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  1. Basic Lightroom Tutorial - Huong dan su dung Lightroom 3 can ban
    Duration: 8:34

    Description: I do this for fun, so anything that I said is wrong you can give me an advice, I'm not an expert in this field but I think there are plenty of things I can learn too from making a tutorial video.

    Keywords: tutorial, photoshop, adobe, lightroom, huong, dan, su, dung
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Ariel Lin - Gu Dan De Bai Ban Qiu (Lonely Northern Hemisphere) Love Contract OST
    Duration: 4:45

    Description: Gu Dan De Bai Ban Qiu (?????/ The Lonely Northern Hemisphere) by Ariel Lin Love Contract OST Website: 'Like' us on Facebook 'Follow' us on Twitter:

    Keywords: Ariel Lin, Gu Dan De Bai Ban Qiu, Lonely Northern Hemisphere, Love Contract OST, ?????piano
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. OVO_VN - Huong Dan Cai Dat HWK Ban Day Du .wmv
    Duration: 5:45


    Keywords: ovo_vn, ovo, suadtdd, cai, dat, hwk, cheats, repair, analysis, tutorial, gadgets, computer hacks, home video, hacks, electronics, howto, computers, handheld console, laptop, tips & tricks, software

  4. Modern Warfare 3 Cheaters Banned
    Duration: 1:52

    Description: Follow me on Twitter Booster Busters TEAM THE RED DRAGON - Joker - Reggae Panda - Craig - I LARGE FARVA I - TxColter - Big Al - Extra Tags: "riot shield boosting" "how to boost" "MW3 boosting" MW3 Kill Confirmed Domination Weapons "Modern Warfare 3 tips" "Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer" "MW3 funny" "MW3 Tips" How to rank up "MW3 betrayal" "Modern Warfare 3 Xbox" How to Tutorial Walkthrough "Modern Warfare 3 PS3" "Modern Warfare 3 PC" Modern Warfare 3 MW3 online gameplay multiplayer noobtube javelin easter egg missile Today Retail This Week Month best "MW3 Gameplay" today Tips tutorial help walkthrough preview weapons console PC Xbox PS3 commentary advanced Game Play Walk Through online gameplay multiplayer "MW3 Gameplay" today Tips tutorial preview weapons console PC Xbox PS3 commentary advanced Game Play Walk Through Getting Started Beginners HiRes Textures Install HD High Resolution disc USA Military War Video Game "Battlefield 3 boosting Tutorial" commentary advanced Pro Game The video contains royalty free music "No Iron Rivers" from Dan-O at How to boost in Black Ops How to boost in MW2 How to boost in MW3 How to boost in Modern Warfare 2 How to boost in Modern Warfare 3 How to rank up in MW2 How to nuke boost in MW2 How to nuke boost Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ...

    Keywords: mw 3 multiplayer gameplay, mw3 multiplayer, new, modern, warfare, mw3, spawn trap, booster busters, how to boost, black ops derank, booster justice, booster, busters, episode, cheat, cheater, black ops, call of duty, mw2, infinity, ward, activision, cod, montage, prestige, boosting, lostinplace, lost in place, cod4, glitch, hack, how to boost in black ops, derank, black, ops, treyarch, angry, rant, ban, banhammer, funny, no, scope, zombies, napalm, yt:stretch=16:9
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Sunflower - Paddy Sun (Closer Version + GP Tab Download)
    Duration: 4:48

    Description: Another Version of (Paddy Sun) Sunflower. Though this version is not as good as the original one, this is still awesome, especially for ones who want to play this beautiful song. You might take a closer look at his both hands. I have uploaded Guitar Pro Tab here: Info: Paddy Sun Real name: Sun Peibo He composed played "Sunflower" in Fa77 show room (in this video). DOB: 14/11/1990

