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  1. A Crafty Tutorial: How to Make Tutus!
    Duration: 9:49

    Description: Coming soon! The music in this video is royalty free production music from

    Keywords: tutus
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Minecraft, Crafty Tutorial - Advanced Railroad Automation (manual is better)
    Duration: 14:45

    Description: Savefile download on my website! An advanced trainstation would be nice if it could be fully automated, but the things you have to do is way beyond what I'm willing to do. There is a download here as well, found in the article on my website. So you can actually look at this thing with your own eyes. Also have a look at AlmtyBob. This guy has a few vids up and they are quite awesome tutorials indeed... Bob's tutorial used for the boosters and trainstations you see here Also thanks for those blueprints gimok2k5, they started mah research :P

    Keywords: Minecraft, redstone, tutorial, trainstation, railway, automated, AND gate, inverter, pressure plate, wooden, stone, minecart, track switch, switch, redstone torch, signal
    Average rating: 4.4

  3. Minecraft, Crafty Tutorial - Dual door, hidden Redstone wires
    Duration: 12:19

    Description: More stuff on me website: Minecraft, Crafty Tutorial on creating a dual door with hidden redstone wires I've put a schematic on my website as well:

    Keywords: Minecraft, tutorial, redstone, dual door, hidden wires
    Average rating: 4.4

  4. ? The Stretchable Button Bracelet - Craft Tutorial 1
    Duration: 6:44

    Description: [CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS] ____________________________________________ MATERIAL: Buttons, Stretch Magic .5mm Bead & Jewelry Cord ? Before leaving a question please check to see if it has already been answered in the comments section or in the links supplied below. ? I know it is always easier to just simply ask a question but with so many people following me it is getting harder and harder for me to answer. If for some reason your question has not been answered below (or) you can't find it on your own check out these links: FAQ: Annotation Link Video: ____________________________________________ ? Link To My Store ? ____________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: This stretchable button bracelet is an adorable addition to any outfit. You can use ANY type of button, of any size, shape or color for this project. Have fun and make a funky mix that expresses your personality. Gold tones and teal, multicolor or black and white. They ALL look adorable and are all equally affordable. Enjoy! You could use a needle if you are having trouble with the cord. I didn't want to bother since I stab myself way too much when sharp objects are involved. ____________________________________________ The first person to tell me how many times I called the button's beads gets a free bracelet! (Okay, not really- but I did make that mistake quite a few times ...

    Keywords: the, stretch, button, bracelet, sewing, supply, jewelry, project, tutorial, easy, simple, kids, teens, adults, children, fun, stretchable, stretchy, awesome, diy, do, it, yourself, how-to, cool, how, to, wearable, art, multicolor, multiple, color, colorful, rainbow, assorted, unique, one, of, kind, hand, made, gift, idea, crafting, instructable, crafts, instructions, crafty
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. ?The Crystal Hippie Bracelet - Craft Tutorial 16 (Original Rainbow Boondoggle)
    Duration: 22:58

    Description: Click Here for Materials and Measurements: Clear Rexlace (Boondoggle/Lanyard/Lacing) White Embroidery Floss (100% cotton) Markers or dye to color the string ? LENGTH OF STRING: Cut the white embroidery floss about two inches longer than your wrist size. Color it with the markers. Let it dry for an hour or two or speed it up by using a blow dryer or heat gun. Set aside. ? LENGTH OF REXLACE: Cut two pieces of clear Rexlace about 60 inches long. If you have smaller wrists you can decrease by 5 inches, larger you can increase by 5 inches. Other: 1 oval jump ring (or round if you prefer) one to two headpins (or 1 headpin + 1 pre-made clasp) Super Glue Gel Tools: Scissors Round nosed pliers Wire cutters Lighter to singe the cut ends of lace (optional) How to make the box and barrel stitches: __________________________________________________ HOW TO DO IT: Slip the jump ring on to the Rexlace and make your first stitch around the ring. (rexlace will be folded in half, the ring will be at the fold. Making the stitch will secure it.) Push the center of the stitch outward to loosen it slightly and add a dab of super glue. Push the colored string slightly in to the hole in the center of the stitch. Let the glue dry so the string becomes secure enough to work with. Start working as you would with a regular barrel stitch. Make sure the colored string stays in the center at all times. After tightening each stitch tug the center string to make sure it is straight- if ...

