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Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer

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  1. After Effects Tutorial - Easy Ink Reveals
    Duration: 14:30

    Description: Another mind bogglingly simple tutorial on creating your own ink bleeds from Dan Stevers.

    Keywords: dan, stevers, after, effects, video, tutorials, advanced, beginner, andrew, kramer, copilot, pro, tips, tricks
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Video Copilot : 'The Bullet' in Autodesk Maya [part 3]
    Duration: 3:29

    Description: (HD Voice Tutorial) **Texturing The Bullet Continued** ever wonder that something was missing from videocopilot's product 'the bullet'? well here is the tutorial on creating all the 3d stuff inside of Autodesk Maya to help those fellow maya guys out there :) hope this helps Dan Allen

    Keywords: autodesk, maya, danonabouncycastle, dan, allen, video, copilot, co, pilot, andrew, kramer, the, bullet
    Average rating: 4.2

  3. After Effects 'Submerged' Animation (Video Copilot Tutorial)
    Duration: 05

    Description: This is my first attempt at using After Effects. I used a tutorial from Video Copilot with Andrew Kramer. It's a great site for After Effects, just look at what i did with it :)

    Keywords: After, Effects, Video, Copilot, Animation, Submerged, Tutorial, Andrew, Kramer
    Average rating: 4.2

  4. "Haokend" Concept Trailer 2011
    Duration: 2:30

    Description: This is a trailer concept for an unfinished web series that we will further pursue in the future. The story takes place in a post apocalyptic utopia (Haokend) run by a tyrant by the name of Seth Goodman. Donnie Chen travels to this world in search of his mother. With the aid of William Gibbs he seeks the ultimate truth. All guns used in this video are NERF guns. All music in this video is original and the final title animation was created with the help of an Andrew Kramer tutorial from "Video CoPilot". CAST & CREW: Saul Piedad Jesse Doole Chris Torres Sherwin Piedad Jake Lorena Lorenzo Espares Dan Paquette Scott Wright Kevin Eng Ron Patenaude Kim Patenaude Matt Valliere : FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK:

    Keywords: haokend, nerf, trailer, series, action, planet, drawbridge, films, Trailer (promotion), Preview, guns, video, copilot, tyrant, web, apocalyptic, utopia, dome, future, world
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. How To: Make the Ripple Text Effect | A Cinema 4D Tutorial
    Duration: 3:31

    Description: My first tutorial, please give it a like if you want to see more of these videos! If there is any thing you want to see a tutorial on just write it down in the comments below! -Daniel

    Keywords: Cinema 4D (Brand), Effects, After, Adobe, Valentine, Mass, How-to (Conference Subject), Valentine's Day (Holiday), After Effects, Special, Adobe After Effects (Software), Mass Effect, Sound, Premiere, Tutorial, Tears, Cs4, Intro, Animation, Cs3, Waking, Photoshop, Special Effects, Visual, Flash, Shepard, Hand, Vfx, Graphics, Andrew, Sound Effects, Critical, Sfx, Kramer, Burst, Words, Clone, Butterfly, Adobe Photoshop (Software), Tears Don, Text, Particle, Into, Me2, Motion, Poison, Elements, Editing, Title, Normandy, Affects
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Energy Hurricane Test
    Duration: 24

    Description: This is a little video i did after school one day. I used After effects for all the effects. Thanks to Andrew Kramer for the awesoem tutorial! Hopefully i can make a way better one in an actual movie sometime :)

    Keywords: ian, knighton, freeze, frame, productions, energy, hurricane, test, ball, andrew, kramer, video, copilot, tutorial, dan, lordclueless, muffin71994, effect, vfx, magic, light
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. The Amazing Shakey Cam - After Effects Tutorial
    Duration: 7:22

    Description: A quick tip to get a better shakey cam in After Effects from Dan Stevers.

    Keywords: after, effects, tutorial, shakey, cam, camera, movement, tut, aetuts, animation, natural, wiggle, position, Adobe After Effects, Motion (physics), Motion (software), andrew, kramer
    Average rating: 4.5

  8. Video Copilot : 'The Bullet' in Autodesk Maya [part 2]
    Duration: 9:17

    Description: (HD Voice Tutorial) **Texturing The Bullet** ever wonder that something was missing from videocopilot's product 'the bullet'? well here is the tutorial on creating all the 3d stuff inside of Autodesk Maya to help those fellow maya guys out there :) hope this helps Dan Allen

    Keywords: autodesk, maya, danonabouncycastle, dan, allen, video, copilot, co, pilot, andrew, kramer, the, bullet
    Average rating: 4.2

  9. After Effects 'Disintegration' (Video Copilot Tutorial)
    Duration: 03

    Description: This is my second After Effects video I have done. I have used the amazing Video Copilot to create this disintegration effect. Enjoy :)

    Keywords: Disintegration, Video, Copilot, Andrew, Kramer, dangardiner93, After, Effects
    Average rating: 3.7

  10. Tutorial Proton Beam_parte 1
    Duration: 8:59

    Description: il mio primo tutorial parlato.

