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  1. 2D's iELECTRIBE Tutorial 1 - Playing with Patterns
    Duration: 3:22

    Description: 2D's first tutorial on 'Playing with Patterns' on the new Korg iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition app for iPad. Gorillaz has teamed up with Korg - the legendary electronic musical instrument developers - to create a new dedicated beatbox for the iPad: The iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition. Featuring the iELECTRIBE original beat-making characteristics, this special Gorillaz Edition has been customized to generate sounds from the band latest album The Fall. Get iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition: More details here :

    Keywords: Gorillaz, ipad app, The Fall, 2D, ielectribe
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. 2D Tutorial, Chapter 1.1 / Beginner's Guide to XNA Game Studio 3.0
    Duration: 3:08

    Description: Chapter 1: Introducing the 2D Tutorial / Step 1: Introduction to 2D

    Keywords: XNA, XNA Game Studio, Xbox

  3. Graphics Tutorials - 2D Text in Photoshop #5
    Duration: 13:08

    Description: I've been meaning to get round to this tutorial for a while now and here it is! Learn how to emulate the style I use on my text from this tutorial! Hope you guys enjoy it and it helps you create some awesome artwork and stunning designs with it! Subscribe to the tutorial series: And be sure to check the Resource Library for all of the downloads from the series: MY SERIES ? Want to hire me? - ? Want to learn? - ? Want my resources? - CONNECT ? Twitter - ? Facebook - ? Online - MY GRAPHIC PARTNERS ? SpitfireDesigns - http ? Chudleigh - THE FUZE TEAM ? YouTube - ? Twitter - ? Facebook - YEOUSCH ? Yeousch Graphics - ? Yeousch - ? Twitter - ? Facebook -

    Keywords: Rob, paniikzz, fuze, Graphics, GFX, Background, Channel, Design, youtube, Partner, Adobe, Photoshop, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, Apple, macbook, Pro, Mac, Yeousch, yeouschgfx, YGFX, Maxon, cinema4d, C4D, Sketch, Tutorial, 2012, 2D, Text, in, PS, Typography
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. 2D's iELECTRIBE Tutorial 2 - Using the Gorillaz Wave
    Duration: 3:17

    Description: 2D's second tutorial on 'Using the Gorillaz Wave' on the new Korg iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition app for iPad. Gorillaz has teamed up with Korg - the legendary electronic musical instrument developers - to create a new dedicated beatbox for the iPad: The iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition. Featuring the iELECTRIBE original beat-making characteristics, this special Gorillaz Edition has been customized to generate sounds from the band latest album The Fall. Get iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition: More details here :

    Keywords: gorillaz, KORG, ielectribe, ipad
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. After Effects Tutorial: 2D Motion Tracking
    Duration: 9:28

    Description: Hey guys, here are the basics of the built in 2D motion tracking features that After Effects has to offer. I also go over what the boxes mean (search area, target area etc).The reason its 2D is because it only tracks in the x and y direction, if you want 3d motion tracking using boujou, watch this tut:

    Keywords: bakerstuts, Bakers, Tuts, After, Effects, Tutorial, 2D, Motion, Tracking, Built, In, Features, Andrew, Kramer, videocopilot
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Tutorials - 2D Intros Giveaway!
    Duration: 2:05


    Keywords: Vexuli, Intros
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Tutorial Tuesdays - How To Make A 2D Logo into 3D | emhdesigns #6
    Duration: 5:47

    Description: Tutorial on how to make a 2D logo 3D using Photoshop and Cinema 4D. If you enjoyed this tutorial please visit my channel for more tutorials. Director's Channel: Yeousch Yeousch Reloaded Yeousch Sports Yeousch Alliance Yeousch Website Yeousch Twitter http Yeousch Facebook

    Keywords: Yeousch, GFX, Adobe, Photoshop, CS4, CS5, Maxon, cinema4d, C4D, R11, R12, R13, Speed, Art, Graphics, Screenflow, Fraps, Camtasia, Quicktime, Wallpaper, youtube, Background, 3D, Custom, Gradient Map, Colour Correction, Painting
    Average rating: 4.8