    Keywords: beyondbracelets, Rexlace, Rainbow, Boondoggle, Lanyard, Cord, Gimp, Colorful, Multicolor, Multi, Color, Jewelry, Crystal, Beyond, Bracelets, Hippie, Bracelet, Jewellery, How to, Free, Tutorial, How-to, craft, lace, plastic, lacing, keychains, crafting, crafty
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Plushie Sale and Craft Tutorial - Cute Paper Sign
    Duration: 5:57

    Description: The sale is over! Thank you guys so much for the support and love. For the next 48 hours only (from midnight on June 1st to 11:59pm June 2nd eastern time), you can buy one my tiny owl plushies at They sell quickly and I don't know if I'll offer the chance to buy them online again. They'll also be for sale at my merch table on tour until they sell out. Come to see one of my shows! I'll be around if you'd like to say hi. http This is my craft blog! This post features a more detailed tutorial with closeup photos and tons more customization ideas to make this project your own! Enjoy the adorable new layout and more posts about all kinds of fun crafty stuff.

    Keywords: tutorial, crafts, paper, sign, spool, craft show, craft fair, price sign, fairweather friends, lauren fairweather
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Craft Organiser - File Folder Tutorial
    Duration: 26:43

    Description: Firstly........sorry about the state of my nails!! They have pretty much all broken down to nothing so they are a bit unsightly now until they grow out again! Just a wee time lapse video with some wee bits that are in real time just so I can show the detail of what it is Im doing. I was using a teeny wee notebook I made which I kept as my craft organiser book with all my addresses, swap details, RAK's, shops I buy from, inventory of craft goodies etc but the book is way too small now and is full already. So I wanted something that I could keep the different information in sections and a place for receipts, notes etc. So I made a file folder. The binder I used is NOT a Tim Holtz one. I found them a bit expensive but this is exactly the same as his. I bought them in bulk from an Ebayer in the UK. So I have a massive box of 100 minus a few I have used and given away. So looks like I will be making plenty of file folders!! Thanks for watching. Loops xx

    Keywords: File, Folder, Tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. How To Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Earrings - Tutorial
    Duration: 6:51

    Description: For this tutorial in written form, go here: For more crafty tutorials, visit my blog:

    Keywords: recycled, craft, plastic, bottles, earrings, jewelry tutorial, diy, easy, make, your, own, Plastic Bottle, Do It Yourself, making, Stepping Thru Crazy, craft tutorial, make your own, candy wrapper earrings
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. ? Decorative Accent Balls - Craft Tutorial 5 (Recycling Embroidery Floss/Craft Thread)
    Duration: 12:37

    Description: [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION] ____________________________________________ MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC BRAND) & Liquid Laundry Starch (Some people use glue in place of liquid laundry starch. I have never tried it so I have no opinion on how it will come out. You are welcome to try it and report back with the results.) ? Before leaving a question please check to see if it has already been answered in the comments section or in the links supplied below. ? I know it is always easier to just simply ask a question but with so many people following me it is getting harder and harder for me to answer. If for some reason your question has not been answered below (or) you can't find it on your own check out these links: FAQ: Annotation Link Video: ____________________________________________ ? Link To My Store ? ____________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: This is a cute way to recycle all of those pieces of embroidery floss you just don't know what to do with! You will need: Leftover embroidery floss, some fabric starch and balloons. (I used water bomb water balloons since they are perfectly round and small.) Gloves are optional, but I'd recommend them if you are not 100% sure of what is in the starch solution and/or how safe (or harmful) it may be! So, gather your supplies and start saturating your string in the liquid starch- wrap the sopping strings around the balloon ...

    Keywords: recycled, embroidery, floss, decorative, nesting, accent, balls, mobile, bowl, decoration, room, bedroom, art, tree, ornaments, fabric, starch, liquid, starched, scraps, use, for, leftover, string, craft, thread, extra, strings, waterballoons, bird, nest, balloons, water, bombs, crafts, beyondbracelets, beyond, bracelets, christmas, valentines, easter, halloween, starching, cotton, strands
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Paper Piecing Made Easy Tutorial
    Duration: 9:58

    Description: After not finding a tutorial clear enough for me to understand, I locked myself up in my sewing room until I figured out how to paper piece all by myself. In this video I show you how I do it. It's really not that difficult and even beginning quilters can do it! To download my free paper piecing pattern go to:

    Keywords: paperpiecingtutorial, paper, piece, quilting, foundation, patchwork, block, rocket, easy, how-to, quilt, beginner, tutorial, video, craftygemini
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 9:38

    Description: I know this isnt a "beauty" related video, but I hope you guys still enjoy it! Let me know what you think!! :) Love, Mandy Twitter: Facebook page:

