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  1. c++ Programming Tutorial 2 (Part 1 of 2)
    Duration: 7:36

    Description: NEW Programming HELP WEBSITE! Part 1 of 2, my new tutorial going through loops, switch statements, if else statements and applying them to another fairly simple program

    Keywords: c++, programming, tutorial, c#, cplus, program, java, computers, microsoft, linux, games, programmer, video, education, funny
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. Rubik's 5x5 Tutorial - The Reduction Method (part 2a)
    Duration: 8:00

    Description: Link to part 2b: Link to part 1: This video explains (briefly) the double pairing method for edges and it explains the 'storage' method in full detail. I ran out of time, so had to break in into two parts. Links are above. If you're interested in double pairing, check my 4x4 tutorial. It explains things in much more detail. Here's a link: Here's the algorithm to 'flip' an edge for the storage method: RUR' U' y L' UL My Website:

    Keywords: Rubik's, 5x5, Cube, Professor, tutorial, how, to, solve, eastsheen, reduction, method, edge, pairing, parity, double, storage
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. Script breakdown, scheduling and budgeting -- Tutorial 2A of 4
    Duration: 6:04

    Description: Quick note: video 2 ran 1 minute too long for youtube's 10 minute max rule, so I split it into 2A and 2B. This video was made to help demystify the script breakdown, scheduling and budgeting process for current and aspiring filmmakers. It's a basic overview of the tools used to prepare a feature by examining the flow from Final Draft to Movie Magic Scheduling to Movie Magic Budgeting. By no means is it complete, as the real lessons takes years, but perhaps this can be a starting point for some. 4 parts, approx 10 mins each.

    Keywords: film, tutorial, budgeting, scheduling, breakdown, upm, line, producer, movie, magic, EP, final, draft
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Magnus' Fighting Tutorials Episode 2A: Attacking Shield Side
    Duration: 8:22

    Description: Episode 2: Attacking the Shield Side, part A

    Keywords: Dagorhir, foam, combat, fighting, swords, shield, battle, viking, roman, saxon, medieval, tutorial, magnus, war, reenactment, SCA, larp
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Part 2a: Complete Model Tutorial for TF2
    Duration: 8:35

    Description: This video is in two parts (a and b). Useful modeling hotkeys: space - add menu right click - select a - toggle select all b - select box s - scale r - rotate g - move e - extrude tab - toggle between edit mode/object mode Middle Mouse Button - rotate shift + MMB - pan scroll wheel - zoom ctrl+e - mark seam menu ctrl+n - recalculate normals u - UV unwrap menu For more modeling help visit the Noob to Pro Wiki:

    Keywords: team, fortress, tf2, valve, complete, model, source, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. Zerg Invasion Part 2a (Starcraft 2 Editor Tutorial)
    Duration: 9:44

    Description: Part 2b: MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN 720P In this tutorial-series I go through making a starship-troopers style defense map for starcraft 2. This part contains working through the data editor.

    Keywords: zerg, invasion, starship, troopers, starcraft, editor, sc2, galaxy, map, making, sc, defence, defense
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Orange Blossom Special Tutorial 2a (Bow Pattern)
    Duration: 8:29

    Description: See me and my bandmates perform this tune at tempo at my fiddle channel: Instructional Video series teaches how to play the Orange Blossom Special. This segment breaks down the bow pattern. This video assumes the viewer knows very little about OBS.

    Keywords: orange blossom special, obs, orange blossom how to play, orange blossom lesson
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Rocky Hill Tutorial - Video 2A Supplemental
    Duration: 6:39

    Description: Additional method for making cliff faces.

    Keywords: Warhammer, 40k, Rock, Building, Tutorial, Painting, Terrain, Scenery, terrainaholic, rubbishinrubbishout, miniwargaming, Games
    Average rating: 4.7

  9. Tutorial 5 - Oceanic Water - Part 2a
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: In part 2, we will find out how to import our 3d files from Cinema and complete our shots in post. Find out how to make your horizon line, sky, fog effects, and a few curves and color tricks to really bring out this animation.

