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  1. PS2 Flip Top Cover Case Install Tutorial-Fat Original PS2
    Duration: 9:57

    Description: shows you How To install the Flip Top Replacement Case for the original fat PS2. You can check out these cases here

    Keywords: original, ps2, flip, top, case, playstation, japanese, import, gaming, how, to, tutorial, install, instructions, video, games
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. [TUT] Reset Glitch Hack 1 Tutorial (PHAT) - Team-Xecuter Coolrunner Install-Program (Part 1)
    Duration: 17:01


    Keywords: Reset, Glitch, Hack, xjonnygunsx, thedopesoner930, Awesome, things, to, do, your, xbox, JTAG, xexmenu, soldering, installing, chip, coolrunner, NAND-X, team, xecuter, hacking

  3. X360key / xKey NEW Installation Video with MenuISO Tutorial - R7-2 Version
    Duration: 17:46

    Description: This is the install of the X360key / xKey / xk3y. This is the latest R7-2 version also known as v1.1 This video will also show you how to install and enable MenuISO as well. If you are having some issues, try watching this video for some troubleshooting:

    Keywords: x360key, xk3y, xkey, install, guide, xbox, 360, hack, cfw, iso, xbox360, usb, loader, modchipcentral
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Free McBoot 1.8 Install Tutorial
    Duration: 5:59

    Description: This is a detailed tutorial video of the upcoming Free McBoot 1.8 PS2 softmod as designed by JIMMIKAELKAEL and NEME. The installation of v1.7 is identical, with the exception of a different installer GUI. New to this version is a reworked installer and browser interfaces, along with faster boot speeds, along with the usual bug fixes. This softmod works with all versions of PS2 with the exception of some 90001 series models. The method used in this video uses ARMax as a boot method and FCEU Nintendo emulator as an installer launcher. All files needed for this mod can be found here: The original web based tutorials By JNABK and BOOTLEGNINJA, which i would encourage everyone to read, can be found here For people having problems finding FCEU.ELF v955, you can download it here http updated 6/22/08 Alternate link for those who would rather use the SwapMagic method, check this link:

    Keywords: ps2, mcboot, exploit, chip, softmod, independence, cogswap, esr, backup
    Average rating: 4.6

  5. xKey/xk3y/x360key installation tutorial - Install in Fat/Phat 360
    Duration: 7:47

    Description: Buy xKey - All content in this video is owned by OzModChips, do not repost without permission. Need help? xKey forums -

    Keywords: x360key, xkey, xk3y, xbox, tutorial, guide, 360, console
    Average rating: 4.7

  6. Tutorial PSP: Play SNES Games On Your Psp, Snes9xtyl 0.4.2 ME
    Duration: 10:22


    Keywords: Snes9xtyl, how, to, install, psp, snes, emulator, best, fast, perfect, speed, latest, phat, slim, 3000, super, nintendo, entertainment, system
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. How To Soft Mod a PS2 FAT NO MODCHIP OR SWAPMAGIC!! Tutorial HD Part 2/3
    Duration: 14:40


    Keywords: Playstation, Hacking, Modding, Soft, Mod, How, To, video, Game, freemcboot, electronics, laptops, Hardmodding, Swap, Trick, 007, Agent, Under, Fire, PS2, FAT, no, magic, Action, Replay, Modchip, Sony, COMPLETE, Tutorial, on, softmod/hack, games, psp, video game, Image, Burn, memento, disk, patcher, ESR, Apache, Ulanch, Elf, Part
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. How To SoftMod a PS2 FAT NO MODCHIP OR SWAPMAGIC!! Tutorial HD Part 1/3
    Duration: 13:16


    Keywords: Playstation, Hacking, Modding, Soft, Mod, How, To, video, Game, freemcboot, electronics, laptops, Hardmodding, Swap, Trick, 007, Agent, Under, Fire, PS2, FAT, no, magic, Action, Replay, Modchip, Sony, COMPLETE, Tutorial, on, softmod/hack, games, psp, video game, Taking, apart, With, philips, head/, flathead, screwdriver, software, how-to, gaming, instructions, analysis, installation, howto, tips & tricks, consoles, part
    Average rating: 4.5

  9. Xbox 360 Phat RGH Tutorial part 2
    Duration: 10:01

    Description: This tutorial covers the install of the QSBs and coolrunner for the RGH on a phat xbox 360. This is a 5 part series. Brought to you by

    Keywords: Xbox, 360, RGH, Jtag, Cool Runner, Team Xecuter, Hack, Mod, Tutorial, Tut
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. X360key Rev 7-2 installation Tutorial #1
    Duration: 1:35