  8. Tutorials - 2D Spinning Text - After Effects
    Duration: 6:08

    Description: Leave a like and comment if you want more advanced 2D tutorials in the future! Thanks so much for all your continuous support! Don't forget to comment, like, and favorite! Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy this tutorial! Texture download: Check out my team! Subscribe my back-up channel! _________________________________________________________ Follow me on Twitter - Like my Facebook - Logo by - Music: Indivision - Electrician LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK FOR A FREE TUNE! _________________________________________________________ Extra Tags: Zebo Edits Snipin Designs Cinematic Editing Dare Tutorial After Effects New Ideas Music Background Adobe Outro Steeze Gypzy Desktop Background Logo Download Free Not Upload Without Permission Twitter Facebook Thanks Magic Bullet Looks Blu Duncan Ninja OpTic Feral Steeze Blake Designs Sony effect transition cray designs This video has been uploaded as part of the Machinima Partner's program, in accordance with YouTube guidelines.

    Keywords: Zebo, Edits, Snipin, Designs, Cinematic, Editing, Dare, Tutorial, After, Effects, New, Ideas, Music, Background, Adobe, Outro, Steeze, Gypzy, Desktop, Logo, Download, Free, Not, Upload, Without, Permission, Twitter, Facebook, Thanks, Magic, Bullet, Looks, Blu, Duncan, Ninja, optic, Feral, Blake, Sony, effect, transition, cray
    Average rating: 4.8

  9. Tutorials - After Effects - 2d Motion Tracking
    Duration: 6:13

    Description: Leave a like, favorite, & comment if you want more tutorials! ____________________________________________________________ Keep up to date with me! - Website: - Twitter - Facebook: Facebook: Check out my other channels! - Music: - Team: - Back-Up: Other useful links! Email: business (at) Music by:

    Keywords: Zebo, Edits, Snipin, Designs, Cinematic, Editing, Tutorial, After, Effects, New, Ideas, Music, Background, Adobe, Outro, Steeze, Gypzy, Desktop, Logo, Download, Free, Not, Upload, Without, Permission, Twitter, Facebook, Thanks, Magic, Bullet, Looks, Blu, Duncan, Ninja, optic, Feral, Blake, Sony, effect, transition, cray, boujou, cinema, 4d, motion, track, tracking, aspros, render, settings, machinima, sound, in, the, zone, hq, inthezone, cloud9, cloud, nine, tutorials, totorials
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. The Tutorial Show - How to make a 2D logo 3D using Cinema 4D
    Duration: 7:31

    Description: Thanks For watching the video! i will be uploading every other day, soo make sure you guys stay active and give me feedback! Don't Forget to like, Favorite & Subscribe :)

    Keywords: How, to, make, 2D, logo, 3D, using, Cinema, 4D, nutrafx, Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.7

  11. tutorial 2d 3d depth on flash cartoon animation
    Duration: 5:10

    Description: Check out my latest tutorial on easy flash animation in this video i wanted to show how i work on flash.. and how i illustrate with the mouse and at the same time it's a type of tutorial showing that flash 9cs3 can even give 3d depth on a 2d character it was a special request by a fan so i did it sorry for the background noises hehe i did that right now at work lol i had some free time.. hope you enjoy it.. help me expand by joining my facebook pages: thank you so much for watching! Elie M. Iskandar

    Keywords: 3d, 2d, create, flash, tutorial, animation, cartoon, character
    Average rating: 4.6

  12. 2d Fighter Tutorial Part I: Zoning
    Duration: 4:16

    Description: Music in order: Barbara Morgenstern - Die Japanische Schrank Ellen Allien - Sehnsucht

    Keywords: street fighter, sf4, zoning, fighting game tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. 2D Tutorial, Chapter 6.1 / Beginner's Guide to XNA Game Studio 3.0
    Duration: 8:26

    Description: Chapter 6: Firing Cannonballs / Step 1: Expand the Game Object Class

    Keywords: XNA, XNA Game Studio, Xbox

  14. 3 - Bullets/firing system: Java 2D side Scrolling Game tutorial
    Duration: 17:57

    Description: This installment of the side scrolling game in Java shows you how to add bullets to your game, which allows the main character to fire in order to hit enemies (to be added next!). This is done through adding another class to the program. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them. The code for the video can be found below: Frame class: Board Class: Dude Class: Bullet Class: The images can be found here: bullet.png: still.png: test.jpg (background): Thanks and good luck! -MrJavaHelp

