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  1. How to MIX, DJ Tutorial. The drop.
    Duration: 6:42

    Description: How to MIX. In this video i will show you how to drop one toon into the other, basicaly forming a good flow of the music. Toons are taken from cdpool top 100 Dance floor fillers 5 cd box set. Toons are from cd 5 track 2 and 3. http --------------- This method of mixing applies to all formats of dj kit, not just cdj turntables.

    Keywords: How, to, MIX, dj, tutorial, mixing, mobile, bedroom, club, clubbing, disco, deejay, electro, house, turntable, pc, cdj, sl1200, technics
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Dj tutorial : How to scratch , for the beginner,1;
    Duration: 5:33

    Description: The first move in scratching/editing sounds on record dx, cd dx. Fr hundreds more DJ tutorial vieos like this go to

    Keywords: turntablism, dj, tutor, tutorial, lesson, scratchbasics, help, dee, jay, turntabalist, sl1200, technics
    Average rating: 4.7

  3. DJ Tutorial on making a mix
    Duration: 8:40

    Description: DJ Tutorial on making a mix. An easy to follow tutorial for the new dj . remember to experiment and have fun. toons are from Enzyme Black B2D3 left table is "to the party" (vox) and right t table is "9Teez "( Yo handz up) ---------------------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------- Nothing in this tutorial is provided as legal advice. It is provided for information purposes only.

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, mix, advise, ellaskins, tutor, pioneer, svm1000, dvj, mixing, turntables, serato, scratch, set, club, house, garage, enzyme, black, b2d3
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 9:09

    Description: In this video we look at what trance is all about. i give you a demonstration on how to mix it and what to look for in constructing the perfect set. toons are left cdj, coast to coast featuring le salphoenix "cut me" , right cdj, corin Morley " enlightenment"

    Keywords: dj, tutor, how, to, mix, trance, music, tutorial, demonstration, Electronic, electro, house, rave
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Advanced Dj Tutorial- Mixing Non-Electronic Songs into a Set
    Duration: 9:42

    Description: I this tutorial we demonstrate how to prep old songs that float in time so you can seamlessly mix them into your electronic sets. Visit this post for more info and the mp3's used:

    Keywords: Dj, tutorial, techtools, tech, tools, ean, golden, mixing, songs, float, non-sequenced, rock, tracks, how, to, blend, electronic, music, advanced, lesson, digital, tips & tricks, software, dance music, diy, editing, instructions, computers, juggling, howto
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Dj tutorial, mix lesson 1 for the beginner!!!!!
    Duration: 7:52

    Description: hi, this is basicaly my phillosophy behind the pitch. I am trying to explain how it works and trying to give a comparison with the speed of two cars.It's easy when you know how , but if you dont know how it can be a night mare. For hundreds more dj tutorial vids go to practise and n joy!

    Keywords: dj, tutorial, tutor, dee, jay, mixibasics, advise, getting, started, electro, house, hip, hop, soul, mobile
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Dj tutorial, How to beat mix , without touching the platter
    Duration: 5:34

    Description: DJ tutorial Part 3, this DJ tutorial is all about beat mixing without touching the platter(slowing or speeding the record up by touching the platter of the turn table) For hundreds more DJ tutorials, on how to be a DJ go to

    Keywords: DJ, mixbasics, mix, how, to, tutorial, tutorials, beat, teach, tutor, sl1200, technics
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. Virtual DJ Easy Blending Syncing Tutorial
    Duration: 4:48

    Description: I am a semi finalist for the youtube nextup program, but I need your vote! There is now a free version of this software you can download now: www.virtualdj.comSubscribe!! If you Favorite this video, let me know in the comments I'm now on soundcloud! Free tracks abound! Want me to listen to your track? Send it here! Keep up with cool new stuff on twitter! Would you like to see a tutorial about something? Got feedback or a question? All you gotta do is email me here! The one and only official website!! I am currently finishing my third album The love I've seen. Soon to be released!! This album will feature new songs! and old favorites. Talk boxing is included!! Subscribe to stay updated! I Currently have three released albums on amazon and itines! 1. The Crunk Formula 2. The Gift Submitted Vol.1 Starting Over 3. The Love I've Seen You can find these on Itunes, or if you would like to order a cd, please visit my website!

