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3D Systems

3D Systems

3D Systems

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  1. Adobe After Effects 3D Text Tutorial
    Duration: 4:32

    Description: I know you guys hate text tuts, I do too. But I don't have a good mic and I hate talking to myself. So if you want to learn this then just sit through it. Things Covered - - 3D Text - Lights - Shatter effect - Reflections Enjoy

    Keywords: Adobe, After, Effects, AAE, 3D, Text, Tutorial, CS3, CS4
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. TUTORIAL: PremierePro CS3 - How to animate 3D text
    Duration: 3:58

    Description: Ok so in this tutorial I teach you something VERY basic but effective. How to animate your text in 3D. This can be used in various videos: As introductions, or outros, or music videos. If you style it up a bit it will look very good and impressive. Hope this helps. Any requests I can do my next tutorial on?

    Keywords: TUTORIAL:, premierepro, CS3, How, to, animate, 3D, text, sony, vega, adobe, after, effects
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. Photoshop CS6 | The 3D Text Effect Tutorial (Beginners)
    Duration: 16:16

    Description: Photoshop CS6 Tutorials, how to use the 3D EFFECT (text effect too), tutorial for beginners, getting started. ***Open video description to get the quick Index of the explanations***. IMPORTANT: Not all versions of Photoshop CS6 have the 3D option, and plus, this doesn't appear if you use an old operative system. See this link for more info VISIT HERE THE FULL SHOW vvv I use my sister's computer to record these since I only have time on my parents' home. Best thanks to her. ?????????Smart Index???????????? Search here what you are looking for- - How to create a 3D layer (text) 0:49; - Structure of the 3D workspace and layers 1:53; - the Properties, 3D and Info Windows 2:36; - How to Move and Edit the Camera 3:11; - Coordinates in Properties 5:13; 8:24; - How to Move and Edit the Text (position, inclination, scaling) 5:28; - How to Edit the Text (surface, lines, edges) 7:46; - How to Change the Light (type, direction, position, color..) 8:45; - Environment Editing (reflections, shadows) 11:11; - How to Edit the Font Text and color on a 3D one 11:40; - How to Edit the Text in 3D settings (Extrusion, Bending, Tapering, Twisting, Deforming, color of them) 12:06; - How to Edit the Single Parts of the 3D Text (Front, Extrusion, Back..) 14:19; - How to Fill up Holes of Letters 15:09; : How to Render a 3D Object 15:29; ??????????????????????????????? --- I accept any request about any Tutorial ...

    Keywords: adobe, photoshop, cs6, tutorial, for, beginners, how, to, 3d, effect, text, beginner, starting, start, youtube, icons, backgrounds, partnership, partner, portable, layer, yt, basics, cs4, easy, 6deepkey9, 6deeptreasure9, Shuyin, Computers, Adobe Photoshop (Software)

  4. Creating 3D Max Bone Systems: Part 2 of 3
    Duration: 8:57

    Description: Part 2 of 3 part tutorial using bone systems. Using bone system basics, learn how to create a character skeleton that can be rigged and animated. This tutorial focuses on finalizing the leg and creating the spine, neck, and head. These tutorials work with the Rigging tutorials on my channel as well. It's easier to work with your bone systems when the rigging system fits the skeleton. Many rigs are bone dependent, so making sure they work together is key. I apologize for the video quality, I plan to re-record these videos shortly. Rate and Subscribe for more information.

    Keywords: bone, system, 3d, max, animation, character, rigging, rig, IK, Solver, Autodesk, 3ds, tutorial, learn, movie, spine, leg, arm, inverse, kinematics, yt:crop=16:9, yt:quality=high
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Creating 3D objects with Repouss� - Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorial
    Duration: 10:15

    Description: In this video, excerpted from Whats New in Adobe Photoshop CS5, author Rufus Deuchler uses a simple question mark to demonstrate how you can quickly transform text (as well as paths, layers masks, and selections) into 3D extrusions, and then bring your extrusion to life by adding Materials and Bevels and applying Scene Settings such as Lights and Mesh Quality.

