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Video search results for ASTRA (reactor)

ASTRA (reactor)

ASTRA (reactor)

ASTRA (reactor)

Video search results for ASTRA (reactor)

  1. Car crash simple Cloth Reactor test
    Duration: 04

    Description: Simple car crash with cloth reactor based deformation

    Keywords: 3ds, max, cloth, reactor, crash, astra, model
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. 3ds Max Crash test
    Duration: 11

    Description: Another apparently successful test involving reactor cloth deformation... you can see some improvements in both animation and modeling than previous videos.. I�m learning! ;)

    Keywords: 3ds, max, reactor, astra, crash, test, car, accident
    Average rating: 4.4

  3. fusion Reactor
    Duration: 1:09

    Description: Fusion subwoofer lil wayne - a milli

    Keywords: lil, wayne, milli, fusion, subwoofer, opel, astra, speaker, rap, g?o?nik, niskotonowy
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. ASTRA sport com tsw extreme 17"
    Duration: 17

    Description: astra gl 1.8 ano 99 sport falsificado!!! kkkk aos poucos vou transformando ele hehehe

    Keywords: ASTRA (reactor), Extreme (band), Sports

  5. Astra Sambrani, Nature's grand launch in Chennai, India cultural program
    Duration: 15:06

    Description: Astra Sambrani, Nature's grand launch in Chennai, India

    Keywords: Astra Sambrani, India cultural program

  6. vuKy astra g 132,3 db
    Duration: 1:09

    Description: Els? hangnyom�spr�ba 1 er?s�t?vel ami a nyom�t hajtotta, a szettet a fejegys�g hajtja. Versenyen k�v�li eredm�ny 600W-os nyom�, 450-es er?s�t?. Mind2 Fusion Reactor

    Keywords: vuky, astra g, bass

  7. Create your own car crash in 5 steps - Step 5 --- Watch in HIGH QUALITY!
    Duration: 5:46

    Description: 5 videos showing in realtime how to create a car crash with cloth deformation, watch in Hight Quality!!! Some steps are harder than others, but the video playing is me actually doing it, step by step, so if you don�t understand something written you can replay and watch how I actually did it. Hope you like it

    Keywords: 3ds, max, animation, car, crash, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.2

  8. Conceptual Mars mission using 3 VASIMR engines
    Duration: 2:57

    Description: This is NASA's conceptual human mission to Mars using 3 plasma rockets (VASIMR), 3 nuclear reactors (similar to the reactors used on nuclear submarines). The reactors are extended on booms in order to minimize the amount of shielding required to shield the spacecraft. The large fuel tanks would provide shielding astronauts against radiation from the Van Allen belts during the Earth departure phase and also against cosmic radiation once outside the influence of Earth's magnetic field. An electric propulsion thruster such as VASIMR would provide a faster travel time compared to using chemical rockets. The VASIMR engines would speed up the spacecraft towards Mars and then slow down the spacecraft once past the half way point from Earth to Mars. Ion engines in general provide a low amount of thrust (up to several Newtons or tens of Newtons), but do so for many hours or months. In this way, a spacecraft with a given mass can continually speed up and attain velocities much higher than with chemical rockets. A mission to Mars using plasma propulsion would also have an abort capability should something go wrong early on in the mission, chemical rockets do not provide for this contingency.

    Keywords: Mars, VASIMR, Variable, specific, impulse, magnetoplasma, rocket, iss, space, station, human, manned, ion, engine, propulsion, leo, mission, nasa, Augustine, commission, results, obama, bolden, charlie, charles, franklin, chang, diaz, chang-diaz, espace, costa, rica, iron, man, trailer
    Average rating: 4.7

  9. Detalles de mi acuario
    Duration: 3:34

    Description: El reactor de CO2 y el sifon de salida

    Keywords: reactor, co2, sifon
    Average rating: 4.0

  10. Ripanj Street - Black Edition Trailer animation
    Duration: 4:23

    Description: This is trailer of basic animation Ripanj Street - Black Edition which will be completed this summer 2012... Look more about this: Work for myself... Models: Opel Astra Honda Civic Renault 4 Mitsubishi Lancer Bmw M3 Police:Golf GTI and Porsche Turbo S Programs: 3D Max,After...

