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  1. AAE Tutorial - How To Make An Intro [Part 2_3] By Grapheeex
    Duration: 19:20

    Description: 100likes for part 3!? ;) this is a great series of tutorials for all you people wanting to make intros, great way to make intros, make sure you share the love and go to his channel: -Rossi submit your tuts ;)

    Keywords: youtube, AAE, Tutorial, How, To, Make, Intro, Part, after, effects, and, cinema, 4d, the, 3d, text, for, c4d, intros, help, tut, edit, cod, call, of, duty, clips, montage, ae, cs5, editing, graphics, gaming, tutorials, adobe, characters, transition, by, lilchavps3, gtlilchav
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. [AAE Tutorial] On Editing | Montage - Rotoscoping - Colour Correction - Optical flares
    Duration: 13:57

    Description: Tutorial on rotoscoping, colour correction, optical flares and a simple expression.ROTOBRUSH TOOL ONLY ON CS5!!!

    Keywords: tutorial, supercidalfilms, superngj, super, cidal, films, ngj, adobe, after, effects, cs5, cs4, cs3, cs, cod4, cod5, cod6, cod7, cod8, black, ops, mw2, mw3, how, to, do, depth, of, field, effect, sony, vegas, pro10, pro9, pro, 10, color, colour, correction, rotoscope, rotoscoping, rotobrush, software tutorial, video game, intro, video, co, pilot, co-pilot, copilot, optical, flare, lens, andrew, kramer, make, montage, vibaytv, dualtage, the, flashbulb, forgotten, colours, colors, mettifrags, drim, and, bass, dubstep, my, beginning, mybeginning
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. AAE Tutorial: Rendering The Right Way HD
    Duration: 2:58

    Description: Paul Demonstrates How To Render The Right way with Adobe After Effects CS4 with QuickTime Movide Codec. Enjoy!

    Keywords: render, export, rendering, save, exporting, saving, the, right, way, 720p, 1080p, HD, for, youtube, yt, cs4, cs3, cs2, cs1, cs, cs5, aae, effects, smoking, riot, gear, collection, adobe, afther, after, high, definition, quality, .mov, quick, time, movie, quicktime, quicktimemovie, mov, codec
    Average rating: 4.7

  4. AAE Tutorials: Stroke
    Duration: 5:18

    Description: This is my first tutorial don't hate. Tell what I can do better next time. Thanks.

    Keywords: After Effects, tutorial, tutorials, adobe, stroke, Benn is gay
    Average rating: 4.2

  5. AAE Tutorial: Making Funny Face (Motion Tracking)
    Duration: 4:46

    Description: In This Tutorial Paul Explains how to make a funny face, with the liquify effect and motion tracking. Thank you David! YTutorials: DavidParody:

    Keywords: Adobe, After, Effects, project1, Tutorial:, Making, Funny, Face, (Motion, Tracking), Motion, Tracking, track, liquify, liquification, effect, davidparody, cs4, cs5, cs3, cs2, cs1, cs, cs6, mastercollection, master, collection, david, parody, colection, mastercolection, parodi, parodies, davidparodies, chineese, guy, hilarious, tutorial, aae, efects, lady, gaga, bad, romance, poker, makeup
    Average rating: 3.5

  6. // AAE / Twixtor Tutorial - Vegard
    Duration: 7:23

    Description: This is our first of many tutorials we are uploading so please subscribe and leave a comment :D Got any questions leave em in the comment section Gay tags :S final killcams zerkaahd game winning kills gaming eaazee eazyhd games videogames black ops montage minitage ps3 challenge lobby free black ops 15th hack mw2 hack prestige eminem rap sickest gwk ever tk across map quickscope hd montage sniper montage opticnation fume team gwks final killcams zerkaahd game winning kills gaming eaazee eazyhd games videogames black ops montage minitage ps3 challenge lobby free black ops 15th hack mw2 hack prestige eminem rap sickest gwk ever tk across map quickscope hd montage sniper montage opticnation fume team gwks mw2 killcam final killcams zerkaahd gaming eazyhd eaazee game winning kill mw2 black ops gwk game winning kill montage minitage sniper intervention l96a1 quickscope quick scoping jambi challenges you monstercrave ps3 challenge lobby mw2 xbox team fume game winning kills final killcams fume mw2 poundthenoobs black ops black ops sniper mw2 mw2 games sniper intervention xbox 360 ps3 gaming tejbz seananners optic predator m40a3predator quickscope black ops snipe playstation 3 xbox live halo reach eazyhd mw2 eazyhd eazyhd black ops prostreet163 modern warfare 2 call of duty cod7 gameplay black ops pc hacks airplane eminem lil wayne rihanna famous laserturken gaming clanmatch opticgaming opticnation toggaming optic kinect xbox live earth Dynasty xB Black ops cod 4 mw2 glitches ...