    Keywords: mandyyjayyy, craft, crafty, paper, snowflake, fun, scissors, stapler, happy, holidays, christmas, activity, easy
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. My tutorial on how to paint on fabric.
    Duration: 13:34

    Description: There are a few things I messed up on . One being the word Invader Zim lol I forgot to put a N in the word. ^.^ anyways this is a video to help show how to paint onto fabric. You can use any fabric . I chose to use a hoody because my daughter wanted a hoody with him on it. But found that the hoody is to small so she gave it to her friend . ^.^ They love it so much and now another friend of my daughter and the friend is the daughter to my best friend. ^.^ anyways This tutorial is to help you know and see first hand on how to paint and to do a Gir as well. I drew the line art as well but must have cut off too much of the clip that shows it. For more videos from me check out or visit for more videos and craft ideas. I hope to hear from you as well on my blogs. I have more crafts I do and I place them onto my blog for all to see. just type in the browser or click the link below.. http

    Keywords: Invader Zim, Gir, patty, draw, paint, fabric, green, white, red, hoody, teens, adults, parents, family, fun, crafty, tutorial, tut, Favecrafts, project, ideas, online, jobs, craft projects, crafting, eyes, ears, big head, videos, blog, photos, iron, dryer, set, infuse
    Average rating: 4.7

  13. Paper Crafting Tutorial 3: Elegant Shoe
    Duration: 8:09

    Description: Follow this link for the template image: Beautiful elegant paper shoe tutorial, how to make this paper shoe from start to finish. Decorating techniques as well as ideas for gifts to include in the shoe. Get template at my blog. From the blog post Well, it's finally done. In this tutorial I explain how to use the my template to create a Marie Antoinette style shoe from paper. This was originally created for a swap I am hosting at Marie Antoinette Mail Art Ning group. These shoes are really fun to make. The possibilities are endless! Click on the template and do a "Save As" and then enlarge if needed so that the sole of the shoe is 8'' from tip to heel (it may print out the correct size as it is). When cutting out the shoe front trace an extra 1/4-1/2 inch for tabs. The tutorial gives options for different ways to expand the toe area so that there is more room to tuck in a little gift. I hope you find it useful.

    Keywords: paper, crafting, holiday, vintage, papers, terri, heinz, collage, papercrafting, arts, and, crafts, mixed, media, how, to, make, banner, joy, love, peace, tutorial, artful, affirmations, artfulaffirmations, lesson, gift, tag, elegant, shoe, instructional, video, diy, howto, origami
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. hair bow tutorial (HOW TO MAKE A TWISTED HAIR BOW) Classic Boutique Style bow
    Duration: 9:47

    Description: Let's make a bow! 30-32 inches of 1.5" ribbon used to make this hairbow Please subscribe for more crafty tutorials.

    Keywords: twisted hairbow tutorial, boutique hairbow tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. How-to: Makeup Brush Carrier by Crafty Gemini
    Duration: 6:57

    Description: In this tutorial Vanessa of TheCraftyGemini channel will teach you how to create a quilted makeup brush carrier. This project is easy & functional! It can be used to hold makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, eyebrow tweezers or any other thin & long product you want to take with you on the go. Website: Blog YouTube Facebook: Twitter: Flickr: Materials list: -2 pieces of fabric measuring 10" x 14" (front and back main fabric) -1 piece of fabric measuring 10" x 14" (pocket section) -1 piece of Pellon Fusible Fleece or batting measuring 10" x 14" - 2 pieces of any ribbon measuring 15" - iron/ironing board - pins - scissors - rotary cutter + mat - rulers - safety pin (optional) - coordinating thread - sewing machine

    Keywords: How-to, Makeup, DIY, crafts, Crafty, Paper, Tutorial, Beauty, Cosmetics, threadbanger, Gemini, Do it Yourself
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. How To Make Picture Perfect Paper Snowflakes.
    Duration: 2:46

    Description: A seasonal how-to for creating easy, perfect paper snowflakes. Read the accompanying article at for more ideas, links to patterns, and other holiday cheer!

