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  1. Linux From Scratch 6.5 Video Tutorial #1
    Duration: 9:05

    Description: This is the first in a series of video tutorials covering Linux From Scratch In this video I cover 5 steps. 1) Explain what Linux from Scratch is and visit website. 2) Explain Virtualbox and visit website and download the program. 3) Setup and install virtual box. 4) Create a virtual disk partition. 5) Download the Linux from Scratch LiveCD. Donation:

    Keywords: Linux, virtualbox, lfs, From, Scratch, 6.5, tutorial, diy, electronics, instructions
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Site Manager tutorial with wysiwyg Web Builder 6.5 from Pablo Software Solutions.
    Duration: 3:40

    Description: This tutorial shows you how to use the Site Manager in WYSIWYG Website Builder.

    Keywords: Labels:, Site, Manager, wysiwyg, webbuilder, sitemanager, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. samsung omnia i900 wm custom 6.5 & install rom tutorial 2011 - 2012
    Duration: 9:24

    Description: HERE: download the theme and GrandPrix v1.6.4 from the video here: new theme files:

    Keywords: samsung, omnia, i900, wm, 6.5, tutorial, rom, install, windows, mobile, slipknot, metal, bands, rock, metallica, stone, sour, nickelback, iced, earth, dead, by, april, sum, 41, there, for, tomorrow
    Average rating: 4.6

  4. Rolf-David's Basic Logic Gate Tutorial 6.5, Repeater XOR-gate. (Minecraft)
    Duration: 3:51

    Description: Blog: texturepack: Minecraft4kids Basic XOR-gate design tutorial: I had a request that I should make a tutorial of the new compact, repeater using, XOR-gate since everyone is not able to understand the blue prints on the wiki page. So I made this little video. For the truth table and a short explanation of the XOR-gate, go watch the original tutorial linked here in the description and in the video. Over and Out! Donate:

    Keywords: Rolf, david, rolfdavid, rolf-david, minecart, mine, craft, for, four, kids, texture, pack, mods, singel, player, commands, redstone, wire, circuit, torch, red, stone, stuff, fly, keywords, key, words, infinite, logic, gates, logicgates, or, nor, and, nand, xorxnor, rs, latch, inverter, not, gate, delay, piston, sticky, stickypiston, tutorial, video, guide, movie, show, case, game, notch, mojang, study, teach, learn, server, play, it, XOR
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Adobe Premiere 6.5 Complete Urdu Traning.Lesson 1 movie mixing
    Duration: 19:26

    Description: subscribe my channl and lern more and shere to every one and like and comennts plzzzzz.thanks

    Keywords: Software Tutorial, Adobe, premiere, 6.5, Complete (complexity), Urdu, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. HTC HD2 Remote Desktop Connection tutorial
    Duration: 2:44

    Description: I explain how to set up the inbuilt RDP application to remotely control your PC desktop from your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. Detailed, step-by-step tutorial can be found on my blog

    Keywords: htc hd2, remote desktop connection, windows mobile 6.5
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. Adobe Camera Raw Tutorial For Photoshop CS5 CS6
    Duration: 10:31

    Description: I am going to do a series of tutorials on how to use ACR to edit raw photos and the advantaged of using raw vs. jpg. This is a quick over view of the controls and settings in ACR before I go in-depth on How to use each feature. Click here to see how to edit an unlimited number of photos AT ONCE in ACR!! Sorry I had a cold when recording this :(

    Keywords: adobe, camera, 6.5, acr, tutorial, bridge, editing, wedding, photography, in, photoshop, workflow, cs5, portraits, how, to, use, RAW, training, help, cs5.5, tweaking, photos, tweak, fix, canon, rebel, nikon, exposure, recovery, blown, highlights, dslr, slr, Software Tutorial, Digital, Tips, vibrance, vibrant, sharpen, color, balance, white, Vignetting, Software, soft, ware, cs6, cs, 5.5, 5d, 5dmkii, mkii, mk2, 5d2, 5dmk2, 5d3, 5dmk3, 5dmkiii
    Average rating: 4.5

  8. Minecraft | Survival Island 6.5 | Drowning Trap Update
    Duration: 2:25

    Description: Got it working! Leave any suggestions for future episodes below! Thanks for all the comments and Likes I've been getting recently, you guys are the best fans/subs ever! :)

    Keywords: Let's, Play, Minecraft, Survival, Island, 6.5, Drowning, Trap, Update, Walkthrough, Tutorial, Guide, Episode, Part, Patch, Single, Player, Multiplayer, cod4nub, noobsniper, noobsniip3r, playthrough
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. When Cheese Fails Season 2 Episode 6.5 [MaximusBlack Edition]
    Duration: 10:42