    Keywords: tutorial, proton, beam, ghostbusters, italia, bill, murray, dan, akroyd, harold, ramis, hudson, videocopilot, andrew, kramer
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. R&D Plane Crash
    Duration: 13

    Description: *UPDATE* I was planning on doing a full tutorial on how to achieve the effect (when completed), but I have been informed by a representative of Video Copilot that the green screen footage cannot be used in other training resources. So, either I can give you a general breakdown and overview without getting into specifics, or if someone is able to film some high quality green screen footage in a similar context to the scene above, please get in contact with me at: ---------- Recently, Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot released a tutorial for After Effects showing how he created a plane jet catching on fire from a compositing standpoint. A lot of people were interested in how he created the 3d background, which he doesn't go into in the tutorial. So I started messing around with the footage provided, and thought I would take it further. This is just a preview so far of what I have done in regards to building a 3d set, camera tracking, and adding extra animation to the camera. Still to do: Materials Lighting Creating the flame and smoke elements with FumeFX Rendering Compositing I will post a breakdown of the effect when it is completed, unless someone can film and supply a similar green screen element. If that happens, I will do a full step by step tutorial. So subscribe for updates!

    Keywords: Tutorial (Literary Genre), animation, Crash, 3ds Max, Autodesk 3ds Max (Software), 3d Studio Max, Video Copilot, Andrew, Kramer, aftereffects, After Effects, afterfx, Adobe
    Average rating: 2.1

  12. Kramer's Entrance
    Duration: 6:17

    Description: Every single Kramer entrance, in chronological order. Enjoy!

    Keywords: Kramer, Seinfeld, door, entrance
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Energetics: The First Order of Inherent Freedom -- Book Teaser One (Rebrand)
    Duration: 31

    Description: Energetics: The First Order of Inherent Freedom Authors: Daniel Ward & Terre Britton The Four Orders is a four-book Drama/Sci-Fi series that begins with life-altering discoveries and builds momentum towards our society's self-actualization. The story is based on the truth behind a set of equations written down over one hundred years ago by James Clerk Maxwell. The first book in the series -- Energetics: The First Order of Inherent Freedom -- is a risky dance between the innocence of invention and corruption of saboteurs as clean and limitless electrical energy is made available to the world. Each Order describes the personal, sociological and geopolitical impact as new inventions are built and implemented. By the end of the Fourth Order, will we finally gain the ability to engineer reality itself? Pre-order the paperback and find out more at: Related article by Daniel Ward 'The Unwritten Rule' Custom Audio: Daniel Ward Motion Graphics: Terre Britton Special thanks to Andrew Kramer for the 'Ring' tutorial.

    Keywords: Daniel Ward, Terre Britton, Book, Film, Author, Advertising, Marketing, The Four Orders, The First Order, Palm Coast, Florida, Energetics, Book Teaser, Book Trailer, Electrodynamics, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Terrabyte Publishing, Publisher, Terrabyte Graphics, Multimedia, After Effects, Online Web Commercial, Motion Graphics, Videography Service, Tesla, James Clerk Maxwell, scifi, Drama, World Peace, Rebrand, Teaser
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. The Demon
    Duration: 24

    Description: A short video I made in After Effects using Andrew Kramer's tutorial over at I hope you enjoy it.

    Keywords: Andrew, Kramer, Demon, After, Effects, awesome
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. BREAKERS: Teaser Trailer Text Effect Test (HD 720p)
    Duration: 05

    Description: Thanks to Andrew Kramer and his amazing tutorials, I managed to create this. I think I will be using it for the Teaser Trailer.

    Keywords: After Effects, Andrew Kramer, Tutorials, Shatterize, Shatter, Text, Film, Breakers, Dexacious Media, Adobe
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Tutorial Proton Beam_parte 2
    Duration: 6:09

    Description: il mio primo tutorial parlato.

    Keywords: tutorial, proton, beam, ghostbusters, italia, bill, murray, dan, akroyd, harold, ramis, hudson, videocopilot, andrew, kramer
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Nakiami Energy Wipe Intro
    Duration: 07

    Description: Hey guys, Spencer, hey, I was playing around with an old effect I did for Daniel Hailey's "Rise of Nexus" series and edited a bit to make my introductions for Nakiami Productions. This was created with the help of the awesome Andrew Kramer of Post comments, like, or message me if you like this intro or the other ones that will be up soon. Thanks - Anddrew Kramer's Tutorial - Daniel Hailey's Channel

    Keywords: Effects, intro, Energy Wipe, Nakiami Productions, Nakiami, AE, After Effects

  18. infinite zoom
    Duration: 18

    Description: roll down to read in english. inspirado por el tutorial earth zoom de andrew kramer, saque unas fotos con el celular mientras caminaba por la calle, las meti en el after effects, las escale, las pickwhipi�, y VOILA! parece un misil volando por la ciudad... musica del unreal tournament 99, acorde. hice un poco de quilombo con las mascaras pero si va rapido no se dan cuenta. inspired by the earth zoom tutorial by andrew kramer, I took some photos with my cellphone while I was walking down the street, then I put them in adobe after effects, scaled them pickwhiped them, and, VOILA! an infinite zoom. it's look like a rocket flying arround... I made a little mess with the masks but if it goes fast you wont notice that.