    Keywords: art, christmas, craft, diy, holiday, paper, snowflake, howto, how-to, curbly
    Average rating: 4.6

  17. How to Make a Quilted Zipper Wristlet or Cosmetic Bag Pouch
    Duration: 7:18

    Description: This week's tutorial features a great beginner project especially for those of you that have never sewn a zipper into any project. I show you step-by-step how to make a quilted zipper wristlet pouch/ cosmetic bag. Great way to practice your sewing and quilting skills and they whip up pretty quick! All you need is fabric for the outside, some batting, lining fabric, one 8" zipper, coordinating thread and your usual sewing supplies. To hold the fabric and zipper layers together you can use pins or a fabric glue stick. I prefer to use the Lapel Stick. This tutorial has been submitted as my audition video for the My Craft Channel Fresh Faces Talent Search. I hope you'll consider making this project yourself. If you do please share pictures of your completed projects on our Facebook page: Check me out at: Crafty Gemini mobile app: available for FREE in Android market and iPhone App store Website/Blog: Facebook Twitter: Online Shop: Voicemail for tutorial suggestions 73-CRAFTY-73 / (732)723-8973

    Keywords: sew, quilt, zipper, cosmetic, makeup, bag, pouch, wristlet, sewing, quilting, easy, beginner, howto, diy, tutorial, making, craft, crafts, pins, lapel, stick, chalk, marker, batting, fabric, cotton, fresh, faces, mycraftchannel, my, channel, contest, audition, submission
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. How to make a Pillowcase dress
    Duration: 7:32

    Description: This video tutorial was made to supplement the pattern and print tutorial that is available for purchase at for only $3. In this video I show you the basics of making this adorable pillowcase dress for the special little girl in your life! This dress is great for any occasion and makes a great birthday or shower gift. Once you make one you will want to make dozens. Once you figure out the measurements you want to use everything else is pretty straightforward. This dress uses french seams to give the dress a professional look both inside and out. To purchase the PDF pattern and tutorial for this dress please visit http

    Keywords: pillowcase, dress, sew, sewing, girls, beginner, how to, learn to sew, crafty gemini, tutorial, easy, tips, howto, crafts, arts, tricks
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. How to make a Pillowcase- Burrito/Sausage/Roll Up method
    Duration: 7:55

    Description: How to make a pillowcase with only 3 seams! In this week's video tutorial I show you how to make an adorable and easy pillowcase with only 3 seams! The method used to create the pillowcase is often referred to as the Burrito method... or sausage method... or the roll up method. This is the perfect beginner project for a few reasons... it's a functional project that will be put to good use, it's quick and easy, and you can learn how to make french seams in this tutorial. French seams are a way of enclosing all raw edges and seams so that the finished project looks very clean and professional! For this project you will need: Fabric: Body of the pillowcase: 24" x Width of Fabric (usually 40"-45") Cuff of the pillowcase: 12" x Width of Fabric (usually 40"-45") Accent trim of the pillowcase: 2" x Width of Fabric (usually 40"-45") Supplies: rotary cutter+mat rulers pins iron coordinating thread sewing machine Post pictures of your finished blocks on our Facebook page at: Crafty Gemini mobile app: available for FREE in Android market and iPhone App store Website/Blog: Facebook Twitter: Online Shop: Voicemail for tutorial suggestions 73-CRAFTY-73 / (732)723-8973

    Keywords: how, to, make, pillowcase, easy, beginner, sew, fabric, thread, diy, howto, thecraftygemini, crafty, gemini, pillow, case, french, seams, How-to, Making, Smashing, roll, up, sausage, burrito, method, three, kids, child, project, crafts, craft, crafting, kid, school, 4-H, home, ec, learn, sewing, machine, bobbin, rotary, cutter, mat, iron, quilting, cottons
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. My Memories Suite Tutorial 2: Adding Additional Content
    Duration: 17:31

    Description: Lesley of the pink toque craft blog ( shows you how to add additional content to the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software by Polaroid. the pink toque craft blog Narrator: Lesley Karpiuk

    Keywords: mymemoriessuite, digital, scrapbook, scrapbooking, paper, tricks, tutorial, crafty, craft, crafting, memories, thepinktoque, pinktoque
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. Sewing Lessons: Arm & Leg Warmer for Baby/Toddler
    Duration: 6:15

    Description: In this sewing tutorial I show you how to save yourself some money and make your own arm & leg warmers for a baby or toddler! These warmers can cost upwards of $12 in the store or from an online retailer. Using a pair of crew socks I bought at the dollar store I show you how to make your own! This is a great beginner project and requires only a few materials: a pair of socks, scissors, a sewing machine/thread. When used as leg warmers they make for very easy diaper changes. Once you make a pair you will want to sew more of these for friends! They make for cute baby shower gifts too. Go find a cute or funky pair of socks and make one yourself!