    Keywords: Fingerstyle, Guitar, Original, Sunflower, Fs, Sun, flower, paddy, than, dong, genius, pro, choi, ghita, music, gp, tab, sheet, huong, dan, tutorial, acoustic guitar, china, chinese, how, to, play, gp5, garden, cover, toad, the, wet, sprocket
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. H??ng D?n C? B?n L�m Clip B?ng Proshow Producer 5.0 D�nh Cho Ng??i M?i B?t ??u
    Duration: 11:09

    Description: H??ng D?n L�m Clip B?ng Ph?n M?m Proshow Producer H??ng D?n S? D?ng Ph?n M?m Proshow Producer [Tutorial] H??ng D?n L�m Clip B?ng Proshow Producer D�nh Cho Ng??i M?i B?t ??u Huong Dan Su Dung Phan Mem Proshow Producer T?ng H?p H??ng D?n L�m Clip B?ng Proshow Producer 5.0 Tong Hop Huong Dan Lam Clip Bang Proshow Produceer 5.0 [Tutorial] Huong Dan Lam Clip Bang Proshow Producer Danh Cho Nguoi Moi Bat Dau T?ng H?p H??ng D?n C? B?n Proshow Producer 5.0 Tong Hop Huong Dan Co Ban Proshow Producer 5.0 H??ng D?n C? B?n L�m Clip - Huong Dan Co Ban Lam Clip H??ng D?n L�m Clip C? B?n - Huong Dan Lam Clip Co Ban ====================================== ???ng qu�n click "like" ba?n nhe?! [Tutorial] T?ng h?p h??ng d?n Proshow Producer 5.0 ====================================== Shival??Linh H?n C?a Gi� Face: Ch�c c�c b?n c� nh?ng gi�y ph�t v2 - - Make you happy! ================================

    Keywords: Huong Dan Lam Clip, Bang Proshow Producer, Danh Cho Nguoi, Moi Bat Dau, H??ng D?n L�m Clip, B?ng Proshow Producer, D�nh Cho Ng??i, M?i B?t ??u, T?ng H?p, H??ng D?n, Proshow Producer, Proshow Gold, Proshow Producer 5.0, H??ng D?n C? B?n, Huong Dan Co Ban, C? B?n L�m Clip, H??ng, D?n, C?, B?n, L�m, Clip, B?ng, Proshow, Producer, D�nh, Cho, Ng??i, M?i, B?t, ??u, S? D?ng Ph?n M?m, H??ng D?n S? D?ng
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Dan Fogelberg - Leader Of The Band Acoustic Guitar lesson
    Duration: 2:52

    Description: Learn to play Dan Fogelberg - Leader Of The BandGuitar lesson - sample guitar lesson. Leader Of The Band -- Dan Fogelberg's 1981 album The Innocent Age included Leader Of The Band, a tribute to his father, who was also a musician. It features a melodic fingerpicked introduction. Vote to have this made into a lesson at http Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests. - Complete Free Lessons - Community - Chat Room - Forum - Your Own Blog - Recommend A Lesson -Membership is free http join now!

    Keywords: guitar lesson, Dan Fogelberg, guitar lessons, lessons guitar, learn guitar, learn play guitar, learn to play guitar, acoustic guitar, free online lesson, tab, chords, Totally Guitars, totallyguitars,
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. TIRE TECH - Tambal Ban Bocor Kendaraan Otomatis Tampa Harus Ke Bengkel
    Duration: 9:14

    Description: - APA SAJA KEUNCGULAN TIRE TECH * Produk asli Indonesia * Dapat digunakan untuk jenis ban tubeless dan ban dalam (konvensional) * Dapat digunakan untuk ban sepeda, sepeda motor dan mobil * Cara penggunaannya mudah dan efisien * Kualitas terbukti dan teruji * Life time yang lama ( 1 tahun ) * Tidak mengandung resiko kerusakan atau efek negatif lainnya pada komponen roda kendaraan (ban dan velg) * Harga terjangkau untuk masyarakat luas DI MANA ANDA BISA PESAN? Silakan call/sms ke 08994179985