    Keywords: Java, game, 2D, Swing, GUI, side, scroller, sidescrolling, fun, firing, bulleting, fire, missiles, ammo, left, programming
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Sony Vegas Tutorial - 2D Shapes Effect
    Duration: 6:13

    Description: Hope you enjoy! Can we get 200 likes? Check out Today's best deals on gadgets HERE - ----------------------------------------------------------- Leave any questions / tutorial suggestions in the comments below! All my Sony Vegas Tutorials: ----------------------------------------------------------- ? Subscribe for more videos : -----------------------------------------------------------

    Keywords: Sony, Vegas, Tutorial:, Animated, 2D, Shapes, jshd, xsaundi, pro, 11, 10, 100%, oce, alex20productions, tutorialmarket, Sony Vegas (Software), star, triangle, square, overlay, download, effect
    Average rating: 4.4

  16. Nail art: 2D 3D uv gel nails seashell french nail flower
    Duration: 4:46

    Description: This is a relatively new UV nail gel product being developed by us. We call it Design Sculpture Gel, or D gel. The idea is have a gel that can easily be sculptured, carved and shaped like acrylic nail extension, but without smell or discomfort to the skin that some clients experience when acrylics is applied. This is a design created by our technician Miss Jessica Park using a #8 gel design brush. To keep the video short, we cut out the time during curing. We will continue to update the status of this gel, and will upload more videos. Currently we are working to add more colors and finalize the designs on our training dvd that will ship with this product. You have any questions at all, please e-mail me at Thank you for watching, please do not forget to leave a rating and any suggestion you have here in the message board!

    Keywords: uv gel nails, nailart, flower, nails, nail design, gel design, ??, ??, ongle, art, manicure, beauty, aerografo, unghie arte, ????? ??????, ????, unha, ???????, u�as, N�gel, Nagel design, Fingern�gel, sculpting, gel nails, nail art, gel french nails
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Make Single 2D images 3D tutorial 1
    Duration: 4:45

    Description: This tutorial shows you how to make a flat 3D picture from a single image. This is the basic procedure you must master before you can make a real deep 3d image. In the E-book i show you how to make a depth-map to make real deep 3d images from single images. No stereopictures needed. Just one picture or photo. All types of images work. Do you want to know more tips and tricks and make stunning images? Go to and Download the first chapter! Direct link:

    Keywords: 3d, 2D, anaglyph, images, image, 3d image, single, tutorial, photoshop, adobe, software, editing, computers, howto, cheats, downloads, Free, Adobe Photoshop, Cs3, Flash, Cs4, Stereoscopy, Adobe Creative Suite
    Average rating: 3.4

  18. ArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Model Better in 3D and Draw Less in 2D
    Duration: 35:22

    Description: - This lesson (an excerpt from the Best Practices Course) will show you how you can create your 3D model cleanly in ArchiCAD with a sufficient level of detail that you will not have to draw much in 2D to create beautiful and accurate sections and elevations.

    Keywords: archicad, archicad tutorial, archicad lesson, archicad training, archicad tips and tricks
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Convert a 2D Video To 3D Easy With This Tutorial! (UPDATED September 2012) (WITH PROGRAM)
    Duration: 4:11

    Description: So, This Tut helps you convert any video to 3D within minutes(Time varies depending on size) It'll convert the video to Red/Cyan, Yellow/Cyan, Sterioscopic Side by side(BEST), and Top bottom. So, You can watch the 3D videos you make on your 3D TV! Just download this package and you'll have everything you need. The package includes - 2D To 3D converter - Step by Step Tut on how to convert it and get the best quality. - 5 Free HD 3D videos in all 3D formats - A free DVD burner program File Download: Convert 2D Videos To 3D Easy With This Tutorial! (UPDATED September 2012)

    Keywords: Convert, 2D, to, 3D, demo, lg, lcd, samsung, 3D Film (Film Format), 3D Modeling (Profession), red, cyan, yellow, home, theater, grey, black, optimize, Videos, Easy, With, This, Tutorial!, (UPDATED, September, 2012)

