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Video search results for Blogging wordpress

Blogging wordpress

Blogging wordpress

Blogging wordpress

Video search results for Blogging wordpress

  1. - Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog
    Duration: 45:36

    Description: Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration. Become a blogger in few than 45-minutes. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started. Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy!

    Keywords: wordpress,, tutorial, workshop, blog, blogging, WP, blogs, class, video, training, howto, dance, help, step, dancing, tips, new, block, need, tricks, please, your, learn, ideas, needs, advice, need help, techniques, easy, free, secrets, basic, information, beginner, beginners, quick, please help, hints, new single, instruction, lessons, analysis, finance, programs, use, cybersecurity, advanced, ufo, arabic, basics, electronics, economy, environment, charts, vlog, market, commentary, trading, stock, strategy, religion, tips & tricks
    Average rating: 4.6

  2. Updated - Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog
    Duration: 51:04

    Description: Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration. Become a blogger in less than and hour. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started. Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy! All of you have been asking me to update my step-by-step tutorial on how to use as a blogging platform -- please check it out and please let me know what I have missed.

    Keywords: wordpress,, tutorial, workshop, blog, blogging, WP, blogs, class, video, training, howto
    Average rating: 4.6

  3. Wordpress Blog Tutorial 1: Blogging Basic
    Duration: 6:51

    Description: Dr Ket-Sang Tai explains the basic of blogging and what is the different between a self-hosted and a hosted blog. This is the first video of a series of video tutorials teaching you have to set up a self-hosted wordpress blog.

    Keywords: wordpress,,, tutorial, workshop, blog blogging, WP blogs, class, video, training, howto
    Average rating: 4.2

  4. Wordpress Blog Tutorial 2: Domain & Web Hosting
    Duration: 6:55

    Description: This is the second video of the tutorial series and Dr Ket-Sang Tai shows you how to choose a web hosting, order domain name and change the nameservers of your domain so that it points to your web host.

    Keywords: web hosting, domain, webhosting, wordpress, blog blogging, self hosted, blog nameservers, forwarding, mysql,,, tutorial, workshop, WP blogs, class, video, training, howto
    Average rating: 4.6

  5. WordPress 3 Tutorial Part 1: Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard
    Duration: 10:06

    Description: Part of the Internet Empowerment Series, this WordPress tutorial gives an overview of the WordPress dashboard and the main menu options of WordPress. Facilitated by Survival Guide to Social Media author, Deltina Hay.

    Keywords: wordpress, tutorials, blogging, wordpress tutorials, wordpress how to, blogging tutorials, how to blog, social media, social media tutorials, wordpress 3, deltina hay, social media power, plumb web solutions
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. WordPress Tutorial - How to Make a Static Page Your Home Page & Hide Double Home Page Link
    Duration: 10:49

    Description: NOTE: More tutorials at This beginner-level WordPress Tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications shows how to make a "static" WordPress page your Home page (also called a "front page"), and how to hide the second Home page link that sometimes appears in your site navigation when you make that static page a Home page. By default, a WordPress website displays the blog page on the home front page. For example, when you go to the Business Blogging 101 website at you see blog posts with the most recent post at the top of the page and earlier posts below that. WordPress allows you to select a different page as your home page, so that you can display more traditional content like information about yourself or your business. You can also create another page to use as your blog page, with a link to that page in your site navigation. Watch this tutorial to see how to do this. One problem you may run into when you make a static page your home page is that the link to that page now appears in the main site navigation, so that you have two links to the same page - usually the page called "Home". The second part of this tutorial shows how to remove one of those links from your site navigation so that visitors to your site are not confused by the duplicate link.

    Keywords: wordpress, tutorial, mcbuzz, markmclaren, page, blog, navigation, home page, link, static page, beginner

  7. WordPress Tutorial for Beginners
    Duration: 26:31

    Description: Create and enhance your website with this WordPress tutorial. Want more WordPress help? Subscribe to my free WP Starter Tips Learn how to make a full time living online like me http **Instructions for uploading your test theme to the Internet** Navigate to your themes folder on your computer which is located in [InstantWPfolder]/ipwserver/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes Upload that folder to the wp-content/themes folder on your server using an FTP program OR just upload it from the WordPress Admin panel in the Themes section. Now activate the new theme.

