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Blink 3D

Blink 3D

Blink 3D

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  1. Blender 2.6 Tutorial 38 - Shape Keys: Blinking
    Duration: 17:21

    Description: In this video I show you the basics of Target-Based facial animation. Using a fairly simple model of an alien-head (download provided), I demonstrate how to create different 'Shape Keys' (Eyes-Open, and Eyes-Closed), and animate them easily. LINK TO MY BLENDER 2.6 PLAYLIST: DOWNLOAD the Alien-head Blender File:

    Keywords: Blender, blender 2.5, blender 2.6, 2.63, 3.63a, tutorial, how to, lesson, dummies, 3d, cg, cgi, graphics, animation, animate, animating, animated, maya, 3ds max, cartoon, software, tip, character, bmesh, ngon, media, art, computers, blend, vertex, keyframe, face, facial, eye, eyeball, eyelid, rig software tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. [Tutorial] Autodesk Maya Making a minecraft characters eyes blink
    Duration: 8:30

    Description: This tutorial shows you how you can use blendshapes in maya to make blinking eyes in maya for minecraft rigs.

    Keywords: minecraft, blendshapes, maya, 3d, design, art, game, Animation, Cartoon, Blender, Software, Tutorial, Animated, autodesk, Character
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Obey Kitty: Meow Mix - Episode 4
    Duration: 2:10

    Description: Remember to drop a LIKE and a FAVOURITE if you enjoyed the video! Get your official Obey Clan Apparel here: [Open more for description!] Player's Channel Editors Channel: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Music/Audio: Distortion MX Music- In the Blink of an Eye - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Check out our last SICK episode here: Want a top of the line custom Controller? http Follow us on Twitter for updates and latest news on the Obey Clan: Check out our Channel for more content JUST like this: Obey Website: For inquiries and lots more!!

    Keywords: obeyalliance, you, shall, obey, teamtage, kitty, meow, montage, new, agony, 100k, irl, community, clan, series, agonyvii, gameplay, oce, optic, hd, 3d, tutorial, MW3, Modern, Warfare, cod, Call, Duty, hitmarker, cod8, Trickshot, Quickscope, Sniper, quadtage, challenge, MW2, Trickshots, Sniping, ILLCAMS, Killcam, Game, Winning, epic
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Bright eyes Bright Lips And Big lashes! Pinks ,Purple's and Gold glitter makeup tutorial....
    Duration: 20:03

    Description: *********************LOOK DOWN HERE!******************** Hey loves very sorry about the quality of this vid but im waiting for my laptop to get fixed so until then i will be doing to tutorials like this.:( LETS TALK ON FACEBOOK! The eyeshadow pallet i used for this tutorial is the 180 pallet ,you can get this from Ebay NYX GOLD GLITTER RUBY KISSES HD GEL EYELINER-BLACK RUBY KISSES 3D FACE CREATOR NYC SUN2SUN BROZING POWDER BLACK OPAL FADE AND CONCEAL IN TAN NYC LIPSTIC- DONT BLINK PINK LA GRL EYELINER PENCIL- PURPLE LA GIRL MINERAL BLUSH IN PINK DU JOUR... THANX AGAI FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!

    Keywords: glitter liner, how to glitter liner, gold glitter, makeup tutorials, bright make up look, how to apply bright makeup
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 35

    Description: Easy Guitar Lesson For beginners. Tips you MUST know!!!

