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  1. Tutorial 09 for Arduino: Wireless Communication
    Duration: 14:40

    Description: New Episodes each Monday! You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website: This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group! Follow me on twitter:

    Keywords: Jeremy, Blum, element14, wireless, arduino, xbee, shield, serial, communication, pot, servo, program, control
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. How to Communicate Effectively with People! (Tutorial) - Course Excerpt
    Duration: 7:58

    Description: How to Communicate Effectively with People! (Tutorial) - Course Excerpt People communicate in different ways, some Visual, Some Auditory and some with Feelings. Yogi Akal educates us on the different ways and teaches us keywords we can use to communicate effectively.

    Keywords: 04, AUDIO, Tutorial, How-to, Lesson, communication, visual, effective, auditory, Learn, Academic Major, Lessons, School, Teacher, Education, Student, Students, Free, Tutorials, Language, Resource, Plans, Resources
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. Tutorial 06 for Arduino: Serial Communication and Processing
    Duration: 20:00

    Description: Serial.flush() has changed in Arduino 1.0. You can use this instead: while(Serial.available()[GREATER-THAN]0) {; } You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website: Submit your arduino project to element14's arduino contest for a chance to win a soldering station: This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group! Follow me on twitter:

    Keywords: Jeremy, Blum, element14, arduino, tutorial, serial, processing, programming, graphical, RS-232, USB, baud, rate, TX, RX, comm
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Flash PHP MySQL Communication Tutorials Intro ActionScript 3
    Duration: 4:23

    Description: Free Flash Source Files: Adam Explains Flash PHP and MySQL communication basics

    Keywords: flash, tutorial, as3, actionscript, 3.0, php, mysql, communicate, script, login, register, stats, learn, how, to, request, data
    Average rating: 4.4

  5. Tutorial 07 for Arduino: I2C Communication and Processing
    Duration: 18:22

    Description: New Episodes each Monday! You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website: This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group! Follow me on twitter:

    Keywords: Jeremy, Blum, arduino, tutorial, element14, electronics, processing, programming, I2C, communication, IC, integrated, circuit, SCL, SDA, logic, high, low, pullup, resistor, how-to
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Netduino Serial Port Communication Tutorial
    Duration: 4:50

    Description: This is a tutorial meant to help you set up the netduino so it can talk to the computer via serial port. This video is one of a series meant to show how to use serial ports. On the next video I will show you ac sharp form application to talk to the netduino. Code and More:

    Keywords: serial com, netduino serial, serial communication, netduino to pc communication, netduino tutorial, serial data
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Aviation Communication Tutorial
    Duration: 4:41

    Description: radio telephony, batavia air

    Keywords: batavia air, aviation radio, radio telephony, vincent raditya
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Serial COM Tutorial Part 4 (Visual Studio C#)
    Duration: 8:23

    Description: This tutorial shows how one can use their PC virtual COM ports for easy serial communication. download the example code (C# serial instance messaging): BTW, check out my other video tutorials for C++ serial COM you can download the c++ example:

    Keywords: Serial, COM, port, Tutorial, Part, USB, ttl, visual, studio, ebay, embedded, electronics, sharp, learn, how, demo, putty, arduino, gui, interface, c#, program, communicate, digital, graphical, user, ui
    Average rating: 4.8

  9. - Intro to Graphic Facilitation Tutorials
    Duration: 9:57

    Description: Brandy Agerbeck's introduction to her graphic facilitation video tutorials. For graphic facilitators, facilitators, teachers, students, trainers, managers, employees - anyone who wants to improve their visual communication skills to do better thinking and communicate more clearly. A PDF of the image created and Notes can be found at:

    Keywords: visual communication, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, scribing, visual facilitation, visual thinking, tutorial, lesson, learning, education
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. DCS-A10c - Tutorial for inputting coordinates in CDU
    Duration: 13:50

    Description: Video tuturial for inputting coordinates in CDU. This video is using JTAC/Type-1/Line. JTAC From EagleWiki -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description A JTAC is a soldier trained and qualified to provide control for attack resources such as artillery, naval fires, and close air support. The position combines the historically-separate roles of controlling artillery, naval fires, close air support (CAS), etc. as well as standardizes practices across branches of the US Armed Forces and participating NATO countries. A pilot or other flight crew acting as an Airborne Forward Air Controller (FAC(A)) will hold a JTAC qualification. Communication Primary communication between CAS asset and a JTAC is voice over AM/FM VHF radio. Secondary communication may include datalink message(s) over the SADL/EPLRS data network. Type in Effect (JP 3-09.3, page xv) Type in effect specifies the level of control used during the attack. Type 1 control is used when the JTAC must visually acquire the attacking aircraft and the target for each attack. Type 2 control is used when the JTAC requires control of individual attacks and any or all of the conditions exist: JTAC is unable to visually acquire the attacking aircraft at weapons release, JTAC is unable to visually acquire the target, and/or the attacking aircraft is unable to acquire the mark/target prior to weapons release. Type 3 control is used when the JTAC requires the ability to provide ...

