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Video search results for Anzan Flash

Anzan Flash

Anzan Flash

Anzan Flash

Video search results for Anzan Flash

  1. Flash Anzan - Memoriad Olympics Announces World Anzan Competitions
    Duration: 2:37

    Description: Flash Anzan, a mental calculation way of imagination of soroban, is one of the competition categories of Memoriad, World Memory & Mental Math Olympics. Memoriad management announces this new competition category as Flash Anzan contests. In this category contestants are expected to add the numbers as they flash accross the screen. For more information please visit;

    Keywords: memoriad, flash, anzan, method, mental, arithmetic, calculation, computation, math, mathematics, melik, duyar, ralf, laue, scott, flansburg, brain, training, matematik
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Simple_Calculation with 2 Digit_L1.avi
    Duration: 10:40

    Description: AbacusMaster Anzan flash video for Abacus practice. AbacusMaster provides upto 45 hours Anzan flash video in each level. Anzan video helps students to learn abacus mental calculation faster.

    Keywords: Anzan Video, Anzan Flash, Anzan Abacus, Anzan abacusmaster, Abacus for kids, Kids Abacus, Simple Abacus, Soroban Abacus, abacus, soroban, abacus multiplication, abacus division, abacus addition, abacus subtraction, fast abacus, online abacus, abacusmaster
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Soroban All in the mind video subtitulado
    Duration: 3:14


    Keywords: Soroban, All, in, the, mind, video
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Abacus champs video 5.wmv
    Duration: 1:09

    Description: abacus fast calculation brain exercise memory concentration intelligence education learning skill accuracy judgement visualization reasoning smart sharp creative new delhi o-1 west patel nagar video champs video movie smart best amazing flash anzan boy kid

    Keywords: abacus, fast, calculation, brain, exercise, memory, concentration, intelligence, education, learning, skill, accuracy, judgement, visualization, reasoning, smart, sharp, creative, new, delhi, o-1, west, patel, nagar, video, champs
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 2:12

    Description: UCMAS is an international Concept and it was developed from "Zhusuan Methodology" that originated in China. UCMAS Mental Arithmetic System is a modern representation of an ancient art of Mental Math. UCMAS Mental Arithmetic is an internationally well-known powerful Mental Development Programme, which will effectively activate children's latent mental power and develop their utmost in Photographic Memory and Mental & Creative Skills resulting in Self-reliance and Self-confidence.

    Keywords: brain, development, child, fast-maths, mental, arithmetics, braingym, india, KIDS, CHAMPIONS, SONGS, SINGING, DANCE, ARITHMETIC, Demo, soroban, japanese, abacus, mind, numbers, tutorial, first, tuto, addition, japan, chinese, practice

  6. soroban abacus addition set 1 with sound
    Duration: 15

    Description: 6+1=7 3+5=8 4+4=8 1+6=7 5+4=9

    Keywords: soroban, abacus, math, addition, anzan
    Average rating: 1.6

  7. Japanese children learn super-fast mathematics with abacus
    Duration: 1:58

    Description: These Japanese kids are taught from a young age to use an abacus, and using cognitive learning principles, are gradually taught to automate the calculating principles so that eventually they become human calculators, doing incredible mathematical sums through internalising the operation of the abacus.

    Keywords: abacus, mathematics, children, japanese, learning, chunking, cognitive, excellence, math
    Average rating: 4.9

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