    Description: X360key Rev7-2 Components From

    Keywords: x360key, xk3y, X360key Rev 7-2, X360key R 7-2
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Install Hard Drive (HDD) In Playstation 2 (PS2) And Format
    Duration: 5:22

    Description: - This tutorial will show you how I added and formatted a hard drive in my phat Playstation 2. **My system has been modded, but this should work with unmodded systems.** What you need: 1. Exploited Memory Card with USB memory stick ( Or buy a card off me. Send me a Message. 2. Phat Playstation 2 3. 200 GB hard drive 4. Playstation 2 Network Adapter 5. HDLoader .ELF file (should be unzipped to the root directory of your USB stick) Download it from here: Need more info? Leave your questions in the Comment section.

    Keywords: playstation 2, sony, memory, card, exploit, hard, disc, drive, install, how, to, hack, ps2, hdd, hd loader, video games, consoles, instructions, tutorial, electronics, howto, diy, installation, how-to
    Average rating: 4.7

  12. TUTORIAL - Matrix Nand Programmer & Matrix Glitcher 360, Glitch Hack, Instalaci�n, Configuraci�n
    Duration: 37:43

    Description: Instalaci�n de Matrix Nand Programmer & Matrix Glitcher 360. : Hardware necesario en: -Matrix Nand programmer : 20?, env�o desde Espa�a incluido. (100%Programado y listo) -Matrix 360 Glitcher : 18?, env�o desde Espa�a incluido. (100%Programado y listo para la placa que nos indiques) Software Utilizado: AUTOGG 0.1 Esquema de Instalaci�n: Nand programmer: Glitcher: SI tienes BadBlocks:

    Keywords: tutorial, guia, ESPA�OL, Glitch Hack, MATRIX, nand, programmer, MATRIX NAND PROGRAMMER, glitcher, 360, xbox, matrix glticher, MATRIX GLITCHER, matrix glitcher 360, tutorial matrix glticher, TUTORIAL MATRIX GLITCHER, tutorial glitch hack
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. PSP Upgrade: 3.71 M33 to 5.00 M33-6
    Duration: 8:41

    Description: This is kind of a continuation to my Ultimate Easy Pandora video. The PSP was left in 3.71 M33, so I wanted to show how to get your PSP updated after Pandora hacking it. Still, you don't need to have done my ultimate easy pandora method to do this. This process has nothing to do with pandora, it's completely different, so no pandora memory stick or battery are needed. This update works for both slim and phats, and many other firmwares, not only from 3.71 M33 - though you must come from a cfw, and higher than 3.52-3 M33. Watch in High Quality, and read the FAQ for questions!! Links: *5.00 Sony Firmware: *5.00 M33-6: *1.50 kernel addon: *1.50 Sony Fimrware: Note: the last two links for Phat PSPs only Note II: may want to backup your gamesave files, as some people have reported that upgrading to 5.00m33-6 may lose your game savefiles (weird rare bug). Still, even if you back up the savefile, it's not sure that it can be loaded. But again, this is a rare weird case that some people are getting. Want to acess the PSN? Watch this vid ======================================== Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ======================================== 1) What firmware should I have for this? - 3.52 m33-3 or higher; MUST be custom firmware (from a hacker) 2) My PSP is slim! What do I need? - You only need the 5.00 Sony firmware and the 5.00 m33-6 installer, your PSP and the newer ones CAN'T run ...

    Keywords: PSP, upgrading, 3.71, m33, m33-6, 5.00, hack, dark, alex, update, help, noob, friendly, easy, fast, detail, quality, best, good
    Average rating: 4.7

  14. xk3y 1.1 R7-2 (X360Key / xKey) v1.06 Slim 360 installation from AZ in HD by Canadamods *NEW*
    Duration: 12:55

    Description: This is the best complete guide out there yet. It covers everything step by step, and tips/tricks that aren't offered anywhere else. This will help setup your microSD to be in v106 in the EXT3 format with MenuISO Activated. No more need to use the remote. The installation is simplified , and fixes many issues others have faced with installation. Download xK3y Prep file here: Buy xK3y here:

    Keywords: r7-2 version 1.1 xkey, x360key, xk3y, cfw, jungleflasher, xgd3, open case, tutorial, guide canadamods, best tutorial on xk3y
    Average rating: 4.3

  15. psp running ctf 4.01m33-2
    Duration: 6:28

    Description: this video is my first video,its just a test showing the content of my next videos will be a tutorial...sorry about my english...