    Keywords: render, ready, renderready, al, heck, c4d, cinema 4d, tutorial, 3d, post, after effects, ae, video tutorial, 3d tutorial, ocean, water, oceanic, sunset
    Average rating: 4.7

  10. Screen Monkey Tutorial 2A - Understanding Layers
    Duration: 10:38

    Description: Takes you through the principal of layers and how to play clips on them. layer order, display profiles, assigning layers, active layer, layers dashboard, docking.

    Keywords: Screen, Monkey, video, Power, Point, media, layers

  11. 2a. 2020 Design - Wall tutorial Part 1
    Duration: 7:31

    Description: This second tutorial in the series, covers the drawing and editing of walls in the 2020 Design application.

    Keywords: 2020, Design

  12. Converting a PSD to HTML - Part 2a of 3.wmv
    Duration: 12:11

    Description: This is part two (a) of a three-part series on converting a PSD to HTML and CSS website. This PSD to HTML tutorial will continue on with the header/menu section of the site and change the way in which the site is centered. Also, wrap the entire site in a page-wrap div instead of centering each major page element.

    Keywords: psd to html, psd to html tutorial, webdesign, tutorial tips & tricks, graphic design, template tutorial, webdesigning, photoshop designing, website designing, make a website, create webdesign, web tutorial, educational
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Photoshop Mama's Not so Quick Watercolor Method Part 2a
    Duration: 5:39

    Description: Photoshop tutorial. Keep up with what's new by liking my FB Fan page here: Get my Photoshop Actions & Photoshop Videos at Part 2a continuation of tutorial. One method to produce an artistic watercolor effect from a photo. Instruction also incudes tip for "actionizing" this method, in Photoshop

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorials, Adobe, Tutorial, Photoretouching, Watercolor
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Photoshop Mama's Digital Makeup Part 2a
    Duration: 9:56

    Description: Keep up with what's new by liking my FB Fan page here: Get my Photoshop Actions & Photoshop Videos at Photoshop beauty retouching tutorial. This is actually a real tutorial showing the steps of how to do glamour photo retouching in Photoshop

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, photoretouching, digitalmakeover, digitalmakeup, photoshopmama, beauty, fashion, technology
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. Tutorial Paso a paso Compresora Portatil 2a parte acondicionando la base y montaje
    Duration: 8:37

    Description: Otra compresora con motor de lavadora, pero en esta vez ha sido necesario desarmar el motor para darle una limpieza y se ha invertido el sentido de giro, el tanque esta hecho de un tubo galvanizado de 3" est� soldado a la base met�lica, se le ha colocado un regulador de presi�n para que detenga el motor al llegar a una presi�n a la que aun no se frene el motor, es un motor m�s peque�o que el de la compresora que hicimos con el tanque de gas, pero si alcanzo 28 a 30 lbs sin forzarse aunque por la capacidad del tanque esta se debe regular a una salida constante igual a la capacidad de llenado para que sea constante el flujo de aire a la salida para que la aplicaci�n de la pintura sea uniforme.

    Keywords: tutorial, compresora, motor, lavadora, pintura, automotriz, ingresos, cultural, biosustentable, herramientas, taller
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Video tutorial 2a - Passaggi posturali.m4v
    Duration: 9:29

    Description: Mobilizzazione e movimentazione manuale dei pazienti, passaggi posturali da seduto in piedi con paziente collaborante e non - Video rivolto a Studenti, Docenti, Operatori Socio Sanitari, Familiari, Badanti e Caregiver che facilita l'apprendimento e suggerisce le giuste manovre da utilizzare. Il video � senza fini di lucro e vuole diffondere la conoscenza di tecniche utili per aiutare pazienti e loro familiari in difficolt�, in particolare pazienti colpiti da ictus.

    Keywords: Tutorial, Studenti, Operatori, Socio, Sanitari, OSS, Familiari, Badanti, Caregiver, facilita, l'apprendimento, ausilio, nella, Sicurezza, sul, lavoro, movimentazione, manuale, pazienti, infermieri, OTA, IG, ictus, mobilizzazione, trasferimenti, passaggi, posturali.