    Keywords: jtac, line, coordinates
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Starcraft Protoss Voice Tutorial
    Duration: 1:17

    Description: Greetings Terrans. I am Judicator Galiant609. I have been sent by the Patriarch Zeratul to teach you the ways of our Telephatic communications. We do not emit primitive vocal waves like your race does for conversing with your fellow bretheren. But we use a much more sophisticated process on our culture of communication. To be able to mimic our telephatic ways of communication. you must accomplish two simple tasks. First is to obtain an audio capturing software called 'cooledit pro 2.1' And your secondary is to download the data provided in the description of this visual interface. En Taro Tassadar to you Terrans. May the Light of the Khala shine upon you and your kind. ------------------- Tutorial: Music is made by InfinityVas - Protoss Briefing Room Remake

    Keywords: Starcraft, Voice, Tutorial, Protoss, Awesome, epic, advisor, wings, of, liberty, legacy, the, void, fury, swarm
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. CollabraCam Multi-Camera Video Production iPhone App Tutorial
    Duration: 2:50

    Description: Learn how easy it is to produce a video with your friends using CollabraCam, the world's first multi-camera video production iPhone app with live editing and director to camera communication. Assemble your crew, download CollabraCam and start your first production today! Special Thanks to Jennifer K Design for the artwork as the background.

    Keywords: Apptopus Inc., Collabracam, Apple, iphone, ipod Touch, ios, app, video, video camera, camera, multi-camera, Wi-Fi, wireless, video production, movie, real-time, editing, live editing, live editor, director, camera operator, post-production, credits, social, social media, communication, creative, collaboration, storytelling, software, photography, demo, reel, technology
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. How to Build a LEGO Telephone
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: A tutorial on how to make a LEGO Telephone.

    Keywords: lego, legos, legoes, house, home, room, telephone, phone, cell, cellular, communication, tutorial, tutorials, bricks, brick, brickboys518, brickalt518, brickfilms518
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Baby Sign Language Video Tutorial
    Duration: 10:11

    Description: Baby Sign Language video tutorial I created for one of my classes. Helps teach instructors and parents helpful signs to communicate with babies and toddlers. DISCLAIMERS: I am not an expert, and not all of the signs are American Sign Language (ASL). The program I used (Baby Signs, emphasized communication with hearing children by whatever signs worked, and some of the signs in the program were modified or made up. I encourage the use of ASL, but do not discourage the use of modified signs or made-up signs.

    Keywords: baby, sign, language, tutorial, instructional, video, class, project, parenting
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. UML Tutorial - Use Case, Activity, and Sequence Diagrams - Essential Software Modeling
    Duration: 9:56

    Description: Start with a use-case and elaborate it into activity, class, sequence, and communication diagrams. This tutorial is a must for beginners who want to understand the relationships between different UML diagrams! It introduces the life cycle and evolution of a granular business case. Made with MS Visio and free stencils at

    Keywords: UML, 2.0, 2.2, diagram, business, analysis, class, sequence, collaboration, use-case, RUP, rational, unified, process, object-oriented, design, programming, OOAD, C#, Java, Visual, Basic, .NET, Studio, 2008, Visio, martin fowler, uml distilled, sequence diagram, software design, tutorial, beginner, introduction, class diagram, Class (computer Programming), Software Tutorial, modeling, language, generalization, inheritance, realization, interface, polymorphism, encapsulation
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Experiments 5.3: 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Tutorial (Red/Green Common Anode) using the Arduino
    Duration: 17:02

    Description: In this video a 2 Colour (red/green) 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display circuit is developed that uses three 74HC595 ICs to drive the rows/columns and a darlington transistor array (UDN2981A) to source the current. An Arduino is used to provide the serial data and the source code is presented to show how this was achieved. The display is a common anode display and the experiment spends time examining the current constraints, explaining why we require transistor arrays to source or sink current. This experiment is a part of a module on an introduction to Digital Electronics at Dublin City University, which can be viewed at:

    Keywords: 74HC595, LED Dot Matrix, instruction, educational, software, tutorial, howto, electronics, chips, led, diy, semiconductors, red, green, 8x8 LED Array, UDN2981A, current source, common anode, DCU, Dublin City University, Arduino, serial data, clock, data, communication, transistor array, Laboratory, how-to, 2 Color LED, Dot Matrix, ULN2803A, common cathode, LED driver, darlington array, darlington transistor, tips
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Computer Networking Tutorial - 3 - Network Topology
    Duration: 6:59

    Description: Introduction to computer networking. Any questions about the video? I will answer all questions at

    Keywords: computer, networking, tutorial, nodes, communications, media
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Tutorial 08 for Arduino: SPI Interfaces
    Duration: 15:48

    Description: New Episodes each Monday! You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website: Learn more about the ReacXion Project that I mentioned in this video: This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group! Follow me on twitter:

    Keywords: jeremy, blum, element14, arduino, tutorial, spi, interface, bus, serial, communication, IC, AD5204, digital, potentiometer, LED, video
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Computer Networking Tutorial - 4 - OSI Model Physical Layer
    Duration: 9:51

    Description: For more information or any questions, visit me at

    Keywords: computer, networking, tutorial, nodes, communications, media
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. logo design tutorial ,graphic design in wimbledon
    Duration: 5:05

    Description: My brand new logo design. visit my website.Hope you like it http Thanks for watching ,subscribe to my channel and comment.

    Keywords: logo design, visual communication, serif draw x4 tutorial, logo designer in london, wimbledon
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Computer Networking Tutorial - 5 - OSI Model Data Link Layer
    Duration: 5:38

    Description: For more information or any questions, visit me at

    Keywords: computer, networking, tutorial, nodes, communications, media
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. Camera Contacts Cleaning Tutorial
    Duration: 6:14

    Description: Questions? Go here: Tutorial on how to clean the camera's contacts to resolve a communication issue.

    Keywords: Camera, Contacts, Cleaning, Tutorial

  23. AS-Designs Dreamweaver Tutorial - AP-Div Tag Wrapper
    Duration: 9:54

    Description: Tutorial using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. This tutorial teaches how to create a wrapper based on AP-Div tags in dreamweaver. I have found a way to create a wrapper AP div tag to encase all of your other div tags. Then you will center the main wrapper and everything within the wrapper will also be centered. This also has an advantage over a normal div tag that is coded with css in that ap div tags can be arranged in layers just like in photoshop. You can also drag and move around these AP div tags instead of having to give exact numbered locations through css like you would a normal div tag.

    Keywords: Tutorial, Flash, CS4, Adobe, Sassatelli, asdesigns, SIUE, university, mass, webdesign, web, design, communication, dreamweaver, apdiv, ap, div, tag, apdivtag, interactivit
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial #2: Secrets of Professional Presentations
    Duration: 10:01

    Description: PowerPoint 2007 tutorials - how to apply principles of graphic design and visual literacy to produce professional-level presentations with animations.

    Keywords: powerpoint, tutorials, secrets, professional, Office, 2007, tutorial, ppt, presentation, communications, humanities, visual, basic, arts, animations, presentations, literacy, design, graphic, help, 07, basics, power, point, principle, vba, video
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. Caregiver Cards Mobile App Tutorial Part Two: "How to Use Caregiver Cards"
    Duration: 10:22

    Description: A tutorial for Caregiver Cards mobile app. describing the benefits of using Caregiver Cards as a visual tool in communicating with persons with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia's. The goal of Caregiver Cards is to help reduce the stress and workload that comes with being a caregiver to a loved one or person living with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or related disorders. Furthermore we strive to help improve communication, stimulate memory, and promote independence for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and caregiver alike. This second video tutorial answers "How to Use Caregiver Cards" and describes why you will use Caregiver Cards and presents situations that may be beneficial in using the Cards. Also discussed are tips for caregiver communication. Refer to Tutorial One "What is Caregiver Cards?" for a better understanding of the product itself. Thank you for your interest in Caregiver Cards. Please follow us at

    Keywords: Alzheimer's disease, dementia, caregiver, Caregiver Cards, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, Huntington's, Activities of Daily Living, adls, iadls, commands, memory loss, prompts, cues, flash cards, android app, IOS app, senior citizen, mobile device, assistive device, care, support, support groups, behaviors, alternative, communication
    Average rating: 5.0

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