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  1. SEL - SEL 600
    Duration: 5:23

    Description: SEL - SEL 600 live at MTV Baltic B-Day

    Keywords: sel, 600, mtv, as, kaip, zasis
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. Canon 600D Training Video
    Duration: 8:29

    Description: Agency | Paradox Media Production house | Ingk Asia Producer | Jay Yao | Joseph Lee Line Producer | Lee Wei Wei | Helene lien ( Mirror Film Taiwan) Director | Ler DOP | Boon Kok

    Keywords: Canon 600D, canon, Taiwan, dslr, Digital 720p 1080p Lens, EF lens, EFS lens, Photography, videography, Canon (company), Camera, Camcorder, Eos, China, EF Lenses, The Eyes Of EOS, lens, training, Canon EF Lens Mount, Video, Digital, 720p, tips, learn, Help
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Tutorial: How To Wheelie
    Duration: 2:17

    Description: Showing you how to wheelie your motorbike... More tutorials will be added soon! All wheelie are 1ST GEAR WHEELIES! You can wheelie EVERY bike with a CLUTCH no matter how much power your bike has!

    Keywords: suzuki, gsx, 600, k4, wheelie, tutorial, how, to, stunt, fast, insane
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. (NEW) MW2 Trickshot Tutorial: Over the Shoulder/Alternate Scope
    Duration: 3:05

    Description: If we get 600 Likes For carpackage spots Tutorial!! Pin me to your Subscription bar: Follow my Twitter: Like my Facebook: Last Carepackage Tutorial: Subscribe to my Brother!: Second Channel:

    Keywords: Spawntionary, episode, highrise, spawn, shots, offense, new, series, awesome, tricktionary, shot, feedtionary, straight, noscope, how, my, juke, ludacris474, trickshots, camo, slide, kangacantsnipe, kanga, cant, snipe, trcktionary, 55, camoslide, thats, wack, variations, knife, shoot, spotionary, doin, work, glide, temperrr, topscope, top-scope, top, scope, climb, climbshot, variation, mid-air, tricks, to, do, over, the, shoulder
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. DJ Beat Matching tutorial on a vinyl Turntable
    Duration: 5:44

    Description: DJ Beat Matching tutorial on a vinyl Turntable. toons are 1, Sharam jey presents, " shake your" on underwater 2, paul wooford " out of my life"

    Keywords: DJ, Beat, Matching, tutorial, on, vinyl, Turntable, sl1200, technics, djm-600, deejay, club, advise, demonstration, house, electro, Music, Dance, Technology
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. Synthesia - Chronotrigger 600 AD (kLuTz)
    Duration: 2:58

    Description: Firstly I want to say, the song and the midi is not made by me, but by kLuTz! :-) A request I got today. A song from Chronotrigger, called 600 AD arranged for the piano by kLuTz (Greg Pak) found on the OCRemix site, here: Today was the first time I heard it, and I liked it :-) Watch the slow version here: The midi file was made available by kLuTz himself, and can be found here: Sheets can be found here: And probably on but the site is apparently down at the moment.

    Keywords: Chronotrigger, Crono, Chrono, Trigger, 600, AD, klutz, Piano, remix, ocremix, Yearnings, of, the, Wind, ???????, ????, Synthesia, game, vgm, music, Yasunori, Mitsuda, Nobuo, Uematsu, midi, sheet, How, to, play, tutorial, HD, 720p
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. 600 Rep Fat Burn Workout
    Duration: 5:35

    Description: Have something to say? Join the discussion! Follow Zuzana on Facebook: Tweet Zuzana here: Visit us: www.BodyRock.Tv

    Keywords: girls, hot, workout, instructional video, fitness, physical exercise, body-building, exercise, weightlifting, vlog, instruction, videos, hiit, training, home, weight loss, zuzana, light, zuzana light, bodyrock, body weight, muscle, health, lose, bodybuilder, muscles, howto, health diet, bodybuilding, tips, gym, personal, healthy, trainer, summer, instructions, flex, tutorial, help, tricks
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Brussels, Belgium: Cultural Capital
    Duration: 4:15

