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Black recording

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  1. Black Ops PC :: Recording Smooth Gameplay Tutorial :: Part 2 :: G-Man [HD]
    Duration: 9:56

    Description: This noob-friendly tutorial will show you how to record 60fps, no lag gameplay footage from Call of Duty Black Ops on the highest settings on most PCs. You do not need an epic gaming rig to be able to record like this! You do not need a capture card! All you need is a little patience. Please note that this tutorial is for PC game footage! Check out my channel for more videos and system specs! If you like this tutorial please comment, rate and/or subscribe! Enjoy -G

    Keywords: Call, of, duty, black, ops, modern, warfare, gameplay, commentary, cod, cod6, cod5, cod4, cod3, cod2, cod1, pc, windows, game, gaming, nerd, geek, machinima, guns, nvidia, ati, intel, mouse, razer, diamondback, g15, logitech, xbox, 360, x360, playstation, ps3, seananners, hutch, trumpf, woodysgamertag, plug, shoot, fire, nuke, score, TDM, team, deathmatch, death, match, gman318, g-man, 318, record, noob, friendly, how, to, fraps, fps, no, lag, tutorial, premiere, adobe, cs5, pro, capture, settings, high, highest, maxed, out
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Black Ops: 150/300 Fps Tutorial
    Duration: 41

    Description: As im still getting a load PMs asking how i record that smooth in Black Ops heres a quick guide. If u have anymore Questions just ask :) Music by: Pronobozo

    Keywords: black, ops, recording, with, fraps, special, very, sony, ultimate, pinnacle, jeff, guest, funny, christmas, intro, very funny, nice, tutorial, special part, editing, christmas special, needs, good, special guest, pickle9000
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Tutorial: How to record HD Gameplay with DXTory
    Duration: 14:00

    Description: Website: Twitch Twitter Steam Profile [Video Information] In this video you will learn the basic options you'll need to worry about when recording with DXTory. I decided to make this as I personally think it's a much better program compared to FRAPS as it has a lot of options for recording, it even has specific profiles for each game that you play. I will be making an advanced tutorial over this soon, going over all the extra things you can do with DXTory to really push the program to it's limits. I hope you all enjoyed this, if you found this useful please like this video and favorite it so your friends can enjoy it as well! Download DXTory http You can download a free trial version from above; however, you will need to purchase the application to use it after the trial. Software Version | 2.0.111 [Credits] Intro background image by CodenameOXIDE Download the intro music Download the background music [More Info] Check out HvK Gaming! [ Its a small community of mature gamers. We also have a Teamspeak 3 Server, feel free to join us! [ If you want to see live gameplay be sure to drop in on my livestream! [ [System Specs] CPU: i7-3820 @ 4.61GHz GPU: Asus GTX 590 DISPLAY: LG 42LD550 MOUSE: Logitech G500 KEYBOARD: Logitech G19 RAM: 32GB G. Skill 2048MHz DDR3 MOTHERBOARD: Asus Rampage IV ...

    Keywords: dxtory, Record, Gameplay, FRAPS, Recording, Computer, Games, smokacola, havok, hvk-Gaming
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. How to set up Black Magic Intensity Pro Capture Card Part 1 (OLD TUTORIAL)
    Duration: 8:27

    Description: THIS IS AN OLD TUTORIAL. GO HERE FOR THE NEW ONE. *PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS* Sorry that this video is in standard definition, my camera doesn't record in HD. This is a basic Howto tutorial for setting up and using the Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card. It's a $200 capture card that records records HDMI or component signals. It has HDMI inputs and outputs, as well as a breaker cable for Component inputs and outputs, both allowing you to record and play on your TV at the same time. This capture card is the internal version of Intensity Pro. It requires an open PCI-express port, and works in any size PCI-express. If you have an x58 based (or better) motherboard with True USB 3.0, you can use the Intensity Shuttle. The Shuttle is EXACTLY like the Intensity Pro, but is completely external. To check if you have USB 3.0, look for a blue USB port. To check your motherboard chipset, look at your computer specs or find a software that will find it for you. Common Problems: --No video in the Media Express preview window-- 1: Triple check to make sure the cables are all connected correctly (where console cables are into the INPUT, and the other set of component cables are in the OUTPUT). 2: If you are recording off the Playstation 3, you MUST use component cables. The Playstation 3's HDMI signal displays in HDCP, and the Intensity Pro will not capture HDCP, forcing you to use component. 3: Make sure your consoles are set to display in 720p or 1080i. 4 ...

