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Video search results for Boeing X-46

Boeing X-46

Boeing X-46

Boeing X-46

Video search results for Boeing X-46

  1. Boeing 787 landing at KSFO (Flight Gear)
    Duration: 2:46

    Description: Boeing 787 landing at San Fransisco International Airport (KSFO). Cockpit view. Flight Gear Flight Simulator.

    Keywords: Flight Gear, Boeing 787, Dreamliner, KSFO, San Fransisco, Cockpit view, Landing.
    Average rating: 4.2

  2. INS Tutorial Part1
    Duration: 8:06

    Description: Tutorial for Civa INS (Del Carousel IV Inertial Navigation System) Route used for this flight: Flight from CYEG - CYVR using AIRAC Cycle 0708 at FL320 (use routefinder to generate that route Or see down below: Details: ID FREQ TRK DIST Coords Name/Remarks CYEG 0 0 N53�18'35.00" W113�34'47.00" EDMONTON INTL YEG 117.6 214 13 N53�11'08.05" W113�52'00.64" EDMONTON REFIO 213 20 N52�59'00.87" W114�18'22.28" REFIO YRM 114.3 213 47 N52�30'08.00" W115�19'25.00" ROCKY MTN HOUSE ALRUG 212 35 N52�08'40.14" W116�04'26.48" ALRUG WASEN 211 54 N51�34'44.63" W117�13'00.66" WASEN YNY 115.2 210 84 N50�40'40.24" W118�56'19.65" ENDERBY STUMM 221 40 N50�21'18.00" W119�50'58.00" STUMM ICOLA 220 22 N50�10'10.00" W120�21'08.00" ICOLA MERYT 219 27 N49�56'30.00" W120�57'39.00" MERYT SPUZZ 219 20 N49�46'30.00" W121�23'49.00" SPUZZ BOOTH 219 29 N49�31'20.50" W122�02'42.51" BOOTH CYVR 226 49 N49�11'38.00" W123�11'04.00" VANCOUVER INTL Tracks are magnetic, distances are in nautical miles. CYEG DCT YEG J503 REFIO V302 YRM J503 YNY J508 ICOLA V304 MERYT J508 SPUZZ V304 BOOTH STAR CYVR

    Keywords: INS, Inertial, Navigation, System, Tutorial, Flight, Simulator, 2004, FS9, L1011, Tristar
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. fsx carenado c337 tutorial
    Duration: 5:08

    Description: Be expecting a tutorial an the PMDG 737 NGX soon=)

    Keywords: fsx, 2012, 05, 21, 17, 37, 13, 46
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Wilco E-jets Embraer 170/190 Cold Startup Tutorial
    Duration: 5:46

    Description: Wilco E-jets Embraer 170 Cold and Dark Startup Procedure Tutorial.. Thanks to All The Viewers! :) The Embraer 170/190 range of airliners are an entirely new family of aircraft, with state-of-the-art avionics, fly-by-wire technology, superior cabin comfort and extraordinary and uncompromising performance. Highlights : * Highly detailed Embraer 170/190 with Lineage 1000 as BONUS * Fly up to 120 passengers with a range of over 2400 Nm * New generation flight deck * Detailed interiors with superb details * Ultra realistic dual FMS * Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC). Embraer E-Jets Series is definitely the most serious Boeing and Airbus competitor ! Wilco Publishing attributes "Pilot in Command" label Pilot in Command Label The Pilot in Command label is Wilco's assurance of realism, quality and attention to detail, making this one of the most sophisticated aircraft expansions you can fly in Microsoft� Flight Simulator. E-Jets Series Aircraft Features * Highly detailed Embraer 170 and 190 with as BONUS the Lineage 1000, the luxury version of the Embraer 190 * Flight Simulator X viewpoints : Gear, Wing, Cabin,... * Jetways and luggage trucks connection animations (FSX only). * Detailed interiors (economy/business class) feature superb details, including seats, plasma screens, catering and a luxury interior for the Lineage 1000 * Embark and be welcomed and served by a nice animated flight attendant * 19 International airlines including official Embraer house livery ...

    Keywords: Wilco, wilcopub, E-jets, Embraer, EMB170, Cold, Dark, Startup, APU, PFD, MFD, AP, FSX, TCAS, WX, TRU, IRS, ADF, DME, NAV, GPS, FMS, XFEED, VNAV, LNAV, ASEL, VASEL, ALT, ROLL, pilot, TO/GA, Microsoft, Flight, Simulator, FS9, FS2004, Lineage, ILS, VFR, IFR, FMC, sim, Autopilot, EMB190, Aural, Callouts, Captain, First, Officer, Pre-flight, Pre, check, checklist, Departure, In, Command, PIC, Level-D, PMDG, Aerosoft, Fly, Tampa, Just, FSUPIC, Fraps, x64, tutorial, procedure, how, to, how-to
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Start D�marrer 787 FlightGear
    Duration: 2:00

    Description: Proc�dure non acad�mique mais fonctionnelle pour d�marrer un 787 english : you have to listen carefully to the sound of flightgear, on the up board, electrical clic on time the grey/white button, 3 black buttons to turn to green "on", you listen the generator sound 00:32 the sound change and grow faster and higher then, on the up right board, engine, put the black button autstart to green "on" and you can click one time each grey/white starter, the left and the right ones, (then the generator start the engine ^^ ) then you throw a sight in the front board, here we find 2 clomuns of indicators for each engine, with 2 red "engine fail", R and L, they will turn off when all engines are ready... so wait ! they are turned off then... go !