    Keywords: Tambal Ban Bocor Kendaraa
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Jung Yonghwa - Banmal Song Guitar Tutorial
    Duration: 13:57

    Description: Artist: Jung Yonghwa Song: Banmal Song Guitar tutorial (intro, solo & chords) So yup this is what I'm doing instead of sat homework LOL Sorry guys, didn't do the vocal melody but I think that's simple enough to play by ear :) And sorry for my awkwardness and lack of enthusiam but yeah I don't really know how to make videos very well LOL My cover Chords: Intro/chorus/bridge: GG/D (?) Em DCD Bm Em CD Verses: GG/D (?) Dm E7 Am7 Am CD

    Keywords: jung, yonghwa, yong, hwa, banmal, ban, mal, song, guitar, tutorial, awkward, kpop, greendayrocks95, lol, yes, im, weird, dont, mind, me
    Average rating: 4.7

  10. How to play MW2 after VAC BAN {AlterIWNet} PC
    Duration: 2:52


    Keywords: how, to, play, modern, warfare, after, vac, banned, ban, mw2, free, online, alteriwnet, halo, jasjetsuuri, cod, mw, cod6, pc, unbanned, get, from, steam, gaming, playing, for
    Average rating: 4.6

  11. T�ng b�ng ?� - ngh? thu?t c? b?n S? 6 ( V?t - OTW )
    Duration: 1:38

    Description: V?t hay otw ( Over the world ) Ghi nh? : Khi b?t ??u ??a ch�n k?p l�n s? nh? b�ng ra, ??ng th?i ch�n c�n l?i b?t l�n v� s? l�m nh? ??ng t�c htw. Kh�ng c?n t?p ??u 2 ch�n, ban ??u ph?i h?c c�ch ??a ch�nh x�c b�ng v�o gi?a 2 ??u g?i.

    Keywords: tangbongnghethuat, tang, bong, co, ban, bongdanghethuat, day, hoc, da, nghe, ki, ky, thuat, qua, nguoi, duong, pho, tren, truyen, hinh, tv, can, huong, dan, tutorial, vid, xem, clip, cach, hanoi, saigon, nguyen, via, hatw, half, around, the, world, soccer, football, freestyle, tu, do, viet, nam, over, otw, vot
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. T�ng b�ng ?� - ngh? thu?t c? b?n S? 12 - Xoay b�ng tr�n ng�n tay v� u?n v�ng
    Duration: 2:00

    Description: day bong da nghe thuat ki thuat tang bong bieu dien vctv3 the thao day bong da

    Keywords: tangbongnghethuat, tang, bong, co, ban, bongdanghethuat, viet, nam, day, hoc, da, nghe, ki, ky, thuat, qua, nguoi, duong, pho, tren, truyen, hinh, tv, can, huong, dan, tutorial, vid, xem, clip, cach, freestyle, football, hanoi, saigon, nguyen, soccer, tu, do, bieu, dien, head, stall, tricks, vietnam, dua, gay, len, dau, thang, bang, chuyen, dong, spin, xoay, ngon, tay, helicopter
    Average rating: 4.7

  13. Katy Perry Last Friday Night (TGIF) Music Video Inspired (Makeup Tutorial)
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: Please check out my new beauty and fashion channel: Please check out the blog post linked below for more details and images for this look: Please don't forget to like or favorite and subscribe! Loveeee you! Music video this look is based on: Hii! So I know I promised my hair tutorial video, but alas, the file I recorded was corrupted. So that means, I have to refilm my hair tutorial video :(. Poop. But in the mean time, I hope you guys like this Katy Perry music video inspired tutorial. You've seen my previous videos before with Katy Perry inspired looks. She's definitely one of my favorite artists (my favorite that I went with as herself for Halloween. Click this link for that costume video: ) I really like music video inspired looks, especially bold and bright ones, as it's really the only time I can wear my loud makeup since I work in a profesh world. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did filming it. I tried to get into character for a little bit. The music video really gave me serious flash backs of my high school days :). Oh, and thank you to my bf Jon ( for letting me borrow his glasses (Ray-Ban Wayferrer). For business inquiries: Makeup, Beauty, and Fashion blog: Food blog Twitter Facebook page: Disclaimer: 1. Items mentioned on this video were purchased on ...