    Keywords: black, magic, intensity, pro, capture, card, tutorial, set, up, how, to, howto, software, links, two, hundred, dollars, computer, pci, express, pciexpress, usb, 3.0, shuttle, watch, penguin, chicken, whatneed, what, need, box, unboxing
    Average rating: 4.6

  5. [Sony Vegas 10 Tutorial] How to upload videos to YouTube in HD *No more black bars*
    Duration: 4:29

    Description: Hello YouTubers and I am Roborgable for those who don't know me. In this tutorial we will be going through a tutorial on how to upload your videos to YouTube without the black lines or black bars. This tutorial covers the actual uploaded video and not the source file. If you have black lines in your 'source' video ie, black lines in your recording and have not removed it, then the lines will still appear on your video. To fix this go and watch my other tutorial: Please like and subscribe if you liked this video and want to see more! Please support me, thanks!

    Keywords: Sony, Vegas, Tutorial, 10, how, to, upload, videos, youtube, in, hd, format, no, black, lines, bars, etc
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Call of Duty Black ops Shangri la Zombies How to Complete Easter Egg Tutorial steps 1-6
    Duration: 4:28

    Description: I finished this entire easter egg but lost the recording and failed to do it over after trying for 8-9 hours thanks to people leaving or glitches I cant record again till friday so if you would like to see how to complete the rest just subscribe or check back on my channel friday night sorry This is all I have so far im trying to do this on my own without looking up other peoples videos I will upload the rest of the shangri la easter egg tomarrow night and this video may not look like it but it took alot of work so please rate and leave a comments and if you like my videos subscribe

    Keywords: major, shangri, la, easter, egg, awsome, big, cod, black, ops, map, pack, zombies, radio, song, shrink, ray, power, weapon, super, call, duty, glitch
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. Tutorial - How to get a Dazzle Dvc 100 (Black and white) into colour.
    Duration: 4:38

    Description: This is my 1st of many tutorial, Hope this has helped you guys. Amcap Link - I Will be posting alot more diffrent one's, (if i get good feedback). My 2nd gow montage is been finished today xD Dont hesitate to comment and ask for any help... Note - i did this tutorial because alot of my subscribers asked me to, i also had the same problems as you befor to get colour. Directions: 1.Download amcap 2.Open movie maker and capture from video device 3.Keep clicking next until you get a preview which should be black and white (if not go back change the camara settings to ntsc_433) 4.Then open amcap and you wont get a preview 5.Go to options and click video capture filter... 6.Then change the setting to SECAM_B 7.Then go back to (What ever program you use) and you should have colour on the preview screen and your all set, everytime now you go on movie maker then just have to open amcap then you can record in colour enjoy recording Note - I Dont know if it works on a easycap, i might buy one and have a mess around with it. (Only if i ge alot of people with problems with it). Please subscribe Thanks UNEEDHO5T aka BRUMii3

    Keywords: how, to, recorde, pal, 60, with, dazzle, dvc100, colour, amcap, IFYCNI, xfycnx, FYCN, gow, gow1, gow2, of, Canals, 2v2, Gearsopedia, gamezonegloble, gamersstudios, xescx, TS, tek, 1v1, 3v3, 4v4, Sniper, Jimmy, brumii3, sniip3r, UNEEDHO5T, Montage, B199Y, ICEMAN, AC7STAR, MILKBONE, stiikman, Trooper, BEASTMAN, SANDMAN, KING, BLING, 0121, Birmingham, WA7ERBOY, SNOWMAN, POSTMAN, NASTY, YM, II, Young, Money, Subscribers, Gaming, 360, long, zoomer, longest, ever
    Average rating: 4.8