  20. Visual Basic Game Programming Tutorial - Part 1 - Building a Game Loop and Frame Counter
    Duration: 36:21

    Description: In this Visual Basic 2010 game tutorial series, I'll be covering the basics of simple, 2D game design, from the ground up. I'll be focusing primarily on RPG style design; however, these techniques can be used with any 2D game. This VB Game Design Tutorial will be focusing on: 1.) Building a proper game loop 2.) Creating a Frame Counter to monitor performance 3.) Creating a Game Grid for Tile Mapping In this series we will be focusing on: Game Loop Design Handling Mouse Positions and Clicks. Graphical Tile Maps Character Movement & User Input Creating Semi-transparent brushes Creating stylized dialog boxes for chat, menus, etc. Saving & Loading Data from Files Object Animation PROJECT SOURCE CODE:

    Keywords: VB, Visual, Basic, Game, Programming, Tutorial, Design, vb2010, gamedesign, RPG, 2D, Role, Playing, wow, Loop, Frame, Counter, FPS, Code, Dragon, Warrior
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. - PREVIEW Next tutorial. | R�alise ton intro 2D by TixDesign.
    Duration: 11

    Description: Yo les gens ! (30 likes = TUTO) Aujourd'hui petite intro en 2D r�alis�e pour personne. Je vous proposerai un tutoriel lorsque cette preview aura atteint les 30 likes. Le tuto est d�j� pr�t donc il y aura peut-�tre quelques incoh�rences :/ J'esp�re vraiment que ce projet vous plaira �tant donn� que beaucoup de monde m'ont demand� de r�aliser des tutos sur mes intros en 2D. Le tuto dure 1h15 donc pr�voyez d'avoir fait les courses et acheter quelques choses � grignoter et � boire ! x') Sur ce je vous souhaite une bonne fin de soir�e, PEACE ! ;) PS : Pour toutes les personnes voulant une intro en 2D, merci de remplir le formulaire dont le lien est disponible � droite de ma cha�ne sous la description ;)

    Keywords: Preview, intro, animation, introduction, sexy, look, this, intros, i've, made, for, next, tuto, tutorial, tutoriel, with, adobe, after, effect, cs5.5, tixdesign, Tix, Design, motion, graphics, 0.3k, Trailer, New, Effects, Demo, Reel
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Visual Basic Beginner Game Programming Tutorial
    Duration: 21:10


    Keywords: VB, Game, Programming, Tutorial, visualbasic, Beginner, Tile, Map, Backbuffer, Character, Movement, 2D, RPG, Zelda
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Ep. 7 - How to install the 2D-CRAFT MOD!
    Duration: 7:19

    Description: Thanks for watching my video :) Please take a second to rate the video Links and Stuff: Forum Link: WinRAR: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook:

    Keywords: how, to, install, 2d, craft, mod, tutorial, minecraft, How-to
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. Java 2D Game Development [1]: Setting up the JFrame
    Duration: 33:16

    Description: This tutorial will teach you the basics about setting up a 2D game in pure java. I will include the final project source when the game is complete, and will update this description with them at a later date. If you enjoyed the video please Subscribe, Like or Comment, and let me know what's up! Website: LiveStream Outro Song: Approaching Nirvana - Pirate's Call Check them out here: Used in accordance with:

    Keywords: Java, 2D, Java (programming Language), tutorial, how, to, game, program, windows, mac, linux, set, up, notch, computer, application, minecraft, development, programming, Software Tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. How to: Make a 2D Introduction - The Basics
    Duration: 14:00

    Description: Hello all, Monk7mad here with another video tutorial and today I am showing you how to create your own 2D background. The video shows you how to animate shapes in a variety of ways as well as learn how to manipulate the shapes within After Effects. Download for Project File: Extra Tags - (Ignore) How to: Make a 2D Introduction - The Basics clean free template tutorial business intro youtube channel photoshop free download layer styles pack patterns pack guide how to do background 2D intro after effects

    Keywords: Giveaway, free, youtube, background, Cinema, 4D, Material, GFX, Pack, aftereffects, tutorial, epic, Colour, Correction, custom, class, guide, mw3, Introduction, (music), Help, Tips, New, Tricks, modern, warfare, Call, Of, Duty:, Cod, Cod4, Mw2, Montage, CCG, MBL, Customs, Need, Magic, Bullet, Looks, Intro, Test, HD, pro, effect, oce, Software, Howto, Sony, Vegas, Adobe, After, Effects, (Software), Monk7mad, Editing
    Average rating: 5.0

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