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  1. Visual Basic Tutorial - 1 - What Is Visual Basic
    Duration: 4:19

    Description: Check out the full Visual Basic series at Here is a link to the onlivegamer YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now!

    Keywords: tutorials, 2010, 2008, 6.0, beginners, vb, thenewboston, onlivegamer, bucky, roberts, computer, programming, Microsoft
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. Photoshop Tutorial - Tool Uses and Basics
    Duration: 33:36

    Description: Hey guys this video is just about tool uses and the basics of photoshop. Links: Spaceman: Galaxy: Jimmy Page: Fonts: Brushes: Check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates on future tutorials and other videos!

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, help, faq, basics, brush, basic, 101, tools, color, spaceman
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. GIMP Basics -Introduction + Beginner tutorial exercise (How to use GIMP)
    Duration: 10:57

    Description: GIMP beginner tutorial and/or Gimp basics tutorial. Has an introduction to the GIMP interface and a beginners excercise to get started with GIMP. A great way for GIMP beginners and learning the GIMP basics, basically getting started with GIMP/beginning with GIMP. Follow the steps and you will learn how layers work in GIMP, how to make a basic gradient in GIMP. How to use the text tool in GIMP, how to change the font color in GIMP, how to make a border around text in GIMP, how to make a drop shadow in GIMP, how to make a border around an image in GIMP, learn the basics about selections in GIMP and layers in GIMP. All explained so a GIMP beginner will be able to follow it. For more GIMP basics tutorials see my playlists and see my other videos for cool gimp tricks. Other phrase(s) that would apply to this tut are: How to use GIMP for beginners GIMP tutorials for beginners GIMP tutorial for beginners

    Keywords: GIMP beginner totorial, GIMP basics tutorial, Beginning GIMP, beginning with gimp, gimp beginner, gimp basics, getting started with gimp, gimptricks, cool gimp tricks, gimp tricks, jolie, gimp make a gradient, gimp text tool, gimp border around text, gimp border around image, gimp drop shadow, gimp for dummies, gimp layers, gimp selections, free photoshop, gimp interface explained, how to use gimp, gimp tutorials for beginners, justin bieber grammy, howto, graphics software
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Oscilloscope Tutorial Part 2 - Basic usage
    Duration: 4:04

    Description: The second part in a series of tutorials to teach you the basics of oscilloscopes. In this part: Oscilloscope probe settings, how to use a probe, vertical/horizontal scaling, DC and AC coupling. Don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up!

    Keywords: Oscilloscope, Electronics, measurement, Tutorial, Volts, troubleshooting, repair, probe, X1, X10, attenuation, AC, DC, voltage, ripple
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Java Programming Tutorial - 7 - Building a Basic Calculator
    Duration: 7:12

    Description: How to build a basic calculator with the skills we have learned so far

    Keywords: install, download, jdk, se, ee, java, development, kit, new, beginner, tutorials, eclipse, variables
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Learn How to Crochet - Part 1 - Basics for the Absolute Beginner (chain, ch, single crochet, sc)
    Duration: 5:53

    Description: In partnership with - this video is the first of a two-part series designed for the absolute beginner of crochet - as well as crocheters who want to review basic concepts. Topics covered include holding the hook & yarn, chain, single crochet, turning your work and finishing the project. Viewers will also learn how to create an easy dishcloth with this video. For more free crochet patterns, tips and tutorials, please go to http And stop by Donna's website and say hi at:

    Keywords: beginning, afghan, ganchillo, art, baby, beginner, passo, crotchet, croche, beginners, blanket, chain, clothes, clothing, craft, creative, crochet, crocheting, dish, dishcloth, easy, education, educational, free, help, hook, how, how-to, howto, instructions, instructional, knit, knitting, nastazia, nastasia, naztazia, needle, outfit, pattern, patterns, ravelry, row, scarf, sew, sewing, shawl, simple, single, square, stitch, stitches, thread, triangle, turning, tutorial, yarn, slip, ???????, triple, ?????, ????????, ?????????
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Tutorial 03 for Arduino: Electrical Engineering Basics
    Duration: 16:12