    Keywords: Photoshop, CS5, Adobe, tutorial, video2brain, 3D, repousse, extrusion, scene, lights, mesh, bevel, instructions, howto, software, graphics software, computers, educational, tips & tricks, montage, programs, opengl

  6. Creating 3D Max Bone Systems: Part 1 of 3
    Duration: 8:35

    Description: Using bone system basics, learn how to create a character skeleton that can be rigged and animated. This tutorial focuses on getting started using bone systems and creating the legs of the model. These tutorials work with the Rigging tutorials on my channel as well. It's easier to work with your bone systems when the rigging system fits the skeleton. Many rigs are bone dependent, so making sure they work together is key. I apologize for the video quality, I plan to re-record these videos shortly. Rate and Subscribe for more information.

    Keywords: bone, system, 3d, max, animation, character, rigging, rig, IK, Solver, Autodesk, 3ds, tutorial, learn, movie, yt:crop=16:9, yt:quality=high
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Tutorial: Visual Effects Magic with Corel MotionStudio 3D
    Duration: 54:39

    Description: No matter what video editing software you use, now its easy to make amazing 3D titles, 3D graphics and advanced particle systems with the new Corel MotionStudio 3D. This recording of a tutorial webinar was made on November 16, 2011 (apologies for the audio issues) and will show you: -How to navigate the MotionStudio 3D Interface -How to quickly create 3D titles & graphics from presets -How to animate 3D objects -How to make and insert titles and graphics into a video production -How to create cool 3D particle systems Find out more at

    Keywords: VFX, Visual Effects, Software tutorialvideostudio, Corel, Particle System, 3d title, 3D graphic, 3D
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Extrude 3d Letters - Adobe After Effects Tutorial
    Duration: 8:19

    Description: Make your words, letters, whatever 3d inside adobe after effects! No plugins or fancy expensive 3d programs needed! All boring vanilla after effects. All you need is a little expression and a lot of duplicating. So we can't actually make something "really" 3d but we can make it "fake" or "imaginary" 3d using many layers like plywood or 3d printers. 3d printing is so hot right now right? The expression used is: value+[0,0,index*thisComp.layer("Controls").effect("Slider")("Slider")] BUT the "thisComp.layer("Controls").effect("Slider")("Slider")" needs to be changed to whatever your slider control is... so use the pick whip to make it happen. For those who are wondering duplicate is ctrl+d or command+d as a short cut and I use it a lot of a lot of times in this one. I really need to watch my short cut slips. How about I do a series on JUST short cuts so we can all learn them together.. as a team? Anyway, people have been asking for more typography tutoirals so here's one just for you... yes you. And if you have any comments or questions or suggestions for upcoming tutorials holler at me in the comments or on twitter or facebook or even my own site?

    Keywords: Adobe After Effects, Tutorial, Special, after, effects, instrucitons, help, how to, tips, tricks, 3d, letters, words, three, dee, extrude, bevel, cs5, fake, cinema, how-to, adobe, ecabrams, Software Tutorial, typography, type, text
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. SHOOT 3D NOW ! How to use a 3D side-by-side rig -
    Duration: 3:34

    Description: -- A quick tutorial "How to Shoot Professional Looking Stereoscopic 3D" using a simple side-by-side 3D camera rig. For more info on 3D Camera Rigs, 3D Production & 3D Training Workshops visit 3D, 3-D, Stereoscopic 3D, 3D camera rig, 3D camera system, camera rigs, stereoscopic camera rig, 3D rig, anaglyph, red blue, stereoscopic shooting, 3D filmmaking, 3D moviemaking, how to shoot 3D, how to film stereoscopic 3D, shooting in stereo, filming in 3D, dual camera rig, 3D rig, 3D camera system, making 3D movies, 3D production, filming in 3D, 3D videos, making 3D videos, how to make a 3D youtube video, make a 3d video, 3D Film Factory,

    Keywords: 3D, 3d cameras, 3d camera, 3d camera rigs, how to shoot 3d, shooting 3d, 3d production, 3d movies, 3d films, making a 3d movie, beam-splitter rig, side-by-side 3d rig, side-by-side, dual camera rig, stereoscopic 3d, stereo movies, anaglyph, red/blue, reald, Dolby 3d camera systems, 3d tutorial, 3d moviemaking, 3d filmmakers, 3d blockbuster, 3d movie production, filming in 3-d, make a 3d movie, stereoscopic 3d camera rig, camera rigs
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Adobe Flash CS4 Tutorial- 3D Rotation/Translation Tool
    Duration: 6:12

    Description: The 3D Rotation and Translation Tool allows you to create some cool and dynamic 3D effects in Flash. This tutorial demonstrates the basics of the tool. For more tutorials be sure to check out my website!

