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  1. BATCH TUTORIAL: Making Batch Files
    Duration: 5:53

    Description: - More tutorials coming soon. I will be making more videos around the end of this month. More updates coming soon...

    Keywords: making, batch, files, tutorial, part
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Notepad .bat tutorial (virus, hacking, pranks)
    Duration: 10:34

    Description: visit my website: Ok so basicly this is a tut on some things u can do with notepad and .bat files Here is the tut i wrote its a little different from the video ---.Bat file tutorial--- Beginner Ok so first off we need to open notepad, Then ur gonna put all ur code to ur program in the notepad. Now go to File SaveAs now save it as anything.bat it has to end in a .bat for example: myvirus.bat Start it off with @ehco off Then we have a few cammands we can use heres a list start -- this will open up a cmd prompt echo hello -- this will say hello in a prompt, u can change hello to anything and it will say what u changed it to. start mspaint -- this will start up paint. start notepad -- this will start up notepad. start IEXPLORE -- this will start up internet explorer. start filename -- here u can set it up with what u want to open just insert the file name. Ok so now ill show ua loop. @echo off :start -- this can be whatever u want it to be but has to have a : echo hello goto :start -- so it does echo hello then goes up to start and down to echo hello then up to the top again then down again this creates a loop and wont stop unless u end the program. To delete a file u use a code like del filename -- just put the file name that u want deleted. del c: -- this will delete the c drive whitch is most of ur computer.. del del (.txt*) -- this deletes ALL files that are .txt files. Ok so now say when u open ur program a black box opens but it goes away to fast for ...

    Keywords: bat, tutorial, hacks, mod, modding, hack, file, tut, computer, download, virus, prank, fack, viruses, code, notepad, .bat
    Average rating: 3.6

  3. Batch Files Tutorial - Spices
    Duration: 7:57

    Description: Jake "Master Jake" Chappell teaches you simply commands to help spice up your batch files and make them appear more professional. Please comment and rate. If you like my video tutorials spread the word. Website: E-Mail:

    Keywords: batch, files, tutorial, spices, cmd, command, prompt
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Programming Tutorial: BAT,GWB,QB,VBA,HTML,PHP,Java,Python
    Duration: 9:50

    Description: Have a problem? Ask in the forum: or the live chat: Here I show the classic "Hello World!" but with "Hello YouTube!" displayed in various programming languages. If you know how to do this in other languages, please post a video response showing the client you used and how you did it. I show: - Batch - GW-Basic - QBasic - Visual Basic - HTML - PHP - Java - Python

    Keywords: program, making, create, hello, world, youtube
    Average rating: 4.5

  5. Shutdown .bat Tutorial
    Duration: 1:23

    Description: Just a tutorial to build a shutdown Batch Files.

    Keywords: batch, computer, files, shutdown
    Average rating: 3.9

  6. ? Friendship Bracelet Tutorial 28 - Intermediate - The Bat Bracelet (Halloween)
    Duration: 25:30

    Description: Click "Show more�" to view the Instructions. This is pattern #28288 on ____________________________________________ MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC BRAND) ? Before leaving a question please check to see if it has already been answered in the comments section or in the links supplied below. ? I know it is always easier to just simply ask a question but with so many people following me it is getting harder and harder for me to answer. If for some reason your question has not been answered below (or) you can't find it on your own check out these links: FAQ: Annotation Link Video: ____________________________________________ The Beginner Playlist: ______________________________________________ 1- Background Color (white/silver) 2- Bat Color (black) Set Up: 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 ______________________________________________ ?EXTENDED? SETUP: If you want to get really technical you can use two different size strands to save yourself some string. Some of these strands in this bracelet get shorter than others so if you'd like you can try to even this out by cutting your short sizes and long sizes. After cutting the two different sized lengths just fold the long strings and the short strings in half separately and then line them up at the folds prior to tying your overhand knot for the loop. You will now have two different lengths gathered evenly at their ...