    Description: 600 years ago, Brussels was nothing more than a handy place to buy a waffle on the way to Bruges. Today, with over one million people, it is the headquarters of NATO and the capital of the European Union. For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series ? including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more ? visit

    Keywords: Rick Steves, Steve Rick, PBS, Steeves, Europe, travel, Belgium, Brussels, Bruges, military, government, culture, Belgian
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Tropical Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial
    Duration: 7:07

    Description: Follow me on Twitter On my nails: "Soul Mate" by Sinful Colors Makeup Used: Eye Primer by MICAbella (used under the brow) "Ecstasy" Foiled Again Metallic Shadow Stick by HARD CANDY "Irresistably" Eyestudio palette by Maybelline New York "Lime Green: eye liner pencil by NYX "Walk the line" liquid eyeliner by HARD CANDY "#62" (not #600) False Lashes by Red Cherry "Freckletone" lipstick by MAC "Refined Golden" Bronzing powder by MAC Brushes were provided by Sigma Makeup ages ago, but I use them all the time

    Keywords: Tropical, Summer, Eyeshadow, Tutorial, with, bright, eyeliner, lime, green, for, brown, eyes, bronzer, bronzing, rainbow, Irresistably, Eyestudio, palette, by, Maybelline, New, York, how, to, apply, quickly, the, beach, refined, golden, sigma, make, brushes, latin, latina, mexican, american, guru, beauty, style, sccastaneda
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. DD-WRT Tutorial: Create a secure and separate public guest network
    Duration: 6:26

    Description: I want to share my internet connection with my neighbors and guests, but it shouldn't be a security risk. The best way to combat this is creating an entirely separate virtual network. That way, there's 2 SSIDs and my own data is encrypted while I'm sharing my internet with others. I'll also show how to enable Quality Of Service and prioritizing my own data so the public network won't affect my traffic. You need DD-WRT to set this up. DD-WRT is a firmware package that can be installed on a variety of off-the-shelf routers. I'm using a D-Link DIR-600.

    Keywords: d-link, dd-wrt, wlan, virtual, guest, hotspot, tutorial, router, network, security, routing, qos
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. [NEW/2012] MW2 Trickshot Tutorial | Ghost Migration | Kanga
    Duration: 2:05

    Description: 600 Thumbs up because you guys are the best subs?

    Keywords: ghost, migration, host, stall, care, package, glitch, countdown, walk, mw2, new, 2012, how, to, trickshot, tutorial, timing, kangacantsnipe, wasabihd, mw3, I like Turtles
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Squeal Of Fortune - Over 600 Spins - 2 Rares - Bug Abuse/Glitch/Exploit - 4/22/12
    Duration: 4:27

    Description: Live Tutorial Proof: No downloads! Don't trust any downloads on any videos, they are all viruses. Going to be no lifing the tutorial. Disregard: Purchase Limits Exceeded pvmicah pvm micah pvmicha micha pvmmicah wheel of fortune squeal runescape new bug dupe infinite...

    Keywords: Runescape, Squeal, of, fortune, Purchase, Limits, Exceeded, LIVE, tutorial, GLITCH, hack, pvmicah, pvm, micah, pvmicha, micha, pvmmicah, wheel, new, bug, dupe, infinite, working, 2012, 2011, cheat, rs, hacks, cheats, abuse, godsword, claws, dicine, elysian, ely, arcane, sigil, spirit, shield, 10m, cheating, legal, weel, skweel, sqeal, sqeel, squeel, win, spins, pv, forutune, Mod, Pking, Combat, Spin, Spinning, Pen, Fun, Pvp, Chair, Arms, Mods, Clan, Hunter, Arena, Bounty, Map, Range, Dragon, Cod, Park, Combo, Ownage, Noob, Owned, Mage