  17. Blender 2.5+ Einsteiger Tutorial 2a -- eine Burg Modellieren
    Duration: 15:00

    Description: -- Modellierung f�r Anf�nger -- Materialien zuweisen ...mehr Tutorials von mir auf

    Keywords: 3d, tutorial, deutsch, lernen, anleitung, einf�hrung, blender, 2.5, modelling, modellierung
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Tutorial Como armar una compresora para pintar o inflar neumaticos 2a parte
    Duration: 10:52


    Keywords: tutorial, compresora, motor, lavadora, pintura, automotriz, ingresos, cultural, biosustentable, herramientas, taller
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. [Tutorial] How To Do Height Mod And RimBreaker Mod Nba 2k11
    Duration: 3:50


    Keywords: How, To, Do, Height, Mod, And, Weight, NBA, 2K11, HACK, MY, PLAYER, 99, MODIO, USB, CHEAT, HEX, EDIT, crew, game
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. Nba 2k11 Height Mod Tutorial ( Best Tut)
    Duration: 2:47


    Keywords: Nba, 2k11, how, to, mod, Height, and, overall, 99, uncapped, my, player, help, big, basketball, small, need, tips, large, wide, tutorial, tricks, best, defense
    Average rating: 4.7

  21. Tutorial Uncinetto: bikini (2a parte)
    Duration: 11:20

    Description: Questa � la seconda parte del video tutorial sul bikini, in cui faccio vedere come realizzare i laccetti e quindi le decorazioni del bikini.

    Keywords: bikini, estate, uncinetto, crochet, summer
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Tutorial Applicazione Henn� 2a parte
    Duration: 11:55

    Description: Video su come applicare l'Henn�, ossia applicare l'henn� da sole senza chiedere l'aiuto di nessuno! ;-) 2a parte Video su come applicare l'Henn�, ossia applicare l'henn� da sole senza chiedere l'aiuto di nessuno! ;-) Non allarmatevi, in realt� con una mezz'ora finirete (ovviamente mi riferisco a lunghezza e massa che ho io, quindi pu� essere molto meno o poco di pi�). l'applicazione � comunque � piacevole perch� nel frattempo la mente si assenta e viaggia, ed i movimenti sono automatici... ;-) Pagina Facebook: "Le Erbette di Janas" Non dimenticate di cliccare su "Mi Piace" nella Paginetta di facebook Grazie! :-) (ovviamente se vi piace ;-) Negozio Blomming: Troverete molti prodotti, Henn�, indigo, Erbe Indiane, Ghassoul oli, burri e qualche materia prima cosmetica, molti altri prodotti in arrivo!!!! :) Sito Internet: Email:

    Keywords: applicazione henn�, applicare henn�, fare henn�, henne, indigo, erbe, cassia, robbia, tinture naturali, Janas, Henna, Tinta, ayurvediche, body, art, tattoo, tatuaggi, capelli, tintorie, apply, hair
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Tutorial: Ciondolo Peruviano | Peruvian Thread Pendant Tutorial [2a Parte]
    Duration: 14:02

    Description: Ecco qui finalmente il richiestissimo tutorial!!! L'ho diviso in due parti perch� altrimenti sarebbe stato troppo lungo! Spero vi piaccia!! A presto!! =) Qui trovate la prima parte del video - La mia pagina Facebook -

    Keywords: Tutorial, Ciondolo, Peruviano, Peruvian, Thread, Pendant, 2a, Parte, nuove, creazioni, orecchini, bracciali, anelli, martyninnananna, fimo, cernit, katopolyclay, resina, pigmenti, lumier, gemme, di, vetro, perline, beads, pasta, polimerica, polimer, clay, creations, earrings, rings, bracelet, cotone, cerato, stampi, microperle, filo, elastico, madreperle, alluminio, artistic, wire, hand, made, artigianato, artigianale, mercatini, fatto, mano
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. Jeff Buckley Guitar Lesson 2a | Grace
    Duration: 6:44

    Description: Grace is the song I am most often asked to create a tutorial for. Well, here's the beginning of the answer to that request. Enjoy! Part 1 covers the introduction of the song ... the arpeggiated portion.

    Keywords: jeff, buckley, guitar, lesson, tutorial, how, to, play, grace, acoustic, questionmarke
    Average rating: 4.8

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