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Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity

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Video search results for Create Synchronicity

  1. Depth of Field C4D Tutorial // SynchronicityCubed
    Duration: 8:15

    Description: Hi guys, first video in a long time, I'm aiming to upload loads of tutorials over the next few weeks, so make sure to comment what u wanna me to do :D If you liked the video please Subscribe as well :)

    Keywords: Depth, of, Field, C4D, Tutorial, synchronicitycubed, render, setting, 550d, pictures, fstop, focal, distance, acrez, chrome, designs, team, sbg
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Synchronicity Tutorial
    Duration: 3:39

    Description: Synchronicity is a new tweak in cydia that allows users to navigate around on their idevice, open applications and make phone calls WHILE your device is syncing to cydia. Follow me @ ColeTheDancer on Twitter or PLEASE rate, comment and subscribe for the latest tweaks and mods Sources Support BigBoss $2.00

    Keywords: synchronicity, cydia, jailbreak, tweak, mod, tutorials, i0s4, ios4, new, tweaks
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Tutorial Drawing Manga Girl Paint Tool Sai (How To)
    Duration: 8:47

    Description: Here's a simple tutorial for SAI, I hope its usefull ^^!! I'll do a colouring tutorial too :D! So, if you were asking, What is the thing that I use for writting (in red), it's a software that came with the tablet, and it's named AnottateAll, it's pretty cool!! FAQ: Do you use mouse or tablet? A: In some of My Drawings I use my Laptop touchpad, but I bought a tablet at January, so look al the date and you will know :)! What tablet do you have? A: I have a Genius MousePen 8x6. Which sofware o you use? A: Sometime Manga Estudio EX 4, but mostly of th tme Paint Tool SAI Which software do you use to recor your drawings? A: Blur Berry Software, it's easy to use and it's free :D!! Any other question? Just do it ;)! Songs: Dazzle Vision - COLOR Back-On - Chain Judy and Mary - Sobakasu

    Keywords: Tutorial, Drawing, sofware, manga, girl, japanese, anime, sketch, paint, tool, sai, tablet, how, to, howto
    Average rating: 4.7

  4. Miku Hatsune Hair Accessories Tutorial
    Duration: 3:36

    Description: Comments disabled from really really dumb questions from very immature people. If you have a decent question message me. Song: Levaan Polkka Artist: Miku Hatsune

    Keywords: miku, hatsune, vocaloids, anime, manga, software, music, how, to, tutorial, fun, easy, convention, cosplay, crosplay, women, woman, man
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Mills Mess Variations (IJA Tutorial Contest 2012)
    Duration: 6:49


    Keywords: juggling, mills, mess, variations, balls, tutorial, ija, 2012
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. Nassim Haramein on synchronicity
    Duration: 2:37

    Description: Excerpt from Nassim Haramein's interview for Earth Pilgrims, the documentary film coming Spring 2009. Nassim Haramein is a revolutionary physicist, and founder of the Resonance Project: Earth Pilgrims: In our increasingly hopeless world situation, one man's disillusion spurs him onto a world journey to understand where we're at in the evolutionary timeline, and where we might be headed. On a pilgrimage across the old world, through to the new, we meet along the way remarkable people and traditions that grant us thought-provoking perspectives from which to understand our world, and provide us with insights for how we, as individuals, might best navigate through the next saltation.

    Keywords: synchronicity, Earth Pilgrims, Nassim Haramein, resonance project, Echan Deravy, Graham Hancock, Wade Davis
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. The Police, Synchronicity II - Solo jazz fingerstyle guitar by Jake Reichbart
    Duration: 3:52