    Keywords: BOEING, 787, flightgear, d�marrage, moteur, start, engine, empezar, motor, ????????
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. McDonnell XF-85 Goblin
    Duration: 1:50

    Description: The McDonnell XF-85 Goblin was a fighter aircraft, conceived during World War II and intended to be carried in the bomb bay of the giant Convair B-36 bomber as a defensive "parasite fighter." Because of its small and rotund appearance, it was nicknamed "The Flying Egg." McDonnell built two Goblin prototypes (USAF Serial no. #46-523 and #46-524). During wind tunnel testing at Moffett Field, California, the first prototype XF-85 was damaged. Consequently, it was the second aircraft that was used for the initial flight trials; its first flight was on 23 August 1948. As a prototype B-36 was unavailable, all XF-85 flight tests were carried out using a converted Boeing EB-29 Superfortress parent ship. On the first flight, after a little over two hours it became obvious that turbulence around the bomber created difficult control problems. In flight, the tiny fighter was stable, easy to fly and recovered well from spins.[2] However, many pilots found it difficult to hook the Goblin to its bomber's trapeze.

    Keywords: mcdonnell, XF-85, Goblin, Cold, War, parasite, fighter, aircraft, USAF, The, Flying, Egg, B-29, Superfortress, B-36
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. X Plane 9 (IPAD) landing
    Duration: 2:46

    Description: landing with boeing 777 using auto pilot, without steering a single thing,,, :)

    Keywords: ipad, xplane9, apple, boeing, 777, autopilot, heading, new, York, landing
    Average rating: 2.6

    Duration: 3:00

    Description: Follow me on Twitter - You can find all the info relating to the carriers here - USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower Version 2.0 (FSX-SP2 & FSXA) by Javier Fernandez - http ALSO USED: C90B from Carenado C337 from Carenado Alabeo E300S - http IRIS A-10 - S-46 Blackfish FREEWARE - A2A Accu-Feel Enhancement - REX for FSX - REX for FS9 - *** PLAYLISTS *** Kai Tak Clips - Traffic Series - Los Angeles Clips - Wing Clips - DC-8 Clips - St. Maarten Clips - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you haven't already, subscribe to me on Facebook to keep up with new projects - Thanks for watching! Join my Facebook Group for Aviation Fans: "HOW TO REALLY PLAY FSX " was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, � Microsoft

    Keywords: how, to, play, fsx, flight, simulator, simulation, fs9, fs2004, carrier, landing, cockpit, deck, fighter, jets, carenado, new, release, max, high, graphics, boeing, airbus, airplane, aeroplane, aircraft, tutorial, cinematic, aviation, entertainment
    Average rating: 4.7

  9. [FR] Tuto atterrissage ILS A320-A321 FSX
    Duration: 23:46

    Description: Voil� d�sol� pour le petit bug de souris mais si vous avez des question n'h�sitez pas ! PS : C'est mon premier tuto soyez indulgents ! :D (J'ai remarqu� plein de fautes dues � mes connaissances limit�es � l'�poque ou j'avais fait le tuto. Ce ne sont pas des fautes par rapport � l'ILS mais par rapport aux r�gles de vols et contraintes de l'appareil donc les proc�dures ILS restent bonnes)

    Keywords: Airbus A320 Family, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Boeing, Landing, Airport, Airplane, Plane, fsx, tutoriel, tuto, fr, french, a320, a321, atterrissage, IFR, ILS, vol
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. KLM 737-900 Departing Grand Canaria Island (FREEWARE SCENERY)
    Duration: 1:46

    Description: Watch as a freeware KLM 737-900 departs the island of Grand Canaria on a sunny afternoon.This video features both a freeware airplane and amazing freeware scenery... GCLP (freeware): ---- MUSIC: my personal midi cover of Sandstorm by Darude. 737-900 (freeware):

    Keywords: 737, 737-900, fsx, freeware, planes, flight, simulator, 10, tutorial, jet, plane, passenger, hd, high, quality, takeoff, departure, scenery, island, grand, canaria, free, airport, 900, 800, sim, universe, flightsimuniverse, fsu, diger44
    Average rating: 3.7

  11. Carenado PA46-T Malibu Landing at Ketchikan - TrackIR - ORBX (FSX)
    Duration: 6:41

    Description: Carenado PA46-T Malibu Landing at Ketchikan - TrackIR - ORBX Another day, another vid. This time the beautiful Carenado PA46-T Malibu landing at Ketchikan. Hope you like it!! Addons: FSRecorder Ezdok Carenado PA46-T AS2012 REX 2.0 ENB Series. Shade for FSX ORBX - Ketchikan WEBSITE: TWITTER Thanks for watching, rating and subscribing!!