    Keywords: adobe flash cs4, flash, tutorial, 3d rotation tool, 3d translation tool, 3d effect, animation, graphic design, motion
    Average rating: 4.7

  11. Web 2.0 Style Box / Icon: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
    Duration: 26:19

    Description: In this Illustrator Tutorial we will be using Illustrator CS4 to draw this nice little 3D box which can easily be edited for use in tons of different ways! The beauty of this box is that it is all vector and very easy to use in a wide number of different editing programs! We will take a look at mapping artwork, using the 3D effect, effects in general, creating a reflection, and a bit of masking as well. A bunch of cool stuff to learn as we build a nice little box! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

    Keywords: Adobe, Illustrator, Tutorial, Web, 2.0, Box, Cardboard, Style, Icon, Reflection, Nice, Smooth, Help, Tutvid
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. After Effects CS6 3D Motion Tracking Tutorial
    Duration: 9:00

    Description: Adobe After Effects CS6 3D Motion Tracking Tutorial by AcrezHD Follow Me on Twitter: Footage Download Link: "Adobe After Effects (Software)" "Tutorial (Literary Genre)" "after effects" "after effects cs6" cs6 "adobe after effects" "after effects templates" "3D Motion Tracking" "Software Tutorial"

    Keywords: Adobe After Effects (Software), Tutorial (Literary Genre), after effects, after effects cs6, cs6, adobe after effects, after effects templates, 3D Motion Tracking, Software Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. 3D Studio Max Rasengan Tutorial
    Duration: 12:01

    Description: Because people have been asking for one, here is a tutorial, to make a rasengan on 3D Studio Max This Isn't a Rasenshuriken, is a simple rasengan. And it doesn't explain everything you have to know for this. To follow this tutorial, you got to have at least a notion on 3DS Max, Especially on particle Systems. If you don't, you can use the program's Helpfiles for the basic, and look for a tutorial on the internet wich have a detailed explanation about particle systems, there is a lot of them. And if you don't fully understand this tutorial, or have any doubt about the overall config, here is the 3DS Max Scene file for download: Hope it was helpful. Follow me on Twitter: Add me on Facebook:

    Keywords: VFX, 3d, studio, max, rasengan, tutorial, particle, system, naruto, rasenshuriken, special, effects, programs, editing, scifi, montage, software, instructions, 3ds, sasuke, intstructions, graphics software, computers, animation, howto, cartoon, after, windows, maker, smart phones, cheats, economic, repair, philosophy, help, animated, valentine, cell phones, analysis, wireless, laptops, tips, mobile, apps, notebook, cybersecurity, video review, gadgets, nokia, need, computer hacks, financial, technology, hacks, tricks, adobe, zeelias18
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. iPhone Hologram Tutorial! [HD]
    Duration: 9:20

    Description: Hey :) So I finally decided to put together a pretty basic tutorial in After Effects on how I made my futuristic iPhone video. Hope this helps a little bit (: Be sure to subscribe ^_^ Original Video: Thanks.

    Keywords: futuristic, iphone, hologram, mod, modification, tutorial, how, to, easy, basic, adobe, after, effects, gadget, infuzedmedia, infuzed, media
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. TUTORIAL - Adobe After Effect - Making Real 3D Objects
    Duration: 9:09

    Description: In this free video tutorial we'll show you how to make real 3D objects in After Effects. This same technique can be used to make 3D text, 3D flybys and the like. We'll use the shatter effect that ships with After Effects to make this happen. Approx. runtime: 09:10 Please subscribe and check my tutorial + video fx playlist for many more of these.

