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Video search results for Bubzbeauty

  1. Eyelining Tutorial (Using Pencil, Liquid, Gel & Powder)
    Duration: 7:52

    Description: LIVECHAT on Tuesday 26th May at 8pm GMT guys! See you there ^_^ In this video, I'm going to go through step by step covering how I apply the following eyeliners: Pencil Liquid Fluid & Powder This isn't voice over'ed, i spoke through out the video and hope you guys are ok about it and find this helpful. For demonstration purposes, I used all eyeliners but trust me guys, I don't use them all at once hehe.. Remember! It's all about practice & patience! Good good my bubbiful ones! Much love, Bubz

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, Bubbi, how, to, eyeline, eyeliner, tutorial, demo, step, by, applying, natural, winged, my, method, pencil, li
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Starry Night Nails
    Duration: 3:36

    Description: Hello my smexy riceballs! Here is a nail tutorial for you guys. Quite a lot of you guys requested for a nail tutorial that does not require nail brushes so hopefully you will like this nail design. It's pretty simple but I really think simple nail designs look best. It is a gradient chic nail design that reminds me of the starry night skies. It can glam up an outfit instantly! You can of course choose to work with different colours instead of blue such as purple, black etc. FTC: Eyeko supplied me with the Petite Polish. The other polishes are purchased out of my own. As always, this is a non-paid video. ^_^ Eyeko & Canmake make my favourite nail polishes because they are gorgeous and affordable. I LOVE IU! Song is called Mia. Hope you guys likey likey! Much love, Bubbi Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, Starry, night, sky, nails, gradient, chic, blue, sparkly, glittery, Stylish, Cute, simple, easy, step, by
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Sassy Curls Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 6:49

    Description: Hi everyone, its another 'Bubzbeauty Hair Tutorial!!' Here it is, a much requested hair tutorial that I wore in my ELF review. Ditch the loose curls for SASSY & FUN Tight curls. I have been wearing my curls nice and tight. It looks fun, sassy and perfect for Spring. So I have ditched loose curls for this fun look. Perfect for Spring Time. I really do love it and its so easy. It takes about 15 minutes because you are grabbing random sections of hair. It is suitable for all lengths of hair because it doesnt take away much of the length. Be spontaneous and messy for best results. I used Nicky Clarke 18mm Frizz Control Tongs. You can purchase this from for only �14.69!! lol. Hope you guys enjoy this one, Check out: For updates on Beauty, Hair & Fashion and my Diary Much love, Bubbi

    Keywords: buzbeauty, bubbi, how, to, create, tight, sassy, fun, sweet, curls, tutorial, demo, nicky, clarke, 18mm,, easy, simple, quick
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Cute Strawberry Nails
    Duration: 2:40

    Description: Hello bubbiful ones! Here is a super fun & easy nail tutorial for you guys! Since Spring is here- why not try a cute fruity design? It's girly, sweet and looks yummy! You guys know about my obsession with strawberries already. They just make me SO HAPPY =D. They're so little, round and colourful! Puts me in such a good mood. If only they are as yummy as real strawberries. Stay well everybody!! Bubz x Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, nail, tutorial, cute, strawberry, nails, fun, girly, sweet, colourful, easy, basic, simple, art, yummy, om, nomnomnom!
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Quick Messy Updo Bun
    Duration: 3:06

    Description: Join the NEW Bubzbeauty Facebook fanpage! I connect with you guys one-to-one here Greetings from Hong Kong! Long time no hair tutorial! I have been wearing my hair like this in HK cause its a quick way for me to dress up and funk up a bad hair day. It just looks chic and artistic. It's real quick and easy. Sometimes you can wear for school or shopping or whatever you wish. All you need is a hair band and some bobby pins. For a more dramatic look, you can always 'back comb' your hair but I'm not a big fan of hair teasing. This hairstyle works best on longer hair tho =( If your hair is shorter, you may want to pull your ponytail lower. I'll be making more hair tutorials soon, stay well everyone. Have a wonderful week everyone Much love, Bubz xx