    Keywords: Carenado, PA46-T, Malibu, Landing, at, Ketchikan, trackir, ORBX, Flight, Simulator, Boeing, Airplane, FSX, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, PMDG, REX
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. DBS Follow Me
    Duration: 1:46

    Description: Visit DBS FollowMe service for Flight Simulator X Any port, any plane, any car, any place within port.. Lost while taxiing in airport? Request FollowMe.. Now! * Any car from supplied with simulator, any car from flightsimulator's internet resources... * Integration into simulator environment * Transparent dialogs like ATC * Easy navigation, fast response... * Follow by the car and never lost in the any airport. * From gate to runway, from parking to fuel station, from runway to cargo dock... New age in taxiing! Requires activation by email. Read Activation Guide after installing.

    Keywords: DBS Studio, Follow Me, Walk And Follow, Flight Simulator, Flight Simulator X, MS FSX, Aircraft, airport, plane, airplane, boeing, DBS Follow Me, DBS Follow Me FSX, airlines
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. FSX Ezdock camera preview, Airbus a321 Fly tampa st maarten
    Duration: 1:46

    Description: this is ezdock camera i product i purchased. it is a very good piece of software. im just getting to know the basics of the camera shake but when i get the hang of it i will put it more of my videos. i think you should definetly purchase this. the plane used is the overland a321. dont forget to rate nd subscribe ;) purchase Ezdock camera here:

    Keywords: Airbus, Airbus A320 Family, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Landing, Airport, Preview, Boeing, Camera, Airplane, Plane, Carrie, Trailer, Fixed-wing Aircraft, Airlines, Underwood, Takeoff, New, Flying, Fs2004, International, Carrie Underwood, Cessna, Aviation, Fs9, Airways, Approach, Jet, Runway, Pilot, A380, Crash
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. FSX aterrizaje en portaaviones
    Duration: 2:17

    Description: aterrizaje con ayuda del ils

    Keywords: fsx, landing, ils, microsoft, aviacion, airport, boeing, airplane, simulator, carrie, airlines, video game, uss, nimitz, takeoff, flying
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Mooney Bravo Engine Start Up, Check-list with SAITEK Switch Panel [FSX]
    Duration: 2:20

    Description: I demonstrate the saitek pro flight switch panel, it is an AWESOME piece of kit feels so real starting up and running through various check-lists a recommendable product definitely! Plane is at Melbourne International Airport [KMLB] Ignore the mess its my bedroom! haha

    Keywords: mooney, m20m, beavo, engine, start, up, chechlist, saitek, pro, flight, switch, panel, camera, simulator, FSX, airport, boeing, landing, plane, airlines, airbus, airplane, takeoff, flying, fs2004, international, Melbourne, Florida, KMLB, video game, SERIES, gaming, FS, sim
    Average rating: 3.7

  16. B17 II - The Mighty 8th - Takeoff
    Duration: 5:16

    Description: This is my procedure for taking-off the B17 Flying Fortress in B17 II - The Mighty 8th by Microprose (please view the start-up video first). Note I keep the cowl flaps fully closed during taxi to runway and don't exactly dawdle on my way there (allows engines to build some heat prior to pouring-on full power for take off). Note that opening cowl flaps fully prior to performing take-off is critical to keep the cylinder head temperatures in check and to avoid overheating the engines. This procedure is virtually identical to the real-world procedure used by real B17 pilots in the bygone era. Take off: 1.Hold short runway 2.Parking brake SET; tail wheel LOCKED 3. Perform engine run-up: - Increase RPM to 3/4 or full and VERIFY turbo-supercharger boost (manifold pressure rise) - All engines oil pressure and general operation VERIFY - Hold idle at ~1500 RPM - Oil temperature and cylinder head temperature VERIFY (minimum 60c for former; 150c for latter) - Carburettor air temperature VERIFY (minimum 15c) - All engines cowl flaps FULL OPEN (100%) 4.Parking brake set CONFIRM 5.Set wing flaps as necessary 6.Verify trim settings neutral 7.Advances throttles up to the stops, and parking brake RELEASE. (on 100 octane fuel, should be able to pull the full 46" manifold boost @ 2500 RPM) 8.3-point takeoff: elevator back pressure APPLY during take-off roll (tail-down attitude for maximum take off efficiency) 9.Rudder control should be possible by 50 MPH 10.Perform rotation at ~100-110 MPH ...

