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Video search results for 1984

  1. TNT � Seven Seas (1984)
    Duration: 4:16

    Description: Hardrock band from Norway. Great singer and guitarplayer. This is my favorite song with this band. From the second record Knights of the New Thunder 1984. Check this band up if you like AOR and hardrock.

    Keywords: TNT, Seven Seas, 1984, Norway, AOR, Hardrock, Guitar
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. ANDREA - REGATA (1984)
    Duration: 3:49

    Description: ANDREA - REGATA (1984)

    Keywords: andrea, nocna, regata, muzika
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Roby Lakatos (von�p�rbaj 1984)
    Duration: 9:15

    Description: Lakatos Roby a von�p�rbaj 2.helyezett

    Keywords: Lakatos, Roby.vonoparbaj, gipsy, music, band, hungarian, violin, czardas, csardas, monti
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. DB InterCity 1984
    Duration: 9:14

    Description: A short compilation of DB InterCity trains filmed at Dortmund Hbf (1984), Dortmund-Scharnhorst (1990) and in the Rhein Valley (October 1989).

    Keywords: DB, intercity, 1984
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Falco - Junge R�mer 1984
    Duration: 7:49

    Description: Falco - Junge R�mer 1984 Extended Mix HQ Audio...A tribute to this great artist... Falco.

    Keywords: Falco, Junge, R�mer, 1984, Extended, Mix, HQ, Audio
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Akosh - 1984 [2005]
    Duration: 3:48

    Description: This is the latest version of 1984. The music has been recorded on "Az utols� hangos dal - r�ad�s" concert on 4 June, 2005. Bonanza Banzai has broken up in 1994, but Akosh invited the old Bonanza Banzai staff to this concert, so they're performing this song together again. The song is based on George Orwell's novel. This video clip is a mix of the record of "Az utols� hangos dal - r�ad�s" concert, the original video clip ( and older concert records. You can find the translation of the text on Lirama ( site. The meaning of those texts, which flies through the screen during the video clip "WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH" Then more texts flies through behind Akosh's head, while Akosh says them: "You can't get a peaceful minute News of the war reach you day by day, excite you, and it's the same year for thousand days, because nineteen eighty-four still lasts!"

    Keywords: music, hungary, hungarian, bonanza, banzai, �kos, pop, synth, depeche, mode, 80s, 90s, utols�, hangos, 1984, george, orwell
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. KNIFE - ROCKWELL - (1984)
    Duration: 5:05

    Description: ROCKWELL (born Kennedy William Gordy on March 15, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan) is a former R&B performer who was signed to the Motown label. Biography Rockwell is the son of Motown founder and CEO Berry Gordy and Margaret Norton. To avoid seeming nepotistic, Rockwell secured his record deal without his father's knowledge.[1] Motown came up with the name Rockwell. Rockwell changed his name because he believed he "rocked well." In 1984, Rockwell released his biggest hit single, "Somebody's Watching Me", featuring childhood friends Michael Jackson on guest vocals (notably in the chorus lyrics), and Jermaine Jackson singing back-up. "Somebody's Watching Me" became a Top 10 pop hit in both the US and UK, and a #1 R&B hit. Follow-up singles underperformed, however, with single "Obscene Phone Caller", being Rockwell's only other Top 40 single. This follow-up single reached #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rockwell soon ended his musical career with Motown. Rockwell appeared on Soul Train on February 2, 1985 (Season 14, Episode 17) Rockwell was not the first member of the Gordy family to hit Billboard's Hot 100 as a recording artist. His uncle, Robert Gordy, reached the longer reaches of the chart in 1958 with "Everyone Was There," recording under the name of Bob Kayli. Rockwell's paternal half-sister is actress Rhonda Ross Kendrick, the eldest child of Diana Ross. A cover version by Mysto & Pizzi of Rockwell's hit "Somebody's Watching Me" is currently being used in a series of ...

    Keywords: KNIFE, ROCKWELL, Pop, R&B, Romantic, Music
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Jumping
    Duration: 6:22

    Description: osamu tezuka/1984

    Keywords: anime, japan, dream, fantastic, jump, masterpiece
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Divinyls Live 1984 - Elsie
    Duration: 6:02

    Description: Christina Amphlett goes crazy in this 1984 performance for Rock 'N' Roll Tonite. The song "Elsie" appears on the Divinyls debut album "Desperate."

    Keywords: divinyls, live, 1984, elsie, christina, amphlett, mark, mcentee, lipstick, rock, 'n', roll, tonite, tonight
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. miguel gallardo - muchachita 1984
    Duration: 3:14

    Description: video de 1984

    Keywords: miguel, gallardo, clasicas, camilo, sesto
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Subhumans ( Live In 1984 )
    Duration: 7:49

    Description: The UK's Subhumans playing 3 live tracks from 1984 1 ) Human Error 2 ) No 3 ) Parasites The band at their best and still a great live band today.

