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  1. Truevision 6.5 DirectX 9 Wave simulation (Pat Shearon)
    Duration: 30

    Description: TV 6.5 DX9 HLSL Pixel and Vertex Shader example using 3 texture samples, foam, specular, turbulence, alpha mapping and real time sine wave generation for 3D wave volume. Written in C# over TV 6.5 SDK (

    Keywords: truevision3d, Hawthorne, Mithian, Regulators, directx, Gaming, MMO, C#, .NET
    Average rating: 4.3

    Duration: 6:53

    Description: y al final del video esta como qued�.

    Keywords: tutorial, blufftitler, intro, crear, create, spanish, english, Argentina, xp, chocolate
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 6:48

    Description: tutorial de como crear un texto con movimientos y manejos de camara con efectos bezier y otros mas...


  4. Shogun 2 Graphics Maxed Out (DX9)
    Duration: 1:45

    Description: A short video showing off the amazing graphics and animations in Shogun 2 Total War. All settings maxed. NOTE: THIS IS PRE-DX11 PATCH. THIS IS DX9 My Computer: Gtx 260 1 gb, AMD Phenom II x3 720 (2.8ghz), 4gb DDR3 RAM (1666) 1600x900 If you are having trouble running the game turn off shadows. You won't miss them and you'll get a big performance boost.

    Keywords: shogun 2, total war, maxed, graphics, animation, battle, fight, samurai, sword, amd phenom, gtx 260, nvidia, amazing, shogun, settings, out, intel, i7, cpu, run, animations, shadows, optimization, tutorial, creative, assembly, total, war, totalwar, ninja, slow, motion, japan, game, video, horse, katana
    Average rating: 4.6

    Duration: 4:46

    Description: Espero que les guste...

    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Direct 3D 9 C++ Video Tutorial - Introduction
    Duration: 6:23

    Description: This video tutorial talks about the Direct3D 9 API, downloading and installing the DirectX SDK, and my recommended knowledge to work through these tutorials. TerroristZero

    Keywords: Direct, 3D, API, SDK, C++, Video, Tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Tutorial - Descargar e Instalar BluffTitleR DX9 + Serial + Keygen y como crear intros [HD]
    Duration: 7:56

    Description: Aqu� les dejo el link del programa BuffTitleR: (Esta subido por mi) Comenten puntuen y suscribanse! Gracias. Espero que les sirva, Saludos.

    Keywords: Tutorial, Como, crear, intros, facilmente, blufftitler, Descargar, Instalar, HD
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Batman Arkham City DX11 Radeon 6850 + AMD Phenom II x4 840 1080p HD + DX9 comparison & benchmarks
    Duration: 12:37

    Description: Testing Batman Arkham City on my desktop on 1080p (DX 11 - tesselation high), all settings maxed out with FXAA (High). Recorded at 30fps 1920x1080 with fraps. Played with an xbox 360 controller. This video shows a little bit of gameplay and cutscenes plus a brief dx9 vs dx11 comparison. My youtube channel: My system: Asus M4a88td-v EVO/USB3, AMD Phenom ii x4 840 3840Mhz, Radeon HD 6850 850mhz 1GB ddr5, 6GB RAM (2x2gb + 2x1gb on dual channel) DDR3 1412Mhz, 60GB SSD ocz vertex2+500 GB HDD Sata Samsung 7200rpm 32MB+1TB external HDD USB 3.0, Win7 64bit

    Keywords: Batman, Arkham, City, Asylum, dx11, dx9, dx, 11, Steam, directx, benchmark, xbla, psn, xbox, 360, patch, gaming, ps3, 1080p, HD, windows, 64bit, ATI, Radeon, hd6850, 6850, AMD, Phenom, II, x4, 840, Asus, M4a88td-v, EVO/USB3, fps, fraps, win7, launcher, ocz, dashboard, nvidia, intel, 6870, ddr3, ssd, vertex, w7, x64, computer, core, overclock, mugen, scythe, sapphire, pure, cooler, master, elite, 430, system, configure, tutorial, plus, Gameplay, Hedgehog, Sega, Athlon, 260, 250, x2, x3
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Crysis 2 Gameplay GTX 460 Maxed HD DirectX 9
    Duration: 7:13

    Description: Crysis 2 Gameplay GTX 460 ********************************* My Rig: Phenom II 955 x4 3,7 Ghz Nvidia GTX 460 768mb 4GB Ram DDRII 800 Gigabyte MA770-UD3 500w PSU FPS with fraps: 25-37 FPS locked to max 37 FPS without fraps: average 56

    Keywords: Crysis2, dx9, EA, games, gameplay, amd, phenom, 955, nvidia, gtx, 460, fps, singleplayer, hd, fraps, powerdirector, gigabyte, youtube, crytek, cryengine, 2011, cheats, tutorial, weapons, gun, chips, semiconductors, widescreen, video game, warfare, rap, stunt, flight simulator, computer, laptop, ati, core, drive, graphics, windows
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Assassin's Creed 2 Razor1911 Crack DX9+DX10
    Duration: 5:28