    Keywords: beyondbracelets, Halloween, Friendship, Bracelets, Spooky, Bats, Fall, Trick, Or, Treat, Jewelry, Embroidery, Floss, Craft, Thread, Costume, Gothic, Bat, Crypt, Fashion, Party, Accessories, DIY, How, To, Gift, Ideas, Knotting, Black, and, White, Cotton, String, Rope, Woven, Macrame, Knotted, Accessory
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 2:07

    Description: Had the pleasure to meet and interview this Fashion Mogul, Author and self-proclaimed GENT! Here's a piece of the full story! Like, Subscribe, Stay in touch!.. Eesh� White

    Keywords: Fonzworth Bentley, Fonzworth, Bentley MTV, Eeshe, Bat Wing Bowtie Tutorial, Bow tie, Bow tie Tutorial, Atlanta Georgia COLOURS, P.Diddy, Making the Band 2, Kanye West, CLRS8 Greener, Anthony Hamilton gents, Musician, Author, Syracuse University, New York etiquette, Andre 3000, Everybody
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 10:16

    Description: Meine Batch Tutorial Serie.

    Keywords: batch, bat, tutorial, echo, @echo, off, computer, stapel, verarbeitung, verarbeitungs, datei, dateien, stapelverarbeitung, cmd, konsole, text, editor, texteditor
    Average rating: 3.8

  9. Batch tutorial
    Duration: 2:18

    Description: A programming language that dosn't cost a dime. Its run in DOS and created using notepad

    Keywords: DOS, Bat, Batch, notepad, Programming
    Average rating: 4.3

  10. Bat French Tip Halloween Nail Art Tutorial / Arte para las u�as de murcielago
    Duration: 1:27

    Description: ?Nail Art Supplies? Cute little bat French tip nail art. Use your favorite colors for this. Hope you like it ;) Music is by Jason Shaw httpThank you so much for watching and please subscribe, rate and comment for lots more videos!! =D *Disclaimer* I was not paid to use any of the products in the video nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I did not receive any of the products for free, they were all bought with my own money. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Un dise�o de murcielago en estilo punta frances. Usa ts color favorite. Espero que les guste ;) Si desea comprar este dise�o por favor mira en mi p�gina principal y encontras el enlaze para visitor mi pajina de esty. Si desea un dise�o diferente que el arco iris y florea s�lo env�a me un mensaje =) puedes escoger CUALQUIER dise�o que he hecho. Gracias por sintonisar y subscribete a mi chanal si quieres mirar mas videos!!! =D

    Keywords: nail, art, tutorial, design, howto, how, to, acrylic, paint, batty, bat, French, tip, purple, glitter, Halloween, cute, kawaii, arte, de, unas, disenos, como, pintar, las, con, pintura, acrilica, murcielago, punta, frances, morado, brillo, dia, los, muertos, lindo
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Batch Tutorial Variablen [deutsch]
    Duration: 7:27

    Description: Mein deutsches Batch Tutorial zu Variablen und ihrer Anwendung mit dem if-Befehl und dem Parameter %i

    Keywords: Batch, Tutorial, Variablen, deutsch, erkl�rung, hilfe, programmieren, programme
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Sarah - Bat For Lashes
    Duration: 4:00

    Description: A lovely song off the album, "Fur & Gold"

    Keywords: Sarah, Bat For Lashes, Music, Lovely
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Introduction to Windows Batch Files (.bat files)
    Duration: 10:59

    Description: Some people have reported it not working. . Go to any folder and select tools - folder - view options and uncheck hide extension for known file types other wise it will still be a text file when you rename to snd.bat. Mac has applescript and linux has shell / bash scripting, but this is an overview of what is possible using batch files. Batch Tutorials Dos Commands Apple Script Shell/Bash I used alcohol 52% commands to mount the cds automatically %%programming

    Keywords: batch, bat, files, windows, xp, vista, 98, me, nt, 2000, command, line, switches, arguments, understanding, list, firefox, vlc, epsxe
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. Batch Tutorial 3: Passwortabfragen einf�gen
    Duration: 9:50

    Description: Erstmal hier der Download link f�r den Bat to Exe konverter: @echo off :start cls echo Zum starten beliebige Taste druecken pause nul cls echo Hallo, bitte Passwort eingeben: set /p X= if /I "%X%"=="Homer" goto right echo falsches Passwort echo Neustart in 3 sek ping localhost -n 3 nul goto start :right cls echo Der PC wird gestartet ping localhost -n 5 nul cls echo Hallo echo. pause

    Keywords: Batch, Tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Batch Tutorial #1: Hello World HD
    Duration: 3:38

    Description: Das erste Video aus der Batch Tutorial Reihe. Batch ist die einfachste Programmiersprache und somit ideal zum Einstieg in die Programmiersprachen geeignet.