    Description: New Episodes each Monday! You can download the parts list and the code from this episode on my website: Watch my TechBits Episode on Analog and Digital Signals: Watch Jeri Ellsworth's video on Amperes: Submit your arduino project to element14's arduino contest for a chance to win a soldering station: This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group! Follow me on twitter:

    Keywords: arduino, element14, tutorial, jeremy, blum, electrical, engineering, voltage, current, resistance, divider, regulator, button, pullup, pulldown, breadboard, program, prototype
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Basics: Perfect Brows Tutorial
    Duration: 13:09

    Description: CLICK FOR MORE INFO!! ---- Visit and follow Jen on twitter at http Full blog entry here: Products mentioned: Sephora angled eyeliner brush Lioele Automatic Eyebrow pencil in Grey Black The Body Shop brow brush/comb Slanted tweezers (I don't use a specific brand) Cuticle scissors Anastasia Brows in Bloom palette in Brunette (discontinued palette but similar available) I've also use the NYX eyebrow cake powder in Ash/Taupe 03 in other videos if you were wondering which shade I use. :) COUPON CODES: Pretty and Cute: code KLOVE10 Receive 10% off all Korean Products code FRMHEADTOTOE Receive 5% off entire purchase

    Keywords: perfect, eyebrows, brows, brow, basic, how, to, tutorial, makeup, look, groomed, proportion, face, golden, ratio, beauty, blog, pencil, wax, tweezers, tweezerman, anastasia, lioele, automatic
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Photoshop CS6 | Beginner Tutorial (Basic Tools - Getting Started)
    Duration: 16:51

    Description: THANKS FOR 100 FAVS!! ---- Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials, Getting Started, Basic Tools. How to use it for beginners. Tutorial for beginners. Get your quick and easy help now! **Open video description for the quick list of the explanations** -TEXT TUTORIAL: I have a bad pronunciation. I am working on making vocal tutorials in the future for sure. -TURN OFF THE MUSIC if it is bad for your concentration. FIND THE FULL LIST OF TUTORIALS HERE v ?????????Find here what you are looking for?????????? -00:24 General overlook; -00:47 How to create a new file; -01:12 How to open an existing file; -01:43 How to open a work window; -02:08 The Layers in photoshop and how to select a part of an image; -03:27 How to make a layer visible/invisible; -03:40 The order of visibility, locked layers; -04:09 How to duplicate a layer; -04:35 How to edit a layer (scaling, rotating, flipping, etc); -05:51 How to Zoom on a layer; -06:24 Advanced editing: Lasso, Magic Wand and Quick Selection, Crop and Slice Tools, Brush and Pencil Tools, (Polygon Tools: 11:45) -08:12 How to change color (eyedropper Tool: 08:33); -08:42 How to add a text, with its box, size and color; -09:55 Blending Options: adding inner & outer shadows, transparency, textures, outer & inner glows, etc; -12:08 How to add Gradients; -12:43 The Layer Mask; -13:39 How to correct an action mistaken; -14:04 the Info window; -14:40 How to Adjust a Layer; -16:14 How to save (as image or a project ...

    Keywords: adobe, photoshop, cs6, beginner, how, to, use, it, creative, suite, download, crack, serial, tutorial, tutorials, basic, tools, getting, started, 6deepkey9, 6deeptreasure9, sub4sub, spam, centre, center, (Software)
    Average rating: 4.6