    Description: DOWNLOAD: AssassinsCreed2_Launcher INSTRUCTION 1. Disconnect internet first! 2. Copy crack to game folder. 3. Run game. 4. Minimize . 5. Run aces2.exe 6. Enter game from taskbar. 7. Play! Description: Assassins Creed� 2 is the follow-up to the title that became the fastest-selling new IP in video game history. The highly anticipated title features a new hero, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, a young Italian noble, and a new era, the Renaissance. Assassins Creed 2 retains the core gameplay experience that made the first opus a resounding success and features new experiences that will surprise and challenge players. Assassins Creed 2 is an epic story of family, vengeance and conspiracy set in the pristine, yet brutal, backdrop of a Renaissance Italy. Ezio befriends Leonardo da Vinci, takes on Florences most powerful families and ventures throughout the canals of Venice where he learns to become a master assassin. TAGS: assassins creed II ac2 download crack full version free pc game gameing leaked working legit assassin's creed 2 crack or product key assassins creed 2 assassins creed 2 crack assassins creed 2 cracked assassins creed 2 download pc assassins creed 2 pc full assassins creed 2 torrent pc

    Keywords: assassins, creed, crack, cracked, download, pc, full, torrent

  11. BluffTitler DX9 7.19
    Duration: 4:58

    Description: Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos with BluffTitler DX9. Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos!

    Keywords: computer
    Average rating: 4.2

  12. Fix No D3DX9 dll found with Media Player Classic Home Cinema
    Duration: 1:27

    Description: How to fix this error message. No D3DX9 dll found. To enable stats, shaders and complex resizers, please make sure to install the latest DirectX End-User Runtime. Warning creating EVR Custom renderer. DirectX Download Link: This could also be fixed by installing the DirectX Runtime from the link above. However, I just copied the file. MPC - HC version 1.3.1249.0 OS - Windows 7

    Keywords: Fix, fixing, No, D3DX9, dll, found, with, Media, Player, Classic, Home, Cinema, directx, runtime, windows7, microsoft, video, mpc, mpchc, d3d, direct3d, dx9, directx9, homecinema, error, problem, solution, repair, mcbeatbox
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Sony Cybershot DX9 1080p Video Test
    Duration: 2:06

    Description: My First Project

    Keywords: sony, cybershot, dx9, video, test, 1080p, intro, tutorial, editing, edit, computer, ericsson, effect, laptop, sony ericsson, color, text, gameplay, effects, key, ati, edited, clone, nvidia, core, settings, drive, amd, notebook, ram, asus, graphics, windows, geforce, duo, monitor, quad, mod, setup, dual, usb, ultra, cpu, radeon, acer, chips, desktop, computers, memory, screen, games, rig, case, card, custom, build, extreme, review, sli, benchmark, digital, samsung, 720p, hdd, aspire, fps, toshiba, crysis warhead, overclock
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. DirectX9 C++ Tutorial 1 - Creating An Engine
    Duration: 8:29

    Description: In these couple of tutorials we will create an engine for DirectX. Most things I am still unsure about but I will not go through it since thats not the point of this video. Google them if you really need to know. FaceBook Page:

    Keywords: directx, c++, tutorial, directx9, creating, an, engine, programming
    Average rating: 4.2

  15. Tutorial 5: Renderer and show some Text
    Duration: 3:49

    Description: In this little vvvv tutorial I will be showing how to create a renderer (DX9), what the 4 display styles (ALT-1, ALT-2. ALT-3 and ALT-Enter) are and we are going to show a little text that we transform so it gets a bit smaller.

    Keywords: vvvv, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Archviz in Unreal Engine (DX9)
    Duration: 1:38

    Description: well...not that bad for a first try. apologize the framerate and weird colors due to fraps recording. its not edited, just captured and uploaded right away

    Keywords: interactive, archviz, unreal, engine, udk, development, kit
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. HowTo to install DirectX 9 on Linux
    Duration: 4:51

    Description: HowTo to install DirectX 9 on Linux. Dowload the Directx march vers.: HowTo:

    Keywords: directx, wine, linux, css, counter, strike:source, source, windows, dx8s, dll, erorr, direct
    Average rating: 4.1

  18. Vista Glazz SP1 Tutorial
    Duration: 4:01

    Description: Vista Glazz Vista Black Theme I used If scared of system mess up I recomend using Windows Blinds by Stardock it does require money($30) but has a lot of less change of messing up system but this is pretty safe never had issues out of it

    Keywords: astro776, camtasia, studio, camstudio, vista, glazz, black, theme, deviant, art, Windows, 7/Vista/XP, DX10/DX9.0C, firefox, google, chrome, IE8, HQ, Themes, fps, crysis, barrel, fun, Tutorial, twitter, account, opened
    Average rating: 3.8

