci - Hangfunk
    Duration: 2:50

    Description: HangFunk Live at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NY 01/24/09. Dante Bucci - Hang; John Glaubitz - Bass. HangFunk can be heard on my new EP - available on iTunes and! (c) 2008 Dante Bucci (Ufo Tunes/ASCAP)

    Keywords: handpan, hang, hung, hong, drum, steelpan, steel, pan, percussion, world, beat, dante, bucci, hangfunk, john, glaubitz, dantebuccicomfeed, dmbufomus1c
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. ~~ Dante's Prayer ~~ Loreena McKennitt ~~
    Duration: 5:37

    Description: The hauntingly beautiful voice of Loreena McKennitt.

    Keywords: dantes, prayer, loreena, mckennitt
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Devil May Cry 4 DMD Bosses Battle Tutorial part 1
    Duration: 6:33

    Description: This is first part of project I've started to make. It shows the easiest ways to defeat bosses in Devil May Cry 4 on Dante Must Die mode, using Nero. Project will have at least 10 parts (Dante, Berial, Bael, Echidna, Angelo Credo, Angelo Agnus, Dante, Sanctus, Savior, Sanctus Diabolica). I said at least, becouse if all goes perfect and quick, I'll try to do Tutorial using Dante (I've to beat up all Bloody Palace again to make battle Dante vs Dante, cool -.-). Hope you enjoy it, maybe I've help somebody ;]

    Keywords: Devil, May, Cry, DMC4, DMD, Dante, Must, Die, Nero, Boss, Battle, Tutorial, Easiest, way, PC
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. Dante's Inferno - Canto I
    Duration: 8:47

    Description: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) Illustrations by Gustave Dor�(1832-1883). ------------------------ Dante's Inferno - Canto I Read by: Cori Samuel ------------------------ Compiled from various public domain sources using Windows Movie Maker. ------------------------ http

    Keywords: dante, alighieri, inferno, divine, comedy, librivox, Dante Alighieri
    Average rating: 4.9

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