    Keywords: guitar, lesson, chords, easy, beginner, led, acoustic, super, metallica, pantera, cradle, filth, learn, steps, best, quick, megadeth, system, power, scales, how, to, play, playlist, better, solo, korn, practice, pause, 3d, win, skid, ccr, guns, roses, kurt, cobain, red, hot, chilli, peppers, music, nirvana, silverchair, intro, outro, major, minor, blink, 182, joel, madden, seal, voice, good, charlotte, instructions, tricks, tips, rock, metal, heavy, roll, jackson, daniel, bob, dylan, instrument, 101, hd, bobby, janis, john, fast, slow, when, 100, 10
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Unity 3d - Easy Tutorial #2 FPS Controller and Light Flares
    Duration: 3:42


    Keywords: Unity, 3d, Easy, Tutorial, #2, FPS, Controller, and, Light, Flares, Ishak, 3i, PC, Technologies
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Alice 2.2 tutorial #1 3D text as # variable
    Duration: 2:30

    Description: using 3D text to show number variables in your world

    Keywords:, Alice 2.2, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Minecraft 1.1 Compact Piston Clock Pulser Motor Redstone
    Duration: 2:23

    Description: I am aware of a more compact version but it's more glitchy. If you need a circuit to blink on and off again repeatedly this is a very simple and reliable way to accomplish that :-) Compact and useful for a variety of redstone powered machinery. Can blink fast or slow using the delays of a redstone repeater. --------- If you like this video hit "LIKE" ! Leave me a comment and I'll get back to you soon :-)

    Keywords: Pulser, Pulasr, Pulse, Machine, Motor, Engine, Switch, Circuit, Piston, Dispenser, Elevator, Easy, Flash, Flashing, Create, Power, Generator, Building, Basic, Red, Stone, Torch, Wall, Bridge, Creation, Delay, Simple, Tutorial, Advanced, Trick, Mining, Mine, How, to, Make, Making, Hard, Wire, Blinking, Live, Gameplay, Commentary, Game, Wired, Featured, Current, Cubes, Blocks, 3d, Blink, Info, Tricks, Walls, Build, Construct
    Average rating: 4.0

  9. Sony TV - How to troubleshoot a red or blinking light
    Duration: 3:36

    Description: If your Sony TV is experiencing problems with signal and power lights, these easy steps will help you determine what the problem is and resolve the issue.

    Keywords: Sony TV, power light, blinking, bravia, led, wont, on, turn, television, how to, steps, tips, and, trick, trouleshooting, fix, fixing, help, you, resolve, howto, tutorial, Educational, Software Tutorial, Tricks, sony internet tv, Internet, tv, google tv, android tv, android apps, android market, sony listens, sonylistens
    Average rating: 3.8

  10. Animation School - Animschool: Character Eye Blink
    Duration: 5:55

    Description: AnimSchool Instructor and Blue Sky Animator, Garrett Shikuma, demonstrates from the Animating Appeal & Entertainment class, how to add appeal to an eye blink. This clip is brought to you by AnimSchool, an online Animation School.

    Keywords: learn 3D animation, Animschool, character eye blink, animation appeal, garrett shikuma, animation, school
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. MSP430 Launchpad Tutorial 1: Blinking a led.
    Duration: 13:14

    Description: Watch in 720p for best quality. This is my first attempt at a tutorial and it is somewhat rough around the edges. I only wanted to talk about the use of P1OUT. Anyway I will go into detail on timers, inputs, ports, ADC, & timers later on. Source code for this tutorial can be found here: Subscribe and get updated when I post my new tutorials. I have some higher end MSP430's that are 64 pin which I also want to get into.

    Keywords: MSP430, Tutorial, LED, Launchpad, TI, microcontroller
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Blender Light Flickering Tutorial
    Duration: 3:01

    Description: In this tutorial we will quickly look at creating a simple light flicker using Fcurve and the noise modifier. Get Blender: Contact Information: Website: Forum Twitter: IRC Chat: Steam Group: Facebook: TwitchTV: Resource File:

    Keywords: blender, raven67854, raven, tutorial, tutorials, 3d, blender 3d, software, lights, lighting, animation, flicker
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Create 3D Logo Animation by Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker
    Duration: 6:52

    Description: Lights, shapes and text can be animated. Lighting around the x or y axis can be rotated. Shape and text animation there are many types, including: Rotate, Swing, Beat, Wave, Fade, Typewriter, Pulse. Each type can adjust the direction and speed, and other parameters. Provides a single letter to be animated by the way.