  10. DSLR Flash Photography Tutorial - Basic Beginner Speed Light Flash Tutorial using Nikon SB700
    Duration: 8:57


    Keywords: Flash, tutorial, speed, light, lesson, speedlight, bounce, guide, technique, exposure, Nikon, D7000, SB700, photography, tutorials, beginner, tips, tricks, Digital, camera, DSLR, D3100, vs, D5000, D5100, D90, canon, 60d, 7d, EOS, Rebel, T2i, 3Ti, T1i, T3, test, images, lens, SB600, SB800, SB900, SB910, photos, 270EX, 430EX, ii, 580EX, YN560, vivitar, bower, nissin
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Minecraft Tutorials - E29 Home Decorating Basics (Survive and Thrive II)
    Duration: 23:02


    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft beta, minecraft 1.0, minecraft survival, minecraft tutorial, minecraft help, pc gaming, paulsoaresjr, tutorial, gameplay, commentary, tips, secrets, gaming, computer, retro, help, beginners, survival, guide, how, to, survive, survive and thrive, minecraft bookshelf, minecraft paintings, minecraft decorating
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Minecraft Tutorials - E40 Potion Brewing Basics (Survive and Thrive II)
    Duration: 26:35


    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft beta, minecraft 1.0, minecraft survival, minecraft tutorial, minecraft help, pc gaming, paulsoaresjr, tutorial, how to, gameplay, commentary, tips, secrets, gaming, computer, help, beginners, survival, guide, how, to, survive, survive and thrive, minecraft brewing, minecraft potions
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. In-Depth - Basics (Gameplay/Tutorial)
    Duration: 3:12

    Description: Click this to watch If It Were Realistic: Killstreaks Halo Reach: In Depth: Basics by Drift0r (Gameplay/Tutorial) Explains basic weapon damages, times to kill, shields, melee ranges, and a few other facts about Halo Reach. Briefly covers the assault rifle, marksman rifle, hammer, sword, needle rifle, pistol, and melee. By Drift0r of Euphorian Films. DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high Halo Reach UPC 882224729741 Bungie Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live FPS First 1st first-person Person Shooter Spartan Covenant Elite Arbiter console video game machinima respawn commentary gameplay moho xtrememodz pgn pro gaming network matchmaking montage sword hammer melee assault rifle focus marskman beam laser assassination pistol headshot kills explained whytips tutorial tricks help strategies in depth episode one basics drift0r euphorian films

    Keywords: yt:quality=high, Halo, Reach, UPC, 882224729741, Bungie, Microsoft, Game, Studios, Xbox, 360, Xbox360, Live, FPS, First, 1st, first-person, Person, Shooter, Spartan, Covenant, Elite, Arbiter, console, video, machinima, respawn, commentary, gameplay, moho, xtrememodz, pgn, pro, gaming, network, matchmaking, montage, sword, hammer, melee, assault, rifle, focus, marskman, beam, laser, assassination, pistol, headshot, kills, explained, whytips, tutorial, tricks, help, strategies, in, depth, episode, one, basics, drift0r, euphorian, films
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Redstone Tutorials - #1 Beginner Basics
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: How to get started with redstone is a common question that many people can never seem to answer. Redstone is such a powerful tool in this great game, so much so, that I thought I would make a series starting from the very beginning with the easiest things and slowly work our way up to complex circuitry. Donations: Twitter: Facebook:

    Keywords: redstone, tutorial, tips, tricks, minecraft, mine, craft, how, to, beginner, basic
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Dreamweaver CS6 | Beginner Tutorial [Getting Started + Basic Tools]
    Duration: 14:47