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, hair, tutorial, how, to, create, quick, messy, updo, bun, easy, stylish, chic, casual
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. Elegant Fish Braid Hairstyle
    Duration: 5:31

    Description: http Finally! A hair tutorial that doesnt require any heated hair tools! This is a really awesome hairstyle that looks elegant, cute and very feminine. I love it! Big shout out to Miss Fenny Kong who inspired me with this!! Hope you guys enjoy this one! It takes me about 10 minutes to do this but its all about practice. So practice on a friend if you don't know how to french braid or create fish tails! Get braiding because its HOT this season! Have a great week everyone! Much love, Bubz Will update soon

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, hair, tutorial, elegant, cute, fish, braid, french, plait, easy, demo, girly, sweet, hairstyle, simple, braiding, is, hot, this, season
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Bumble Bee Nails
    Duration: 3:23

    Description: Here is a Bumble Bee nail tutorial for you guys =) I had no idea that you guys enjoyed nail tutorials so much. I wanted to do a Spring inspired nail design and my boyfriend mentioned Bumble Bees which I thought would be awesome idea. This design is nice & airy. Cute & Fresh. Pastel shades are huge for Spring/Summer. You can always choose a pink, green or yellow background if you wish. When I posted this as a twitpic, a viewer questioned whether I was taking credit for another girl's idea. I had no idea what she was talking about and she linked me to a blog post of a girl's nail design which did look similar. I promise you guys I had no idea that somebody already did something similar and it was pure coincidence. I've always drawn bees like this ever since I was a little girl (maybe from watching Winnie the Pooh? Not sure). The girl did an awesome job too but let's just agree that great minds think alike? All it takes is plenty of patience and practice. Like I always say, try to practise on a friend and vice versa. If this is too much for you- why not just try pastel shades on your nails? Sometimes simplicity looks best ^_~. A killer colour is all you need for your nails to stand out. To everybody asking about the contest- Deadline is 17th March (midnight so really 18th). It will take me a while to watch all entries again. Please be patient because I just don't want to be rushed watching your entries. I know you guys put a lot of work into it. Stay beautiful, Much love ...

    Keywords: bubzbeauty, bumble, bee, nails, cute, nail, design, spring, summer, fresh, airy, adorable, pastel, simple
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Pretty Soft Curls
    Duration: 3:22

    Description: Hey cuppiecakes! I've been meaning to film last week but was recovering from the cold. So don't mind the tired face. Damn my low immune system. I know I've done a lot of hair curling hair tutorials in the past. I was kind of reluctant to do another one since they are so repetitive lol but I hope you guys still enjoy this quick one. It's a technique I now use when curling my hair so the curls are evenly distributed. I've been wearing my hair curly for my recent tutorials you guys have been asking for a tutorial so here it is XD Pps. Did you spot Chubbisaur? XD Chubbi just got spayed recently. She was shivering so she was advised to wear something to keep her warm and from licking her stitches. She's doing a lot better today. Thanking everybody for the get well wishes. Ps. I haven't dyed my hair yet. Waiting for the roots to look more obvious before darkening m hair XD Much love, Bubz Music: 2PM- I can't Instrumental _____________________ Check out the Bubzbeauty Official Website. I update tons of beauty, fashion and hair related articles almost daily. _____________________________ Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Shop the Bubbi Makeup Brushes & Clothing Line: Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, soft, pretty, voluminous, bouncy, curls, hair, tutorial, how, to, demo, cute, girly, hairstyle
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Beautiful Skin Remedy
    Duration: 3:41

