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  1. Out In The Country (tutorial) - cover by Tonedr
    Duration: 8:08

    Description: The Dog Night classic.....i hope this video will be helpful to anyone wanting to play this great tune. Thanks for watching. guitar - Collings C-10

    Keywords: Three, Dog, Night, Classic, Rock, lesson, tutorial, acoustic, flatpick, guitar, Collings, C-10
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Easy Country song alternating bass notes rhythm guitar lesson learn to play tutorial
    Duration: 8:40

    Description: click NOW for a FREE Video lesson not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level

    Keywords: Easy, Country, song, alternating, bass, notes, rhythm, guitar, lesson, learn, to, play, tutorial, stratocaster, telecaster, fender, gibson, electric, acoustic, next, level, urban, keith, how, rock, blues, surf, picking, lessons, teacher, school, students, education, free, teachers
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. bat country tutorial
    Duration: 7:51

    Description: how to play the main parts of bat country by avenged sevenfold

    Keywords: avenged sevenfold, bat country, lesson, tutorial, synyster gates, bat country tutorial, bat country guitar, a7x lesson, a7x, bat country lesson, bat country cover, bat country a7x
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Tutorial- This Is Country Music by Brad Paisley
    Duration: 11:14

    Description: I have a CD (includes the new version of my original song "You're My World"), so if you are interested and would like to have one just send me a private message! I really think you would enjoy it so don't miss out!! How to play "This Is Country Music" by Brad Paisley. Taught by Bryn Powers Link to tab/chords for verse and chorus: Link to my cover to see how I play the verse and chorus:

    Keywords: How, to, play, This, Is, Country, Music, Brad, Paisley, intro, riff, ending, outro, tabs, chords, lyrics, learn, free, lesson, tutorial, cover, sing, song, teach, taylor, 110ce, acoustic, guitar, operatorz18, bryn, powers
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Acoustic Country Blues Guitar Lesson
    Duration: 8:02

    Description: Purchase the entire video at

    Keywords: guitar, lesson, blues, country, instruction, tutorial, tab, picking, fingerpicking, instrumental, cords
    Average rating: 4.7

  6. Seether's "Country Song" Tutorial (If you'd like more tutorials, request them!)
    Duration: 17:29

    Description: By request, This tutorial is obviously geared towards a solo guitarist and is only my interpretation of the song. So if you guys have any questions/concerns/etc please don't hesitate to ask! I hope you find it useful! Tab Link (Make sure you check out the corrections): Video Guide: Verse: 0:19 - 2:10 Pre-Chorus: 2:12 - 3:21 Chorus: 3:23 - 5:41 Solo: 5:44 - 11:22 Bridge Part 1: 11:23 - 14:15 Bridge Part 2: 14:17 - 16:58

    Keywords: vinny, vin, vincent, plenzo, vplenzo, seether, country, song, x103, tutorial, lesson
    Average rating: 4.6

  7. Country Two Step Dance Workshop & Tutorial
    Duration: 3:55

    Description: "A GREAT video of some fancy Country & Western Two-Step Dance footwork, framework, weaves & patterns taught by Gene Villarreal and assisted by his lovely wife Donna Villarreal during a workshop at Cowboys Red River in Dallas, Texas."

    Keywords: Gene Villarreal, Donna Villarreal, Gene & Donna, Country & Western Dance, 2 step, two step, dance workshop, two step pattern, two step patterns, two step dance patterns, country two-step lessons, Cowboy dancing, Cowboys Red River, Country Club, West Coast Swing, country and western, partners dancing, swing dance, swing dancing, country dance tutorial, country dance workshop, two-step lessons, country dance lessons.
    Average rating: 3.8

  8. Tutorial- Colder Weather by The Zac Brown Band
    Duration: 12:53

    Description: I have a CD (includes the new version of my original song "You're My World"), so if you are interested and would like to have one just send me a private message! I really think you would enjoy it so don't miss out!! How to play Colder Weather by The Zac Brown Band. Taught by Bryn Powers...

    Keywords: how, to, play, Colder, Weather, by, The, Zac, Brown, Band, acoustic, guitar, tutorial, taylor, 110ce, free, lesson, chords, tab, lyrics, words, sing, music, song, teach, bryn, powers, operatorz18
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Lion Country
    Duration: 23:58

    Description: Probably the greatest of the great cats is the king of beasts... the African lion. Roaming the open savannas, its roar is a threat to all who live within its range. Its amazing physical abilities make it the most feared hunter on the African continent.