    Description: Check out my guitar DVD lessons: The majority of the DVDs are lessons on my specific song arrangements as seen on YouTube, check out these samples: Also check out this sample from my DVD lesson "How To Arrange Any Song For Solo Guitar": The DVDs are available in NTSC or PAL formats. For complete info on pricing, shipping and payment just email me at 1) Creepin' by Stevie Wonder 2) Lately by Stevie Wonder. This title also comes with a 15 minute segment showing chord substitutions for Stella By Starlight 3) Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson 4) A very cool and in depth video to go with my performance of the standard "Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me", really getting into jazz harmony 5) Maxine by Donald Fagen 6) Deacon Blues by Steely Dan 7) Save a prayer by Duran Duran 8) A jazz harmony for the guitar DVD, very advanced 9) Feel Like Flying by Gino Vannelli 10) Lead electric blues guitar, brand new! 90 min., based on my guitar work on the accompanying CD to the Hal Leonard book Bass Grooves: The Ultimate Collection by Jon Liebman 11) Lead Jazz Guitar: The Art of Phrasing with Rhythmic Figures and Patterns. If you know scales, arpeggios and chords but somehow can't quite seem to put together a satisfying solo, this DVD will show you how. An hour and 20 minutes. Intermed/Adv. 12) Every Summer Night by Pat Metheny, 1 hour and 50 minutes long! 13) This Masquerade (Leon Russel/George Benson), complete arrangement, including a ...

    Keywords: The, Police, Synchronicity, II, Solo, Jazz, Guitar, fingerstyle, acoustic, Tuck, Andress, joe, pass, pat, metheny, martino, george, benson, wes, montgomery, 60's, 70's, 80's, cover, pop, classic, rock, chord, melody, sting, andy, summers, tab, Finger, Picking, Fingerpicking, lesson, Don't, Stand, So, Close, To, Me, Every, Breath, You, Take, Message, In, Bottle, Little, Thing, She, Does, Is, Magic, roxanne, Walking, on, Moon, unplugged, solo guitar
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Marketing for the Spiritually Minded #6: Creative Flow
    Duration: 5:12

    Description: this short video, we describe the 7 steps to being in the creative flow to create a fabulous life and business. This includes the 4 pillars work, study, rest and play. The video shows you how to create joy and passion in your life and help fulfill your life purpose. For more information on the creative flow and marketing a holistic or spiritual business see the content-rich website at

    Keywords: Creativity, synchronicity, Phillip Mountrose, spiritual marketing, life purpose, success, goals, personal growth, Free video tutorial, conscious business, soft sell marketing, heart-centered marketing, holistic practitioners, entrepreneur, The Secret, law of attraction, time management
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. ART on the Go Learning Tutorial - February 6, 2012 - Cultivating Abundance
    Duration: 9:37

    Description: ART on the Go has created a series of Learning Tutorials to help you move from economic deprivation/lack to cultivating a sense of abundance and joy in your life. February 6, 2012.

    Keywords: webcam video ART on the Go, learning tutorial, art education, creativity, painting, synchronicity, abundance, art instruction, lesson, school, financial well being, financial independence, coaching for artists

  10. Instant Manifestation: How to Get Things Fast: Program Your Subconscious Mind
    Duration: 6:10

    Description: http Your mind has amazing potential. It is a tool that you can use at all the time to expedite your results. This is a tip I learned from think and grow rich and switched it up a little bit to make it fit your schedule, in setting your goals in 2011. Quantum Physics. inner power Dr. Pillai Dattatreya Siva Baba Dattatriya love spirit hope mantras yoga guru Instant Manifestation webinar webcast broadcast transcend time Sun Moon manifest your destiny the secret tutorial meditation initiation meditate spirituality buddhism healing end pain suffering the secret how to manifest

    Keywords: inner, power, love, spirit, hope, mantras, yoga, guru, Instant, Manifestation, webinar, webcast, broadcast, transcend, time, manifest, your, destiny, the, secret, tutorial, meditation, initiation, meditate, spirituality, buddhism, healing, end, pain, suffering, how, to, Drew1987, nlp, fitlifetv
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Cosplay-Hatsune Miku Eye Make-Up
    Duration: 4:01


    Keywords: cosplay, hatsune, miku, vocaloid, are, awesome, make, up, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. How to solve "size mismatch" problem while installing installous
    Duration: 1:49

    Description: *** UPDATE 18/12/2010, NEW SIMPLE SOLUTION RELEASED, PLEASE CHECK MY CHANNEL. Simply by following this tutorial you'll be able to install installous easily. When you are facing the problem "size mistmatch" while installing installous through Cydia, then this tutorial will help you installing it! Download iFunBox from here: ****NOW download the latest installous 3.3.5 from here and apply the same tutorial: AppSync 4.1: "deb" file AppSync 4.0: "deb" file AppSync 3.2: "deb" file iFile: "deb file" OR Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT. Cheers!