    Keywords: B17, B17 2, Flying Fortress, Takeoff, Procedure, Microprose, Engine, Aircraft
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Demonstra��o 737-700 Da Varig com Aviso para tripulantes(Portal Flight Simulator)
    Duration: 6:46


    Keywords: Demonstra��o, 737, 700, Da, Varig, com, Aviso, para, tripulantesportal, Flight, Simulator
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Flight Simulator X - lot EPKK EPWA samolotem PMDG JS4100
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: Witam, Pierwsze nagranie (z kamery przed tv, st?d marna jako??, ale co? wiada?)... Kilka scen z lotu Krak�w Balice (pas 25, potem JED, ARDAG i zgodnie ze STAR z po?udnia na pas 11). Pogoda zgodna z warunkami rzeczywistymi, lot p�?no popo?udniowy.

    Keywords: Flight Simulator X, EPKK, EPWA, Ok?cie, Balice, lotnisko, FSX, PMDG JS4100
    Average rating: 4.3

  19. FSX- Glasgow Approach/Landing
    Duration: 1:30

    Description: Landing at Glasgow for an FSX mission. *********************************TAGS********************************************** commercial landings on x-plane ps3 xbox 360 Call, of, Duty, 4, In, Real, life, modern, warfare, xbox, xbl, counterstrike, sounds, playstation, xbox, live , halo gmod gta 5 need for speed undercover g unit lego lost green lantern movie mtv gamestop yellow ps3 grapes twin towers 2 lego spider man lego indiana jones lego star wars 3 lego batman arkham asylum game the dark knight video game jak 4 jak 5 jak 6 ps4 ps5 yellow ps3 gta 5 bully 2 psp nyc Super Mario Galaxy 2007 97 call bj of duty assassins creed gta 4 grand theft auto vice city san andreas 4 bioshock mass effect metal gear solid 4 2 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, resistance fall of man tom clancy's rainboy six vegas The 2006 95 3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2008 94 4 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 2007 battlefield bad company ps2 gamecube ok roll'd xbox 91 5 Metroid Prime 3: rick roll Corruption 2007 90 6 Okami 2008 89 7 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure 2007 87 8 Guitar Hero III: Legends of xbox live Rock 2007 86 9 Super Paper Mario 2007 85 10 Boom Blox 2008 85 11 No More Heroes 2008 83 12 MLB Power Pros 2007 83 13 BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy 2008 83 14 WarioWare: Smooth Moves 2007 83 15 Bully: Scholarship Edition 2008 83 16 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 2008 83 17 Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection 2008 82 18 Mario Kart Wii 2008 82 19 Rock Band 2008 81 20 Madden NFL 07 2006 ...

    Keywords: FSX, American, Airlines, 747, Texture, airplane, aircraft, glasgow, mission, landing, joystick, yoke, rome, throttle, lever, gear, fence, runway, airstrip, airport, boeing, simulator, carrie, engine, cheats, mod, custom, plane, airbus, underwood, takeoff, flying, fs2004, international, carrie underwood, cessna, aviation, fs9, airways, approach, jet, pilot, airline, a320, a380, crash, delta, planes, singapore, heathrow, departure, a330, intl, scotland, mel, live, scottish, edinburgh, celtic, arrival, a340, a319, continental, maarten, airplanes, piper, taxi
    Average rating: 4.1

  20. SvR 2008: Ben Tennyson vs Kevin Levin II
    Duration: 8:23


    Keywords: svr, 2008, ben10alienforce, bentennyson, kevinlevin, ben10, ben, 10, wrestling
    Average rating: 4.2

  21. Flight simulator volo ultra realistico con voce hostess,comandante e suoni turbina originali.
    Duration: 9:56

    Description: Fs 2004 o come preferite fs9 � considerato da molti il miglior simulatore di volo anche perch� graficamente non ha necessit� di una scheda grafica potente come invece lo dev' essere per il 10 per girare bene, non ho trovato un software che associato al gioco sia capace di simulare la voce degli assistenti di volo e cte dell aereo e ho pensato di fare un montaggio audio video su come potrebbe essere un volo con questo tipo di voci aggiunte. Non capisco perch� i programmatori non facciano una cosa del genere che risulta essere molto bella da sentire mentre si vola perch� da la vera impressione magari con un buon impianto dolby di essere in un vero volo!

    Keywords: Flight, simulator, 2004, novit�, turbina, suono, realistico, hostess
    Average rating: 4.3

  22. How to land using ILS In Xplane
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: This ia video to show land with ILS in xplane.

    Keywords: planes, xplane, xplane9, ILS, How to, Flight, autopilot, landing, airport, simulator
    Average rating: 3.7

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