    Keywords: 3d photoshop, 3d logo, 3d animation, logo maker, 3d text, text maker, logo animation, text animation, animation maker, icon maker, 3d logo animation, 3d text animation, 3d title animation, illustrator 3d, beautiful 3d title, 3d title video, tutorial, programs, graphics software, technology, gif, flash, avi, mpg, export, cartoon, animated, editing, how, to
    Average rating: 4.5

  14. Blinks & Lip Motions - Animation Tips #1
    Duration: 2:27

    Description: movies were created with PoserPro, effected with Particle Illusion, edited with Adobe Premere, all sounds were edited with Pro-tools by ghid. The song "Motor City Jam" is available at "Smart Sound", royalty free music site. CHANNEL : 3D CG Animations by ghidghid PLAYLIST : Animation TIPS BLOG

    Keywords: animation, tutorial, 3D, CG, 2D, tips, howto, cartoon, animated, Blinks, Lip, Motions, Computer Graphics
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. 3d max lighting tutorial: Flickering light
    Duration: 5:50

    Description: This is a lighting tutorial for 3d studio max 2010. With the help of the curve editor and a noise modifier you can dynamicly create a flickering light. Next you can use the Float Limit controller to set a upper and a lower limit. This tutorial can also used with older versions of 3ds Max. Check out for more tutorials. If you have any questions or request, just ask us!! If you have complaints, tell us about it in a normal way. Thanx.

    Keywords: 3d, studio, max, 2010, curve, editor, noise, limit, upper, lower, modifier, tutorial, flickering, light, lighting, visualknights
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. SpareGraphics | Speedart Ep.21 | Ryan
    Duration: 3:06

    Description: Open The Description For Prices + Contact Me + Deals _______________________________________________________________ Final Image: Another FREE track from Tuen! Press "BUY" and Enter 0$ and you get it for FREE, feel free to donate to him. YouTube: Facebook: SoundCloud: Newgrounds: Twitter: Hey Guys, Spare Graphics Here Doing My Fourth Tutorial =DD, I Hope You Enjoy My Tutorial And It Helps You Out =DDD. Comment, Like And Subscribe =DDD Contact Me: Skype: POPkKnifezZ Twitter: Prices: 3D Youtube Background: ?5 Logo: ?3 Desktop Backgrond: ?5 SpeedArt: ?2 Overlay: ?2 Partners Background: Free Facebook Banner: ?2 Twitter Bg: ?3 Avatar: ?0.50 Deals: Humble Bundle: Desktop Background + 3D Youtube Background = ?8 Godly Bundle: 3D Youtube Background + Logo + Speed Art + Desktop Background + Custom Font + Overlay = ?15

    Keywords: Spare, Graphics, Speed, Art, Ep., Ryan, 2D, Youtube, Background, 3D, Logo, Desktop, Media, tuenstudios, Tuen, Tore, Contest, Anything, Speedart, Project, Blink, 182, Concert, Ireland, O2
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. (#2 Java Script Scripting) Unity 3D Rus Tutorial: ?reate light menu, Part 2
    Duration: 15:00

    Description: (#2 Java Script Scripting) Unity 3D Rus Tutorial: ?reate light menu, Part 2 ? ???? ?????, ?????????? ?????? ????.