    Keywords: Subhumans, Human, Error, No, Parasites
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Chic Murray - Aberdeen, 1984
    Duration: 7:51

    Description: Chic Murray in action at His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, in 1984, for a show called 'Halls of Fame', with Roy Hudd.

    Keywords: Chic, Murray, Roy, Hudd
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Suburbia (1984) part 1
    Duration: 9:51

    Description: Suburbia (1984) part 1

    Keywords: punk, 80, 1984, suburbia, movie, film
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 6:05

    Description: Sorry! that's how it ended at the time! i ran out of tape but the interview ended very shorty after that. Helen Folasade Adu OBE (born 16 January 1959; better known as Sade), is a British singer-songwriter, composer, and record producer. She first achieved success in the 1980s as the frontwoman and lead vocalist of the Brit and Grammy Award winning English group Sade. Sade was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.Her middle name, Folasade, means honour confers your crown. Her parents, Adebisi Adu, a Nigerian lecturer in economics of Yoruba background, and Anne Hayes, an English district nurse, met in London, married in 1955 and moved to Nigeria. Later, when the marriage ran into difficulties, Anne Hayes returned to England, taking four-year-old Sade and her older brother Banji to live with her parents. When Sade was 11, she moved to Holland-on-Sea to live with her mother,and after completing school at 18 she moved to London and studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. While in college, she joined a soul band, Pride, in which she sang backing vocals. Her solo performances of the song "Smooth Operator" attracted the attention of record companies and in 1983, she signed a solo deal with Epic Records taking three members of the band, Stuart Matthewman, Andrew Hale and Paul Denman, with her. Sade and her band produced the first of a string of hit albums. Their debut album Diamond Life was in 1984. She is the most successful solo female artist in British ...

    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Vereda Tropical Internacional 1984
    Duration: 4:10

    Description: RELEMBRE A TRILHA DA NOVELA 01 - Stuck On You - Lionel Richie 02 - When Doves Cry - Prince & Revolution 03 - My Girl - Lillo Thomas 04 - In My Time - Teddy Pendergrass 05 - I'm Living My Own Life - Earlene Bentley 06 - Sleep With Me Tonight - Neil Diamond 07 - Io Che Amo Solo Te - Sergio Endrigo 08 - Love Songs Are Back Again - Band Of Gold 09 - Here, There And Everywhere - Billy Preston 10 - You're The One - Beau Williams 11 - Love Is Like A Light - Frank Stallone 12 - You're My Sunshine - Mtume 13 - All Of You - Destiny 14 - Balliamo - Mimmo Di Francia

    Keywords: teledramaturgia, novela, m�sica, trilhas, de, novelas, sonora, nacional, internacional, hits, romance, rede, globo, sucessos, amor, saudade, nostalgia, passado, cd, lp, anos, 70, 80, 90, 2000, televis�o, Music, 80's, Rock Music, Compact Disc, balada, pega��o, discoteca, paix�o, inf�ncia, adolescencia, juventude, trilha, vinil, retr�
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Alapaap (1984)
    Duration: 4:58

    Description: Tata Esteban's feature film debut was an entry to the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival. To read a review of Alapaap please visit

    Keywords: tata, esteban, mark, gil, michael, de, mesa
    Average rating: 3.9

  17. 1984: The Delhi Riots
    Duration: 9:47


    Keywords: Student Film, Massacre Golden Temple
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Ice T-Reckless
    Duration: 6:50

    Description: RECKLESS FROM ICE T 1984

    Keywords: hip hop, electro, rap, ice t
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Cold Chisel - Ita (1980)
    Duration: 3:32

    Description: Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1980: Cold Chisel's promo-video for the track 'Ita', taken from the 1980 album 'East'. Band Origin: Adelaide, SA, Australia Band Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia Track: Ita Album: East Composed By: Don Walker Produced By: Mark Opitz and Cold Chisel Label: Elektra Chart Position: Release Date: Links: - - Line-up: Jimmy Barnes - Lead Vocals [ Orange (1973) -- Cold Chisel (1973-1984) - solo (1984-present) ] Ian Moss -- Guitar [ Orange (1973) -- Cold Chisel (1973-1984) -- solo (1989-present) ] Don Walker -- Piano [ Orange (1973) -- Cold Chisel (1973-1984) -- Catfish (1989-1991) -- Tex, Don & Charlie (1993-2005) -- solo (1981-present) ] Steve Prestwich -- Drums [ Orange (1973) -- Cold Chisel (1973-1984) -- Little River Band (1984-1985) ] Phil Small -- Bass [Planet (1971) -- Palladium (1972) -- Orange (1973) -- Cold Chisel (1973-1984) -- Pound (1985) -- The Earls of Duke (1985--1988) -- Hot Ice (1986) -- The Outsiders (1989) -- Billy Thorpe Band (2005) ] ------------------------------------------------- NZOZ NZOZ1980 1980 Australia Early Eighties 1980's 1980s 80's 80s Extended Tags: Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, Don Walker Musical Terms: Classic, Rock, Pub Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Blues, R'n'B, Aussie, Old Australian Band