    Description: Create your first website with Dreamweaver CS6!! -----100 favs reached!! Thank you!!----Beginner Tutorial - Basic Tools - Getting started. Easy step, one-by-one! LINK FOR DOWNLOAD TOO. **Check the video description for the quick index of the tutorial** WHY TEXT TUTORIAL? I don't have a nice English pronunciation. I am working on making VOCAL tutorials in the future. Text ones are not appreciated in average. TURN MUSIC OFF if it distracts you. FIND THE FULL VIDEOTUTORIALS HERE v ?????????Find here what you are looking for?????????? -00:21 How is a website composed, create the storage folder (Local Root Folder); -01:25 The Cascading File Sheets (CSS); -01:51 How to create a new website plain and how to save it; -02:50 Setting the basis of the site: the Div Tag (04:07); -03:26 The View Modes - Split, Code, Design; -05:10 How to create and save a CSS File; -05:49 How to add rules in a CSS file; -06:49 How to apply a CSS file on the site; -09:00 and on: setting the skeleton of the sample site; -10:24 Live Mode View; -11:04 How to add backgrounds and images to the site; -13:49 How to put text on a background/Div Tag; ??????VIDEO????INFO??????????? ??pro?r??? ??ed: Sony Vegas Pro 11 (video), ?Dreamweaver CS6 (software), Snagit 10 (video) ??l?ce??e: Copyrighted ??????c: check info at the bottom ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? I am a tutorial video maker. If you have a ...

    Keywords: adobe, dreamweaver, cs6, create, website, introduction, beginner, tutorial, getting, started, basic, tools, cs5, cs5.5, creative, suite, download, trial, crack, serial, Adobe Dreamweaver (Software), Photoshop, 6deepkey9, Free
    Average rating: 4.3

  16. How To: Basic French Braid
    Duration: 5:13

    Description: Here's a tutorial of a Basic/Classic French Braid. If you master this style, you can pretty much learn & master any other, more intricate styles as well, where a french braid is the basis of the style. Hope you guys enjoy it! Find me on Instagram: @leyla_nt Please refrain from leaving any negative/hateful/irrelevant comments. Such comments will be deleted and the username leaving such comments will be blocked from the channel. Spread Love

    Keywords: classic, french, braid, how, to, basic, luxyhair, everythingluxy, luxy, sisters, leyla
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. InDesign CS6 | Beginner Tutorial [Getting Started - Basic Tools]
    Duration: 12:04

    Description: Create your first design artwork with Adobe InDesign CS6!! Beginner Tutorial - Basic Tools - Getting started. Easy step, one-by-one! **Check the video description for the quick index of the tutorial** SORRY if there are MISTAKEN WORDS typed, that's because I was in a hurry (=_=) TEXT TUTORIAL: my English pronunciation is not that much good. I am working on making VOCAL tutorials in the future. FIND THE FULL LIST OF TUTORIALS HERE v ?????????Find here what you are looking for?????????? - 00:38 General overview; - 00:45 How to find windows closed; - 00:52 How to create a new Page; - 01:50 Hand Tool; - 02:00 How to Zoom In and Out; - 02:18 How to manage a graphic stroke element: the Line, Pencil and Pen Tools - 03:02 The Paths and the Layers, order of visibility, multiply selections (03:53) - 04:25 How to manage a filled element: Polygonal Tools - 04:41 How to manage the fill and the stroke of an element: color, strength, effects; - 05:30 The Selection Tools: how to move size, scale an element, etc, Transform Tools; - 07:43 The Gradient Tools: Overlay and Feather; - 09:00 How to add effects on your element; - 09:39 How to edit corners; (9:46 How to change units used); - 10:46 How to delete actions mistaken: Undo, Erase Tool; - 11:21 Text Tool (for more, watch Illustrator CS6 beginner Tutorial); - 11:43 How to save the work; ??????VIDEO????INFO??????????? ??pro?r??? ??ed: Sony Vegas Pro 11 (video), ?InDesign CS6 ...