    Keywords: smart phones, repair, tutorial, hacking, software, how, to, problem, size, mismatch, iphone, 3g, 3gs, 2g, 3.1.2, 3.1.3, solve, 3.1.10, 3.1.11, 3.1.12, 3.2.4, 3.3.3, 4.1, 3.3.5, appsync, deb, ifile, file, installous, install
    Average rating: 4.6

  13. Drex's Tech Poi Blog #158: Timing and direction changes in odd-petaled flowers
    Duration: 10:39

    Description: Here's an attempt to tie together a whole bunch of different threads from some recent videos both myself and some others have made. First up, e6 posted a video over the weekend about timing and direction where he pointed out the difficulties in making the traditional T&D combinations work with flowers that have an odd number of petals. In an odd bit of synchronicity, Justin Benson posted a video displaying an example of just that--wherein he takes a pentagram into split opposites by creating two pentagrams that reflect each other across a given axis. This reminded me of a paper Cyrille wrote a couple years ago, citing a side-effect of T&D combinations wherein they create different axes of symmetry and applied my own experiments with homogenous downbeat hybrids to work through all T&D combinations for two downbeat flowers and hybrids. This is a long one, I know, but I think it's a cool way of kind of working around this problem.

    Keywords: poi, tutorial, lesson, howto, hybrid, timing, direction, antispin, inspin, flower, triquetra
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger Guitar lesson
    Duration: 5:03

    Description: Wrapped Around Your Finger -- The Police- In 1983 The Police released their last studio album Synchronicity, which included Every Breath You Take, King Of Pain, Tea In The Sahara, Walking In Your Footsteps, and Wrapped Around Your Finger. The song is typical of many Sting songs with references to Greek Mythology (Charybdis and Scylla) and Faust. There also was an eerie music video using slow motion shots of Sting in a maze of candlesticks.Vote to have this made into a lesson at http Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests. If enough people vote to learn to play Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police Guitar lesson - sample guitar lesson. We will make a complete lesson. - Complete Free Lessons - Community - Chat Room - Forum - Your Own Blog - Recommend A Lesson -Membership is free http join now!

    Keywords: guitar lesson, The Police, guitar lessons, lessons guitar, learn guitar, learn play guitar, learn to play guitar, acoustic guitar, free online lesson, tab, chords, Totally Guitars, totallyguitars,
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. The Police - Every Breath You Take Guitar Cover
    Duration: 4:06

    Description: Every Breath You Take guitar lesson by Adam Smale. Guitar TAB for Every Breath You Take available here:

    Keywords: Every breath you take, every breath you take guitar, police guitar, every breath you take lesson, united we tab, breadth you take guitar lesson, breadth you take tutorial, breadth you take chords, breadth you take riff, breadth you take guitar riff
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. You are NOT beautiful
    Duration: 5:35

    Description: You are NOT beautiful just because you are "beautiful" beauty is overrated because the term in which most people use it in holds no real value....well i guess i can say that some people are beautiful in the wrong places and their inner beauty and outer beauty are not in synchronicity, you can be a "plain jane" but shine more brightly than any model or actress because of your character i made a huge mistake once upon a time and let someone go of great character and a inner beauty that was blinding what a idiot i was thinking that everything that glitter is gold, i have to live with that mistake for the rest of my life and I don't want any of you to fall into the trap that I feel into, physical beauty is fleeting but true beauty is infinite...for real!!!

