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  1. Downgrade the Playbook to (Rootable) - Cursed4Eva!
    Duration: 7:04

    Description: This tutorial is for those wishing to downgrade to the rootable firmware from or upgrade from Credit to "sieteminerva" from Crackberry Link 1: Playbook Update Server - Link 2: Blackberry Desktop Software - Link 3: Fiddler2 - Link 4: Firmware - (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4) Code to enter in Fiddler - The command you type into command prompt - netstat -a -n -p tcp -b Thanks a lot for watching... Please click like and subscribe if you like what you see You can follow me on Twitter at Facebook: PLEASE HIT THE SHARE BUTTON BELOW IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO AND THINK ITS WORTH IT... Thank you, I owe you one :) Have a great day ahead! Cursed4Eva Click below Check out my channel for more Android Videos

    Keywords: Playbook, Blackberry, downgrade, rootable, jailbreak,,,, android, tutorial, cursed4eva
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. BB Playbook Tutorial #9 How to gain Root Access to Blackberry PlayBook OS
    Duration: 10:40

    Description: Here is my tutorial how to dingleberry and gain gain root access to your playbook. download the files below and follow along with the video and the instructions in the apps. Download Dingleberry Here: Download WinSCP here: and if putty keygen is not inside winscp here it is: winscp setting: thanks for watching comment thumbs up share

    Keywords: BB, Playbook, Tutorial, #9, How, to, gain, Root, Access, Blackberry, OS,, How-to, blackberry playbook, Mobile, dingleberry, qnx
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. BB Playbook Custom Theme bluZee preview OS
    Duration: 2:49

    Description: here is my custom theme i am working on ****this will NOT work on the official OS 2.0**** you must have root access for this i changed the tray icons- no tutorial yet i changed the app icons - tutorial here thanks for watching will post link to theme when finished to my liking. comment share sub

    Keywords: blackberry playbook, Theme (arts), mobile device, Preview, rooted, root, dingleberry, dingle, custom, pb, bb, rim, research, in, motion, space, icons, tray, alerts, notifications, Research In Motion
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. BB Playbook Rooted with Gingerbread Icons OS
    Duration: 4:25

    Description: here i am showing my new custom icons i downloaded and installed on my playbook. and some multi-tasking stay tuned for more app videos and tutorials comment thumbs up share

    Keywords: rim, playbook, blackberry, Android (operating System), Gingerbread, Mobile, bb, pb, os, beta, root, dingleberry, multitasking
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. BB Playbook Tutorial #11 UPDATED How to Downgrade or Update with "Fake" server
    Duration: 8:03

    Description: This is my updated tutorial with new links. follow instructions and pls pay attention. first download all the links and install apache and fiddler2 fiddler2 here: add the OS update or downgrade to the respective folder like in the video. Playbook update server here (apache is inside): OS here" leave apache and fiddler2 open then start desktop manager. there should be an error message when loading dm, just hit yes like i did, then you should get a message box from dm about a new update. remember this should be a "LOCAL" update if it is not, than u missed something. select the update you want and install. thanks for watching comment thumbs up share

    Keywords: blackberry, rim, playbook, bb, pb, qnx, downgrade, upgrade, update, fake, server, tutorial, how-to, hack, mod, customize, root, dingleberry, research, in, motion, software, reboot
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. BB Playbook Tutorial #7 How to Force update or downgrade with BBDM 7 beta
    Duration: 7:18

    Description: Heres a tutorial i made to show you how i was able to force downgrade my playbook to a rootable OS. Register for OS here: Download latest BBDM here: fresh install pls. uninstall any old v of bbdm.! Download QFCM file here: if it does not work when done, you can always try again. crackberry_dot_com is your friend comment thumbs up share

    Keywords: Blackberry, playbook, research, in, motion, rim, bb, pb, tutorial, how, to, force, update, downgrade, desktop, manager, trick, root, dingleberry, hack, install
    Average rating: 3.9

  7. How to DingleBerry/Jailbreak Your Playbook and get the Android Marketplace - Rooting Playbook
    Duration: 4:20

    Description: *A few steps may be unnecessary. But if you follow these steps. You will have a jailbroken playbook along with the android running with marketplace* UPDATE AS OF JANUARY the 1st, 2012. You jailbreak any version once again. If your forced to update to Refer to the link below to get the jailbreakable version. UPDATE AS OF December 24, 2011. YOU CANNOT JAILBREAK VERSION SO IF YOU HAVE NOT JAILBROKEN YOUR PLAYBOOK YET AND YOUR FORCED TO YOU CANNOT JAILBREAK AS OF RIGHT NOW. OS 2 Beta: *THIS LINK GETS YOU EVERYTHING* DingleBerry 2.11: PuttyGen and WinSCP: Step 8: @1:54 in Shell box copy and paste in "/tmp/setuidgid root /bin/sh" CyanogenMod7: CyanogenMod7 Direct Link: Step17: "cd(SPACE)/apps/ TAB).ns/native/scripts" Step17: "./" Download link for Download link for I know its kind of complicated. I didn't understand it until until someone actually did it for me. I forgot the name. But the shout out goes to him for helping me. And I hope this video helps. If this helped you. Let me know. If I missed out on anything let me know that as well.

    Keywords: Playbook, Dingleberry, Jailbreak, Android, Marketplace, Rooting, Blackberry, How, To
    Average rating: 4.7

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