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  1. HOW TO PAINT FILIGREE red on red valentine nails: robin moses nail art design tutorial 421
    Duration: 4:59

    Description: (found in the "elegant" playlist) all answers to questions will be in the most asked questions links below. here is a lovely filigree design that is red on red on pink for a more non-traditional valentines day nail art look that can be done year around. my love and thanks for everyone spreading the word! xoxox!! (most asked questions link below) (most asked questions in video link below)

    Keywords: robin moses, robin moses nail art, robin moses filigree, filigree nail art, filigree nails, filigree nailart, filigree nail, red pink nail art, valentine nail art, red pink nail, red nail, pink nail, valentine red nail, filigree design, nailart, nail, nails, nail art, filigree, design, painting, how to paint filigree, tutorial, red on red nail, red design, red, red art, fleur de lis nail, fleur de lys nail, fleur de lys, red on red
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Application with a WebView and Refresh Button
    Duration: 9:47

    Description: Hey guys, today I'm going to be showing you how to make an application in the iPhone SDK that has a WebView, for websites, and a refresh button to reload those pages. Also, I will show you how to make it so the webpage reloads every time you open the application. Want a free shout out?? Send me a PM saying... "Hey Chris I want a shout out and here is my video idea (optional, but highly recommended)" Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!! Follow Me on Twitter!! Want an invite to Lockerz?? Go here:

    Keywords: iphone, sdk, tutorial, web, view, xcode, refresh, button, auto, youtube, imac, apple
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Minecraft - Hall of Heroes - Episode 421
    Duration: 20:00

    Description: Also, Wil returns! Click the Like button to give me a 1-up! I'm ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! SCOTTLAND WEBSITES http NOW PLAYING Minecraft - Silent Hill Downpour - ...

    Keywords: Minecraft, Let's Play, Video Game, mine, craft, crafting, stairs, lava, n00b, noob, newbie, lets, play, LP, commentary, video, game, games, videogame, videogames, gaming, gamer, live, playing, fun, funny, comedy, difficult, hard, challenge, walkthrough, walk, through, review, guide, playthrough, gameplay, help, tip, tips, trick, tricks, tutorial, PC, computer, Mac, OSX, internet, browser, Zack Scott, Zack Scott Games, Zack, Scott, zackscott, zackscottgames, sandbox, Notch, Mojang, windows
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Add Loading Screen and Icon to Application
    Duration: 4:34

    Description: iPhone & iPod Touch Icon: NonRetina - 57 x 57 Retina - 114 x 114 iPad Icon: 72 x 72 iPhone & iPod Touch Launch Image: NonRetina - 320 x 480 Retina - 640 x 960 iPad Launch Image: Portrait - 768 x 1004 Landscape - 1024 x 748 Twitter: SwagBucks:

    Keywords: iphone, SDK, Tutorial:, Add, Loading, Screen, and, Icon, to, Application, launch, image, springboard, xcode, ipad, ipod, touch, laptops, notebook, technology
    Average rating: 4.6

  5. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Tab Bar Application with Web View on Each Tab
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: Hey guys in this video, I am going to show u how to make a tab bar application with a web view on each tab. Download the Xcode Project: Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! Follow Me on Twitter: Need an invite to Lockerz?? Go here:

    Keywords: iphone, sdk, tutorial, make, tab, bar, application, with, web, view, on, each, page, internet, site, ipod, touch, xcode, interface, builder
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. ACC/349,ACC/421,ACC/490 - My Tutorial Help
    Duration: 45

    Description: visit ACC-349-complete-course ACC-349-Week-1-DQs ACC-349-Week-1-Individual-assignment-E1-7-and-BYP-1-7 ACC-349-Week-1-summary ACC-349-Week-2-DQs ACC-349-Week-2-Individual-assignment-ch-2-and-ch-3 ACC-349-Week-2-summary ACC-349-Week-2-Team-assignment-P2-4A-and-P3-3...