    Keywords: wordpress, wordpress tutorial, create a website, blog, blogging, beginners, build a website, wordpress tutorial 2012
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. WordPress Tutorial - Make a Static Page Your Home/Front Page
    Duration: 10:06

    Description: NOTE: Updated tutorial at for WordPress version 2.7. This Beginner-level WordPress Tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications shows you how to make a static WordPress Page your home page (also called "front" page). The default WordPress home page in most themes shows the chronological blog post entries with the most recent post at the top. You can create a static page using the Dashboard - Write - Page, and then tell WordPress to use that page as your home page (using Options - Reading - Front Page). This WordPress tutorial also shows you how to change the order of page navigation tabs or links.

    Keywords: wordpress, tutorial, beginner, howto, website, home, front, static, page, blog, blogging, mcbuzz
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. WordPress Tutorial - How to Upload & Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, or other doc
    Duration: 11:00

    Description: This beginner-level WordPress tutorial is an update of the existing tutorial on and YouTube called "WordPress Tutorial - How to Upload and Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word Document, Excel, PowerPoint or Other Doc Using WordPress". That tutorial was done using an earlier version of WordPress. This tutorial uses WordPress 2.7. This tutorial shows three things 1) How to upload a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, PowerPoint, Excel or other Office-type document using WordPress 2.7. 2) How to insert a link to that document into a WordPress post or page. (Visitors to your site can click on the link to download or view the document.), and 3) that there are two things called "Media Library" in the WordPress 2.7 Dashboard, one of which has more information about the files in the Library than the other does. It's helpful to see how you get to each of these Media Libraries because you can find the URL link for a file in only one of them, which can be confusing!

    Keywords: wordpress tutorials, wordpress tutorial, wordpress, tutorial, tutorials, beginner, pdf, word, word document, word doc, powerpoint, excel, upload, link, howto, mcbuzz, markmclaren
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. How to Install WordPress Theme (2010)
    Duration: 8:40


    Keywords: Wordpress, Installation, tutorial, blog, theme, 2010, wordpress tutorial, what is wordpress, should you use wordpress, wordpress website themes, wordpress blog, wordpress website, howto, technology, diy, instructions, smart phones, healing, programs, gadgets, electronics, health, computers, defence, discussion, cellphones, laptop, downloads, educational, spirituality, software, google, tips & tricks, marketing, help, search
    Average rating: 4.4

  11. WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme's Background Image
    Duration: 9:56

    Description: Changing the background image or color of your WordPress theme can be one of the best ways to make your blog unique. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to change your background to a solid color, a repeating pattern, or a single image that covers the entire screen. For more WordPress blogging and customization tutorials, visit http

    Keywords: wordpress, Theme customization, change wordpress background, CSS
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. WordPress 3 Tutorial Part 8: Custom Menus
    Duration: 7:25

    Description: Part of the WordPress tutorial segment of the Internet Empowerment Series hosted by Social Media Survival Guide author, Deltina Hay, this session talks about how to use the new WordPress custom menu feature.

    Keywords: wordpress, wordpress tutorials, wordpress menu, wordpress custom menus, blogging tutorials, how to blog, blogging, deltina hay, social media power, plumb web solutions
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. WordPress Tutorial - How to Install WordPress on BlueHost Web Hosting
    Duration: 3:59

    Description: More free tutorials: Installing WordPress on BlueHost hosting is quick and easy. Watch this tutorial, and you can do it in under four minutes! Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications shows you how to build your own self-hosted WordPress website or blog with BlueHost hosting.