    Keywords: yummiebitez, TGIF, makeup tutorial, how to, inspired look, beauty, kathy beth terry, 80s look
    Average rating: 4.3

  14. Dan Balan - Freedom
    Duration: 3:54

    Description: ??????????? ?? ????? ????? - @ Google+ @ ????????? @ Facebook @ Twitter Music - Dan Balan Lyrics - Dan Balan/Corey Gibson (c) & (p) 2011 Loop Productions

    Keywords: dan, balan, ???, ?????, dj, dance, music, klip, video, artist, song, performer, newest, hd, best, ??????, ?????, ??????, ?????, ?????, ????, ????, ello, ellotv, freedom
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. The Dan Band - Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Duration: 2:26

    Description: The song from the movie Old School (Wedding Scene)

    Keywords: Old, School, Dan, Finnerty, Total, Eclipse, of, the, Heart
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. tutorial hack de vida infinita en ninja saga
    Duration: 7:24

    Description: codigos: fuego : 85 rayo critico : 95 tierra vida : 92 el de aire no me lo se xD y note dan ban nite sale error si pones en value mas numeros que lo que necesesita tu lvl cuando suerte una avilidad no servira

    Keywords: hack, de, ninja, saga
    Average rating: 4.0

  17. T�ng b�ng c? b?n - M?t clip m?u c?a Azun tr??c khi d?y v� h?c
    Duration: 4:31

    Description: M�nh s? upload clip s?m th�i, t?ng trick m?t, ng?n v� ??n gi?n, 1 v�i c�u b� quy?t gi�p b?n nh?n ra ???c c�ch th?c ?? l�m trick d? d�ng h?n. N?u b?n ?am m� v? ?? nhi?t t�nh theo ?u?i, h�y sub v� add friend k�nh n�y, v� ??ng qu�n b?m like ho?c add clip v�o m?c Y�u th�ch ?? b?n b� bi?t v� xem l?i khi c?n !

    Keywords: vid, xem, clip, cach, day, hoc, tang, bong, da, nghe, ki, ky, thuat, qua, nguoi, duong, pho, tren, truyen, hinh, tv, co, can, ban, tangbongnghethuat, bongdanghethuat, hanoi, saigon, nguyen, tap, luyen, training, huong, dan, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. After Effects Tutorial - Kamehameha
    Duration: 17:37

    Description: In this After Effects Tutorial, Atlanta Video Production company,, explains how to create an energy blast. This tutorial requires the plugin Trapcode Shine. You can get Trapcode Shine at

    Keywords: after effects tutorial, after, effects, tutorial, tutorials, after effects tutorials, atlanta video production
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Getting started with Google SketchUp
    Duration: 7:12

    Description: Take a tour of Google SketchUp and learn how to make a 3D model of a house using components, shapes, push/pull, materials, and shadows. Model anything you can imagine. Download Google SketchUp at

    Keywords: sketchup, googlesketchup, sketchupfree, getstartedsketchup, learnsketchup, sketchupcomponents, sketchupshadows
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. T�ng b�ng ?� ngh? thu?t c? b?n S? 3 ( V? - htw )
    Duration: 1:12

    Description: V? hay htw ( hop the world ) Ghi nh? : ?� b�ng l�n th?ng v� ngang ?�i n?u m?i t?p, sau ?� nh?c ch�n c�n l?i lu�n. B?n n�n t?p ??u 2 ch�n, v?t v�o trong v� ra ngo�i. Nh?ng ch� tr?ng v�o trong h?n.