    Keywords: ACC/349, ACC/421, ACC/490, individual assignment, team assignment, checkpoint, need help, discussion questions, capstone DQ, university of phoenix, week, complete course, whole class

  7. Start making lots of points with Microsoft Points Generator (Tutorial+Download)421.mp4
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: Download here: Mirror This tutorial shows how to Redeem an Xbox Live Code - Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions & Microsoft Points Digitally Delivered Gaming Points & Subscription Codes sent Instantly Features 1) It works on 32-bit...

    Keywords: xbox live code, xbox 360 live code generator, xbox live, xbox live generator, xbox live code generator, xbox live gold generator, xbox live for free, xbox live points, xbox live 1 month code, xbox live 3 month code, xbox live 12 month gold codes, xbox live codes, how to get xbox live for free, xbox, xbox 360, xbox 720, Free xbox Code, microsoft points generator, free codes, free microsoft point, xbox live code generator 2012, xbox live 2012, xbox code 2012, Xbox generator

  8. MKT 230, MGT 498, MKT 421 UOP Course Tutorial
    Duration: 25

    Description: MKT 230 Week 1 CheckPoint Marketing Concepts MKT 230 Week 1 DQ 1 and DQ 2 MKT 230 Week 2 CheckPoint Decision Time at Qode MKT 230 Week 2 Assignment Marketing Plan Exercise MKT 230 Week 3 CheckPoint Consumer Decision Making Process MKT 230 Week 3 DQ 1 and DQ 2 MKT 230 Week 4 CheckPoint Customer...

    Keywords: MKT/230, MGT/498, MKT/421, Uop, phoenix, tutorial, week

  9. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Play Video/Movie in App
    Duration: 9:00

    Description: Hey guys, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to play a video or movie inside of the app with a touch of a button. Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! Follow Me on Twitter: Need an invite to Lockerz?? Go here:

    Keywords: iphone, sdk, tutorial, ipod, touch, play, video, movie, in, inside, app, application, button, simple, easy
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. iPhone SDK Tutorial: How to Make an Action Sheet
    Duration: 6:02

    Description: Hey guys, in this video I will be showing you how to make an ActionSheet for putting it into your apps. ************************************************* Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! ************************************************* Follow Me on Twitter: Need an invite to Lockerz?? Go here:

    Keywords: iphone, sdk, tutorial, ipod, touch, make, action, sheet, in, inside, app, application, button, simple, easy
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Play Sound in an App
    Duration: 8:43

    Description: Hey guys, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to play a sound inside of the app with a touch of a button. Go check out my newest app in Cydia called Best of AFV! Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! Follow Me on Twitter: Need an invite to Lockerz?? Go here:

    Keywords: iphone, sdk, tutorial, ipod, touch, play, sound, music, in, inside, app, application, button, simple, easy
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Make a Simple Hello World iPhone Application
    Duration: 8:39

    Description: Hey guys, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a very simple hello world/copy application for your iPhone/iPod Touch. I know that there is already a copy function in the iPhone OS, but this is just to show you the steps it takes to create apps in Xcode. This will be a new series on my YouTube channel. I will try to have a new installment every week. Any Questions or Need Help? Just leave a comment or send me a PM. Want an invite to Lockerz?? Go here: Follow Me on Twitter Sign up here and help me, help you!!

    Keywords: how, to, make, simple, easy, copy, hello, world, app, application, iphone, ipod, touch, sdk, xcode, interface, builder, rybread421, hd, hq, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Toilet Training Your Cat - Tutorial #3
    Duration: 2:52

    Description: How to teach your cat to use the human toilet. Tutorial #3 (updated). Please watch the Toilet Training Intro video and Step-One video before proceeding. THANKS in advance for Subscribing, Sharing, Clicking "LIKE" and for making comments. This is the updated (finished) version uploaded on July 7th 2012. The temporary (unfinished) tutorial had 421 views before being replaced with this one.

