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Video search results for Capacitance meter

Capacitance meter

Capacitance meter

Capacitance meter

Video search results for Capacitance meter

  1. Smart Tweezers LCR Meter/Digital Multimeter, Small Capacitance Tutorial
    Duration: 1:44

    Description: Mini-tutorial by shows how to measure small capacitance values with Smart Tweezers - high-speed, high-precision handheld LCR meter of an innovative concept.

    Keywords: DMM, Digital, Multimeter, LCR, Meter, Smart, Tweezers, SMD, SMT, Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance, Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor
    Average rating: 3.5

  2. Digital Multi-Meter Tutorial, part I
    Duration: 31:50

    Description: In Part I of this tutorial, you will learn the different functions on a Digital Multi-Meter, steps to get started, then learn to measure Voltage, Resistance, check Diodes, and check Continuity. In Part II, you will learn to measure capacitance, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Temperature, and Amperes.

    Keywords: DIY, Do it yourself, Digital, multi-meter, voltage, ampere, resistance, ohm, diode, capacitance, test, tester, education, instructional, Tutorial, how, to, how-to, howto, Tips, Help, Tricks, educational, VOM, do, it, yourself, guide, use, electronics, robot, Audio, troubleshoot, diagnose, multimeter, meters, temperature, Fahrenheit, Celsius, centigrade, novice, learn, electricity, electrical, repair, beginner, hertz, duty, cycle, frequency, microamps, milliamps, mrfixit
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Digital Multi-Meter Tutorial, part II
    Duration: 29:23

    Description: In Part II of this tutorial, you will learn to measure capacitance, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Temperature, and Amperes. In Part I, you learned the different functions on a Digital Multi-Meter, steps to get you started and learned to measure Voltage, Resistance, check Diodes, and check Continuity.

    Keywords: DIY, Do it yourself, Digital, multi-meter, voltage, ampere, resistance, ohm, diode, capacitance, test, tester, education, instructional, Tutorial, how, to, how-to, howto, Tips, Help, Tricks, educational, VOM, do, it, yourself, guide, use, electronics, robot, Audio, troubleshoot, diagnose, multimeter, meters, temperature, Fahrenheit, Celsius, centigrade, novice, learn, electricity, electrical, repair, beginner, hertz, duty, cycle, frequency, microamps, milliamps, mrfixit
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Monitor Repair Tutorial
    Duration: 11:27


    Keywords: Tutorial, monitor, repair, tech, technology, capacitor replacement
    Average rating: 3.0

  5. B10104-VC6243 Inductance Capacitance Meter Tester
    Duration: 1:24

    Description: The VC6243 Inductance Capacitance Meter Tester is auto power off, low battery indication, overload indication and zero adjustment, simple, safe and reliable. It is the good assistant of electrician.

    Keywords: Multi Meters, Display Multimeter, Display Digital Multimeter, Meter Display, Gadgettown
    Average rating: 1.6

  6. EEVblog #81 - Smart Tweezers LCR Meter Review And Teardown
    Duration: 33:17

    Description: Dave reviews the Canadian Advance Devices Smart Tweezers LCD meter. What will he find? Does it cut the mustard? Bonus LCR meter tutorial at the end.

    Keywords: lcr, meter, start, tweezers, review, teardown, tutorial, resistance, capacitance, inductance, oscilloscope, votage, measurement, testing
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Basics of Capacitor & Inductor self-resonance, parasitics, etc. - Tutorial
    Duration: 19:28

    Description: This video builds upon the last two videos that discussed the voltage and current properties of capacitors and inductors, then discussed the concept of resonance. This video looks at some of the practical aspects of component selection by discussing the various parasitic properties of real-world (non-ideal) components, and how these properties can dramatically alter the device behavior. The concept of self-resonance and its consequences is shown (and measured using a dip meter). The point of the video is to show that the proper choice and selection of capacitors and inductors can be surprisingly complex, and that increased study is needed if components are going to be operated at or above their self resonant frequency.