    Keywords: Mutual of Omaha, Wild Kingdom, Marlin Perkins, lion, chimpanzee, elephant, rhino, lizard, snake, giraffe, eland, monkey, pig, cheetah
    Average rating: 4.8

  10. Tutorial- Free by The Zac Brown Band (fingerpicking)
    Duration: 10:59

    Description: I have a CD (includes the new version of my original song "You're My World"), so if you are interested and would like to have one just send me a private message! I really think you would enjoy it so don't miss out!! I had a bunch of people ask me to post a tutorial showing how I play/fingerpick "Free" by The Zac Brown Band, so I made one. I'm not a teacher by anymeans, but I tried my best to explain how I play it. It's an awesome melody to learn so if you just bare with me for about ten minutes I think it will definitely be worth it in the end. **I think it would be great if ya'll could post a vid of you playing this. I would love to see how many people have actually learned how to play "Free" from this video. Just send it to me as a personal message or as a video response to this video so everyone else can see and make them want to learn it too. That would be awesome!** Here is the link to my cover of Free if you want to see how the words fit in with the fingerpicking:

    Keywords: How, to, play, fingerpick, Free, by, the, Zac, Brown, Band, tabs, chords, lyrics, country, music, learn, lesson, tutorial, acoustic, on, guitar, cover, sing, song, yamaha, fg, 375s, teach, operatorz18, bryn, powers
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. OpTic Nation's Invisible Glitch Tutorial In Favela (MW2 Gameplay Tutorial)
    Duration: 5:55

    Description: Click here to watch more MW2 gameplay by OpTic NaTion! Modern Warfare 2: OpTic Nation's Invisible Glitch Tutorial In Favela (MW2 Gameplay Tutorial) Follow OpTic MoFo as he gives you a step-by-step walk-through on how to become invisible! Have fun and always remember that these glitches are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not promote glitching in order to win games in competitive or public lobby gameplay! Having said that...Have Fun!!! DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high sark machinima twitter multiplayer guide gameplay challenge tutorial tactics strategies Maps Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 CoD MW two OpTicNaTion OpTic NaTion Invisible Glitch elevator jump glitching theopticglitch get out of favela cool nasty

    Keywords: yt:quality=high, sark, machinima, twitter, multiplayer, guide, gameplay, challenge, tutorial, tactics, strategies, Maps, Call, of, Duty, Modern, Warfare, MW2, UPC, 47875333376, PS3, 047875837492, xbox, 360, xbox360, X360, 0047875333376, PC, MPN, 83747, Infinity, Ward, Activision, cod, MW, two, opticnation, optic, nation, Invisible, Glitch, elevator, jump, glitching, theopticglitch, get, out, favela, cool, nasty, pickle9000
    Average rating: 3.8

  12. Instructional Country Swing Dancing
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: My fiancee and I have been swing dancing for two years and decided to make an instructional video for my college English Class. The following times correspond to the beginning of each move Transition Move 00:25 The Pretzel 00:55 Behind the Back 2:00 Spin Out 2:43 Trust Fall 3:38 Fall Down Dip 4:30 Between the Legs 5:10 Back Flip 6:00 Full Routine 6:55

    Keywords: Country, Swing, Dancing, instructional, aeriels, flip, howto, backflip, dance, instructions, instructional video, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Tutorial: Pittura country su tegola di ceramica
    Duration: 9:56

    Description: Ciao a tutti! In questo video vi far� vedere come realizzare una tegola di benvenuto. Per qualsiasi problema o dubbio non esitate a contattarmi e per avere maggiori informazioni visitate il tutorial sul mio sito web: La musica di sottofondo � di Guy Berrier scaricata...

    Keywords: sephila87, seph, ila, 87, tutorial, di, benvenuto, con, pittura, country, faidate, stamperia, italiano, italia, tegola, ceramica, painting, crafts, arts
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. Footloose 2011 - Official Dance Tutorial - Fake ID Line Dance
    Duration: 5:05

    Description: The official Footloose line dance tutorial taught by the film's choreographers, Jamal Sims and Dondraico Johnson. Learn Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough's moves from the guys that created them. Jamal and Draico break down the dance so it's easy for you to learn it from home. Footloose - Full Dance Scene - http Jamal Sims - Dondraico Johnson - "Fake ID" Big & Rich featuring Gretchen Wilson Official Video - Follow Us on Twitter --

    Keywords: Footloose, Footloose 2011, Footloose Tutorial, Footloose Dance Scene Tutorial, Dance Steps, Dance Steps Tutorial, Dance Routine, Instructions, Fake ID, Official Tutorial, How To, Step by Step, Choreography, Country Line Dance, Footloose Linedance, Footloose Linedance Tutorial, Footloose Line Dance Tutorial, Line Dance Steps, Linedance Steps, Line Dance Choreography, Line Dance Instructions, Footloose Line Dance, Footloose Dance Scene, Footloose Dance Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Dry County
    Duration: 9:29

    Description: This video of 'Dry County' was recorded Live on June 8th, 2010 at the O2 Arena in London.

    Keywords: Dry, County, show, 2, MPEG, 4, HD, SPARKART
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Garrett Hedlund- Chances Are
    Duration: 3:26

    Description: I do not own anything all rights reserved to Country Strong

    Keywords: garrett, hedlund, chances, are
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Luke Bryan - Country Man
    Duration: 3:21

    Description: Music video by Luke Bryan performing Country Man.