    Keywords: socks, babylegs, leg warmers, arm warmers, sewing, tutorial, how-to, stitching, sewing machine, dollar store, crew socks, baby project, toddler, baby legs
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. HOW TO: HelloBerry Inspired/ Bfrend Bracelets!
    Duration: 4:54

    Description: ? Hopefully this tutorial will be clear and easy to understand, however, it is tricky at first which is why I've included a step by step link below! This is my first "crafty" tutorial so bear with me lol I usually only do makeup & outfits etc. STEP BY STEP:

    Keywords: how, to, make, hello, berry, bracelet, bfrend, chain, tutorial, DIY, micheals, craft, supplies, plastic, lace, friendship, bracelets, neon, trends, guess, watch, toy, fashion, style, beauty, guru, summer, Makeup, arm, candy, silver, gold, fun, crafts, Jewelry, cobra, stitch, knot
    Average rating: 4.8

  23. Embossed Foil Tutorial
    Duration: 2:52

    Description: Learn how to get the look of embossed tin by using foil tape, craft foam and permanent marker. Great for crafts, journals, card making and mixed media. What I love about this technique is that these are cheap, easy-to-find items! By Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica.

    Keywords: foil, diy, faux tin, embossing, impression, cheap craft, crafts, scrapbooking, paper arts, cardboard, chipboard, sharpie, tacky glue, foam, charm, textured, crafty chica, Howto, Making, foil embossing, tutorial, craft technique
    Average rating: 4.8

  24. Easter Bunny Cupcakes - Tutorial
    Duration: 2:00

    Description: Have a family of rabbits show up at your house on Easter -- or any other time. Ingredients : A cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) White icing Shredded coconut Pink decorators' sugar Jelly bean nose Chewable Sweet Tart eyes Large marshmallow Mini marshmallows Instructions : --Frost a cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) with white icing and sprinkle on shredded coconut fur. --Cut a large marshmallow in half widthwise. Squeeze each half slightly to give it an oval shape, then decorate the sticky side of each one with pink decorators' sugar and set them in place for ears. --Add a jelly bean nose and either jelly bean or snipped Sweet Tart eyes, and mini marshmallows for cheeks. For a finishing touch, draw on decorators' gel pupils or whiskers if you like. --Tutorial is in the video too, and will get you a better idea of what to do. Watch the full video for more tips and to learn how to make it. This delicious treats are simple and easy to make, enjoyable for kids to make and fun to eat!! They are delicoius and kids will want more and more. Good to make for the kids and have them help you! It's easy and safe even for the younger ones. If you'd like, share this video with friends and family. They'd surely think its a good thing to make! Questions? Ask us i nthe comments box and I will respond/help in any way that I can!! Your question(s) may be responded in the FAQ as well! FAQ : Q : What does FAQ stand for? A : Frequently asked questons Subscribe please!! Request ...

    Keywords: Bunny, easter tutorial, easter deserts, easter desert tuorials, easter bunny cupcakes, easter bunny cupcake tutorial, easter 2010, easterof2010
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. ? How To Make Beaded Spiral Earrings - Craft Tutorial 11 (Burton Snake Things)
    Duration: 14:11

    Description: CLICK "SHOW MORE�" FOR SUPPLY LIST & INSTRUCTIONS ____________________________________________ MATERIAL: Seed Beads, 3 to 4 inch headpins, Earring Hook Wires, Round Nosed Pliers, Krazy Glue ? Before leaving a question please check to see if it has already been answered in the comments section or in the links supplied below. ? I know it is always easier to just simply ask a question but with so many people following me it is getting harder and harder for me to answer. If for some reason your question has not been answered below (or) you can't find it on your own check out these links: FAQ: Annotation Link Video: ____________________________________________ For this project you will need: ? Round Nosed Pliers ? Flat Nosed Pliers (or Round/Flat combo like I use) ? Flush Cutters (wire cutters) ? Two 3" (inch) Headpins (NOTE: You may also use 3" eyepins or other sturdy wire as a substitution.) ? Round and/or Decorative beads that fit snugly on the headpins. Don't have any beads that fit? Just take your 3" (inch) headpin/wire to the store to pick out a nice sturdy bead for the tips of your earrings. Look for strings of beads that you can actually stick the headpin into. If it barely fits/fits very snug you found a good bead to use as an end-cap. (NOTE: You can also just use a headpin/eyepin as is without the bead- I just think the bead makes it really look finished. It's sort of the focal point but if you can't find good beads ...

    Keywords: beyondbracelets, Halloween, Striped, Spiral, Tim, Burton, Beetlejuice, Earring, Jewelry, Snake, Black, and, White, Stripes, Cool, Accessories, How, To, Make, Funky, Earrings, Gift, Ideas, Handmade
    Average rating: 4.9

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