    Keywords: adobe, indesign, in, design, website, publishing, paint, project, illustrator, dreamweaver, cs6, create, artwork, image, introduction, beginner, tutorial, getting, started, basic, tools, cs5, cs5.5, creative, suite, download, trial, crack, serial, Adobe Dreamweaver (Software), Photoshop, 6deepkey9, Free, Tutorial (Literary Genre), Adobe Photoshop (Software), Illustrator (Profession)
    Average rating: 4.3

  18. Sunset Editing - Lightroom 3 Edit Tutorial. Basic beginner lesson. Easy simple trick
    Duration: 6:26


    Keywords: Lightroom, lightroom3, Edit, Landscape, Sunset, RAW, Nikon, D90, software, editing, color, contrast, fro, knows, photo, jared, polin, gavin, hoey, dom, bower, critique, of, the, week, Canon, photoshop, enhancement
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Illustrator CS6 | Beginner Tutorial [Getting Started - Basic Tools]
    Duration: 14:54

    Description: Create your first design artwork with Adobe Illustrator CS6!! Beginner Tutorial - Basic Tools - Getting started. Easy step, one-by-one! **Check the video description for the quick index of the tutorial** NO VOICE? I have a bad pronunciation, I am working on making vocal tutorials in the future for sure. CHECK THE FULL LIST OF TUTORIALS HERE v ?????????Find here what you are looking for?????????? -00:33 How to open a New File; -01:26 The Tool Panel (how to add elements); -01:42 How to Open Windows closed; -01:54 Structure of a single element designed: the path and the anchors -02:57 The Layer Window: structure of a layer and its elements; How to create a new layer; How to delete a layer; -04:11 The Control Panel: general editing of your element (fill,stroke,style,color...); -05:54 How to add Opacity and how to use Layer Masks; -07:28 How to add and edit Gradients; -08:32 The order of Visibility; -08:51 Quick editing: scaling, moving, rotating, easy selections, cutting, pasting; -09:56 Zoom and Hand Tools; -10:27 Quick color editing; -10:58 Drawing options of visibility; -11:26 How to delete actions mistaken; -11:37 Free drawing: Paintbrush, Blob Brush Tools; -12:27 How to delete elements and paths: Path Eraser, Eraser, Scissors Tools; -13:34 The Knife Tool; -13:52 The Text Tool: how to add text; -14:15 How to Save your file (as an image or a project); ??????VIDEO????INFO??????????? ??pro?r??? ??ed: Sony Vegas Pro 11 ...

    Keywords: adobe, illustrator, dreamweaver, cs6, create, artwork, design, image, website, introduction, beginner, tutorial, getting, started, basic, tools, cs5, cs5.5, creative, suite, download, trial, crack, serial, Adobe Dreamweaver (Software), Photoshop, 6deepkey9, Free, Tutorial (Literary Genre), Adobe Photoshop (Software), Illustrator (Profession)
    Average rating: 4.1

  20. Persona 4 Arena - Basic Tutorial
    Duration: 2:47

    Description: If you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a quick like & favorite.

    Keywords: Persona, Arena, Gameplay, 2d, fighter, hd, high, definition, xbox, ps3, new, multiplayer, verse, story, mode, combo, intro, ending, super, ultra, arcade, Playstation, Live, trials, English, Basic, Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.5

  21. Quick Tutorials: Dwarf Fortress - Basic Mechanics
    Duration: 10:55

    Description: Welcome to our Basic Mechanics Quick Tutorial. Matt will be walking you through a couple basic contraptions that you can build in Dwarf Fortress once you know how to mess around with mechanisms. Enjoy! This is ridiculous: Like us on Facebook!

    Keywords: Dwarf, Fortress, Quick, Tutorials, Basic, Mechanics, Machine, Component, Lever, Water, Wheel, Waterwheel, Wind, Mill, Windmill, Get, Out, There, And, Build, Yourself, It'll, Do, Ya, Good, Tutorial, Walkthrough
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. What is ISO or how to use ISO? Digital Photography Tutorial. Basic lesson for beginners
    Duration: 11:51

    Description: Photography Tutorials & Tips A detailed tutorial of "ISO" with picture samples. Important Notes: * The higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor is going to be to light. * The lower the ISO the less sensitive the sensor is going to be to light. You use low ISO when shooting in daylight or with studio light. You use high ISO when there is not a lot of light available. The drawback of high ISO is graininess/noise in picture. Do post this on Facebook so others can also learn and don't forget to join the facebook fan page. If this video has helped you, please THUMBS UP, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. Until next time, keep clicking!