    Keywords: after, effects, zoom, photos, infinite
    Average rating: 4.3

  19. Kisah-kisah teladan, Episode 1 : Supir yang stress
    Duration: 1:30

    Description: Supir was depressed when his housemate plays a guitar and distracts him from facebooking. He decided to shoot him dead for a peace of mind. Effect done using Adobe After Effects and credit to Andre Kramer for his tutorial. Thanks

    Keywords: andrew kramer, shoot, dead, guitar, supir, facebook, auckland

  20. Kramer Assault 220 FR guitar
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: In this video Guitar World's gear editor Paul Riario demonstrates the features of the Kramer Assault 220 FR guitar. For more gear reviews and videos check out

    Keywords: Guitar World, Gear Review, Paul Riario, Kramer, Assault, 220, FR
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Spread Shot FREE DL | Trailer | theory11 | The Wire
    Duration: 17

    Description: This is a Trailer for the "Spread Shot" which I'm probably going to publish on The Wire for FREE sometime. If not, then this is just an awesome trailer ;) I didn't really filmed the tutorial yet. And although it's pretty easy explaining it, I don't have the time to film. So It can take a while before it will be available on The Wire. (A couple of weeks, maby months... ) It would be nice if you guys told me how you want the tutorial to be, what angles and stuff ;) Thanks!

    Keywords: Spread, Shot, theory11, t11, Dan, and, Dave, D&D, Buck, The, Wire, FREE, DL, Download, Tutorial, Created, by, Pieter, Voorhout, Adobe, After, Effects, CS4, Video, Copilot, Andrew, Kramer, VFX, Twitch, Plug-in, Flour, Particles, Sony, HDR-XR350VE, Camcorder, 1080i, Full, HD, High, Definition, 25fps
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 9:38

    Description: RESIDENT EVIL Vol. 1, No. 1 April 1996 I believe this was a comic that was released before or a little after the release of the Resident Evil 1 game on Playstation. The comic is from 1996 so I have no idea how I received this all those years ago, but it was found with some old stuff in mint condition. Nice little story leading up to Resident Evil 1 and the Resident Evil Zero games that shows some more insight into the mansion incident. The last page and back cover have original ads for Resident Evil 1. Now this will go back to my Resident Evil collection for storage. Plot by: Desmond Church & Chris Kramer Script by: Dan Shaheen / Chris Kramer & Simone Seydoux Art and Color Design: Dave Johnson Lettered by: Edd Hendricks Interior Color: Moose Baumann Cover Art: Bill Sienkiewicz Edited by: Mark Paniccia

    Keywords: resident, evil, comic
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Helicopter Demo 1.0
    Duration: 5:39

    Description: Thanks for watching. The Current State of Helli Demo, Finished new GUI elements. Special Thanks to: "Dan" Sole Supporter of Helli Project. Thanks to: Neoaxis Engine Development team for making such a Great Engine. Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot for intro splash Tutorial available here:

    Keywords: Neoaxis, Helicopter, video game
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. Lens Flare Title (free preset included!)
    Duration: 10

    Description: If you want the presets for the anamorphic lens flares, click here: Comment if you download the preset!(from google docs) This is a title video I made using after effects. I also used shape extruder. Please comment and give suggestions. See my 2nd lens flare title here: Watch my other videos, too!

    Keywords: after, effects, title, anamorphic, lens, flare, 3D, text, cool, zoom, productions, HD, 720p, free, presets, videocopilot, andrew, kramer, dan, ebberts, expressions, tutorial, camera, canon, adobe, Panasonic, Hollywood, Titles, without, using, Optical, Flares, why, are, you, reading, these, tags
    Average rating: 2.2

  25. Savage II
    Duration: 47

    Description: This is a video i made for my art and crafts exam. Inspired by tutorials on and made with a standard laptop. Feel free to post some CONSTRUCTIVE comments and be sure to rate and subscribe. (I dont post videos often :P) Thanx to Andrew Kramer and his amazing site :) Edit: COMMENTS! I NEED COMMENTS!

    Keywords: exam, video, tutorial,, andrew, kramer, amazing, cool, after, effects, 3ds, max, 3d, studio, autodesk, 2008, 2009, adobe, cs4, james, bond, action, savage, II, explosion, gun, barrel, bullet, wanted, little, things, render, vray, casino, daniel, craig, usa, president, barack, obama, chris, rock, onlive, photoshop, norway, korgen, silent, war, matrix, greenscreen, effect, spotify, free, crysis, nano, suit, csi, fishbourne, susan, boyle, Britains, got, talent, terrorist, material, scene, blood, trailer, release, assasins, creed, vinci
    Average rating: 4.5

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