    Description: Donate at: LAGTV STORE: -- While you're at it, follow us on Twitter for the latest and greatest! You can submit your replays at

    Keywords: LAGTV, Lifesaglitchtv, When Cheese Fails, 101, WCF, Starcraft 2, Starcraft, HD, Commentary, SC2, Protoss, Terran, Zerg, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, esports, Gaming, blizzard, activision, machinima, unit hall of fame, UHOF, maximusblack, novawar, d2dgamer, Marine Diaries, Marine, Diaries, Season 2, Season, Video Game, Gameplay, Tutorial, 1080p, 720p
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. complete lightsaber tutorial: clashes, round the ends, ILM quality (Adobe after effects)
    Duration: 22:58

    Description: This is my tutorial to create lightsabers in adobe after effects. I cover everything in this video that you need to know to create ILM quality lightsaber, and i'm not kidding. If you how to create lightsabers or even if you never tried, this tutorial is for you. I think that my technique is one of the best of the internet, if not the best. What makes this so special? watch the video and you will see! Here is the download link:

    Keywords: lightsaber, tutorial, after, effects, cs5, cs4, cs3, 7.0, 6.5, premiere, adobe, professionnal, star, wars, lightsword, glow, rotoscoping, rotoscope, roto, white
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 6:48

    Description: SONG NAME SARAH MCLAUGHLIN AND DELERIUM -SILENCE contact lenses from Tim.... Here is the look that I was wearing for my inner vamp contest video announcement, that many of you requested a tutorial for. Hope you enjoy it....I'm afraid a 6.5 month pregnant woman can only be so sexy...HA!

    Keywords: halloween, make, up, makeup, vampire, vamp, sexy, red, black, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Dual boot Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android 2.2 (Froyo) on HD2
    Duration: 4:02

    Description: Quick demonstration on HD2 dual-booting into Android 2.2 (Froyo) thanks to darkstone. This is FroyoStone v1 with his custom modifications.

    Keywords: HD2, Android, Group, T-Mobile
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. Film Look - After Effects CS5 Tutorial
    Duration: 6:57

    Description: This is a remake of a tutorial I did for the 6.5 version of AE. In this vid, I will show you how to create a nice film look out of the often ugly look of DV footage using After Effects. You can do this with any version of After Effects but I`m using CS5 here. Please subscribe if you want more tutorials. I keep them coming ;) Enjoy, rate and comment pls.

    Keywords: After Effects, AE, CS5, Tutorial, Film Look, Color Correction, Colour, Color, CC, Film, Visual Effects, VFX, Editing, Adobe, Tut, How to, explosive films
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. Free online HardDrive (over 6.5 gigs)!!!
    Duration: 10:12

    Description: I'm going to teach you how to exploit gmail and use its mail service as an external online password protected hardrive. Download link:

    Keywords: Ampix0, hack, tutorial, external, hard, drive, gig, google, gmail, password, hacking, free, Thumb, Stick, flash, mb, virtual, mail, storage, modd, download, music, upload, FTP, XP, Vista, PC, Basshunter, gaia
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Garrys Mod tutorial #7: Constraints *part 1*
    Duration: 9:52

    Description: Hi Here's the newest Gmod10 tutorial from my collection. I had to split the tutorial in 2 parts cause it was too long (pulleys didn't fit). To save time, I am not going in detail to explain these tools. I am only explaining what they do. All those little sliders and checkboxes are very much alike those in previous tutorials so they should be self explained. Special thanks to Oryde (aka dmisterb) for allowing me to use his tf2 songs, visit his channel. I have in plan to make #6.5 (six and a half) tutorial. It's going to be about animated posing. It will come after #7 cause constraints are very important here. Also i have in plan #8 tutorial which is going to be about all those little tools you were asking me about. So if you want a tool to be explained in the tutorial, ask now. Hope this tutorial will help! Please comment my videos and subscribe to my channel!