    Keywords: Tutorial, Batch, einstieg, editor, programmieren, programmiersprachen, .bat, cheats, cybersecurity, technology, creature, supportjet0jlh, Befehle, windows, computer
    Average rating: 4.5

  16. The Vampire Bat
    Duration: 59:43

    Description: When the villagers of Klineschloss start dying of blood loss, the town fathers suspect a resurgence of vampirism. While police inspector Karl remains skeptical, scientist Dr. von Niemann cares for the vampire's victims one by one, and suspicion falls on simple-minded Herman Gleib because of his fondness for bats. A blood-thirsty mob hounds Gleib to his death, but the vampire attacks don't stop.

    Keywords: Mad, Scientist, Wound, Blood, Draining, Telepathy, Mayor, Movie, Skepticism, Gunfire, Mortician, Castle, Murder, Suicide, Servant, Europe, Deputy, Folklore, Superstition, Male, Female, Relationship, Cave, Torch, Scream, Dog, Laboratory, Public, Domain, Blob, Secretary, Fainting, Police, Inspector, Death, Bat, Doctor, Mob, Village, Vigilante, Vampire
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Fold a Flapping Bat! by Jeremy Shafer
    Duration: 19:40

    Description: Step-by-step tutorial for how to fold my recently designed Flapping Bat, which flaps its wings when you pull the tail. The action mechanism is borrowed from traditional flapping bird even though the two look very different. The idea to fold a flapping bat came about when I happened upon Tom Hull's Flapping Bat here:

    Keywords: Flapping, Bat, Halloween, Jeremy, Shafer, origami, video, Ooh La La, Ooh, La, Astonish, Amuse, diy, tutorial, action, lesson, class, paper, folding, folds, fold, craft, jeremyevents, barf, diagrams, book, performance, play, model, models, papiroflexia, pliers, papier, simple, intermediate, howto
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Spooky Bat Nails
    Duration: 2:16

    Description: ??????????????{CLICK FOR MY INSPIRATION & PRODUCTS}?????????????? ? Add me on Facebook! ? ? Cutepolish's Commentary ? This is the second installment of the cutepolish Halloween nail art series for 2011. These spooky bat nails are simple and easy to create. Enjoy! ? Products Used ? Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener ? China Glaze Peachy Keen ? Sinful Colors UFO ? OPI Black Onyx ? Essie Good To Go Top Coat ? Music ? Kevin MacLeod

    Keywords: halloween nails, halloween nail art, spooky, bat, nail, art, bats, cutepolish, easy, orange, black, glitter, cute, holiday, october, trees, tree, branches, polish, china, glaze, opi, sinful, colors, sally, hansen, short nails, long nails, 31, c'est l'halloween
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Como crear Ejecutables en Bat con el compresor 7zip [Tutorial]
    Duration: 3:03

    Description: Tutorial para crear ejecutables bat con linea de comandos con el comprensor 7zip. Linea de comandos: Nota: Siempre guarden el archivo de bloc de notas con la extension .bat Tuorial Creado por: Luis41 Software de Voz: Loquendo Software de Edicion y Grabacion: Camtasia

    Keywords: tutorial, como crear ejecutables, linea de comandos7zip, bat, loquendo, instrucciones, comprimir, luis7650, Luis41, hd, 720p, musica, computer, camtasia, compresor, software, comprimir juegos, codigos, e book, varias, estilo, educar, linea de comandos, consola, autos, computers, howto, hacks, windows
    Average rating: 4.2

  20. Tutorial .BAT: Trote "Feche-me se Puder"
    Duration: 6:54

    Description: Tutorial de arquivo em lote (batch). Como fazer uma janela imposs�vel de ser fechada, mesmo clicando em "Fechar" ou em "Ok". Baixe o arquivo .bat no site:

    Keywords: tutorial, bat, trote, troll, v�rus, falso, gag, prank, batch, piada, joke, msdos, prompt, comando
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. Make Minecraft Server Beta 1.3 Tutorial! Install Bukkit & Setup Hamachi! Noob Guide!
    Duration: 11:47