    Keywords: wordpress, tutorial, tutorials, host, hosting, website, server, blog, blogging, howto, easy, beginner, mcbuzz, markmclaren
    Average rating: 4.7

  14. WordPress Tutorial - How To Add Images To Your Posts And Pages
    Duration: 7:40

    Description: This video will go over the step-by-step process of adding images to your posts and pages. It covers uploading images from your computer, linking to images on the web and using images you've already uploaded in the past. Also demonstrates formatting the size and alignment of the images in your post. Visit http for other WordPress Tutorials including: -Installing WordPress on your domain -Customizing your blog's title and selecting a theme -Writing Posts for your blog -Using and modify widgets on your blog -Finding and installing plug-ins -Reviews and tutorials on specific plug-ins you may want to use You can also find tutorials on other subjects, and sign up for a free weekly newsletter filled with updates, tips and resources.

    Keywords: wordpress Tutorials, Blogging, Uploading Images To wordpress, Adding Pictures To wordpress, wordpress Media Upload
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. WordPressTutorials.TV Tutorial MaxBlogPress Favicon WordPress Tutorial
    Duration: 3:03

    Description: WordPressTutorials.TV WordPress Tutorial WordPressTutorials.TV Tutorial MaxBlogPress WordPress Favicon WordPress Plugins WordPress Tutorial Video Marketing VLog WordPress Themes Autoblogging Autoblog Hello, this video tutorial will cover the Max Blog Press Favicon three plug in. You can get it by going to and on the free plug ins, you will find the Favicon plug in and simply a Favicon is that very tiny image that appears next to the site name in the address board. It also appears on some search engines besides the site name and you can find also the same icon next to your bookmarks and it makes recognizing your site very easily. You can also see it here in tabs where each site has its own Favicon. Let's see how we can apply it to our blog. I have installed it here to this demo sites going under settings, I find MBP Favicon, I will click on that, takes me to the settings page. Here this is the page where you set up you're the Favicon of your choice. You can enter it as a link by clicking the link to the image here or you can upload it from your computer or upload from a URL. Also the plug in provides you with a number of ready made Favicons where you can choose any one of them and apply to your site. For example let's try using this one. Okay I need to choose Favicon link when I am choosing one of those then click save. Let's open the site itself to see, here is the Max Blog demo and as you can see the icon appears now next to the site name. going back ...

    Keywords: wordpresstutorials.TV, Tutorial, maxblogpress, wordpress, Favicon, Plugins, Video, Marketing, vlog, Themes, Autoblogging, Autoblog
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. WordPress Custom Header Tutorial
    Duration: 10:31

    Description: WordPress header tutorial for all kinds of different themes. The Genesis Lifestyle Theme Seen In The Video http (affiliate) My WordPress Tutorial

    Keywords: wordpress header, wordpress, blog, blogging, tutorial, wordpress custom header
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Own Your Blog or Else! Easy WordPress Install
    Duration: 9:47

    Description: Watch this video tutorial and see how simple it is to get online with a blog today! Create a blog using free software from and get tips on why, if you want to become a serious blogger, if you want to make money with your blog or, if you want to control your blog, then using free blogs such as or is NOT an option ... You must own your blog. Here's why ...if you use hosted solutions such as or, they can delete your site without your permission and there is nothing you can do about it. Also, using hosted sites to host your blog means that you have limited opportunities of monetizing your blog because some of them don't allow you to make the most of advertising with say Google AdSense. for example makes it very clear that it is against their terms of service to commercialize your hosted blog by hosting paid advertising and will result in your blog being deleted. In fact, I've just been reading one forum where there is a reader called "Rainmaker" and he seems to have made it his job to report people who are commercializing their WordPress blogs and within no time, their sites have been deleted by WordPress. So don't say you haven't been warned. What you need to do is go to and download their free software and then upload the software to the server where you have your own hosting account, using your own domain name. Alternatively, you can use the ...

    Keywords:, wordpress, blog, blogging, tutorial, blogs, WP, class, video, training, howto, create
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Blog Marketing With Trackbacks
    Duration: 6:37

    Description: A very quick tutorial on getting blog links and Power Linking with trackbacks. This is how you do blog marketing.