    Keywords: Garry's, Garrys, Gmod, mod, 10, canstraint, constraints, weld, easy, ballsocket, advanced, slider, winch, rope, elastic, muscle, hydraulics, pulley, tools, contraption, tutorial, webbugt
    Average rating: 4.6

  16. How to Install android 2.2 Froyo on Windows Mobile 6.5. On HTC touch XV6900 HTC Vogue
    Duration: 7:22

    Description: Installation guide for android 2.2 froyo on windows Mobile 6.5 on the HTC Touch, HTC Vogue, Verizon XV6900. Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for the files shown in this video. This video is a guide and I do not take any responsibility for what this may do to your phone. Use the information at your own risk. Haret package I used: Incubus26Jc's Super FroYo 2.2.1: Form with more themes: This Works for most WM 6.5 phone make sure you have the correct androidinstall file and default.txt file. Good Luck and message me if you guys have any questions. Only Android Install method: This will delete WM and will only have android as a primary. Android 2.3 Vid: Android 2.3 Files

    Keywords: XV6900, windows, mobile, 6.5, android, 2.2, froyo, and, htc, vogue, touch, How, to, Install, on, 6.5., phone, cell, installation, tutorial, wireless
    Average rating: 4.6

  17. After Effects Tutorial - Disappearing Without a Greenscreen
    Duration: 4:58

    Description: Hey guys, and here is my come back tutorial that shows you how to disappear without the help of a greenscreen. Obviously, this can be done in After Effects CS4, CS3, 7, or 6.5. Sorry for being away for so long and I hope this tutorial makes up for it. Don't forget to Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!

    Keywords: After, Effects, C4, Tutorial, Disappearing, Without, Greenscreen, Adobe
    Average rating: 4.7

  18. How to upgrade your Dell Axim X50, X51, X50V, X51V to Windows Mobile 6.5
    Duration: 4:43

    Description: WARNING: This will not work for DELL AXIM X50 LOW'S. ( (Will work on Dell Axim X51 lows) Do NOT attempt if you have a Dell Axim X50 LOW. You will brick your Axim!! So heres the grand tutorial, how to upgrade any Dell Axim X to Windows Mobile 6.5! This only works on the High Dell Axim X50, X51 (mid and low!) , X50V, and X51V. If you have any questions, make sure you read the FAQ at the bottom of the video description, if it answers your question. WARNING FOR DELL AXIM X50/X50V USERS: You MUST have your Axim X50/X50v on Windows Mobile 5 before attempting, due to bootloader capabilites. If you try to upgrade from Windows Mobile CE 2003SE, you WILL PERMANENT brick your Axim!!! For a tutorial to upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0 for a Dell Axim X50/X50v (THIS IS REQUIRED!) , watch my video tutorial here at . MAKE SURE THAT YOU READ THE ROM DESCRIPTIONS BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO UPDATE. SOME FEATURES MAY/ MAY NOT WORK AFTER UPGRADE!!! - Windows Mobile 6.5 Axim ROMS - EDIT: The links to these roms here are currently unavailable. I only have the X50 setup file on my computer. If you got the other files, please let me know! For the time being, use the mirror links- X50: X50v: Dont have. X51: Dont have. X51v: Dont have. SELECT THE ROM FOR YOUR MODEL ONLY! Dell Axim X50 - MUST BE ON WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0 BEFORE UPGRADING! ROM Description: Not for Dell Axim X50 LOW models, not happening anytime soon either. Nearly flawless, may tend to lock up (NOT OFTEN.) SDHC does not ...

    Keywords: dell, axim, x50, x50v, x51, vga, qvga, resolution, hacks, windows, phone, mobile, 6.5, lenny, shirly, lennysh, custom, rom, yt:stretch=16:9

  19. Active Sky Tutorial
    Duration: 4:13

    Description: Link: A basic tutorial about how to use ActiveSky and to get it to work in both FS2004 and FSX(10). If you don't already have the 6.5 update, go to the HiFi website, and locate it under the updates section of the website. You do not need the update for this tutorial to work, but it does make the scenery look better.

    Keywords: clip1hdvegas, activesky, Active, Sky, HD, sony, tutorial, smosh, fred, cessna154, lise3876, affiliate, how, to, make, money, online, google, FSX, FS2004, FS10, youtube, yahoo, MSN, youth, baseball, gaming, airplane, fs, aircraft, jet, cessna, piper, landing, takeoff, crazy, pilot, stuff, boeing, vs., airbus
    Average rating: 4.7

  20. How to make an Amish Diamond Quilt Block- Block #2 of 12- Video Quilt Along
    Duration: 6:10

    Description: This is the second part of a 12- block video quilt along. Every few weeks I will post a video tutorial on a new quilt block. At the end of the quilt along you will have completed 12 blocks (each measuring 12" x 12") and then I will post videos showing you how to sew them together and also how to finish the whole quilt. This block only requires 2 different fabrics and is the perfect block for a beginner to start practicing matching up intersecting points when sewing pieces together. If you would like to follow along but are not confident with your sewing or quilting skills I suggest you watch this video first: I hope you'll join us and spread the word! Block #2: Amish Diamond Quilt block Supplies: 1/4 yard of two contrasting fabrics (color of your choice) rulers rotary cutter +mat pins sewing machine coordinating thread iron Cutting requirements: Light fabric: 1 square measuring 6.5" x 6.5" 4 rectangles measuring 3.5" x 6.5" Dark fabric: 8 squares measuring 3.5" x 3.5" Post pictures of your finished blocks on our Facebook page at: Crafty Gemini mobile app: available for FREE in Android market and iPhone App store Website/Blog: Facebook Twitter: Online Shop: Voicemail for tutorial suggestions 73-CRAFTY-73 / (732)723-8973