    Keywords: 3D, max, Animation, Cars, Ripanj, Street, Edition, Trailer, HD, Opel, Astra, Honda, Civic, Renault, Mitsubishi, Lancer, Bmw, M3, Police:Golf, GTI, and, Porsche, Turbo, After, Effect, Sony, Vegas, Photoshop, Audicity, limited, Making, of, racing, 3ds, models, Crash, reactor, CG, Auto, Effects, Automobile, (Industry), Special, Police, (Organization, Sector), Serbia, Belgrade, Ripanjske, ulice, Leto, 2012, kratki, film, Cartoon, Tuning, Animated, Drift, Rally, trka, kola
    Average rating: 4.6

  11. Advanced Stealth Top Secret Nuclear Powered Flying Triangle TR-3B
    Duration: 2:43

    Description: Contains Real Video Footage Of TR-3B In Action! An advanced mercury, thallium, barium & iron ferrofluid is used. The ferrofliud is propelled in a circular ring with pulsing magnetic coils and is rotated at 60000 rpm under 250000 atmospheres of pressure creating a vortex and magnetic field around the craft. The circular ring is made from aluminium with an internal quasicrystal layer and this is super-cooled at 150 degrees kelvin. Hydrogen - oxygen variable vectored rocket engines are used for propulsion within a planetary atmosphere and helicon double layer thrusters -- plasma/ion thrusters are used for space travel. This craft can refuel the hydrogen -- oxygen tanks on any planet which has liquid or frozen water as it can convert H2O into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. The rocket engines and a mini nuclear reactor are used to generate electrical power for this craft. The control area is within a radiation capsule to protect the occupants from radiation sickness. The capsule is in the center of the super-cooled circular ring, which helps to keep them cool too. This craft travels further, faster, stealthier than any other type and can be used for space travel!

    Keywords: triangle, ufo, secret, stealth, nuclear, reactor, powered, tr-3b, project, craft, space, travel, advanced, alien, technology, mercury, thallium, barium, iron, ferrorfliud, hydrogen, oxygen, h2o, electrolysis, aluminium, quasicrystal, magnetic, field, coils, atmospheres, pressure, vortex, vectored, rocket, engine, radiation, meta-materials, invisible, invisibility, stealthier, ancient, sanskrit, text, free, energy, Project Mercury, Water, Power, Global, Warming, Aliens, Solar

  12. Simple Crash Short
    Duration: 15

    Description: A very short scene I made for a work a friend asked me... I didn�t upload the complete work because the only interesting part was this particular scene. he gave me a very short deadline (it was due the next day in the morning) so I had to rush the drawings, and re use the crash animation I had already done, I just changed the materials to fit the cartoonish mood, and rendered different scenes.... added different SFX and music... If you didn�t notices my drawings are based on the Invader Zim drawings I have drawn... the eyes are exact replicas hehe

    Keywords: 3ds, max, car, crash, animation, cartoon, accident, astra
    Average rating: 4.3

  13. TR-3B Aeronave altamente clasificada
    Duration: 1:06

    Description: Nueva Era a un Paso de la Verdad facebook :: El revestimiento TR-3B veh�culos exterior es reactivo a la estimulaci�n el�ctrica del radar y puede cambiar la reflexividad, capacidad de absorci�n de radar, y el color. Esta piel de pol�mero, cuando se utiliza junto con el TR-3B medidas de contramedidas electr�nicas y, ECCM, puede hacer que el veh�culo como un avi�n peque�o, o un cilindro de receptores de radar de vuelo-o truco falso incluso en la detecci�n de una variedad de aviones, ninguna aeronave , o varios aviones en varios lugares. Una circular de plasma anillo relleno acelerador llamada disruptor de campo magn�tico, rodea el compartimiento de la tripulaci�n giratorio y est� muy por delante de cualquier tecnolog�a imaginable. Sandia y los laboratorios Livermore desarroll� la tecnolog�a de ingenier�a inversa MFD. El gobierno va a hacer todo lo necesario para proteger a esta tecnolog�a. El plasma, a base de mercurio, es presurizado a 250.000 atm�sferas a una temperatura de 150 grados Kelvin y acelerado a 50.000 rpm para crear un plasma superconductor con la interrupci�n gravedad resultante. El MFD genera un campo magn�tico v�rtice, que interrumpe o neutraliza los efectos de la gravedad sobre la masa dentro de proximidad, un 89 por ciento. No me malentiendan. Esta no es la antigravedad. Anti-gravedad proporciona una fuerza repulsiva que puede utilizarse para la propulsi�n. El MFD crea una perturbaci�n del campo gravitatorio de la Tierra sobre la masa ...