  13. Car Audio 101 - The Big 3 Upgrade Tutorial
    Duration: 6:12

    Description: DIY with Mike Stiers So you've decided to upgrade your car stereo system? A great deal of research and planning should go into this purchase since there is a lot to consider. Do you desire a nice upgrade of your factory speakers, are you looking for a Sound Quality overall of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers, or are you designing a vision-blurring SPL machine? It is important to make a list of exactly what you are looking to replace or add to your audio system so that you can prepare your electrical system for the investment to come. Many people do not realize that their vehicles factory electrical system was not designed for aftermarket audio equipment. In fact, most factory electrical systems can only handle an audio system of 600 to 1200 watts. The lower end of the scale being the smaller vehicles and most foreign rides, and the upper end being large trucks and sport utility vehicles. As you increase demand, you need to look at upgrading your battery, alternator and most importantly your Big 3. THE BIG 3 The Big 3 consists of upgrading three wires under the hood of your vehicle. You can completely replace the three wires detailed below, or simply add additional wires to existing factory wires, the choice is yours. The existing factory wires are generally 8 gauge or smaller and are not designed for the high current demands of an aftermarket audio system. It is recommended that you use a nice insulated 0 gauge wire so that you only have to do this ...

    Keywords: Car, Audio, Big, Upgrade, Tutorial, Stereo, Maxxsonics, Hooker, Wire, Kinetik, Battery, Volt, Alternator, MB, Quart, Hifonics, Crunch, Autotek, Speaker, Sub, Amp, Sound, Quality, SPL, Bass, Voltage, MTX, Kicker, Rockford, Fosgate, Powerbass, Soundstream, DD, Stetsom, Digital, Boss, Lanzar, Kenwood, Pioneer, top, loudest, best, song, demo, excursion, SMD, Alpine, Sony, JBL, JL, Polk, PPI, RE, Audioque, Steve, Meade, Stinger, Monster, American, Mike, Stiers, Scion, xb, db, Drag, USAC, Race, MECA, XS, Power, Master, Google, DIY, electronics, installation
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Car Audio 101 - Battery Tutorial
    Duration: 6:12

    Description: DIY with Mike Stiers Study this tutorial and get the most out of your car audio investment by understanding your electrical system. It takes power to make power and if you don't have it, you will not get rated power from your amp and you decrease reliability. Back to Basics -- Car Audio 101 By Mike Stiers So you've decided to upgrade your car stereo system? A great deal of research and planning should go into this purchase since there is a lot to consider. Do you desire a nice upgrade of your factory speakers, are you looking for a Sound Quality overall of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers, or are you designing a vision-blurring SPL machine? It is important to make a list of exactly what you are looking to replace or add to your audio system so that you can prepare your electrical system for the investment to come. Many people do not realize that their vehicles' factory electrical system was not designed for aftermarket audio equipment. In fact, most factory electrical systems can only handle an audio system of 600 to 1200 watts. The lower end of the scale being the smaller vehicles and most foreign rides, and the upper end being large trucks and sport utility vehicles. As you increase demand, you need to look at upgrading your battery, alternator and most importantly your "Big 3." BATTERY The battery provides reserve to the engine during starting, discharges current to accessories, acts as a buffer between the alternator and all accessories and after ...

    Keywords: Maxxsonics, MB, Quart, Hifonics, Crunch, Autotek, Speaker, Sub, Amp, Crossover, Tweeter, Car, Audio, Stereo, Bass, SPL, Sound, Quality, Electrical, Volt, Alternator, Battery, Big, XS, Power, Kinetik, Kicker, MTX, Rockford, Alpine, Stinger, RE, Fi, Steve, Meade, Tutorial, Mike, Stiers, db, Drag, Race, MECA, USAC, Video, Google, youtube, DIY, mixing, pioneer, subs, subwoofer, vinyl, system, how-to, instructions, loud, speakers, sound system
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. 2011 Supersport Track Shootout
    Duration: 7:18

    Description: For full review: If you've been paying any attention to the state of the motorcycle world lately, sportbikes in particular, you'll notice that the middleweight category has been largely overshadowed by its 1000cc counterparts. It makes sense for those manufacturers who make a literbike, as resources should be spent on a company's flagship machine.