    Keywords: Luke, Bryan, Country, Man
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Turtle Backpack Turtle Country
    Duration: 4:15

    Description: Chris' Channel: subscribe to my channel and my vlog channel! I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life. JennaMarbles JennaMarblesVlog Facebook: Twitter: @Jenna_Marbles @CharlesMarbles @Kermit_thedog T-Shirts (so far, sorry we're working on more!!) Blog: Tumblr:

    Keywords: jenna, marbles, mourey, turtle, back, pack, backpack, spin, pushup, push, up, country, vlog, cross, road, trip, rochester, ny, niagra, falls, cleveland, chicago, ohio, illinois, badlands, mount, rushmore, coast, ocean, redwood, forest, california
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Elvis - Suspicious Minds - Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial - How to Play Easy Songs
    Duration: 9:44

    Description: Free Chord and Scale book

    Keywords: Elvis, Suspicious, Minds, Acoustic, Guitar, Lesson, Tutorial, How, to, Play, Easy, Songs, marty, schwartz, guitarjamz, country, cover, song, johnny, presley, simple, cash, cross, save, life, elvis presley, blues, western, guitar cover, brooks, nelson, johnny cash, nashville, acoustic cover, cowboy, hank, roy, brad, cross country
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Footloose 2011 - Official Dance Adaptation Tutorial - Fake ID Linedance
    Duration: 14:24

    Description: The official ADAPTATION linedance tutorial organized by Annemarie Dunn is based on the film's choreographers Jamal Sims & Dondraico Johnson. Stepsheet available on or studio site

    Keywords: Fake ID line dance, line dance, Footloose, Dance, Dance steps, Dance steps tutorial, linedance, new footloose movie, Fake ID, Footloose linedance, Big & Rich, footloose 2011, footloose tutorial, country linedance, linedance steps, linedance choreography, linedance instructions
    Average rating: 4.7

  21. Fatima Bhutto
    Duration: 34:14

    Description: Pakistan Nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fatima Bhutto SlowTV on

    Keywords: Fatima, Bhutto
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. BBC American Nomads
    Duration: 01:29:00

    Description: Beneath the America we think we know lies a nation hidden from view - a nomadic nation, living on the roads, the rails and in the wild open spaces. In its deserts, forests, mountain ranges and on the plains, a huge population of modern nomads pursues its version of the American dream - to live free from the world of careers, mortgages and the white picket fence. When British writer Richard Grant moved to the USA more than 20 years ago it wasn't just a change of country. He soon found himself in a world of travellers and the culture of roadside America - existing alongside, but separate from, conventional society. In this film he takes to the road again, on a journey without destination. In a series of encounters and unplanned meetings, Richard is guided by his own instincts and experiences - and the serendipity of the road. Travelling with loners and groups, he encounters the different 'tribes' of nomads as he journeys across the deserts of America's south west.

    Keywords: richard grant, hobos, nomads, Poor, BBC
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Cyan - Merlin
    Duration: 9:06

    Description: CD:Medieval Tales II Label:Discobole Recordings Country:Greece Released:2000 Genre:Electronic Style:Psy-Trance

    Keywords: Cyan, Merlin, Melodic, Morning, Morning1, Greece, Greek, Uplifting, Psychedelic, Trance, Gavalakis, K., Tzimas, T., Darma, Cherouvim, Dementia, Holymen, Space, Odyssey, Transistanse, Shivas, Technology, Psy-Trance, Mike, Dee, Nikos, Chrisoulakis
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. "I'm a Pin Up Girl" Makeup Tutorial + Mini Contest!
    Duration: 5:11

    Description: **OMG PLEASE READ!*** Retro looks are some of my favorite to recreate as they are just so glamorous and feminine. When I make my tutorials, most of the time, I feel like a little girl playing dress up! I wanted to really highlight that a bit more in this video. While editing this video, I was inspired to inspire you to do the same. So, post a video on YouTube of yourself glammed up and looking like a pin-up (NOT A MAKEUP TUTORIAL!) and tell me what makes you feel confident! Leave it as a video response to this video (Don't know how? Google it! It's really simple!) and on October 3rd, I will be announcing the winner. The winner will receive a makeup bag filled with some of my favorite beauty products as well as their choice of a piece of jewelry from Jewelmint. RULES: - You must be subscribed to this channel. (If you're into motivational videos, check out my second channel, - If you are under 18, it is your responsibility to get your parents' permission to enter. In case you win, I will need your address in order to mail you your prize! - Anyone, anywhere can enter. If located outside of the US, just make sure your country accepts mail from the US in case your fabulous self wins! - Include "Hello, Gorgeous" in your video title, or just try to say it like I do in the beginning of all my videos! Haha - Do NOT make a makeup tutorial. Your video is just meant to showcase you and what makes you feel most confident. Short and sweet. 2 minutes is ...

    Keywords: jessica, harlow, missjessicaharlow, vintage, pin, up, makeup, tutorial, dita, von, teese, marilyn, monroe, sexy, burlesque, bombshell, glamour, glam, hollywood, beauty, look, eye, haul, cosmetics, perry, katy, eyes
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Sri Lanka's ethnic divisions
    Duration: 22:31

    Description: How will the country deal with the rising chorus of war crimes allegations?

    Keywords: rizkhan, riz, khan, sri, lanka, civil, war, tamil, tigers, LTTE, crimes, allegations, human, rights, abuses
    Average rating: 4.7

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