    Keywords: frogingfire, advanced, tutorial, expert, adobe, after, effect, trapcode, 3d, objective, objects, making, real, montage, greenscreen, animation, flash, premiere, pro, ultra, pinnacle, final, cut, mac, windows, cs4
    Average rating: 4.7

  16. 2D-3D Conversion Tutorial: mocha to Nuke
    Duration: 14:45


    Keywords: mocha, Nuke, vfx, 3D, tutorial, tracking, roto, planar
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. After Effects CS4 CS5 Tutorial: Create a 3D Light Shadow Scene Intro!
    Duration: 9:12

    Description: � Copyright Of PureCreativeDesigns 2011. This Tutorial is going to be teaching you how to create a 3D Scene with Lights and Shadows In Adobe After Cs3 Cs4 Cs5!. Download the Font= Get Textures for Free From Bursheezy= Download Evolution By Video Copilot= Follow me on twitter: Thanks For watching and if you need help then go a head and message me :D

    Keywords: How, to, make, create, light, shadow, 3D, scene, in, with, using, adobe, after, eefects, cs3, cs4, cs5, purecreativedesigns
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Clipping Mask Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS4
    Duration: 4:22

    Description: Learn how to interlace your custom shapes. Especially attractive when working with 3d perspective objects and shapes. We use clip masking to achieve the effect we are after, and set our objects to 3d to show a more dramatic effect.

    Keywords: ilustrator, cs4, tutorial, adobe, clip, mask, cover, behind, design, interlace, interweave, interlock, shape, objects, cool
    Average rating: 4.7

  19. AE Tutorial: Cinema 4D & After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker - Part I
    Duration: 10:11


    Keywords: 3D, Camera Tracker, Ray-trace, track camera, motion tracking, extrude, text, adobe, after effects, CS6, C4D, export, cinema 4d, boujou, world of warcraft, wow, modern warfare, MW2, intro, project, files, free, download, example, template, cod, Call, Duty, Dara Mactire, pvp, Darkspear
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Adobe flash cs4 tutorial: 3D Doors
    Duration: 10:38

    Description: Learn to create 3D Doors in adobe flash cs4 using the tween class in action script 3. get fla:

    Keywords: Adobe, flash, cs4, tutorial, 3D, Doors, actionscript
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. [HD] 3D Light Glowing Vector Ribs Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
    Duration: 9:30

    Description: I'm sure you have seen them, but maybe did not know how they were made. Today we take a look at those cool glowing, color changing, fading, bright, neon-like, fanning spread of glowing colors. Not really sure what you want to call them, but I am going to refer to them as 3D Light Ribs. You can use these in Photographs, Illustrations, Composites, Print Work, Web Design, maybe even a logo or two! We will learn a little about the stroke tools, copying vector artwork to Photoshop, and mainly the Blend Tool. Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

    Keywords: Adobe, Illustrator, HD, Tutorial, 3D, Light, Glow, Glowing, Zips, Ribs, Fan, Vector, Vectorize, Vexel, Future, Futuristic
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. System Setup Tutorial for DraftSight
    Duration: 4:33

    Description: Follow along with this tutorial to learn more about how to create personal system settings in DraftSight the new exciting 2D CAD product from Dassault Systems.

    Keywords: instructions;, tutorial;, 2D, CAD;, draftsight;, Free, CAD, Software;, System, Setup
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. 3D Max - Bones tutorial. (In 2 minutes)
    Duration: 2:14

    Description: This tutorial shows you how to create a simple mesh and then add bones thus enabling you to move your object.

    Keywords: 3d, max, tutorial, demo, reel, bones, onjects, ik, solvers, limb, special, effects, arm, green, connect, smart phones, cheats, instructions, instructional video, editing, programs, cybersecurity, computer hacks, technology, hacks, howto, computers, hacking, diy, downloads, educational, software, adobe, animated, cartoon, graphics, photoshop, auto, desk, razrox, how, to, creat
    Average rating: 4.7

  24. Civil 3D Pipes at Grade Tutorial
    Duration: 7:22

    Description: This video shows how to create pipes in Civil 3D at grade. The techniques used in this video are: Create Feature Line from Alignment Object Projection on a Profile Weed Feature Line Raise/Lower Feature Line Create Pipe Run from Object

    Keywords: Civil 3D, Civil 3D 2010, C3D, autocad Civil, autocad, Civil Engineering, Feature Lines, Grading, Profiles, Pipes, Autodesk
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 2:17

    Description: A 3D rendered tutorial: how to build this LEGO follow focus. Here is the "real" movie that shows me using and testing this follow focus:

    Keywords: LEGO, Follow, Focus, best, tutorial, 3d, rendered, diy, do, it, yourself, how, to, build, blueprint, construction, plan, animation
    Average rating: 4.9

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