    Description: Hey beautiful ones, You can check out my detailed post on this remedy below: I want to share this daily remedy that has been working amazingly well for me. I am so thankful for it and I am so excited to share it with you guys. I am a little nervous about this video though because I show some pretty horrific pictures of a skin reaction that I had not long ago. But ahh well... sometimes, poo happens lol! During my skin reaction, I had to cleanse my face with oatmeal since the chemicals from my cleansers were aggravating my skin even more. Now that my skin has recovered, I STILL clean my face with oatmeal. Why? I have seen the benefits and I find that the more I use it, the better the condition of my skin has become. Do you know that oatmeal is an incredible cleanser for the skin? It has the ability to relieve itchiness, redness, dryness and minor irritations. It absorbs and removes dirt & impurities whilst exfoliating the skin gently without all the harmful chemicals (found in a lot of our skincare products). It also helps the skin to fight against free radicals because it's so abundant in anti-oxidants. Result? Smoother, clearer and brighter skin without the $$$ Whilst rinsing the face, I can already feel my skin feeling silkier. My face looked glowy, radiant and smooth. I can't actually explain how much I love this remedy so hopefully you guys can see the results yourself through pictures. Both oatmeal AND yogurt has saved my skin many times. Unlike a ...

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, DIY, Oatmeal, Skin, Cleanser, for, Beautiful, Clear, Soft, Smooth, Silky, radiant, Soothes, redness, itchiness, irritation, dryness, effectively, cleanses, impurities, exfoliator, anti, oxidants, effective, and, affordable, daily, PS., Chubbi, says, TALK, TO, THE, PAW, mum!, No, kisses!
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Overnight Waves
    Duration: 4:34

    Description: Hey Guys! Long time no hair tutorial ^^. Here is a life saver hair trick that will save you time in the morning or even for night time. This hairstyle will give you awesome beautiful waves without using damaging hot hair tools. 10 minutes before you sleep is all you'll need for this hairstyle. You can even wear this hairstyle during the day (such as school) and unravel the braids if you are going somewhere later that day ^^. My best friend does this trick when she stays over at a friends house. This way she won't need to carry straighteners, tongs with her. She can travel light since hair ties are so tight and small. It is a basic concept and I'm pretty sure a lot of girls braid their hair before sleeping for waves. So therefore this is definitely nothing new. A french braid gives waves for the top layers but they are looser which makes the hairstyle look great. Your waves should be soft and nicely defined. Your hair should also appear thicker and fuller. Thanks to my best friend Annie for inspiring me with this hairstyle. I love you big time. Having a blast with you in Hong kong. Going to miss you when you leave for UK again =(. Subscribe to my Vlog channel below: Follow me on Twitter: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

    Keywords: bubzbeauty, overnight, waves, hair, tutorial, how, to, easy, quick, wavy, soft, beautiful, hairstyle, french, braiding, healthy, non-heat, method, volumized, love, Annie
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Quick Loose Curls Tutorial
    Duration: 6:07

    Description: Hey everyone, Its been nearly 2 weeks since my last video! Ahh so sorry. Been caught up with craploads of work indeedy. Lost 1.5kg from work & stress.. -_- not good. I've been wearing my hair lately. I forgot how much softer a person can look with this hairstyle. I'm very low maintenance with hair so even if its hair curling- I make sure I do it all in less than 10 minutes. The technique used in this video is similar to what I have shown you guys before but with little tweaks here and there. The only difference is that we are not working in horizontal sections. We are working in vertical sections and turning outwards mainly. The individual curls don't look perfect but the end result looks great because hair looks volumized but length is kept. Great for most hair lengths. I've never been a fan of neat curls- the spontaneous and slightly messy look has always been more of my preference. "I Miss You' T-Shirt Giveaway: The shirt I'm wearing in this video is designed by Yours Truly for my 2nd line of Bubbi Clothing. I will be giving away 3 of my shirts as a giveaway prize so make sure you join the 'Bubzbeauty Official' Facebook Fanpage so you know when the giveaway starts/ends. There will be many more shirts to give away in the future on the fanpage. Bubzbeauty Official Fanpge: Takecare everybody & have a great week. Much love, Bubz xx Follow me on Twitter: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Bubbi Clothing Line ...