    Keywords: Virtual, DJ, Blending, and, syncing, tutorial, yt:stretch=16:9
    Average rating: 4.6

  9. Dub Step DJ Tutorial
    Duration: 8:31

    Description: Dub Step DJ Tutorial -------------------------------- IMPORTANT remember that dub step needs to be counted in 1/2 time ----------------- tunes are audio bulies, "only man" and forign beggers " hit that gasah"

    Keywords: Dub, Step, DJ, Tutorial, ellaskins, mix, mixing, drum, bass, djtutor, wharfedale, sound, system
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. DJ Tutorial on mixing Breaks
    Duration: 10:50

    Description: DJ Tutorial on mixing Breaks --------------

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, on, mixing, Breaks, break, beat, drum, bass, hip, hop, soul, jazz, Drum And Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. DJ Tutorial. A trick to put in the mix.
    Duration: 2:38

    Description: DJ Tutorial. A trick to put in the mix. ------- 1, set a cue point with the tune that is playing.... 2, beat mix in next tune using headphones 3, once you are ready to bring the next tune in go back to cue point 4, hit cue point in time/ and count remembering your timing in bars. 5, on last hit of cue point press play on other tune.

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, advise, demonstration, mix, mixing, cdj, vinyl, mp3, turntable, edit, tune, stanton, garage
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. DJ Tutorial, Beat matching Practise.
    Duration: 3:51

    Description: DJ Tutorial, Beat matching Practise remember to do this for quite a while, not just a few min and over time your ears should get used to hearing if one toon is faster or slower than the other.

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, Beat, matching, Practise, deejay, cdj-1000mk3, pioneer, mobile, disco, club, clubbing, mix, mixing, cutting, roadshow, Dance, Music, Technology
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. DJ TUTORIAL. What to look for on the mixer if you have just turned up to do a set
    Duration: 11:37

    Description: DJ TUTORIAL. What to look for on the mixer if you have just turned up to do a set --------------- ------ So you get to the party, Club, Mobile gig, house party and its your time to play. This video will show you what you need to look for, making sure you are ready to get your first tune on and have no bad sound or nasty mic noises. --------- nothing in this video is provided as legal evidence, it is provided for information purposes only.

    Keywords: dj, tutorial, club, mobile, bedroom, dee, jay, advise, demonstration, ellaskins, djtutor, academy, lite, structure, litestructure, reloop, iq2, mixer, cdj2000, djm2000, pioneer, wharfedale, speakers, Nightclub, audio, sound, Disc jockey, scratch
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. DJ Tutorial, Mixing different genres of dance music.
    Duration: 8:41

    Description: DJ Tutorial, Mixing different genres. In this video i take a look at how and why you should try to have a mess about with mixing different genres of music. Stick to two basic rules. 1, The toons must sound well togeather 2, the BPM must ba at a constant for beat mixing purposes.

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, Mixing, different, genres, house, techno, tance, gabba, hip, hop, drum, bass, deejay, advise, mobile, club, night, ibiza, electronic, soul, rap, r&b, pop
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. DJ Tutorial. For the DJ who finds it hard to beat mix
    Duration: 8:21

    Description: DJ Tutorial. For the DJ who finds it hard to beat mix --------------- ----------- tunes are vinyl. Pryda " armed" and cdj Adamski " killer re mix" ------------------------------------ Children need two parents. A father is for life not just for conception!

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, For, the, who, finds, it, hard, to, beat, mix, advise, demonstration, mixing, cutting, pioneer, sl1200mk2, technics, father, fathers, justice, Sound, System, DJ Mix, Mix (magazine), Audio, Technology, Scratch, Bass, Dance
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. DJ Tutorial Beat Matching with off beats.
    Duration: 7:46

    Description: DJ Tutorial Beat Matching with off beats. toon is Enzyme Black " Take it" ------------------ The idea is to get two toons and just use let the beat's go off... but keep the timing the same

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, Beat, Matching, tutor, beats, mix, mixing, american, audio, radius1000, stanton, c.324, pioneer, deejay
    Average rating: 4.6

  17. how to organize files for DJ'ing in ableton part 1
    Duration: 7:07

    Description: Here is part one of how to organize files for DJ'ing in ableton live.