    Keywords: learn, to, quilting, video, quilt, along, block, bow, tie, variation, amish, diamond, two, fabrics, contrast, easy, diy, howto, how, beginner, sew, machine, thread, fabric, 100%, cotton, company, Textile, cutting, rotary, cutter, mat, pins, iron, craftygemini, crafty, gemini, Making, Home Made, Educational, Sewing, Craft, Crafts
    Average rating: 4.6

  21. IELTS Writing Achieve 6.5 - Example 4 Describing a pie chart
    Duration: 5:32

    Description: IELTS Writing Task 1 - Graphs, Charts and Tables (Achieve IELTS 6.5!) Example IELTS Test 4 - Describing a pie chart

    Keywords: IELTS, Writing, Graphs, Charts, Tables, ukgate
    Average rating: 4.6

  22. DBZ Blast Effect TUTORIAL
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: This is a tutorial on how to make a simple Dragonball Z Ki Blast effect. Here is the package I provide for you (comes with sounds and ki blast images). I used Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional. This is just basic stuff, but you could advance this tutorial and make a special attack using the techniques in the video. Enjoy! DBZ FTW!

    Keywords: dragonball, tutorial, ki, blast, effect
    Average rating: 4.7

  23. Finally Full Android 2.2 NAND no sd card needed (say byebye to winmo 6.5)
    Duration: 14:47

    Description: in this video i will show you how to get android on your htc hd2 from beginning to end. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel. here is the link to download HSPL3 DFT JDMS7 ROM i recommend please register on my website THIS IS FOR THE " IF" USB wont connect or error message Ok guys i think i know what the fix is if you have the error cant connect usb.. first off you need to download WINRAR for your computer and install it.. once you do that the files you download looks like 3 books with a belt around it. if you are using windows 7 or vista you need to extract the android nand file and right click on the DAF.exe and run it as administrator and it will work

    Keywords: how, to, install, android, 2.2, nand, for, htc, hd2, no, more, sd, card, needed, atk, techjunkies, apple, nokia, samsung, vibrant, sony, nexus, one, unlock, iphone, android2.1, mobile, automobiles, engine, instructions, repair, tutorial, editing, wireless, laptops, notebook, mod, soundtrack, racing, computer hacks, hacks, chips, motor sports, electronics, semiconductors, gaming, howto, extreme driving, custom, computers, widescreen, theme music, video game, cellphones, hacking, environment, diy, music player, apps, installation
    Average rating: 4.7

  24. NASA Space Shuttle Discovery STS-128 Night Launch 8/28/2009 view NASA Causeway 6.5 miles
    Duration: 4:15

    Description: Click on link to read my article "How to view and photograph a NASA Space Shuttle Launch". The night launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery STS-128 on Friday August 28, 2009 at midnight on launch pad LC-39A. I shot this test video to capture the phenomenon when the Space Shuttle lifts off at night in pure dark, while making the entire city of Titusville, FL glow like it is sunrise. Be sure that HD is selected or YouTube will not display it in HD mode for you. I used my high definition Canon Vixia HF-10 on a tripod, filming through 6 miles of humidity on the NASA Causeway inside the Kennedy Space Center. This is the closest that non-NASA related are humans are allowed to the launch pad. This video is not meant to track the shuttle through the sky, but rather to just show the change of lighting at the launch pad and for miles around. The launch of Discovery STS-128 took place at midnight, but the brightness looks as though its at sunrise for several seconds. At 2:40 into the video you can hear the rumble from the liftoff arrive, and crowd screaming sounds like they are riding on a roller coaster. I have setup a very detailed tutorial for you on how to photograph a NASA Space Shuttle Launch day time or night, and strategies on finding the best viewing locations to watch a shuttle launch. Its here on my web site:

    Keywords: nasa, space, shuttle, sts-128, kennedy, center, causeway, launch, rocket, liftoff, blastoff, flight
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Celestine Prophecy
    Duration: 6:47

    Description: A relaxing movie inspired by The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and Music by Chinmaya Dunster

    Keywords: redfield, peace, love, prophecy, evolution, spiritual, awakening, enlighenment, religion, insight, faith, heaven, consciousness, life
    Average rating: 5.0

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