    Keywords: W2AEW, Tek, Tektronix, back, to, basics, tutorial, capacitor, capacitors, inductor, inductance, dip, meter, inductors, capacitance, self, resonance, impedance, reactance, parasitic, parasitics, skin, effect, RF, high, frequency, loss, dielectric, Q-factor, Df, dissipation, factor, non, ideal
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers
    Duration: 4:24

    Description: Demo of a new type of Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers from Easy, one-hand operation makes Digital Multimeter SmartTweezers an unrivalled tool for electronic measurements. Digital Multimeter SmartTweezers automatically selects measurement type and range. With 1% accuracy and the ability to measure DC voltage, ESR, capacitances as small as 1 pF and test diodes, it fills the gap between conventional multimeters and expensive bench type testers.

    Keywords: LCR Meter, Inductance Meter, Capacitance Meter
    Average rating: 3.8

  9. THE BEST Multimeter tutorial (HD)
    Duration: 4:36

    Description: What to look for in a multimeter and to use a multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and continuity. Multimeter link: Top of the line professional multimeter:

    Keywords: multimeter, voltage, current, resistance, continuity, tutorial, electronics, repair, volts, amps, ohms
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. How to Make Better Current-Voltage Measurements
    Duration: 5:12

    Description: Series 2600A System SourceMeter� instruments are Keithley's latest IV source-measure instruments for use as either a bench-top IV characterization tool or as a building block component of multi-channel IV test systems. For bench-top use, Series 2600A instruments feature an embedded TSP� Express Software Tool that allows users to quickly and easily perform common IV tests without programming or installing software. For system level applications, Series 2600A's Test Script Processor (TSP�) architecture along with new capabilities such as parallel test execution and precision timing provides the highest throughput in the industry to lower the cost of test.

    Keywords: cv, capacitance meter, mosfets, electrical test, failure analysis, automated test equipment, thin-film, Keithley Instruments, keithley, IEEE, Fluke, Semiconductor, International, Solid, State, Technology, Electronic, Products, Test, Measurement, Tektronix, how, to, science, current, voltage, multi-channel, bench, electronics, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. How to check the capacitor with an analog meter
    Duration: 1:48

    Description: I show how to check to see if a capacitor is open, shorted or working with an analog meter. This method will not tell you if the capacitance is correct but will tell you if it has capacitance.

    Keywords: education (capacitor), meter, capacitor, cap, storage, electricity, battery, dial, Energy
    Average rating: 4.1

  12. Diode Tutorial & How to build an AC to DC power supply
    Duration: 11:20

    Description: This video covers the basics of diodes, bridge rectifiers, and how to build simple unregulated AC to DC power supplies than can handle a few mA up to several Amps. I recommend watching my transformer tutorial first if you are confused about where I am getting the AC voltages from: This is a followup video on how to make a regulated voltage supply: Don't forget to subscribe!

    Keywords: diode, pn, junction, bridge, rectifier, forward, voltage, half, wave, full, AC, DC, electronics, semiconductors, tutorial, schematic, unregulated, power, supply, DIY
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. inductance meter 0,4 uH - 170 uH (radio coils) schematic
    Duration: 6:30

    Description: How to find the inductance from an unknown radio coil? The schematic shows how to measure low-inductance coils. These coils are often used in radio circuits (0,4 Micro Henry - Shortwave eg 14 MHz- down to 170 Micro Henry, Middle Wave. eg 700 KHz). it is an approximated - though very useful- value, because the bipolar transistor has some nonlinearity (also nonlinear capacitance, depending on the frequency) in its base-emitter circuit. Also the waveform is not a very pure sinus. But when you make a frequency table there is a direct relation between the frequency and the inductance that you found on an unknown coil. So the circuit is usable in radio technology. Put the formula in some computerprogram like Basic or so, this speeds up your measurements and gives a quick and good insight in changing the values from L and C in relation to the frequency; you will also approach (find) the parasitic capacitance very quickly. A better inductance meter (better linearity) schematic is published in my book "Retro Radio" (Dutch text) in the Netherlands (Elektor International Media). Author ko Tilman, ISBN 978-90-5381-234-1. There are also easy to make superhet. Shortwave radio schematics in this Dutch book. I wrote one Engish book about how to make a simple Shortwave radio, you can find it on the website of Lulu.