    Keywords: psp, 4.01m33-2, phat, fat, psp-1000, custom

  16. AZIOTRORRO - hack PS2 Slim o PHAT todas las Versiones (by demicio)
    Duration: 10:54

    Description: hola a todos es un video tutorial de hackear la ps2 por completo y poder jugar copias de juegos de ps2 una vez de parchear los juegos con el programa de esr v 0.24 y el toxic para de doble capa de dvd que os pondr� el link de descarga para parcharlo y despues grabarlo con el imburm ya que es el mejor que hay ESR DISC PATCHER V 0.24 y TOXIC: SWAPMAGIC : USB EXTREME : IMBURM:

    Keywords: AZIOTRORRO, hack, PS2, Slim, o, PHAT, todas, las, Versiones, by, demicio
    Average rating: 3.3

  17. xk3y install on fat / phat xbox 360 (x360key xkey) by Canadamods
    Duration: 8:08

    Description: This is the installation of the xK3y on the fat xbox 360 Remember you can buy your xK3y from us here:

    Keywords: xk3y, x360key, xkey, iso, cfw, installation of xk3y, installation of x360key, guide, canadamods, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. How to Install CPS2 on Fat and Slim PSP Part 1.
    Duration: 10:02


    Keywords: How, to, add, CPS2PSP, CPS2, your, PSP, Fat, Slim, Lite, Sony, Tutorial, Roms, Marvel, vs, Capcom
    Average rating: 4.5

  19. Read Key of Liteon Drives NO-CUTS Part 1/2
    Duration: 6:31

    Description: This video shows how to use the Lizard and Scorpion to read the keys of your Liteon drives without Cuts. No cuts, no solder, no glue-scam

    Keywords: scorpion, Lizard
    Average rating: 4.6

  20. x360key / xk3y rev 7-2 + firmware 1.06
    Duration: 8:11


    Keywords: xk3y, rev, 7, 2
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. How to calibrate your PS2's laser
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: Sometimes, older "fatline" Playstation 2's can stop reading discs. This is due to the laser degrading over time. This video is just a quick guide on how to calibrate your laser so it works to its (almost) full potential. DISCLAIMER: Any damage done to your hardware is your own fault. cannot be held responsible. Enjoy. -Adam, Admin.

    Keywords: playstation, laser, calibration, tech, dump, techdump,, ps2, calibrate
    Average rating: 4.6

  22. Free McBoot Preview (Fat PS2)
    Duration: 8:22

    Description: Me showing my fat PS2 with the exploit Memory Card, with the help of my Sandisk 2Gb USB: ESR Swap Magic Codebreaker USB Advance HD Loader Simple Media System PGEN SNES Station Cogswap Tetris Yo mostrando mostrando mi PS2 fat, con la Memory Card Hackeada, con la ayuda de mi Sandisk 2Gb USB: ESR Swap Magic Codebreaker USB Advance HD Loader Simple Media System PGEN SNES Station Cogswap Tetris

    Keywords: USB, Sandisk, PS2, Play, Station, memory, Card, exploit, SNES, swap, magic, Cogswap, HD, loader, 16:9
    Average rating: 3.8

  23. How To Hack Your Fat PS2 For Disk Swapping
    Duration: 5:38

    Description: This method is only to be used for back-up games such as custom guitar hero, not modded games. YOU MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL DISK! WARNING! I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR PS2!

    Keywords: ps2, fat, disk, swap, hacking, modding, mod, hack, custom, guitar, hero
    Average rating: 3.0

  24. Jungle Flasher 1.88 - LT Plus 2.0 LiteOn
    Duration: 6:21

    Description: This is a Flash of 2.0 to a Lite-On drive I was lucky enough to have Errors on Both spots that problems can have so you get to see how easy it is to get past them! If a Lite-on Fails dont Worry, its Not Bricked you just have to do it again! *** Always Backup Your Key Files!!!! *** Using Jungle Flasher 1.88 FW LT Plus 2.0 Drive LiteOn System XBox 360 Phat Dash 2.0.13599.0 Be Sure to be on the Latest Dash!!! 2.0.13599.0, released July 19, 2011 Thanks to Team Jungle & C4e

    Keywords: Jungle Flasher 1.88, LT Plus 2.0, liteon, xbox 360 Phat, Recovering a Bricked Lite-On
    Average rating: 4.4

  25. Xbox 360 Phat Team Xecuter Coolrunner Install Guide
    Duration: 11:11

    Description: In this video I install the TX Coolrunner into an Xbox 360 Phat. Look for my videos on setting up ggBuild, Programing the Coolrunner, and updating the NAND-X.

    Keywords: phat, Coolrunner, QSB, tx, team, xecuter, xbox, 360, slim, jtag, reset, glitch, hack, hacking, mod, moding, nand-x, nandx, cmod
    Average rating: 5.0

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