    Keywords: tangbongnghethuat, tang, bong, co, ban, bongdanghethuat, day, hoc, da, nghe, ki, ky, thuat, qua, nguoi, duong, pho, tren, truyen, hinh, tv, can, huong, dan, tutorial, vid, xem, clip, cach, hanoi, saigon, nguyen, htw, vo, hop, the, world, soccer, football, freestyle, viet, nam, tu, do
    Average rating: 4.6

  21. 2pac/Nas's Thugz Mansion Cover by Dan Perea
    Duration: 5:10

    Description: Live acoustic performance of Dan Perea covering 2pac/Nas's "Thugz Mansion". Download at

    Keywords: 2pac, nas, thugz, mansion, live, acoustic, dan, perea, dpfresh, dp, fresh, glo3
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. OpenSocial Tutorial - Part 3: Giving Gifts
    Duration: 1:35

    Description: Part 3 of 5 videos describing how to build your first OpenSocial application. Dan Holevoet goes over sample code that shows you how to give gifts to your friends. The entire tutorial/codelab:

    Keywords: opensocial, codelab, tutorial, giving, gifts, api, gcvprodtuto, plidab86cd8b942a122b
    Average rating: 4.5

  23. Retro Rockabilly Bandana hair tutorial by Susie Brown
    Duration: 3:49

    Description: Hi everybody, I wanted to thank all of you for checking out our blog every week. I've had some requests for hair tips, so I thought I would show you a fun retro look. I LOVE trying out new hairstyles, here's a couple quick and easy styles you can do with a bandana! We'd love to hear about some of your favorite things too! Kisses! xoxo ~Susie

    Keywords: Susie Brown, the janedear girls, janedear, Jane Dear, Jane Deere, Wildflower, bandana, hairstyle, dita von tesse, Scarf, Howto, How to, Style, Bettie Paige, Bettie boop, Marilyn Monroe, Vintage style, retro, Pin up, Pinup, rockabilly, Mac makeup, MAC, rosie the riveter, 1940, 1950, 40s, 50s, Classic, suzy brown, Suzie Brown, Hair
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Nokia 6300 Unlock Tutorial
    Duration: 10:23

    Description: How to unlock your Nokia 6300 using MT-Box

    Keywords: Nokia, 6300, Unlock, How, to, DIY, MT-BOX, MT, Box
    Average rating: 4.5

  25. Tutorial instalar The Homebrew Channel y Bootmii
    Duration: 4:02

    Description: Preguntas �Para q instalo esto? Con otro video te ense�are a instalar algo para jugar juegos alternativos (piratas-falsos) de wii �Como puedo tener ese tema de mario en mi wii? Tambien con una aplicaci�n del Homebrew Channel �Puedo instalar canales de wiiwar,nintendo64,Snes,etc? Si,con otra aplicaci�n del Homebrew Channel *Cosas q deben tomar en cuenta en caso q no les all� funcionado: 1.-Formateen la tarjeta SD como FAT32(se ban a mi PC o equipo y le dan encima en la unidad y ponen formatear) 2.-Al descomprimir el pack para su wii tu tarjeta SD tiene q estar vasia 3.- Al realizar la instalaci�n debes desconectar cualquier control de gamecube y memoria de gamecube si no podr�a ocurrir un error Para wii versi�n 4.1 o inferior Para wii versi�n 4.2 Link del tema oficcial de emdesc (Desbloqueo 4.3) PD: Agradecimientos a mi hermana Gabilu91 (ella hace videos de parejas grigas de series y cosas por el estilo)... Ella me ayudo con la imagen de mi perro *Asi q suscribance :D

    Keywords: XD, chileno, The, Homebrew, Channel, Hack, mii, Bootmii, fco96, tutorial, instalar, en, espa�ol
    Average rating: 4.3

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