    Keywords: cat, cats, cat training, cat toilet training, dog, dog training, tutorial, step by step, before and after, cat behavior, cat problems, kitty litter box, litter box problems, Tips, Kittens, Cute, Kitten (Animal), Dogs, Animals, Pet, Meow, Tricks, New, Need, Help, Pets, cat tricks, amazing, amazing cat, talented cat, funny, cat whisperer, dog whisperer, updated video, robert dollwet, animal actor
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Play Multiple Sounds in an App
    Duration: 4:29

    Description: Hey guys, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to play multiple sounds inside of the app with a touch of some buttons. Go check out my newest apps in Cydia called Best of AFV, Billy Madison Soundboard, and Talladega Nights Soundboard ************************************************* Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! ************************************************* Follow Me on Twitter: Need an invite to Lockerz?? Go here:

    Keywords: iphone, sdk, tutorial, ipod, touch, play, multiple, sounds, music, in, inside, app, application, button, simple, easy
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Introduction to the Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorial Series from CADLearning
    Duration: 5:27

    Description: One lesson from the 421 lesson, Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorial Series from CADLearning. The complete series is available online, on disk and as part of a Virtual CADLearning Center for business and education. Visit

    Keywords: design, architecture, tutorial, training, cad, autodesk, revit, drafting, learning, how-to, education, engineering, building
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Gameplay/Commentary MG36 MP-421 Rex
    Duration: 8:47

    Description: Re-Upload extra 4mins of unnecessary footage removed

    Keywords: Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Multiplayer, Demo, Gameplay, Battlefield, montage, strategy, walkthrough, FPS, guide, Bad Company 2, EA, Digital, Illusions, CE, Electronic, Arts, BC, Series, BC2, Frostbite, Engine, dice, bad, co, xbox, 360, live, preview, review, BFBC2, conquest, Rush, Engineer, kit, gaming, video game, warfare, tutorial, weapons, consoles, editing, high quality, commentary, tips & tricks
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Dream Theater - Lost Not Forgotten Fill Tutorial #1
    Duration: 4:54

    Description: I was working really hard the other day on learning a segment of Lost Not Forgotten. Due to its complexity I thought it'd be cool make a little tutorial. Of course, all the credit goes to Mr. Mike Mangini! Let me know if this helps and if you'd like to see more. I used the iOS app "Capo" to loop the segment of the song. (It's essential to every DT fan.) Enjoy, Brad Song: Lost Not Forgotten Artist: Dream Theater Album: A Dramatic Turn of Events Mics Used: Shure SM57 - Rack toms and snare Behringer Vocal Mic - 16" Floor Tom Sennheiser 421 - Kick Drum (roll-off on the middle setting.) CAD Condenser - Overhead

    Keywords: Dream Theater, Lost Not Forgotten, A Dramatic Turn of Events, Mike Mangini, drum fill, tutorial, How to play, triplets, 5/4, bradsdrumtheater, Brads Drum Theater, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, James labrie, John Myung, Brad Stallcup, Mangini drumstrosity, Mike Mangini Drumkit, Progressive, Metal, Rock, Prog, Tama Octobans, Pearl Reference, Drums, Twilight Fade, Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. TK-421 Mobile KeyboardCase for your iPhone 4/3GS
    Duration: 8:02

    Description: Whats up youtube willIph?neMaster in this video im going to show u this nice bluetooth keyboard case for your iphone 4 /3G /3GS you could get this case from for $49.99 follow me on twitter for any question http And make sure swing by for any idevice needs and come by the store And Dont forget to Rate,Comment,Subscribe

    Keywords: limera1n, new, jailbreak, 4.1, firmware, iphone, 3gs, ipod, touch, ipad, bluetoothnkeyboard, Geo, Hot, george, hotz, real, back, community, smart, phones, instructions, repair, tutorial, wireless, laptops, video, review, electronics, winterboard, cydia, initsua, neostyle, twilight, isatin, sevenos, inspired, inspiredos, greenpois0n, modmyi, macciti, chatpic
    Average rating: 3.8