    Keywords: Cold, Chisel, 1980, Australia, Early, Eighties
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. WASP - LOVE Machine
    Duration: 3:53

    Description: Artist::WASP Album::WASP Year::1984 Genre::Heavy Metal LYRICS: Lady have you known me- The perfect love machine, I'm Virgo, My Leo's rising Venus made me King That trail of broken hearts They all belong to me Magic runs through my fingers- One touch you'll see LOVE All I need's my love to sing oh LOVE All I need's my love to sing oh tonight What can I do for you, Am I your wildest dream What do I move in you Am I what I seem My eyes they lie and you cry Love brings you pain And if you try to love me You'll not feel the same LOVE All I need's my love machine LOVE All I need's my love machine tonight

    Keywords: WASPLOVE, Machine
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. go1984 video surveillance - logiware tutorial: go1984 Desktop Client
    Duration: 9:36

    Description: Video surveillance and recording software go1984 - Chapter 13: go1984 Desktop Client - This tutorial will show you how to first install the 1984 desktop client and then configure it. Further information:

    Keywords: video, surveillance, videosurveillance, cctv, capture, webcam, motion, detection, protect, home, security, burglary
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Gerhard Berger tribute
    Duration: 3:54

    Description: Austrian F1 driver from 1984 to 1997 Race:210 / Win:10 / PP:12 / FL:21 / 386pts

    Keywords: Gerhard, Berger, tribute
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Forever Young - Alphaville [Piano Tutorial] // Kyle Landry (Synthesia)
    Duration: 4:14

    Description: SHEET MUSIC and MIDI File in the Video Description! I am glad to introduce a new member of the transcription team: Andrew Hodgen alias -drewmightplaypiano. He will be transcribing more Kyle Landry covers in the future. This time it's Kyle Landry's cover of Alphaville's - Forever Young. See Kyle's performance on this video: Check out Andrew Hodgen's Youtube channel, he has begun to transcribe Kyle Landry's cover of Dire, Dire Docks as well, which he will be finishing in the future: You get the sheet music and midi file here: For more awesome tutorials please visit MIDICreator's and Mister Moes' channels: You are looking for more sheet music? Visit Josh's anime sheet music site: Composer: Alphaville Transcription � Andrew Hodgen (2011) Arrangement � Kyle Landry (2011) Original Music � Alphaville (1984)

    Keywords: Forever Young, Alphaville, Kyle Landry, synthesia, piano tutorial, cover, tutorial, how to play, sheets, sheet music, pdf, midi, Marioverehrer, Marioverehrer2, drewmightplaypiano, Andrew Hodgen
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Sohni Mahiwal
    Duration: 02:28:59

    Description: Synposis: Mirza Izzat Beg Sunny Deol has dreamt of meeting a beautiful girl, and in order to make this a reality he travels to seek her out. He finds her in the shape and form of Sohni Poonam Dhillon, the daughter of a poor pottery maker, Tulla Pran and his wife Tanuja. Sohni and Izzat both fall in love instantly. Even after leaving her village, Izzat continues to meet Sohni in secret, disguised as a shepherd. But Noor Gulshan Grover, from Sohni's village, has already decided to marry her, and he creates a gigiantic wall of misunderstandings and obstacles to prevent the two lovers from meeting again.

    Keywords: love, story, sunny, deol, poonam, dhillon, hindi, bollywood, 1984, movies, eagle, films, sexy, watch, new, online, movie, songs, download, comedy, scenes, old, hot, actress, indian, celebrity, gossip, tamil, english, subtitles, Color, in, parts, part, cinema, superstar, superhit, blockbuster, hit, scene, romance, romantic, desi, most, popular
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. Borderlands: General Knoxx: Xzeno Tutorial! Sneaky Little Buggers
    Duration: 9:53

    Description: This Video will show you where all 5 of the Loot midgets are in Borderlands: Secret Armory of General Knoxx. 1st Midget (Meat Popsicle): 00:56 2nd Midget (Mini Steve): 03:15 3rd Midget (Truxican Wrestler): 05:51 4th Midget (Crimson Shorty): 08:01 5th Midget (Dumpster Diver): 09:35

    Keywords: xbox, ps3, borderlands, secret, armory, general, knoxx, sneaky, little, buggers, midget, truxican, wrestler, meat, popsicle, dumster, diver, xzeno, tutorial, achievement, help, loot
    Average rating: 4.9

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