    Keywords: Photography, Tutorial, class, ISO, exposure, Nikon, D7000, basic, tutorials, beginner, lesson, tips, tricks, DSLR, Digital, d3100, d5100, d90, canon, 60d, 7d, eos, rebel, T2i, 3Ti, T1i, T3, photography tips, photography lessons, grain, noise, high, Jared, Polin, Fro, Knows, Photo, Gavin, Hoey, photogavin, D3200
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Photography Composition Tutorial - MOST Detailed lesson for beginners. DSLR Photography basics
    Duration: 33:33

    Description: A very in depth composition tutorial which will give you tips on how to compose and frame a shot.

    Keywords: rules, portrait, guide, Nikon, D7000, SB700, basic, photography, tutorials, beginner, composition, rule, of, thirds, leading, lines, review, lesson, tips, tricks, techniques, camera, DSLR, Digital, d3100, vs, d5000, d5100, d90, canon, 60d, 7d, digitalrev, eos, rebel, T2i, 3Ti, T1i, T3, lens, sb600, sb800, flash, light, outdoor, strobe, lessons, portraits, fro knows photo, photogavin, gavin hoey, jared polin, landscape, creative, learn
    Average rating: 4.8

  24. Sony Vegas Pro 11 - Beginner Tutorial - 1. Basics to Start (tnx for 200 favs!)
    Duration: 9:24

    Description: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Tutorial: Beginner Tutorial, Getting Started, Basic Tools. HOW TO USE SONY VEGAS PRO 11 THE FASTEST AND THE EASIEST :) ***Open video description to get the quick Index of the explanations***. How to use it, how to learn it, how to manage text, videos and images. This is the right tutorial for you :) NOTE: if you find grammar mistakes, tell me where I have to correct. English is NOT my native language. I am working on VOCAL tutorials in the future. VISIT HERE THE FULL PLAYLIST (commented) vvv TUTORIAL IN ITALIANO? Al momento non ho intenzione di farne una versione italiana di questi tutorial poiche' da altri tutorial ho visto che non vi e' molta richiesta in lingua italiana, per cui inizier� una versione italiana SOLO su richiesta. Per farla, inviatemi un messaggio personale :) Notice: I used my sister's side files once again since I need to install SV11 to mine xD My next videos so will be surely better :) ?????????Smart Index???????????? Search here what you are looking for- - What is Sony Vegas Pro 0:17; - Description of the Workspace, Editing the Workspace 0:24; - Principal Windows (Effects, Transitions, etc) 1:23; - Create a new Project, New Tracks 2:19; - Insert an Empty Event 2:49; - How to manage the events (move, edit, enlong) 3:01; - Selection Tools 4:31; - Zoom 5:02; - Managing the Tracks: name, order index, deleting 6:13; - How to save a Project 7:16; - How to render the project 7:49 ...

    Keywords: sony, vegas, pro, 11, tutorial, for, beginners, how, to, render, videos, tracks, events, manage, files, make, partnership, partner, adobe, portable, layer, yt, libraries, basics, cs4, easy, 6deepkey9, 6deeptreasure9, Shuyin, howto, Computers
    Average rating: 4.6

  25. Basic Eyeshadow Tutorial
    Duration: 2:23

    Description: Makeup Mondays: BLENDING 101! Products used: Base: MAC Select Cover-up Inner crease: MAC Handwritten Upper Crease: MAC Soft Brown Lid/Highlight: Mylar Liner: NYC liquid liner Mascara: Covergirl Brushes: MAC 252 MAC 217 MAC 224 Song: Cooler, Couleur Artist: Crookers ft. Yelle

    Keywords: tutorial, beauty, Cosmetics (Industry), Makeup, Look, eyeshadow, blending, Eyes
    Average rating: 5.0

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