  19. Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial
    Duration: 6:46

    Description: This is a very basic and easy way that I do my eyebrows. Eyebrows are extremely important to frame your face and pull everything together. Therefore, a pair of perfect eyebrows for your face is a MUST! Products: Disposable Spooly SS266 Angle Brush Clinique 01 Shaping Taupe Maybelline Clear Mascara Other products mentioned: Benefit Brow Yings in Medium Anastasia Brow Mascara Jewelry: Forever 21 Pearl Earrings Swarovski Heart Necklace Tifanny Ring A lil diamond Ring Top: Abercrombie White Tank Abercrombie Brown Sweater Make up: Maybelline Emerald Smokes Quad MAC True Romantic Beauty Powder Blush Maybelline Pink Please Lipstick NYX Ceto Lipstick Revlon Photo Ready Foundation MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC 30 MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC 35 Maybelline Stiletto Eyeliner Maybelline Mascara

    Keywords: perfect, eyebrow, clinique, shaping, taupe, benefit, brow, yings, clear, mascara
    Average rating: 4.4

  20. Garmin GPSMap 421 Video Manual - Unit Preferences
    Duration: 2:45

    Description: In this video we take a look at the setting the units for the area you use the GPS unit in. Garmin is the leader in GPS. They offer automotive GPS, Hiking GPS, Running GPS, Tracking GPS, Aviation GPS, Marine GPS and many more categories. Garmin products have a lot of cross compatibility hence the reason why a company like GPS City highly recommends their products. If you want the best get a Garmin from GPS City. Product Information PN: 010-00764-01 UPC: 753759095871 SKU: 421SDUAL Learn More Call Us 1-866-GPS-CITY (477-2489) Be Social with GPS City Facebook: Twitter:

    Keywords: 421s, Units, pref, expert, Marine, Garmin, gpsmap, sounder, tutorial, video Manual, Central, gpsstore, USA, Canada, depth, chartplotter, fish, finder, howto, how-to, instructions, assistance, Jesse, Sampson

  21. tutorials series tips to success
    Duration: 8:40


    Keywords: Tutorial (Literary Genre), animation

  22. Twist Out Method 101: How-To and Maintaining
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: *Re-Upload* Original Upload Date: September 20, 2010 I maintain a twist-out for weeks by using this "scrunchie" method. I usually can do the "scrunchie" method for three days in a row before having to re-twist! (Perfect for my lazy days!) Also, it helps to elongate the hair! Hope...

    Keywords: Naptural85, Dearnaptural85, Natural Hair, Natural, Hair, Care, Tips, How, to, Twist-Out, Method, Easy, Fast, Fluffy, length, check, cut, African, American, Athletes, for, Women, Minute, Styles, Miss, Jessies, Coconut, Oil, Deep, Conditioner, Journey, hairstyles, Tutorial, 4a, Black, Afro, simple, quick, haircare, transitioning, detangling, Homemade, Recipes, regimen, DIY, Do, It, Yourself, washing, twist, out, beginners, products, beauty, growth, curly
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Minecraft boat dock tutorial
    Duration: 2:03

    Description: hello minecrafters i am showing you how to build a dock for your minecraft boats

    Keywords: boat, minecraft, kyle124, mine, craft, dilbyc421, dock, tutorial
    Average rating: 3.8

  24. Revlon Colorstay & smashbox photo finish REVIEW & Tutorial :)
    Duration: 8:43

    Description: my first review of the Revlon Colorstay liquid Foundation and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I also show a little 'how-to' of the products. if you like it, PLEASE leave me some good feedback... and SUBSCRIBE!!!! Thank you :)

    Keywords: revlon colorstay foundation, smashbox photo finish primer
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. UTAU Plugin Hanakago tutorial...
    Duration: 4:59

    Description: Lemme just put the annotes up..... Hanakago is pretty much UTAU Text-to-Speech. URLs mentioned

    Keywords: UTAU, tool, plugin, speech, tutorial, how, to
    Average rating: 5.0

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