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Video search results for CW-Teo

  1. BuddyPress, Facebook, Social Bookmarking, VoIP on the iPhone 3G, Disqus
    Duration: 2:23

    Description: Blogging platform WordPress is the latest to jump onto the social network. Called "BuddyPress," developers aim to make the "social experience" even easier. Although BuddyPress is based upon WordPress' own collaborative blogging software, Wordpress MU, many analysts predict that it will take on a much more traditional, MySpace-like, appearance. http While some are anxiously awaiting the arrival of BuddyPress, many others are still signing up for established sites like Facebook, at least abroad -As far as North America is concerned, many analysts agree that the current status is in more of a "cooling off" period. CW Teo has written a great piece about how you can use sites like StumbleUpon to enhance your business. In "Targeted List Building With Social Bookmarking and Networking," Teo not only talks about the underlying principles of these sites, but how you can use these sites to create social buzz about your product or service. Voice Over IP is coming to the iPhone 3G. Global IP Solutions, a company known for their knowledge in the IP field, officially announced the launch of their development platform. iPhone developers will now be able to implement "VoiceEngine Mobile" into their application. Disqus, the service designed to take the pain out of commenting in blogs, has gotten an upgrade. The new "Disqus 2.0" features several new tools, including a new user interface and general ...

    Keywords: Web-2.0, buddypress, wordpress, social-bookmarking, Facebook, marketing, CW-Teo, spam, voip, iphone, Wi-Fi, 3g, voice-over-ip, application, GIPS, Disqus, plugin, Brad-Fallon
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. How to Dance Triple Two Step
    Duration: 7:15

    Description: Instructional video teaches six figures in country-western triple two step. This dance is also called double two step or Dallas-Fort Worth shuffle.

    Keywords: triple, double, two, step, dance, learn, shuffle
    Average rating: 4.1

  3. imperio markante ITD style
    Duration: 2:15

    Description: esse � o primeiro video caseiro do imperio markante da uma for�inha a� pra n�isx leke

    Keywords: imperio, markante, hip, hop, rap, stonda, itd, style, hungria
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Minecraft - Number Changer
    Duration: 7:40

    Description: I show you how to build a number changer. You can use this for calculator. :)

    Keywords: Number (music), Number, Minecraft, pokolba9, norbix9, video, music, song, game, mine, craft, play, tutorial, like, What's, changer, red, wool, etc, lol, :3, troll, fun, funny, Film, Name, Your, Whats, Game (rapper), Music Video, how, to, build, make, made, by
    Average rating: 5.0

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