    Keywords: tutorial, cinema, 4d, intro, template, after, effects, cs4, cs5, tuts, tut, photoshop, camstudio, contest, speedart, twixtor, damage, v2, cheats, editing, montage, hacks, movie, adobe, bullet valentine, cs3, tutorials
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. C4D & AAE Tutorial- How To Make A Intro [Part 1_3] By Grapheeex
    Duration: 15:00

    Description: 100likes for part 2? ;) yo guys, there is this sexy 3part tutorial of how to make a intro! alot of credit to grapheeex for making these, check out his channel: -Rossi

    Keywords: after, effects, tutorial, how, to, make, intro, and, cinema, 4d, the, 3d, text, for, c4d, intros, aae, help, tut, adobe, introduction, valentine, new, cheats, programs, photoshop, mass, laptops, notebook, computer hacks, special, hungary, cs4, technology, musical instruments, creature, medicine, windows, cs3, magyar, installation
    Average rating: 4.8

  8. AAE Tutorial: Exporting in HD for Youtube .mp4
    Duration: 2:05

    Description: This is a tutorial by YTutorials showing you the best way to render in HD. Subscribe to YTutorials, its Free, why not?

    Keywords: Adobe, After, Effects, Tutorial:, Rendering, in, HD, for, Youtube, cs4, cs3, cs2, cs, cs5, exporting, export, aae, ytutorials, tutorials, tutorial, ytutorial, paul, host, mp4, mov, mpeg-4, .mp4, mp3, music, render, .mov, .avi, .mpg, save, upload, saving, uploading
    Average rating: 4.7

  9. AAE Tutorial - Using sure Target
    Duration: 10:01

    Description: sure target is a target system in adobe after effects that you aply to a nul and pick its targets this has new features for smoother targeting enjoy

    Keywords: Video, Copilot, Visual, FX, Effects, AVID, EDIUS, Canopus, Editing, Special
    Average rating: 4.8

  10. Intro Tutorials / C4D & AAE / EDMacDesigns
    Duration: 20:45

    Description: Hey Guys, tutorial here for you, showing how to create a Intro within Cinema 4D and After Effects later if you wish. In this video i am using Cinema 4D R12, there is a little difference in using R12 to Previous Versions, and i use After Effects CS5.5, but there is no difference in previous versions for what we want. Please leave a like and a comment, the end render is at the end of the video. Re uploaded to show Mouse Cursor more easily, and letter on screen, as well as final render.

    Keywords: tutorial, edmacdesigns, edmac, designs, animation, editing, cinema, 4d, r12, r11, r11.5, free, download, after, effects, cs4, cs5, cs5.5, make, intro, how, do, learn, to, lessons, introduction, video, essentials, best, of, training, new, adobe, suite, comment, rate, subscribe, please
    Average rating: 4.6

  11. Tutorial | Make a 3D Intro [PS+C4D+AAE] - by Sparkles
    Duration: 26:21

    Description: How to make a basic 3d intro for your youtube channel. The client I made this for who allowed it to go public: hope this helps some peeps. Originally made for a client, but it's been a long time to now making this public. Programs needed: Photoshop Cinema 4d Adobe After Effects

    Keywords: how, to, make, 3d, intro, youtube, channel, sparkles, productions, c4d, cinema, 4d, adobe, after, effects, tips & tricks, software, montage, cheats, computer hacks, gaming, animation, counter, strike, source, creature, howto, tutorial, tut, need, movie, css, counterstrike
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. AAE Color Correction Tutorial (HD)
    Duration: 12:04

    Description: First tutorial hope it helps! - Ryan Tomahawk Video: ------------------------------------------- Follow Me: REAL LIFE VIDEO: Other Black Ops Posts: (Wager Match tips) (Rap Commentary) (Tdm 25-3)

    Keywords: yt:quality=high, ryanmcl17, Color, Correction, Tutorial, AAE, Adobe, After, Effects, cs4, cs5, Cod, cc, Ryan, Th3, Ripper, Tutorials, Editing, techniques, video, advanced, expert, beginner, programs, after effects, guide, tips, technology
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Aae Cs3 Typography Tutorial (HD)
    Duration: 5:44

    Description: Got a new mic finally!!! Here it is so yeah enjoy

    Keywords: aae, adobe, after, effects, cs3, typography, tutorial, hd, high, definition, motion, graphic, design, new, mic, bleed, it, out, linkin, park, text, animation, effect, intro, videocopilot
    Average rating: 4.7

  14. Tutorial #48 l Breaking Text Effect in AAE By TheBenArts
    Duration: 8:01

    Description: Hey everyone hopefully we will be active again but we still have some problems . Directors chanel :

    Keywords: Tutorial, Text (literary Theory), TEXT, Sony, Effects, After, Effect, Adobe, thebenarts, After Effects, Special, Intro, Mass, Adobe After Effects, Valentine, Mass Effect, Sound, Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro, Cs4, Adobe Creative Suite, Tears, Editing
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Tutorial | How to edit a clip in aae 1/2
    Duration: 4:07

    Description: Directors Channel:

    Keywords: How, to, edit, montages, mw2, call, of, duty, tutorial, yt:quality=high
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Advanced Mask Tutorial with AAE
    Duration: 5:58

    Description: Make a moving mask in this easy video....I hope. I didnt do a very clear job of explaining the stop watch so if anyone wants to know...ASK. Please pardon the horrible video quality of Hypercam.... and the staticness of mic. Well I tried....hope you enjoy.