  19. Como instalar BluffTitler DX9 [iTV]
    Duration: 5:20

    Description: P�gina de Facebook: BluffTitler DX9 + Serial

    Keywords: como*, crear*, intros*, para*, videos*, de*, youtube*, descargar*, gratis*, megaupload*, Blufftitler*, DX9*, free*, full*, editing*, widescreen*, slideshow*, crysis*, download*, intel*, laptop*, opening*, gameplay*, gaming*, nvidia*, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Guild Wars: TexMod Tutorial
    Duration: 7:06

    Description: To remove "shiny" effect use .DDS format which can be opened with photoshop. Links Download & Further Information: Already Made Mods: By using this program you acknowledge that you cannot hold ANYONE responsible for what happens to your game or account. FAQ ( Taken from the Official Guild Wiki) Are mods permanent? No. Any modifications must be run through TexMod, and no changes are made to any Guild Wars files. What version of DirectX is required? Texmod currently requires at least DirectX 9 to run. How can I remove a mod? Simply run Guild Wars on its own. Can I use command line switches with TexMod? (such as -password, -dx8, or -noshaders) TexMod does not yet support command line switches. Can I create new models / new UI elements? No. Texmod only supports modification of existing textures, and can not access model data. Can other people see my mods? If they have the same mod active, then yes. Otherwise, no, only you will be able to see the changes. Where can I find mods other people have created? A list of player-made modifications can be found here. I downloaded an armor/weapon reskin, why isn't it working? Many armor/weapon reskins need the item to be a specific color in order to take effect. I get a strange error message, with the text "D'OH". What does it mean? This is a general error message used for nearly all exceptions - as TexMod is beta software, error handling isn't up to par. However some known ...

    Keywords: guild, wars, gw2, g2, w2, tex, mod, texmod, tutorial, help, download, fotn, productions, awesome, mods, modding, free, zaishen, keys, money, gold
    Average rating: 4.2

  21. KOTOR 2 || Step by Step win7/vista Tutorial
    Duration: 7:03

    Description: Patches: Files: Dx9.0c Distribution: Any questions, leave comments below. Don't forget to subscribe for more!

    Keywords: KOTOR, Intel, x3100, 965, Vista, WINDOWS, Windows Vista, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.2

  22. Emblem Tutorial #52 - Obama Campaign Logo | Call of Duty : Black Ops
    Duration: 3:14

    Description: Yes, we can, baby !

    Keywords: Emblem, black ops, embleme, sony, vegas, pro, couches, layers, xbox, 360, psn, ps3, isyrio, bonhomme, blanc, haut, droit, droite, top, right, notification, connection, ami, friend, rappel, message, cod7, diablox9, cod6, french, tutorials, tutorial, toturiel, tuto, tutos, google, youtube, music, awesome, nice, cool, beautifull, amazing, best, of, the, world, magic, treyarch, infinity, ward, lag, bug, manga, comic, dessin, anim�, freeze, crash, diablox, dx9, gg, gl, video game, gaming, creature, editing
    Average rating: 4.7

  23. Electro House Bass Tutorial Part 3: 3xOsc & Other Effects
    Duration: 2:16

    Description: Facebook Page: This tutorial shows you how to approach an Electro House Bass using Image Line's 3x Osc and other plugins (see below). Links: FREE ElogoXa BAXXPANDER: FREE DX9 DMO Distortion: (comes with several other useful VSTs) FREE Novaflash Geektronic:

    Keywords: 3xosc, Part, three, Hard, Electro, Bass, Massive, native, ni, instruments, aphelion, affilion, afilion, dirty, house, filthy, huge, gigantic, titanic, bitcrusher, sample, rate, bpm, brazil, darth, and, vader, dallask, synthesizer, funky, porter, robinson, skrillex, track, it, down, beatport, tknife, party, kill, the, noise, techno, dubstep, electronic, tech, dance, club, Fl, Studio, 10, software, tutorial, drum, mix, big, benny, benassi, satisfaction, champion, age, tiesto, feed, me, knife, image, line, oscillator, saw, wave
    Average rating: 4.2

  24. Dragon Age 2 Demo Gameplay directx 9 and directx 11 Test
    Duration: 14:45

    Description: Download Demo - Dragon Age 2 Demo Gameplay directx 9 and directx 11 Test - ambient oclusion on !

    Keywords: dragon, age, gameplay, 2011, pc, games, computer, warrior, dragon age 2 gameplay demo, demo, dragon age ii gameplay demo, demo download, tutorial, video game, fps, warfare, new
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Crysis pc gameplay 9600m gt, gddr3
    Duration: 5:14

    Description: laptop- fsc amilo xi 3650 geforce 9600m gt gddr3 4gig core 2 duo 2.0 ghz 32-bit os ------------------------------------ playing crysis in dx9 on vista ; how to: click start menu-games-crysis-right click on the icon-select ''play in dx9''..... if u didnt know that, it runs mutch better in dx9 and looks the same nice as in dx10

    Keywords: crysis, warhead, laptop, pc, gameplay, 9600m gt, 512 mb, gddr3, ddr3, ddr2, gta 4, gaming, fsc amilo, xi 3650, fujitsu siemens, alien ware, dx9, dx10, vista, game, xbox 360, 280
    Average rating: 4.2

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