    Keywords: inductance, meter, radio, shortwave, microhenry, micro, henry, radiofun232, retro, oscillator, generator, short, wave
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. LCR Inductance Capacitance Resistance Meter - Gadget Plus
    Duration: 45

    Description: A LCR Meter is used to measure, among other things, the impedance (inductance, capacitance, resistance) of a component. Link:

    Keywords: impedance, inductance, capacitance, resistance, component, measure, meter, device, instrument, measuring, electronic, electronics, power, parameter, test, testing, engineer, engineering, Multimeter, Volt, Watt, electricity, DVM, Voltmeter, ammeter
    Average rating: 1.1

  15. Electronics 101-How To Use A Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Continuity Tester
    Duration: 6:05

    Description: Electronics 101 How-to use a multimeter to measure voltage, amperage, resistance and continuity. Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Continuity Tester

    Keywords: learn, educational, instructional, commentary, electronics, semiconductors, howto, computers, how-to, use, multimeter, voltmeter, voltage, ammeter, amps, ohmmeter, resistance, continuity, tester, spark, yt:stretch=16:9, yt, vid, video, google, youtube, 720p, HD, THE BEST Multimeter tutorial, tutorial, multi-meter
    Average rating: 4.7

  16. Extech EX623 Dual Input Clamp Meter + IR Thermometer + NCV At NECA
    Duration: 3:34

    Description: Planet Extech shows off the EX623 at the NECA True RMS measurements for accurate AC Voltage and Current measurements Dual type K thermocouple input with Differential Temperature function (T1, T2, T1-T2) Built-in non-contact Voltage detector with LED alert DC �A multimeter function for HVAC flame rod Current measurements Data Hold plus fast Peak Hold of current surges during motor startup 40000 count multimeter functions for DC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, and Frequency for high resolution over wider ranges Measures motor capacitors to 40000�F 1.4" (36mm) jaw opening for conductors up to 500MCM Rugged double molded housing Much More Available at Tequipment.NET Video by Extech

    Keywords: Extech, EX623, Dual, Input, Clamp, Meter, IR, Thermometer, NCV, At, NECA, Tequipment.NET
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Fieldpiece hs36 meter
    Duration: 4:09


    Keywords: Fieldpiece, hs36, digital multi-meter, stick meter
    Average rating: 4.7

  18. Using A Multimeter to check Ohms (resistance) Resistor Example
    Duration: 2:34

    Description: Using a Multimeter to test Ohms (resistance) using aa resistor as an example. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

    Keywords: multimeter, multi, meter, wiring, outlets, circuits, testing, batteries, battery, robotics, robot, electricity, resistors, ohms, how to, learn, tech, cool, resistance, build, tutorial, make, tools, mulit meter, diode, capacitor, chip, cpu
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 2: How Tone Works, Selecting a Value
    Duration: 9:36

    Description: . In part two of this video on tone capacitors, I present a tutorial on how to read cap values, an explanation of how the capacitance and resistance work together as an RC filter in the tone circuit, and some audio examples to help in selecting a useful cap value for a tone circuit. The caps I play through here are all Orange Drop polypropylene caps with values .047uF, .022uF, .01uF, 6800pF, 4700pF, 3300pF and 1000pF. Everything is played on my Epiphone Riviera P93 with Vintage Vibe Guitars P-90 pickups, through my Vox VT30 on the Boutique Clean model, mic'd with a Rode NT1 large diaphragm microphone. For a comparison of cap material types, see part one Like this video? Please consider making a donation (of any amount) at