    Keywords: teapinkcash, Aaliyah, , african american queens, jennifer hudson, lauryn hill, toni braxton, selena, beautiful lady, mirim makeba, nina simone, beautiful black woman, beautiful woman of color, nikki giovani, gwen stephani, pretty asian girls, kim kardashian, brazillian girls, puerto rican woman, nikki manaj, americas next top model, plastic surgery, natural hair, make up tutorial, american beauty, left eye, gabrial union, megan goode
    Average rating: 4.8

  17. Walking In Your Footsteps | James Bauckman | The Police cover
    Duration: 9:00

    Description: Cover of The Police's tune, Walking in your Footsteps from the Synchronicity album. This cover was created using the RC300 loop station, looping live guitar, hand percussion, beatbox while playing live guitar solos and vocals over the loops. This is an amazing piece of equipment and will make it possible for multi-instrumentalists to become one person bands. If you like our review and tutorial check out our others on my youtube page. Like, comment and share and post your own video responses of what you are doing with your loop stations.

    Keywords: walking in your footsteps, the police, james bauckman, revolutionary productions, rc300, loop station, bellingham, washington,, cover, fender telecaster custom, loops, beat box, doumbek, percussion
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Machiaj Seara Amelia Tamasan
    Duration: 1:45

    Description: O vorba inteleapta spune ca ?ochii sunt oglinda sufletului", insa modul in care acestia sunt pusi in evidenta te poate face sa atragi toate privirile si sa fii in centrul atentiei. Machiajul ochilor reprezinta acel ?mic truc" prin care iti poti ascunde micile imperfectiuni estetice si iti poti accentua trasaturile.Pt un rezultat bun ai nevoie de un make-up artist.

    Keywords: machiaje.frumusete, moda
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. Doom Squad - Nepali Hiphop Dance Crew ( Live @ Anti Drugs Day )
    Duration: 4:08

    Description: Nice Performance, Must Check out this crew. Talented Nephop Dance Crew of Nepal. This video was uploaded quite already but they are Nepali how can i miss them to put it in my channel. ************************************************ Already there are a number of crews?from younger b-boying groups like Swayambu Monkey Boys, Fantastic Breakers, Basantapur Breakers to DoomSquad, known for their masked performances and synchronicity steps. Audio : Usher - Yeah Please guys rate and leave comments ! ***************************************************** Read More about them and other dance crew , Here is a article which is quite old but Read it guys :- A generation awakens to hip hop ( ) (15 MAY 2009 - 21 MAY 2009) There are more parallels between the streets of 1970's Bronx, USA and Kathmandu than you can imagine?ethnic conflict, dissatisfaction with the state and a population of frustrated youth with little to do but lots of energy to burn. This abundance of unreleased energy and anger is what the first hip hop 'crews' hitting American streets fed on. They moved their bodies with an unusual freedom, they battled, waved, popped, krumped and saved an entire generation from wasting away to drugs and violence. "There's little you can do after a session of 'breaking'," says Krisada Kawjanwat, originally a boxing instructor from Thailand who has been promoting 'b-boying' in Nepal. Here in Nepal a generation of young people is being lured to hip hop not just for ...

    Keywords: channelnicky, la, hai, k2roop, nepali, hiphop, dance, crew, doom, squad, Fantastic, Breakers, Basantapur, Swayambu, Monkey, Boys, da, chonicz, latest, nepsydaz, freestyle, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.4

  20. The Police - Walking On The Moon (Live 1983)
    Duration: 5:08

    Description: The Police - Walking On The Moon (Live in Atlanta - Syncronicity Concert - 1983) If you want it on mp3 or avi (the song or the complete show) you can ask me in pm.

    Keywords: The, Police, Walking, On, Moon, Live, 1983, synchronicity, concert, Sting, Copeland, Summers
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Best tweaks and Mods for iPod touch 4th gen, iPhone 4
    Duration: 6:50

    Description: Heres video of some cool mods from Cydia for Iphone 4, Ipod Touch 4g and other IOS 4 Devices. First heres some Sources you need to ADD; Repos: Mods: Covert FastSnap HDR Enabler InfiniBoard Infinifolders Infinidock Lockinfo Make it mine MultiIcon mover SBSettings Synchronicity Winterboard If there is any Questions feel free to ask, Leave a comment, Please rate and ??????????????????? ??????????????????? ??????????????????? ???????????????????