    Keywords: Quick, loose, curls, hair, tutorial, messy, waves, using, straightening, iron, the, fast, method, school, work, friendly, lazy, girls, lik
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. Tutorial: BubzBeauty HYPNOTIC Look
    Duration: 6:59

    Description: By NO MEANS am i trying to say i look like bubz or anything like that. I love bubz's channel and her tutorials and this one is my favourite so i decided to upload a video of me trying this look on myself. I hope you enjoy it :) && i hope bubz actually gets to see this *.* that would be AMAZING (: Products Used: Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurence WetnWild idol eyes cream shadow stick in GRAPHITE [optional] Maybelline smokes quad in AMETHYST SMOKES Too Faced GLAMOURLAND PALETTE Maybelline eyestudio gel liner in BLACKEST BLACK Maybelline COLOSSAL mascara in BLACK Ardell 110 BLACK Face: Estee lauder stay in place concealer in 2 LIGHT MEDIUM Mac studio sculpt concealer in NC30 covergirl trublend pressed powder in TRANSLUCENT LIGHT covergirl clean oil control powder in SOFT HONEY Maybelline Blush in SWEET CINNAMON Lips: concealer clear lipgloss if you're wondering bout anything you can ask me on FORMSPRING :D : disclaimer: bought everything myself, im giving u honest opinions and i am not being sponsered whatso everrr :) ** NO COPYRIGHT FRAGMENT INTENDED** ENJOYY (:

    Keywords: bubz, bubzbeauty, amethyst smokes, amethyst, inspired, amethyst inspired, hypnotic look, hyponotic, look, makeup, cosmetics, concealer, mac, too faced, glamourland, palette, glamourland palette, shimmery black, shimmery purple, purple, black, shimmery pink, pink, off white, cream, matte, white, false eyelashes, eyelashes, colossal, ardell110, lash glue, sweet cinnamon, covergirl powder, covergirl, estee lauder, spf10 concealer, burn, misscocolicious96, tutorial, eyes
    Average rating: 4.4

  13. Taeyeon Look (Run Devil Run MV)
    Duration: 6:37

    Description: Hihi everybody ^^ It's been a while guys.. been ill. Filmed the tutorial while feeling dizzy n light headed actually o_o but just want to apologise! Sorry it took so long to get this tutorial up. As promised, here is the highly requested Taeyeon Makeup Tutorial from music video, Run Devil Run. I used glitter instead of gems so its more versatile but feel free to use gems ^_^. All the girls in the music video kept their makeup simple. They stand out with attitude yet dont look overdone at all. How? They let the eyeliner to the talking. Check out the music video below if you havent seen it yet. SNSD leader, Taeyeon looks so sexy and slick: This look is great for everyday because its quick yet sassy. It doesnt require eyeshadow therefore no need for blending this and that. It is a great look that focuses on beautiful radiant skin and edgy eyeliner with a hint of glam. This makeup is clean cut and simple and great for tired eyes/skin. Eyeliner is hot this season so dont be afraid to experiment with your eyeliner pencils and pens ^^. If you wear false lashes, it can really bring the look further but because I'm demonstrating a spunkier everyday look- I stuck with mascara baby! ^_^ Run Devil Run instrumental credited to: SanHhac This video is sponsored by Once again, warm shout out to Yesstyle for supporting Bubzbeauty Channel. You will see Bubz on their Beauty page as guest star =) weeee. ATTN All products used are purchased by my own and I am ...