    Keywords: Could, This, Be, The, TR, 3B, Govt, UFO, ASTRA
    Average rating: 4.0

  14. 3ds max - Audi A6
    Duration: 27


    Keywords: audi, a6, 3ds, max, craft, animations, carro, anima��o, animated, bmw, auto, tuning, golf, turbo, drift, opel, renault, astra;, max;, render;, animation;, effects;, mental, ray:, vray;, design;, core, i5, 2500;, ray, trace;, renderiza��o;, 2012., 2011;, animated;, 'renderizador', 'gpu', 'cpu', '3ds, max', 'teste', '3d', 'frames', 'renderizar', 'renderiza��o', 'turorial', computer;, cartoon;, cartoons;, physx;, f�sica;, f�sicas;, fisicas, reactor, cgi, modeling
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Mass Effect 3 "Final" Citadel Visit
    Duration: 19:47

    Description: Once Priority: Horizon has been unlocked, all side quests can be completed. Below is a list to help figure out if you've done everything you can: On the Normandy's docking bay (D24), you usually hear a soldier arguing with her superior office about having to fight Cerberus instead of the Reapers. Listen to the conversation(s) until the CO informs Talavi that a request has been filed to transfer her to Reaper battlefields. Go to the Spectre office to approve the transfer. There are also some Citadel quests that you should do if you haven't done them before. (Refer to the quest's unique video uploads for help. Medical Barter is part of my Normandy uploads after the Cerberus Coup.) Citadel: Batarian Codes Citadel: Medical Barter Citadel: Wounded Batarian Citadel: Cerberus Retribution Citadel: Medical Sabotage and Citadel: Inspiration Stories The quests should unlock some credits, reputations, and assets. Now for the delivery missions. (Remember that missed technology during missions can be purchased from the Spectre office.) A refugee at the back end of docking bay E24 has reported seeing a Prothean Sphere. Go to planet Gei Himnon of the Sheol system of the Hadex Nexus. Report to the refugee once the artifact is recovered. At the entrance of Huerta Hospital, an Asari needs the Rings of Alune. Go to Nevos in the Teyoila system of the Silean Nebula to get the Rings. Deliver them for some bolstered Citadel Defense Force aid. In a Huerta side lab, a Salarian and Human doctor ...

    Keywords: Mass, Effect, Final, Citadel, Visit, tali, edi, joker, james, vega
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. System G pantone on petrol engine, continued further
    Duration: 24

    Description: to allow a straight line in the lead i decided to mutulate the air filter a little, so that the "suspension" from the lead gets minimised, it keeps breaking due to excessive movement given by numerous bends. I took of the insulation between the reactor and the air intake since it didn't make a difference. At first people told me to NOT cool down the GEET gas, but i still believe it doesnt do any good when the intake air temperature is too high -less oxygen molecules to react with-

    Keywords: Moteur pantone, system G, retrokit, GEET, Plasma, Hydrogen, Fuel, Savings, Global, Solutions, Integral
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. ANTIGRAVITY - Solid Mass Centrifugal Propulsion System - Liquid Metal Centrifugal Propulsion System
    Duration: 57

    Description: SMCPS Prototype Parts Breakdown Here: 1) Top Left Box = Side View Of Main Rotor Assembly A/B Main Rotor Arms Matches Orientation Of Top Right Box. Note: In Reality They Would Be Rotating Along The Longitutal Axis Between The Two Drive Motors, As Shown In The Bottom Right Box. Yellow = Electric Drive Motors Green = Solid Mass Blue = There Are 2 Counter Rotating (1:1 Ratio) Mass Disks To Each Main Rotor Arm To Cancel Rotational Torque Forces. 2) Top Right Box = End View Main Rotor Assembly (8 Main Rotor Arms). Note: A/B Rotor Arms Are Frozen In Vertical Presentation And The Up And Down Orientation Changes. In This Concept Model Only One Main Rotor System Assembly Is Shown. The Main Rotar Assembly Rotates In A 1:1 Ratio With The Mass Disk Rotation. The Operational System Would Have 2 Counter Rotating Main Rotor Assemblies To Cancel Rotational Torque Forces. 3) Bottom Left Box = Thrust/Force Calculations Model Note: Matches Top Right Box Orientation 4) Bottom Right Box = End View Main Rotor Assembly Up And Down Orientation Is Stationary And The Main Rotor Rotation Is Presented In Actual Rotation Orientation ---------- I Am The Inventor Of The Liquid Metal Centrifugal Propulsion System Started Solid Mass In 1982 Phase 1 And In 1984 Phase 2 And Finished Phase 3 In 1986 And Final Liquid Metal Prototype Was Finished In 1988. The Only Difference Between The Solid Mass Centrifugal Propulsion System And The Liquid Metal Centrifugal Propulsion System Is That Liquid ...