  8. Cod: Black Ops How to make Apple Emblem TTG Tutorial TUT Guide
    Duration: 3:13

    Description: A crispy Tutorial on making this emblem. Please subscribe

    Keywords: Screen, Recording, [black, ops, emblem], cheats], emblems], black, emblem, cheats, batman, emblems, videos, cod, mw2, creating, editing, circle, apple, company, brand, [call, of, duty, ops], call duty, glitch, tutorial, ipod, warfare
    Average rating: 4.3

  9. Black Ops Zombies: Syndicate | Round 85 Kino Der Toten, (Spinning The ThunderGun *Tutorial*)
    Duration: 6:42

    Description: This is my biggest ever round! Please Like & Favourite the Sh*t out of this! Follow me on Twitter & Facebook, Links bellow! Twitter: This video is a live reaction to me hitting round 75 as i have been recording :D.

    Keywords: black ops, zombies, black ops zombies, high, round, kino, der, toten, syndicate, thesyndicateproject, pickle9000
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. How To - Record Black Ops without a Capture Card
    Duration: 1:43

    Description: Don't have a capture card? this is great for you! Please take a second to Double Click LIKE and Favorite please, it really does make a big difference to the channel and I appreciate it. What you have to do: 1. Register at 2. Link your youtube channel on the call of duty website 3. Get the clip you want it can only be 30 seconds at the MAX 4. Go to theater mode on black ops and render your clip 5. When its done render go to theater beta on the call of duty web site if its not there check the call of duty youtube channel that all renders are uploaded to and keep checking it should be posted soon http 6. Render the clip in sony vegas (if you want for better quality) 7. Double Click LIKE and Favorite please =) Video By -

    Keywords: iprojectblackops, call, of, duty, black, ops, how, to, record, without, capture, card, recording, device, tutorial, theatre, mode, theater, upload, youtube, amazing, pbo
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 2:34

    Description: Complete guide on how to record demos in Call of Duty 4 (COD4) Modern Warfare, find them in the correct folder on your PC, move them so that they appear in game and then play and record them using devmode. Console Commands used: /devmap mp_backlot;disconnect /record /stoprecord /demo You can bind /record to a key by typing: /bind X "record" /bind Y "stoprecord"

    Keywords: Cod4, Call, of, Duty, Modern, Warfare, How, to, record, demos, folder, tutorial, guide, tricks, tips, hints
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Deep House Ableton Tutorial - Recording Your Own Vocals
    Duration: 7:58

    Description: In this video Danny J Lewis (Enzyme Black, Defected) shows you how to create some authentic sounding house vocals using your own voice recordings. Layering, transposing, panning, EQing and compressing the different takes produces a punchy vibe perfect for the club. This is video 5 of 6 in our Deep House in Ableton Live series. It is an exclusive taster of the video content thatPoint Blank students have access to on the Deep House Pro Producer Course in Ableton Live( ). Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don't miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online School.

    Keywords: music production, ableton tutorial, deep house, produce deep house, ableton live tutorial, ableton vocals, recording vocals, vocals in ableton, ableton compression, ableton panning, EQ, layering vocals, how to use ableton, electronic dance music, how to make house, music production courses, point blank, danny j lewis, ableton deep house
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Black Ops: Color correction tutorial in Sony vegas pro 9 by See5 ?????
    Duration: 7:19

    Description: Here are the adjusted numbers: Color corrector(secondary) Angle:270.0 Magnitude:0.016 Rotate hue: 0 Saturation:1.396 Gamma:0.620 Gain:1.181 Offset:-8.8 Alpha:1 Brightness and Contrast: Brightness:0.24 Contrast:0.30 or 0.24 Contrast center:0.83 Saturation Adjust: Amount:0.2500 Center:0 Spread:1 Low:0.120 High:0.120 After saving the settings you will be able to use them at any other black ops video But note that some maps need some little adjustments but they are probably fine ! ENJOY :). ---------- REC CARD USED: BLACK MAGIC INTENSITY PRO