    Keywords: Tone, capacitor, cap, capacitance, resistor, RC, filter, highpass, resistance, Sprague, Orange, Drop, Polypropylene, value, picofarad, nanofarad, microfarad, farad, treble, bleed, cutoff, frequency, bourns, 500k, audio, taper, potentiometer, pot, electronics, Epiphone, Riviera, P93, P90, P-90, Vintage, Vibe, Guitars, Alnico, Ceramic, Magnet, Vox, VT30, Boutique, Clean, Rode, NT1, large, diaphragm, DIY, howto, Canon, HF200, Sony, Vegas
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Capacitor ESR Measurement with the Bode 100
    Duration: 4:46

    Description: This video tutorial shows how the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of a capacitor is measured using the vector network analyzer Bode 100 and the impedance adapter B-WIC / B-SMC from OMICRON Lab. The ESR of a capacitor can influence the behavior of an electronic system. For example the stability of a power supply depends on the ESR of its output capacitor. Therefore the ESR, which changes over frequency, has to be known in several cases. Manufacturers do often not provide sufficient data about the ESR of their passive components. Assuming a series equivalent circuit model for a capacitor including the capacitance and the series resistance, the Bode 100 can directly measure the impedance values of both components over the full frequency range from 1Hz to 40MHz. To see how easy the impedance measurement of a capacitors ESR can be done with the VNA Bode 100 and the impedance adapter B-WIC / B-SMC you can also download the corresponding application note from: Used Measurement Equipment: Bode 100 -- The Bode 100 is a vector network analyzer that serves as a frequency response analyzer, a gain phase meter and impedance meter as well as a sine wave generator. It can be controlled via the Bode Analyzer Suite, a graphical user interface. An OLE compatible automation interface allows easy implementation into automated systems. B-WIC and B-SMC -- The impedance adapters for through-hole type components (B-WIC) and surface mounted components (B-SMC) in combination ...

    Keywords: OMICRON Lab, Bode 100, vna, vector network analyzer, impedance meter, frequency response analyzer, bode analyzer suite, B-WIC, B-SMC, ESR, equivalent series resistance, capacitor, impedance measurement, wired components, SMD components, andreas bodenm�ller, Netzwerkanalysator, Impedanzmessger�t, Regelkreisanalysator, Netzger�teanalysator, Schaltnetzteilanalysator, Serienersatzschaltbild, Kondensator, Impedanzmessung, bedrahtete Bauelemente, SMD Bauelemente

  21. Multimeter review / buyers guide: Fluke 177 / 179 - Part 2
    Duration: 16:38

    Description: A list of my multimeters can be purchased here: This is a review of the Fluke 177. This is Fluke's true RMS digital multimeter with 6000 count. This is an entry level multimeter for electrical / electronics. I will be using this multimeter in a future series on "How to use a multimeter for beginners" (multimeter tutorial) I do a comparison with my Fluke 115 and Fluke 287. Thanks to Comtest for the load of the multimeter A list of my multimeters can be purchased here: Specs: * Manual and automatic ranging * Display Hold and Auto Hold * Frequency and capacitance measurements * Resistance, continuity and diode measurements * Temperature measurements (179) * Min-max-average recording * Closed case calibration through front panel * Ergonomic case with integrated protective holster

    Keywords: Fluke, 289, 175, 179, auto, hold, touch
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. SMD Components Tester ??-?530
    Duration: 2:10