    Keywords: Liquid, Solid, Mass, Centrifugal, Propulsion, System, antigravity, UFO, Nazi, German, Bell, Technology, Science, International, Space, Agency, Alien, NASA, Roscosmos, Pockocmoc, JAXA, ESA, Wernher von Braun, CSA, CNES, Virgin Galactic, Haunebu, Vril, Prototype, Research, G Force, Gravity, Top, Secrete, Area 51, Abduction, Inventor, Tesla, Wright Brothers, Laser, Energy, Weapon, 911, Truth, Henry Ford, Espionage, Mossad, Israel, USS Liberty, AGTR5, Lavon Affair, Israeli, Zionist, Marxist, Star Trek, MKULTRA, CIA, NSA, Spy, Enterprise

  18. 3Dmais - Anima��o de Carro, MadCar
    Duration: 27

    Description: Teste de anima��o de carro produzido pela 3DMAIS, para composi��o de TourVirtual... (71)8801-2452 ou (71)9939-2453

    Keywords: 3dmais, 3Ds, Max, 2009, madcar, Vray, 1.5RC
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 2:13


    Keywords: DIEDERICHSEN

  20. Atingindo 200 km/h
    Duration: 2:38

    Description: Atingindo 200 kilometros por hora com o carro do Neto

    Keywords: 200, atingindo, 200km/h, kilometros, por, hora, carro, Neto, Matheus, Gabriel, Gustavo, Gaby, recorde
    Average rating: 2.0

  21. Mazda 6 MPS vs G35 vs Mazda 3 MPS vs Audi S8 drag
    Duration: 37

    Description: Mazda - ?????/?????/??????/???

    Keywords: Mazda, MPS, vs, Audi, S8
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. TR-3B Plasma Torus Anti-Gravity Centrifuge Engine
    Duration: 9:44

    Description: To discuss this video in detail, post links and more, please visit the AlienScientist Discussion Forums: Multiple corroborating sources have been pieced together to unlock the secret of TRUE anti-gravity. This expose' of supporting evidence provides a never before seen look at how REAL Anti-Gravity could work! Of course the only way to debunk it is to do the experiment and see! Maharshi Bharadwaaja's "Vimaanika Shastra": NAZI Bell Experiment - Jakob Sporrenberg Eugene Podkletnov - "Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged Superconducting Crystal" Edgar Fouche - TR3-b : Jonathan Weygandt's testimony begins at 05:40 (Disclosure Project - 62 min) Additional references: Liquid Superfluid Hydrogen: Liquid Superfluid Helium 3a: Common ferrofluid surfactants The surfactants used to coat the nanoparticles include, but are not limited to: * oleic acid * tetramethylammonium hydroxide * citric acid * soy lecithin These surfactants prevent the nanoparticles from clumping together, ensuring that the particles do not form aggregates that become too heavy to be held in suspension by Brownian motion. The magnetic particles in an ideal ferrofluid do not settle out, even when exposed to a strong magnetic, or gravitational field. A surfactant has a polar head and non-polar tail (or vice versa), one of which adsorbs to a nanoparticle, while the non-polar tail (or ...

    Keywords: antigravity, engine, space, spacecraft, UFO, propulsion, superfluid, anti, gravity, research, alien, ET, craft, aerospace, aeronautics, warp, drive, roswell
    Average rating: 4.8

  23. Daihatsu Copen roadtest
    Duration: 4:24

    Description: A roadtest with the Daihatsu Copen. Watch our other video's on www.AutoWeek.TV

    Keywords: Daihatsu, Copen, review, fun, auto, autoweek, test, autotest, tv, materia, cuore, sirion, terios, trevis, automobiles, cars
    Average rating: 4.7

  24. The B52's - Love Shack
    Duration: 4:19

    Description: Love Shack ( HQ )

    Keywords: The, 52's, Love, Shack, Music, Video
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Hummer ad
    Duration: 1:01

    Description: ad

    Keywords: Ad
    Average rating: 4.1

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