    Keywords: Black, Ops, Color, correction, tutorial, in, Sony, vegas, pro, by, See5, 720HD, 1080p, 1080i, Recording, Tips, Hints, call, of, duty, BO
    Average rating: 4.7

  14. Homefront - Multiplayer Review
    Duration: 11:38

    Description: PRIMA Strategy Guide Giveaway: Here's a math problem... CoD + BFBC + MoH + MAG = X The BS in all of those games = -X Solve for the awesome variable, X. X = Homefront... nuff said. Have any questions I hadn't addressed in the video? Comment away! :D ---------------------------------------------- Follow me on the Internets for the latest updates and gaming news! Twitter: Facebook: Blog: 8G Access Channel DM8X Gaming Community: -- My last 5 videos! -- BFBC2 - TWO Editing Contests! Daily Shots #11 - Building Character... (BFBC2: Rush w/ T88 Sniper 12x): Black Ops - 3D Recording Tutorial (Hard Mode): Daily Shots #10 - BF3! BF3! BF3! (BFBC2: Rush w/ Scar-L w/ Red Dot): Black Ops - 3D Recording Tutorial (Easy Mode): Video Title: Homefront - Multiplayer Review

    Keywords: Tips, Tricks, Strategy, Tutorials, Video, Games, How to, xregardsx, Regardsgiveway, 8G, DM8X, Xbox, ps3, 360, daily shots, battle chatter, sectors of fire, coin op king, destroy first search later, BFBC2, Bad Company, BF, BF3, Battlefield, EA, DICE, Medal of Honor, moh, Modern Combat, BF2MC, GOL, m249, m416, ak74u, gaming, news, updates, quickscoping, sniping, noscoping, 3D, dolly, cam, black ops, valve, weapons, video game, fps, warfare, homefront, home, front, game, gameplay, help, call duty, call, duty, howto, commentary
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Photoshop Tutorial: Abstract Explosion
    Duration: 16:19

    Description: Here's a 15 minute tutorial on how to create a geometric, abstract explosion or starburst. I used the same technique for the channels VideoGames and TheSyndicateProject. Pretty straight forward and easy to re-create. Have fun! Music by Black Soil, song name is "Black Wednesday". Listen to more Black Soil & follow at: Follow me twitter and facebook for laughs and random nonsense: -------------------------------------------------- Additional Credits: Intro by FallenHDGaming:

    Keywords: videogames, Video Games, Channel, Background, Channel Background, Youtube Background, Black Soil, Evan, Geometric, Explosion, Texture, Video Games Texture, Speedart, Design Progression, Graphic Design, Visual Design, Photoshop, Art, Design, Video, Games, Photoshop Art, Time-lapse, Screen, Recording, Screen Recording, Syndicate, thesyndicateproject, Photoshop Tutorial, Tutorial, CS4, CS5, CS6, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe, How-to Background
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials
    Duration: 6:14


    Keywords: camstudio, Cam, Studio, Screen, Recording, Video, Desktop, Capture, AVI, WMF, MOV, DIVX, MP4, ipod, tutorial, encoding, codec, lossless
    Average rating: 4.7

  17. TUTORIAL: COD Black ops HOW TO do Custom Camos and skins /w Commentary [PC ONLY] [HD] [PATCHED]
    Duration: 31:03

    Description: READ DESCRIPTION: Please visit out website, Before we get started DOWNLOAD THIS: Now this tutorial is pretty simple and if you listen closley and follow each step you should be fine! enjoy :) (Guns Located:- C:/Drive-Program Files-Steam-SteamApps-common-Call Of Duty Black Ops-Main. The L96A1 is located in iw_11) Programs Needed: Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4 Hex Editor IWI2DDS DDS2IWI CRC32 Fixer .DDS Photoshop Plugin Tutorial how to make your own camo's in Black Ops that work online with all weapons. Optional File Download: Renamed .iwi file for you to copy and paste: localized_English_modded_iw_11 For any further Questions place a comment or send me a message. Comment Subscribe Like