    Keywords: 600 shootout, suzuki gsxr, suzuki gsx, gixxer, suzuki gixxer, gixxer 600, honda cbr, honda cbr rr, cbr rr, cbr 600 rr, yamaha r6, r6 shootout, yzfr6, yamaha yzfr6, kawasaki zx6r, ninja zx6r, ninja zx, ninja zx-6r, kawi ninja, kawi zx6r, kawi zx-6r, mike nardi, michael nardi
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. Tutorial: Smokey "Birthday Blue" Eyes
    Duration: 4:06

    Description: Read Me Before Questions Please! *8/30/11 - COMMENTS HAVE BEEN DISABLED BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTENT IN THIS VIDEO* I hope you all enjoyed this look! I'll be wearing this on August 28th for sure! :D As you can see I'm trying to make a tradition out of showing you all what I wear for my bday dinners haha. -------- PRODUCTS USED------- EYES: UDPP in Eden NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk L'Oreal HIP Duo in Animated Wet n' Wild Blue Had Me at Hello Palette MAC Texture Shadow (Optional -Warm Brown) Wet n' Wild Brule Shadow Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Midnight Master Miss Adoro #600 Lashes CHEEKS: NYC Sunny Bronzer Sula Blush in Forget Me Not ($8, Available at Ulta) LIPS: Victoria Secret Lipstick in Scrumptous Sula Lipgloss in Come Find Me ($8, Available at Ulta) -------WHAT I'M WEARING------- SHIRT: Nordstrom FACE: Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Sand Cargo Blu Ray Pressed Powder in #30 NAILS: Nothing --------TECH STUFF I USE------- What camera do I use for pictures? Canon Rebel XSI What camera do I use to record? Canon Vixia HF S200 What do I use to edit my videos? iMovie ----------------PO BOX---------------- Want to send me a letter or anything? PO BOX 3332 Merrifield, VA 22081 ------------------LINKS----------------- SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOG CHANNEL! TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: BLOG: -------------------------------------------- FTC I purchased everything myself.. I am not being paid for this ...

    Keywords: saaammage, how, to, smokey, blue, drugstore, l'oreal, hip, animated, had, me, at, hello, palette, eye, makeup, tutorial, beauty, birthday, colorful, affordable, easy, cosmetics, look
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Canon T3i (600D) Settings & Functions Overview - "How to" Tutorial
    Duration: 14:05

    Description: Video starts slow & basic but gets to Canon's more advanced settings based on various scenarios you will see as a photographer. Made by a photography teacher for his students. @mouseflip

    Keywords: Cannon, Canon EOS 600D, Camera, Cannon (TV Series), Digital, 1080p, mouseflip, markheil, 720p, Lens, Footage, t3i, review, helpful, 600, 550d, 600d, t2i, canon, servo, seoul
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 3:50

    Description: This is my k7 gsxr 600 with the new leds i just installed on the wheels, took me about 6 hours but very much worth it!! I tried to get a tron legacy wheel effect and i think i got pretty close. Now i just need to get myself a identity disc.

    Keywords: winobot, gsxr, 600, ky, bike, motorcycle, tron, legacy, isanchez20, fam, lightcycle, light, wheels, led, ride, lights
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. HK 600GT Build Guide Part 9
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: - HK 600GT Beginners Guide Part 9

    Keywords: HK 600GT, Hobby King 600GT, HK 600GT Build guide, T-rex 600 clone, RC helicopter, 6ch, collective pitch, artf helicopter, Chaos 600, HK 600 GT, video tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Your First Shelter in Minecraft (Tutorial Machinima)
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: Click here to watch X's Playthrough of Half-Life 2 - Part 26! Your First Shelter in Minecraft (Tutorial Machinima) Minecraft is a game that's been gaining quite some popularity, and I figured I'd show you good folks a little bit of what it's all about. DIRECTOR'S TWITTER: DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: minecraft alpha Minecraft Alpha notch spider spiders skeleton skeletons zombie zombies lumber wood coal stone torch torches workbench crafting square pickaxe pick wood wooden stone shelter survival nighttime daytime night day yt:quality=high machinima video games davidr64yt davidangel64

    Keywords: minecraft, alpha, notch, spider, spiders, skeleton, skeletons, zombie, zombies, lumber, wood, coal, stone, torch, torches, workbench, crafting, square, pickaxe, pick, wooden, shelter, survival, nighttime, daytime, night, day, yt:quality=high, machinima, video, games, davidr64yt, davidangel64, fortress, halo, horror, left dead, mod
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Oscilloscope Tutorial Part 2 - Basic usage
    Duration: 4:04

    Description: The second part in a series of tutorials to teach you the basics of oscilloscopes. In this part: Oscilloscope probe settings, how to use a probe, vertical/horizontal scaling, DC and AC coupling. Don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up!