    Description: Swedish minecraft tutorial: My how to make a minecraft server playlist: My WEBSITE: YouTube Main Channel: YouTube 2nd GAME Channel: Third Viral Video Channel: Twitter: Subscribe for more videos! Thanks. :) Links: Source: @echo off java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar nogui pause Mirror bukkit 428: Download the 2 files I used in video here: REMEMBER: How to creat a .BAT file -------------------------------- First creat a new? text doc. in the directory of your file, then type the thnig in and go to file save as and at the end of the name type .bat at the end. when changing name of the jar you must change the name in the text document you put in for the? start server"{@echo off java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar nogui pause}-should have been {@echo off java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui pause} PROBLEMS: Java problem? "I was having the same problem as you afrosargent, what daedal was trying to get at is that the "start server.bat" for the minecraft server is looking for java in the wrong place or something. So what you do is first locate java.exe at either C:/WINDOWS/SysWoW/java.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe then you find the "start server.bat" for the minecraft server and right click it. there should be the ...

    Keywords: Make, Minecraft, Server, Beta, 1.3, Tutorial!, Install, Bukkit, Setup, Hamachi!, Noob, Guide!, setup mc server, mc server tutorial, installing mc server, installing bukkit
    Average rating: 4.7

  22. Progressive - Extrawelt - 8000
    Duration: 6:44


    Keywords: Progressive, Extrawelt, 8000, Electro, House, Minimal, Techno
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Batman Begins - Scarecrow
    Duration: 2:39

    Description: A scene where Scarecrow encounters Batman inside of Arkham Asylum.

    Keywords: Batman, Begins, Scarecrow
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Red Power Ranger Emblem Black Ops Tutorial
    Duration: 10:32

    Description: Sorry no commentary added... You'll just have to go by what you see. Watch in HD for better quality and read the full description for more help. Cartoon Lips- 1 Shade Darker than the Indented Shield Rectangle Thin- Bright Red, same as the Alien head Rectangle Medium- Black and made small Rectangle Medium- Duplicate from ^ and placed opposite Bat Ears- Made a bit smaller and 1 is shown on the left or right Bat Ears- Duplicate of ^ and placed opposite Angled Shield- 1 Shade darker than the bright red, Centered at the top (obviously) You can choose a different shield depending on what you see fit Curved Line- White, Duplicate of *below* and "Toggle Outline" Curved Line- Black, Resized a bit bigger than usual Curved Line- Bright Red, Same as Alien head. Underneath the visor but over the Indented Shield to make the top more round. Indented Shield- The tad bit darker white color, resized to be a bit smaller than the norm. Alien- Bright Red, Resized Larger My Own Red Ranger is a bit different since this is more of a Version 3. Version 2 is what I'm rocking out at the moment and Version 1 I've shown Previously. Feel free to take what you know from this and try to make any other rangers. I'll try to make more videos AND rangers as time goes on.

    Keywords: call, of, duty, black, ops, live, psn, playstation, emblem, logo, xbox, 360, sign, power, rangers, green, red, blue, white, mighty, morphin, tutorialcall, emblems, ranger, custom, best, cool, tutorial, evercall, laptops, notebook, musical instruments, modern, yellow, ps3, boyz, call duty, cod, mw2, gameplay, cod4
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. Delyria's Witch makeup look tutorial by Delyria
    Duration: 5:07

    Description: Marrydruli requested this look. Hope you like it! Enjoy! Tutorial on the makeup I'm waering in the begining of the video: used: -Face- Dream Matte Mousse foundation in Ivory Dream Matte Mousse concealer IsaDora perfect loose powder in Velvet transparent Black eyeshadow -Eyebrows- MaxFactor eyebrow pencil in Ebony -Eyes- UDPP NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk 120 palette Black eyeshadow IsaDora colorful eyeliner in black Lanc�me eyeliner in black MaXFactor False lash effect mascara False eyelashes Eyelash adhesive Purple jewelry stones -Lips- Lanc�me eyeliner in black Stargazer lipstick #15 Song used: Shadow Reichenstein - Its Halloween ( and )

    Keywords: delyria, makeup, make, up, look, tutorial, gothic, alternative, witch, black, dark, purple, vibrant, spiderweb, spider, bat
    Average rating: 4.9

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