    Keywords: call, duty, you, hope, modern, Of, Black, Ops, Warfare, cod, L96A1, Sniper, Rifle, Custom, Camo, Camouflage, Skin, Skinning, Tutorial, High, Quality, Definition, Camtasia, Studio, Fraps, Video, Recording, Text, Activision, Infinity, Ward, Treyarch, Awesome, Epic, Windows, Computer, Steam, Valve, Nuketown, Jump, Anime, How, To, Create, Online, camos, custome, textures, modded, ray, gun, unlock, no, clip, montage, hack, mod, unban, PC, x-box, ps3, widescreen, fps
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Sniper Tutorial - L96A1 (How to Snipe in Black Ops)
    Duration: 9:11

    Description: How many LIKES can we get? Really hope you found this useful! Please leave a Comment & Rating! This was a very high effort video guys, I spent a lot of time recording and commentating this, so could you please give me some feedback and a 'Like' rating? That would be awesome! Thanks for watching! Worth a Click: 'Adrenaline' | A Black Ops Montage | SlowBurn 'Concept' | A One in the Chamber Montage | SlowBurn Black Ops: Epic L96A1 44-1 Domination - Black Ops: Flawless ACOG L96A1 FFA: Black Ops: The Commando Assault Rifle, Dogs & Chopper Gunner (30-2) FFA- Black Ops: Dogs, Chopper Gunner & AK-74u FFA (30-2) Radiation- Facebook: Twitter: Live Stream: black ops sniping sniper darthempire darth empire aimbot firing range montage quickscoping killstreaks tomahawk amazing blackops quick scope quickscope dog trucks Sniper Tutorial ACOG L96A1 (How to Snipe in Black Ops

    Keywords: black, ops, sniping, sniper, darthempire, darth, empire, aimbot, firing, range, montage, quickscoping, killstreaks, tomahawk, amazing, blackops, quick, scope, quickscope, dog, trucks, Tutorial, ACOG, L96A1, (How, to, Snipe, in, Ops), call, duty, modern, cod, call duty, automobiles, paintball, airplanes, analysis, editing, weapons, video review, pickle9000
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Black Ops Theater Tutorial: How to get Smooth Slow Motion Playback
    Duration: 2:59

    Description: There were lots of questions with my slow motion video in theater for black ops, so hopefully this video can answer them better than my other replies did.

    Keywords: call, of, duty, black, ops, theater, mode, slow, motion, playback, aug, demolition, on, nuketown, ak74u, grip, extended, mags, hd, pvr, recording
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Tutorial: Audio Mechanica V8d : A Voice REcording Homebrew Compatible With Any Psp Mic, I Mean ANY!
    Duration: 7:21

    Description: To Download Go Here: This Software is Meant to Record Audio From Any Mic On The Psp! If on the PSP 3000 (yes, you can run homebrew now) to record use the microphone in the menu that says "PSP-270x Headset" the one that looks like earphones. It REcords it to The Memorystick! Plus You Can Listen To It On The Music Section In The Psp! Have Fun!

    Keywords: psp, mic, go, cam, gocam, talkman, talk, man, socom, style, head, set, headset, renegade, battlefront, squadron, online, messenger, skype, under, black, phone, like, feel, 3000
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Call of Duty: Black Ops - Theater Tutorial - Render Gameplay Clips to your PC
    Duration: 9:49