    Description: SMD Components Tester ??-?530SMD components are becoming more and more popular in today's electronics. Which is why, naturally, we also need metering devices that would work with them. Traditional multimeters get less and less convenient every day for purely technological reasons. They can certainly be used to measure, and they support both, resistance and capacitance measurements, but they are just difficult to use because of the structure of their test leads. It is inconvenient to grab SMD-components with such leads. So today I would like to show you a device that has been specially developed for the said applications ??-?530 CTBrand. This tool is designed to measure resistance of SMD components and capacitance. The structure of the device helps to easily grab the part being measured so that it won't go anywhere. The tester supports resistance measurements in the range of 0-40 megaOhm, has an automatic measurement range selection. This device is also suitable for measuring the capacitance of capacitors of up to 100 microfarads, also with an automatic measurement range selection. CT-?530 CTBrand can also be used to test diodes for the pn junction operability. The tester has an inbuilt battery charge indicator, so you can tell when the battery is low, and replace it immediately without allowing any measurement errors.So, this specialized tool is very convenient to use when measuring parameters of SMD components (capacitance and resistance).

    Keywords: accuracy of measurement, SMD, tester
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Induction motor, 1 phase, manual start removing capacitor.
    Duration: 1:54

    Description: FOR MORE INFO READ THIS VIDEO DESCRIPTION This is an induction motor, single phase, 127 V. Its nominal speed is 1625RPM. 4 poles. First I run it with its permanent capacitor, closing the circuit on the two different sides of the capacitor, to show that it will be the cause of the rotating direction. After that, I remove the capacitor and run it but only with one winding connected at a time. Single phase motors have a main winding and an auxiliary winding. The black wire of the motor is permanently connected to the phase. The white wire is the main winding. The yellow wire is the auxiliary winding. You will see the starting problem that all single phase motors have in common. There is no torque on them to start rotating!!! In this case I crank it with my hand to start it. It also shows that by cranking it you can give the motor the rotating direction you decide with the crank, and that you can use either the main winding or auxiliary winding to run it but not both at the same time (without the capacitor). Since the auxiliary and main windings have different inductance and resistance values, the rotor runs faster on one than in the other, but you can start it with your hand in any direction regardless of the working winding. Any remarks or corrections are well accepted.

    Keywords: permanent, capacitor, start, split, phase, single, electric, induction, motor, 120, volts, monofasico, de, fase, partida, permanente, 1/2, hp, medio, caballo
    Average rating: 4.3

  24. Testing selfmade ESR meter
    Duration: 2:48

    Description: Just testing very simple high frequency ESR (capacitor resistance) tester. With some bad capacitors, good capacitors, resistor and several inductors. Testing ESR at 150kHz. No need to desolder caps from PCB as several cm of pcb traces have enough inductance to isolate capacitor from whole circuit. Very low voltage test- any active components do not interfere with measure.

    Keywords: diy, electronics, esr, tester, capacitor, series, resistance
    Average rating: 3.0

  25. Smart Metering Device -- Digital Multimeter UT71B
    Duration: 3:18

    Description: Smart Metering Device - Digital Multimeter UT71BThe intelligent, multifunctional, accurate universal digital multimeter UT71B is designed to perform a wide range of measurements.So, why intelligent?The term "intelligent" is in the narrow sense applied to devices which use data processing to acquire new functions. In the field of electrical measurements and measurement conversions of multidimensional data arrays that consist of multiple electrical signals, the basic measurement purposes of a metering device are supplemented by a whole range of additional ones, thus resulting in the extension of the number of supported functions. So, the metering device becomes multifunctional in its intelligence and functions.Now, let's talk about some of the peculiarities of such device.A clear LCD display with an additional scale...Basic performance indicators: measuring voltage..., current...., frequency..., capacitance..., resistance..., testing of diodes..., and, of course, continuity testing with sound. The device also supports a couple of specific functions.Registration of signal amplitudes - PEAK HOLD...., as well as a relative measurement mode - RELATIVE MODE.... Mode of displaying minimum and maximum values on an LCD display.....Energy-saving mode - SLEEP MODE, an essential function for saving the power supply elements ....Storage of the most recent measurements.......Double display backlight, reflecting the frequency of viewing parameters on the display...Storage of displayed ...

    Keywords: measurement, multimeter, Uni-T
    Average rating: 5.0

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