    Keywords: Ableton DJ, laptop dj, sasha, ableton how to, ableton tutorial, ableton video, jason timothy
    Average rating: 4.7

    Duration: 4:19

    Description: DJ TUTORIAL. USING DRUM AND BASS, CUT A TUNE IN ------------ --------- ----------- ------- tunes are danny bird under the sea and crystal meth

    Keywords: CUT A TUNE IN
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. DJ Tutorial on how to mix Reggae Music
    Duration: 11:36

    Description: DJ Tutorial on how to mix Reggae Music ------------ tunest are waiting in vain and get up stand up, by the one and only Bob Marley, RIP -------------- video going out to ---------------- DJTutor on facebook

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, on, how, to, mix, Reggae, Music, bob, marley
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. DJ Tutorial, Make a loop and FUNK IT UP!
    Duration: 4:37

    Description: DJ Tutorial, Make a loop and FUNK IT UP! ------------ IMPORTANT!, as soon as you hit the cue you are going back to the beginning of the loop, so if you hit this the same time as th3 reverse you will go back to the beginning and have no nasty time change.

    Keywords: DJ, Tutorial, Make, loop, and, FUNK, IT, UP, cdj2000, ellaskins, demonstration, advise, mix, mixing, dejay
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. DJ Tutorial,How to structure your mix
    Duration: 6:07

    Description: Take your mix from a good mix to a pro mix. in this tutorial we look at counting the bars /phrases in the toons. By counting the b/ ph at the beginning and end of each toon can help you with the structure of your mix and take it to the next level. right cdj, Andre Harris " is it music" vocal mix. left cdj, junior Jack (stupidisco) " Dare me"

    Keywords: dj, tutorial, tutor, structure, bars, house, garage, dee, jay, electro, dmc, mixing, tenminmix, advise
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Video 3,DJ Tutorial using the cross fade on a DJ Mixer
    Duration: 6:37

    Description: In this video i show you an un heard of way of useing the x fade and vol controles at the same time .Toons are right cdj, Eighteen fet Stephany Mills "(Your puttin a) rush on me. left CDJ, Sono " keep control"

    Keywords: dj, tutorial, tutor, dee, jay, electro, house, tricks, mixing, advise, club, clubbing, rave, drum, bass
    Average rating: 4.8

  23. DJ Tutorial, advise. Getting an effect from a mixer without any effects
    Duration: 14:24

    Description: DJ Tutorial, advise. Getting an effect from a mixer without any effects ------------ tune is by Danny J Lewis " Organic"

    Keywords: dj, tutorial, danny, lewis, organic, enzyme, black
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Beginner DJ: Beat Matching Tutorial
    Duration: 4:40

    Description: Check out for more reviews, DJ T-Shirts and more. UK DJs check out http DJ BlankMind teaches you the basics of how to beat match just by ear. This simple to follow tutorial is perfect for beginner DJs looking to get the basics out of the way. Learn to beat match and then you can mix like the pros. You can beat match on turntables, CDJs or midi controllers. Please subscribe, comment and rate and check back for more DJ tutorials, equipment reviews and more.

    Keywords: Disc jockey, Beat music, Beat Generation, dj, djing, music, turntable, beat, match, matching, beat matching, beginner, beginner dj, tutorial, help, new, newb, start, starter
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. Virtual dj tutorial
    Duration: 7:53

    Description: Virtual dj tutorial..for beginners.

    Keywords: dj, house, al, mahd, r&b, rap, music, virtual, tutorial, how, to, yanx, learn, drillaback, holla, djing, bahrain, mixing, cue, goo
    Average rating: 4.1

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