    Description: NOTE: If it doesn't work for you, the only solution is to wait longer or try again. As long as you followed this tutorial correctly, then there is nothing I else I can do to help you apart from tell you to start over. It's a really buggy and slow service at the moment I'm afraid, because everyone is trying to render their clips! You asked for it, so here it is. This tutorial fully covers everything you need to do to get clips from the theatre in Black Ops right onto your computer, so you can start making videos. I go over everything from signing up to the site, to recording your clip, to uploading it to your file share, to rendering it to YouTube, to downloading it from YouTube, and Treyarch's subtle hatred of the English. :P Remember, the website you will need to be signed up to and using for the render feature is Please like this video, so it will get more views so that everybody can benefit from it. It would also be great if you subscribed if you found this tutorial at all useful :)

    Keywords: call, of, duty, black, ops, cod, theater, render, clip, to, computer, file, share, upload, cod7, treyarch, are, racists
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Black Ops 'Shangri La' Glitches - *NEW* Under the Map Tutorial
    Duration: 2:26

    Description: -READ DESCRIPTION- Wow i need to stop recording glitches, done too many lately. Well anyway this is a cool glitch to do with friends. Its harder on multiplayer but it is possible. Found by: (show him some love) Enjoy. Song: Caveman - The Dean's List Ft. Dani Ummel

    Keywords: black, ops, cod4, lobby, about, in, ability, camo, cod5, cod, waw, mw2, cod2, cod3, out, of, under, map, halo, reach, film, trailer, montage, gears, gameplay, gun, perks, roof, strafe, shotgun, jump, tricks, mod, hack, challenge, free, download, link, sony, vegas, after, affects, windows, rifle, tutorial, tut, launcher, warthog, monster, dlc, cable, red, redemption, zombie, horse, modern, warefare, gta5, leak, weapons, fps, warfare, consoles, kino, der, toten, five, wmd, launch, breach, havan, summit, trick, radiation, crisis, glitches, glitch, xbox
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Call of Duty Black Ops: Theater Mode Tutorial [Part1]
    Duration: 11:29

    Description: Welcome Viewers! RaverGamer here with a tutorial on the basics of theater mode in the new Call of Duty Black Ops. This will go over the different sections Theater including file sharing, rendering, community, and others. This video is from my perspective of theater mode and how it is to be used. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message, comment or visit my channel. I will be uploading the part B portion of theater mode which will be much more in-depth and I will give you some tips to use when recording in theater mode. Once again, thank YOU for checking out my video! I look forward to hearing feedback from you. Have fun playing Black Ops! GAME ON!!! ;) Here is a link to the COD Black Ops site where you can access your rendered clips:

    Keywords: call, of, duty, black, ops, theater, mode, killstreak, dogs, rcxd, unbelievable, amazing, cool, kill, long, distance, 11streak, 11, how, to, use, file, sharing, rendering, saving, marathon, scavenger, sleight, hand, uploading, community, pictures, assault, rife, smg
    Average rating: 4.7

  24. Photoshop Tutorial - get a retro black and white look
    Duration: 9:25

    Description: Tutorial for editing photographs. Learn how to edit a photo to keep some areas in colour, and make specific areas black and white. Very quick, very simple. Gives a very 'retro' look to a photo. Can highlight areas of colour whilst making the rest of a photo black and white. Good for creating display pics :) For photoshop 7.0, although it would work the same on other versions of photoshop. Songs used in background: 1 - 'Livin on the run' by Scott Grimes 2 - 'Summerthing' by Scott Grimes 3 - 'Livin on the run' by Scott Grimes Had issues with the sound on this, so sorry for repeating the song at the end! Would have used voice recording, but the hard/software I need to do that isn't working at the moment.

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, retro, black and white, colouring, painbrish, saturation, change colour, highlight, colour, 7.0, monochrome, photograph, photo editing, simple, easy tutorials, quick, professional, very easy
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. HD PVR Best Render Settings w/ Sony Vegas TUTORIAL *Voice* + Color Correction
    Duration: 13:10


    Keywords: optic, midnite, midnight, ashley, nation, gaming, opticgaming, opticnation, render, settings, hd, pvr, songy, vegas, pro, 10, color, correction, editing, call, of, duty, cod, montage, best, high, quality, renders, enhancing, recording, tutorial, step, by, yt:quality=high
    Average rating: 4.9

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