    Keywords: Taeyeon, SNSD, Girls, Generation, Run, devil, music, video, get, the, look, makeup, tutorial, edgy, clean, simple, style, bubzbeauty
    Average rating: 4.7

  14. Elegant & Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 9:07

    Description: I have been requested many times for another curly hair tutorial but for prom/bridal events. So this is my chance to put a hairstyle that can be used together =D You can wear this everyday or even to a special event. The look is very soft, elegant, classy but also romantic. So if you're feeling girly- *thumbs up* I used: Hot Tools Helen Of Troy Curling Iron with a 1 1/4 inch barrel Garnier Surf spray Umberto Giannini Hairspray This want to also thank you guys... would it believe it took me a whole 5 months to reach 1000 bubzcribers but 2 weeks onwards- I have gained 750+ bubzcribers? This is so amazing and all thanks to your support. It makes me smile that you guys enjoy my videos of my randomness. I want to tell you guys that Bubbi loves you!!! So muchies!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend my fellow bubbies!!! Much love, Bubbi

    Keywords: how, to, hair, tutorial, elegant, romantic, goddess, curls, hot, tools
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. Blue Bumble Bee Nail Tutorial - Bubzbeauty inspired
    Duration: 2:40

    Description: This look was inspired by 'BubzBeauty' and I do not own the song, I have just purchased a copy on itunes. Hi everyone, this is just a quick tutorial which i did as soon as i saw Bubzbeauty's video and haven't had a chance to upload until now. unfortunately between homework its not the best of videos I've made, but feel free to check out my others. Subscribe, rate and comment! Also Thank-you to anyone who came here via the video response on Bubzbeauty's video it means alot to me to be getting more people seeing my tutorials :)

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, Bumble, Bee, Blue, Sky, Pastel, Nail, Polish, Tutorial, Design, Art, Easy, Short, Long, Cute, Spring, Hearts, White, Black, Yellow
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Panda Nails
    Duration: 3:04

    Description: Hey guys, Here is another nail video ^.^ I was inspired to try out this panda design after seeing some pictures on the internet. Being chinese, of course the panda is my favourite animal. What's not to like? They're sooo cute being all fluffy and round. This nail tutorial is very easy and all you really need is two nail polishes (black and white). It's a series of dabbing and as you can see- my first attempt worked out pretty well. Quick and easy. No brushes required. Just want to point out there that the concept idea is definitely not mine so certainly don't want to take credit for it. Infact, I'm not sure who invented it first because there are many takes on it already but figured I'll show my stab at it and how I draw my pandas. The page of panda designs that inspired me is here: DIY beauty tutorial & hair tutorial up next. Until next time, Bubz xx _________________ Check out the Bubzbeauty Official Website. I update tons of beauty, fashion and hair related articles almost daily. Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line: Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, panda, nail, inspired, art, tutorial, cute, simple, easy, design
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 3:08


    Average rating: 5.0

  18. 6 Quick Summer Hairstyles
    Duration: 5:13

    Description: Hello my hot char siu buns! Bubz is back with a 6-in-1 hair tutorial wakakaka. Slap me some skin! *high 5* The weather is getting warmer and warmer by the day and it's just too hot to wear the hair down now (No thanks to humid frizzy hair getting stuck on our backs please). In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to create 6 on-the-go hairstyles that will literally take you about a minute or two. They are not only quick & easy but also very comfortable for the sizzling weather. These hairstyles are very basic to do so they would be great for school/work. I'm asked so many times to do 'Bun' tutorials so hopefully this will be a helpful video. Hope you guys are well. My family are visiting me in Hong Kong at the moment so spending lots of time with them. Also working on the new (which should be launched very soon) so working on lots of content for you guys. Bubbi Brushes: Super excited about them. They should be launched Summer 2011. This instrumental is called 'My heart is beating' by K Will ^_~ For those who are wondering- I'm wearing a head scarf that I bought from my friend's cute online boutique. You can check out her website at: I used my boyfriend's hair clay that day and it dried really weird and ended up getting little pieces of dried clay on my head. It kinda looks like dandruff o_O but it's not, I promise ^^ Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Bubzbeauty Official Website: www.bubzbeauty ...