    Keywords: advanced, mask, tutorial, adobe, after, effects, clone
    Average rating: 3.9

  17. Professional Intro Tutorial - AAE Editing
    Duration: 13:10

    Description: Part 3??

    Keywords: intro, aae, adobe, after, effects, episode, valentine, introduction, mass, episode part, season, new, season episode, after effects, special, full
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. AAE :: Slow Motion Tutorial
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: An Adobe After Effects Tutorial on How to get Slow Motion effect. Sorry for no widescreen! made by: V e N o iVi xX Hope you enjoy it want more tutorials? Subscribe then please :D

    Keywords: AAE, Adobe, after, effects, slow, motion, tutorial, cool, calmosityyy, gearsopedia, diamondfx, xproswede, venoivixx, ii, torque, xx, yt:crop=16:9
    Average rating: 3.9

  19. AAE :: The Wiggler Text Effect Tutorial
    Duration: 8:44

    Description: Adobe After Effects Tutorial shows how to make a cool looking effect for intros and so on :D Subscribe! =] This tutorial is self-explained so pls watch in hd and fullscreen!

    Keywords: AAE, Adobe, After, Effects, The, Wiggler, Text, Effect, Tutorial, diamondfx, xproswede, II, Torque, xx, venoivixx, Gearsopedia
    Average rating: 4.7

  20. Proyecto TRANSFORMERS C4D - AAE - Tutorial en Espa�ol- Por BG
    Duration: 28:49

    Description: Video pedido , Un video demasiado amplio , pero en el que aprenderas a como crear una composici�n profesional desde cero . Link de C4D : Link de AE : Para esto Utilize 3 programas -Photoshop , C4D , y AAE . � 2011 � todos los Derechos reservados. el proyecto esta disponible en : Ballasvago projects Visita Mis WebSites : http Si teinteresas en contratar una pack de Hosting + Dominio Si mencionas que vienes del canal "" Ballasvago "" de Youtube, obtendras un cupon de descuento del 15 % En Cualquier pack. Disfruta ! Tambi�n visita los canales del team SVHD

    Keywords: ballasvago, cinema, 4d, tutorial, en, espa�ol, after, effects, transformer, logo, 3d, adobe, mass, transformers, special, animation
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. Twixtor Full Tutorial - Smoothest Possible Output (AAE and Sony Vegas)
    Duration: 15:00

    Description: I also show you how to add a good CC, render it, and make it even better by chucking it into Sony Vegas :)

    Keywords: adobe, after, effects, tutorial, sony, vegas, pro, 10, twixtor, edit, editing, intro, run, ericsson, effect, mission, speed, metroid, impossible, prime, sony ericsson, cadillac, segment, speed run, run part, text, fusion, valentine, color, mass, special, metroid prime
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Magic Bullet Looks CC Tutorial for Sony vegas or AAE
    Duration: 11:32

    Description: like for my first tut if i get 20 likes or more on this tut i gonna make more tuts

    Keywords: sony, effects, magic, tutorial, after, CC, tut, test, faze, clan, fzhd, teehloco, xlocohd, loco, intro, editing, edit, valentine, trick, card, adobe, ericsson, tricks, mass, after effects, special, revealed, mass effect, criss, david, card trick, illusion, coin, cards, magic trick, blaine, magician
    Average rating: 4.3

  23. Tutorial Mondays | Optical Flare Effect AAE
    Duration: 5:20

    Description: Optical Flare Download Link - Please give me idea for next episode . this tutorial was not the best but i thought i would still upload it :) -Jenks

    Keywords: Tutorail, mondays, with, II, Jenks, need, ideas, for, next, episode, please, give, me, some, in, the, comment, rate, subscribe, buitchesss, love, all, who, have, allready, subscribed
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. After Effects Tutorial | How To Edit COD Clips Part 3 By BlazerDB
    Duration: 5:41

    Description: 100 likes FOR A 12K GFX PACK!! and just to finish this little series off by blazerdb, this is a very useful tutorial and hes worked hard on getting us this 3 part tutorial, so if you could go check out his channel and help promote him: if you have any tutorials you wish to submit to us, be sure to send us a PM or you can tweet at me on twitter, i reply to pretty much all tweets, so check me out there: Rossi

    Keywords: youtube, AAE, Tutorial, How, To, Make, Intro, Part, after, effects, and, cinema, 4d, the, 3d, text, for, c4d, intros, help, tut, edit, cod, call, of, duty, clips, montage, ae, cs5, editing, graphics, gaming, tutorials, adobe, laptops, technology, call duty, cod4, warfare, sony, modern, windows, cheats, notebook, guns, hacks, musical instruments, graphics software, defence, music charts, defense, installation, consoles
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Adobe After Effects - Handwriting Tutorial
    Duration: 15:18

    Description: First AAE tutorial! More beginner ones to come! This one was for novelty.

    Keywords: adobe, after, effects, tutorial, help, 101, cs3, handwriting, text, hand, writing
    Average rating: 4.7

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