    Keywords: jdh358bm, blog+marketing, blog, marketing, trackbacks, linking, traffic, blogging, wordpress, tutorial, how, to
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 1 - Setup
    Duration: 10:47

    Description: This tutorial will teach you how to make your own theme using WordPress, the popular blogging tool. This video talks about some basics of theme setup, and adds the header, footer, and sidebar to the pages. Nothing big yet, that will come in the next video. Files Used in Lesson: Original Page: Theme Up to This Point: Sample Posts:

    Keywords: wordpress, theme, tutorial, php, html, css, xhtml
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. WordPress Categories - Blog Post Category Basics for WordPress
    Duration: 8:18

    Description: - A complete WordPress tutorial on Categories. WordPress categories are for Posts (useful for organizing blog posts, events, news, PR and other time-sensitive content). We look at creating categories, repurposing the default "Uncategorized" category, adding sub-categories, using quick edit to put Posts into categories, and the Categories widget.

    Keywords: wordpress, category, categories, blog, posts, widget, heirarchy, quick edit, wordcamp
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 25:09

    Description: SUSCRIBETE! Tutorial de WordPress -- Como Crear una Pagina Web o Blog. En esta vida, con el alcance que tiene el Internet �qui�n no quiere tener o NECESITA una pagina Web o quiz�s un Blog? Si eres una persona que tiene o no, un negocio. Por que no considerar la posibilidad de tener tu PROPIO SITIO WEB en donde puedas dar a conocer tus productos, hacer ventas, brindar informaci�n o/y permitir que tus clientes te contacten de manera f�cil y profesional. Y claro que tambi�n tendr�s un sitio a donde traer trafico cualificado desde tus redes sociales y mucho mas.

    Keywords: tutorial de, tutorial de wordpress, curso de wordpress, wordpress, crear sitio web, crear website, crear pagina web, drupal, jomla, crear un blog
    Average rating: 4.7

  22. How To Install Wordpress Blog From Cpanel
    Duration: 7:31

    Description: This Video Tutorial shows you How To Install Wordpress Blog From Cpanel under 5 minutes. Wordpress is a great blogging platform that has huge community support and plenty of plugins. for more how-to-tutorials visit

    Keywords: Wordpress, blog, cpanel, fantastico, internet, marketing, install, blogs, easy
    Average rating: 4.7

  23. Artisteer 3.0 Web Design Tutorial & Overview WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
    Duration: 7:28

    Description: Artisteer website generator for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Blogger & Standard Websites. Great reviews and design features for themes, templates, HTML.

    Keywords: artisteer, 3.0, tutorial, review, example, web, design, software, wordpress, joomla, drupal, blogger, dotnetnuke, theme, template, html, features, howto, tips & tricks
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. WordPress Tutorial - How To Post Blog Article
    Duration: 26:16

    Description: How to post a WordPress blog article using the admin WYSIWYG feature. Wordpress tutorial that teaches you how to post a blog article in simple steps. Get started in blogging without any experience. Direct sales company consultants should be blogging to generate interest in their business. http Deb Bixler is a direct sales party plan success story who is dedicated to improving the lives of families through educational resources for direct sales professionals around the world. Recognized 2 years in a row in the Direct Selling Power 50 awards as well as the industry's Women Of Power awards, Deb was also honored in 2011 as the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) Speaker of The Year. Deb as a inspirational speaker and direct sales home business teacher. She also provides home party business training in the form of direct sales party business CDs, MP3s, videos, webinars and books for direct sellers working from home. In addition The Create A Cash Flow Show website is the largest free direct sales home business resource center on the web. Working with companies like Tastefully Simple, Tasteful Treasures, WildTree, Isogenix and other direct sales home business companies, team leaders and reps Deb brings the best business practices to direct sellers that all flourishing companies use. A routine works the same for everyone and direct sales home business professionals are no different. When a direct seller incorporates a business method that works for ...

    Keywords: wordpress blog tutorial, direct sales business

  25. Wordpress Tutorial - How to Embed a Google Calendar into your Wordpress Website
    Duration: 4:16

    Description: This basic wordpress video tutorial demonstrates how to place a Google Calendar into your wordpress website.

    Keywords: wordpress tutorial, wordpress calendar, wordpress, wordpress instruction
    Average rating: 4.8

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