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, quick, summer, hairstyles, simple, easy, hair, tutorial, Kpop, IU, Korean, Japanese, Elegant, cute, inspired, everyday, sc
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Pretty Japanese Nail Art Tutorial
    Duration: 4:16

    Description: Hey guys, It's been a while since my last nail tutorial (nearly a year! lol) so I'll be showing you guys how to create Japanese Inspired Summer Nails. In Hong Kong, a lot of girls are into embellishing their nails with little gems, floral and star decor. So I'm actually low maintenance with my nails and I don't usually like to do much stuff because I'm not really fussed I guess. But if you like to be creative and arty farty- have a go because it's actually a lot of fun. Try it on yourself or even your family & friends ^_^. 3D Style Japanese Nail Art is VERY popular in Japan. Now I don't know how to do it the super awesome professional way but this is just my take experimenting with 3D Nail art XD. I used Bourjois French Manicure Kit (Affordable and high quality. Highly recommended) Little nail art decorations from little stalls all over Hong Kong and Sasa. You can check out a nail supply store, craft store or even Ebay (type in Nail art etc and you will get a whole bunch of results back. They are super cheap too so you can experiment). This is quicker than you think and easier than drawing actual art on your fingers because it's just a case of popping this/that into your nails. So if you don't have a steady hand; you can give this a go. It's cute, adorable and unique. I will be making more everyday based nail tutorials too but this is just something different you might want to try. I remove these by just applying nail varnish remover. You can also dip your finger nails ...

    Keywords: Japanese, Inspired, hime, gyaru, harajuku, 3d, style, Summer, elegant, pretty, cute, nail, art, embellishing, floral, stars, princess, nails, bourgeois, eas
    Average rating: 4.3

  20. Sexy smokey Eyes
    Duration: 8:54

    Description: Bubzbeauty Official Website Hope you guys enjoy this one ^_^ Wear it everyday or even on a special evening. This look is inspired by the Red Carpet actresses. Make it as wearable or intense as you like depending how dark you want to wear it. Follow me on Much love, Bubbi xx

    Keywords: bubzbeauty, how, to, sexy, smokey, eyes, tutorial, makeup, demo, simple, basic, seductive, prom, mac, bobbi, brown, red, carpet, inspired
    Average rating: 4.7

  21. Beach Hair on-the-go (no heat)
    Duration: 3:04

    Description: It's been a while since a hair tutorial! So Summer is coming and we all want that fun beach girl look. So here in this tutorial, I'm going to show you guys a really simple method you can use to give yourself that toussley matte messy surfer hairstyle. What's great about it is you don't need to spend time using heated tongs and waiting. It only takes about a minute to prepare and after an hour or two- voila! Beach hair. The cool thing is; you can also wear the bun as it is. I do this hairstyle when I'm being rushed and I don't have time to do my hair so this is a handy tip with great results. I missed you guys alot. I was in UK for 3 weeks but I am back baby! The vest I'm wearing is from my own clothing range ^_^ It's one of my favourites. I am currently designing a new line of clothing so watch this space. Bubz is busy. Chill with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage. I connect with you guys one-on-one here Follow me on Twitter: I have used Sebastian Crude Clay for years and i don't use any other hair product because it does everything for me. Unfortunately it is now discontinued so if you want to get a tub- you're gna have to ebay it guys =)

    Keywords: Summer, beach, hair, waves, messy, toussle, matte, surfer, girl, hairstyle, bubzbeauty, minute, bun, tutorial, demo, how, to, sebastian, clay
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. Irregular Braid
    Duration: 3:26