    Keywords: Ipod touch 4g, cydia, jailbreak, mods, hacks
    Average rating: 3.7

  22. Halo 2: Newb Spotting
    Duration: 4:35

    Description: A short film I made for public speaking class. Thanks to everyone who helped. Please leave comments here or tell me in game. Gamertag:Schaft06 I am by no means trying to steal from ImSuck's "10 ways to spot a newb" but I was inspired by it to create my own. Hope you all like it. I have had alot pf people ask about the music used and please just watch the credits. Everything I used is this video is referenced in the credits, all music and equipment. Any other questions feel free to ask.

    Keywords: Halo, Halo2, Newbs, Noob
    Average rating: 4.8

    Duration: 4:21

    Description: trucos google no se pierdan el ultimo truco que est� muy bueno XD

    Keywords: winrar, tutorial, guia, comprimir, descomprimir, zip, rar, dance, flogger, cumbia, pelea, argenmu, musica, arjona, artes, marciales, loquendo, animaci�n, metedura, de, pata, improvisaci�n, parodia, bromas, serie, cortometraje, sketch, blog, sobre, v�deos, mon�logos, google, trucos
    Average rating: 4.3

  24. One Unit's Ultimate Cydia Apps
    Duration: 14:31

    Description: Jacob from One Unit Enterprises shows the top apps for a Jailbroken iPhone. All these apps are available in Cydia. To get the HTC theme featured here, check out Very informative and very easy to follow along. Remember to use gridlock instead of iBlank for the main page and use only two iBlanks for the dock. Apps featured include: SBSettings Winterboard (and the HTC FX theme, icons shaped by Casio 2 theme) MakeItMine Fontswap Multiiconmover Gridlock IBlank MewSeek AndroidLock XT iFile Synchronicity BiteSMS Comment, subscribe, and all that other cool stuff youTubers do! Slight edit! Go here: to watch my video about one of my new favorite jailbreak apps, VoiceActivator!

    Keywords: cydia, jailbreak, jailbroken, apps, iphone, ipod, 3g, 3gs, 2g, bite, sms, ultimate, best, top, incredible, makeitmine, sinfuliphone, sbsettings, winterboard, themes, fontswap, Multi, icon, mover, gridlock, example, iblank, mewseek, android, lock, screen, XT, ifile, synch, and, use
    Average rating: 4.6

  25. Meditation Music - Bliss Bag
    Duration: 6:44

    Description: One of my old Meditation tracks.. enjoy! Has to do with Mark of the Beast, microclusters, synchronicity, shamanism, holographic sound, reverse-engineering the pineal gland, Dan Burisch, Project Looking Glass, CONTACT The Last Mimzy, the Roswell Crash, the Cube / Yellow Disc, Hellraiser, election tampering, pole shift, time-viewing technology, the Iraq War, DCTP / Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, human-lineage ETs Tree of Life, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Hitler, New World Order, Lucifer, Luciferian philosophy, Catholic church, Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project Phoenix III, Montauk chair, time travel, Dec. 21, 2012, 20-year cycle, Stargate SG-1, Outer Band Individuated Teletracer / OBIT, The Outer Limits, Time Vector Generator / TVG, Mars pyramids, underground bases, jumproom, Total Recall, Minority Report, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Time Forbidden Planet, psychic conduit, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional shift, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandler's Wobble, pole shift, Library of Atlantis / Hall of Records, California earthquakes Create your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth

    Keywords: Meditation, Music, New, Age, Tamid, shaktipatseer, Healing, Frequencies, Salt, Vibration, Solfeggio, 528hz, Meditate, How, To, Learn, Pineal, Gland, Third, Eye, Kundalini, Chakras, Crown
    Average rating: 4.6

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