    Keywords: unity3d, JS, javascript, Alcatraz, flightdreamstudio
    Average rating: 3.9

  18. How to Make 4 Kinds of Redstone Clocks - Minecraft Redstone Tutorial
    Duration: 5:57

    Description: In this tutorial, I show you how to make each type of clock in Minecraft, from a fast blinking one to a compact size one. Thumbs up if this video helped you! Twitter:

    Keywords: minecraft, clock, redstone, wire, blinking, on, off, tutorial, basic, advanced, easy, hard, redstone torch, how to, make, making, 4 kinds, four kinds, game, live gameplay, live commentary, cubes, blocks, 3d, fun, notch, lukedude5
    Average rating: 4.6

  19. Tutorial QUEST 3D Y 3D MAX by Kames Parte 3
    Duration: 9:12

    Description: Es creo el primer tutorial en espa�ol de esta potente herramienta de programaci�n de visualizaci�n en tiempo real y video juegos, QUEST3D es sin duda unos de los software de este tipo en ser muy f�cil de usar gracias a su interface a base de canales que se conectan entre si de una manera f�cil, Espero con este tutorial incentivar el uso de este programa y crear una red de programadores en QUEST3D en espa�ol, si desean bajar la versi�n demo no se olviden decir gracias,

    Keywords: tutorial, quest3d, 3d, max, dise�o, kames, 366, espa�ol, programacion, video, juegos
    Average rating: 4.4

  20. Do Not Blink After Effects project template
    Duration: 32

    Description: Available for download here:

    Keywords: logo, animation, opener, intro, corporate, title, video, media, broadcast, color, style, 3d, 2d, promo, design, tutorial

  21. Google Chrome 3D Emblem/Logo : Call of Duty Black Ops (Emblem Editor Series) Episode 56
    Duration: 6:26


    Keywords: Google, Chrome, epicmealtime, Evanescence, Transformers, decepticon, autobot, Volcom, AMP, Bacardi, cod, XP, Punisher, Elite, MW3, Modern, warfare, blink, 182, Gatorade, Apple, Tritton, Linkin, Park, Rico's, eye, Xbox, Alpinestars, Black, ops, logo, emblem, Monster, energy, Red, Bull, cool, call, duty, commentary, mw2, treyarch, consoles, gaming, video, game, yt:quality=high, PS3, xbox360, 360, PC, Infinity, Ward, Activision, Voodoo, productions, ixivoodooixi, high, quality, editor, editing, howto, software, diy, tutorial, instructions
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. skype cool text
    Duration: 9:42

    Description: Learn how to set up cool text for your skype profile! Add me on Skype: kenpro75 Visit my blog: Connect on FaceBook Follow me on Twitter:

    Keywords: skype tutorial, 'cool, text', skype tricks, skype help, cool text, how to, learn skype, skype text, kenworth, kenworth peters, blinking, text, in, skype, tutorial, english, how, to, make, addon, rich, mood, editor, create, flashing, your, look, cool, increase, views, get, photoshop, free, flash, or, blink, website, plays, stuff, money, fast, on, adobe, Flash (comics), Software Tutorial, Youtube
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Flash Tutorial - Use Movie Clips to make your animation blink - Flash CS5
    Duration: 6:45

    Description: presents this tutorial that shows you how to make your animation blink with the help of Movie Clip Symbols. It's a very simple and easy trick! Subscribe to my channel for more upcoming tutorials. Please leave comments on my page.

    Keywords: Adobe, Flash, CS3, CS4, CS5, Tutorials, tutorial, beginner, animations, characters, symbols, graphics, properties, frames, keyframe, easy, learn, movie, Clips, to, make, your, animation, blink, eyes, duck, cartoon, draw, Macromedia
    Average rating: 4.2

  24. 3D Unity Tutorial Deutsch / German [ Objekt aufleuchten lassen ] UPDATE
    Duration: 3:38

    Description: Ein kleines Tutorial wie man ein Objekt wie zb in Gothic 1 / 2 aufleuchten l�sst sobald die Maus dar�ber schwebt.

    Keywords: deutsch, tutorial, german, 3D, unity, leuchten, glowing
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Maya Eye Rigging Tutorial
    Duration: 2:08

    Description: without the use of bones I demonstrate how to rig simple eyes and eyelids on a character

    Keywords: high, poly, 3D, tutorial, modelling, workflow, basic, maya, rigging, eyes
    Average rating: 5.0

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