    Description: Hello ^.^ Long time no hair tutorial! Sorry it's been a while guys! I was inspired to create this hairstyle after seeing it so many times in korean style magazines. I tried it out and have been loving the results. It only takes a few minutes too. It is definitely something different. It is not your everyday braid because you will be learning to braid in four sections instead of 3. Dont worry- the concept is just as easy. It just takes practice. You can use your thin scarves or cut out strips of fabric to weave into your hair. It is a great way to dress up your outfit. Denim is great for all seasons. So definitely dig out old clothes and recycle them by turning them into hair accessories. This hairstyle looks best on shoulder to long hair. If your hair is shorter =( Maybe try hair extensions? Or cut smaller chunks of fabric perhaps. Hope you guys enjoy this hair tutorial. It's unique, quirky and fun. I think it looks great with floral clothing too. My new line for my clothing range is coming so soon. You guys should be able to see samples next week. Big giveaways to come on Bubzbeauty Facebook Fan page ^_^ Stay beautiful! Follow me on Twitter: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http Much love, Bubbi

    Keywords: Irregular, braid, hair, tutorial, summer, cute, fun, unique, hairstyle, weaving, demo, easy, simple, bubzbeauty, how, to
    Average rating: 4.8

  23. Cute Japanese Curls
    Duration: 4:48

    Description: My range of T-shirts are coming soon. Will be ready soon =) Successful experiment inspired by the Japanese cover girls. Very wispy and elegant hairstyle. Gotta love finding different ways to use your straightener.

    Keywords: how, to, hair, tutorial, demo, japanese, cover, girl, princess, cute, curls, wispy, natural, sweet, waves, spiral, straightener,
    Average rating: 4.8

  24. Makeup for Sick Days
    Duration: 5:59

    Description: Hey baby angels ^.^ Boohoo for sick days! I've been struck with the cold for the past 2 weeks. My nose is so blocked that I struggle getting sleep these days. Im mega exhausted and kinda bummed out but it's ok, we all get sick. We just need to get lots of rest, drink lots of water and take medicine. It also inspired me to do a Makeup for Sick Days tutorial hehee. Figured this might come in handy for this time of the year. This is really just an everyday look that targets the problematic areas of the flu (dry skin, red nose, pale lips, puffy eyes etc). In fact, this look can also be worn for tired days too. We'll all want to stay home in our pjs and whine all day but there's gonna be days where we'll need to go out (and face people O_O). It could be for work, school or errands. I don't know about you guys but when I'm sick, the last thing I want to do is to spend too much effort or time doing my makeup. I only have two criteria: 1. Sick friendly makeup. I'm sneezing all the time so my eyes water like crazy throughout the day. I don't need my eye makeup to smudge on me. 2. Let's not be greedy. We don't need to look glamorous. Looking healthy is enough for me. Caking lots of makeup on a tired face only makes things worse. I've learnt that lots of foundation makes a dry face look even more cakey. A smokey eye on immense dark circles makes eyes appear even more tired. Less really is more. I apologise if I sound too nasally in this video. I had to do the voice over in the ...

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, Makeup, for, Sick, Tired, Days, common, cold, flu, ill, look, healthy, simple, easy, quick, fresh, faced, radiant, everyday, tutorial, DAMN, YOU, LOW, IMMUNE, SYSTEM
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Pretty Spring Half-Do
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: Hello my hot dimsums! Here is a hair tutorial (finally lol) for you guys. This hairstyle is very pretty and great for any special occasion or even everyday if you are feeling special ^.^. I actually wore my hair similar like this when my boyfriend & I went on our first proper date ^.^. He liked it because it looked simple from the front but pretty at the back. He calls it the 'Princess hair' lol... It's perfect for Spring/Summer because the hairstyle looks romantic, elegant and sweet. This hairstyle will work on both curly or straight hair. It's one of those hairstyles that will leave people wondering 'How did you do that to your hair?' when it's in fact very simple & easy to do. A lot of you guys have requested for a Spring Bohemian hair tutorial. I was a bit reluctant to do it because I have sooo many braid hair tutorials but I did make it for you guys so stay tuned for it ^_^. Hope you guys likey likey! Much love, Bubbi Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http

    Keywords: Bubzbeauty, Spring, Half-do, hair, tutorial, prom, date, everyday, romantic, elegant, sweet, girly, simple, easy, step, by
    Average rating: 4.9

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