    Keywords: Oscilloscope, Electronics, measurement, Tutorial, Volts, troubleshooting, repair, probe, X1, X10, attenuation, AC, DC, voltage, ripple
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Skyrim Godlike bow 652 dmg Tutorial
    Duration: 5:44

    Description: See descript for more info. You need to find in the game one piece of gear with any amount of +alchemy +smithing so that you can disenchant it. I have not found any place that guarantees these items. To farm mine, i spent about an hr fast travelling between different cities going to different blacksmiths until they sold a piece with that enchant on them. It doesn't matter what the % is. 8 enchanting 7 smithing 7 alchemy. All values based on 100 skill. The skill number affects the quality of gear you craft. If you are having trouble getting the numbers in the vid after 100 skill level make sure your game is patched. Several people have messaged me having trouble hitting the final numbers with crafting and this seems to solve their problem. link to the alchemy recipes: 3 main potions: Marksman: Canis Root, Elves Ear, Juniper Berries, Spider Egg Enchanting: Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spriggan Sap Smithing: Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap To achieve the full numbers... absolutely completely: 1) 100 enchanting...make 25% alchemy gear. 2) Then 100 alchemy. Make enchanting potions with your +25% alchemy gear. This will be a 30% ench increase potion. 3) Drink said potion and quickly make new crafting gear. This will be 28% alchemy gear. Make new enchant potion. This will be 32% ench increase. 4) Make new gear for alchemy. It will be 29% alchemy gear. 5) Drink 32% ench potion. Now create your Smithing/ bow ...

    Keywords: Skyrim, bow, sick, godlike, 652, damage, tutorial, crafting
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Battlefield 3 Jet Tutorial Part 1 of 3: Basic Movement, Offensive and Defensive Maneuvers
    Duration: 4:53

    Description: Favoriting this video will make it easier to come back and rewatch any part of the tutorial! PART TWO HERE: This video is a follow up to my 12-0 Jet Gameplay I posted a few days ago. Link: This is part one of a three part Jet flying tutorial. In these tutorials I will do my best to help each and every one of you to own the skies. In this first part I go in depth on Basic movement, Offensive and Defensive Maneuvers. Please leave any questions regarding this tutorial in the comment section below, I will be sure to answer them in the final part of this tutorial. Don't forget to follow my Twitter where you get first notice on any videos i upload: The music used in this video is Shadows' Vigilante - Approaching Nirvana A link to this song can be found here: To Visit Their Channel Click Here: (They have a TON of great music! One of my favorites!) To buy Shadows' Vigilante or their entire album follow this link: I encourage you to subscribe to them and go listen to the rest of their amazing songs! Special Thanks Goes To: Monk: for the thumbnail Adam Bruno: Voice Recording Connor Bock: Microphone -Holy-

    Keywords: battlefield, BF3, caspian, border, jets, army, fighting, shooting, shooter, guns, war, fostbite, multiplayer, dice, gamescom, 2011, EA, hd, gaming, pc, ps3, playstation, 3xbox360, xbox, 360, 12, kills, flawless, heat, seeking, fighter, jet, tutorial, air, superiority, holyhandgrenade, hhg, kid, kudi, dubstep, full, game, (retailer), Gameplay, in, depth, flight, guide
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Electrical Transformer Tutorial
    Duration: 11:05

    Description: Afroman covers the basics of how transformers work, where to shop for step down mains transformers, and how to wire one up to mains voltages without killing yourself. European and North American wiring is discussed. He finishes up with a quick example of AC to DC conversion in an unregulated dual rail power supply. Watch the followup video on diodes and AC to DC conversion here: Don't forget to subscribe!

    Keywords: electrical, transformer, mains, voltage, electricity, 60hz, AC, step, down, live, neutral, earth, dual, rail, 120V, 240V, 24V
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS 600 Video Review
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: A video review of the new Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 ebook reader with comparison to Sony PRS-505 and Amazon Kindle DX. Read our full review at:

    Keywords: Sony Reader, ebook reader, PRS600, PRS-505, Amazon Kindle DX
    Average rating: 4.9

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