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Encyclopedia results for tristan trista

tristan trista

Encyclopedia results for tristan trista

  1. Trista Sutter

    Infobox person name Trista Sutter n e Rehn image imagesize caption birth date birth date and age mf yes ... Stan and Roseanne Trista Nicole Sutter n e Rehn born October 28, 1972 in Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis ... the star of the first season of its companion show The Bachelorette . Trista has also appeared ... s Fear Factor . The Bachelor Trista appeared as a contestant on The Bachelor season 1 season 1 of American ... bachelor Alex Michel selected Amanda Marsh as the winner ahead of Trista in the show s finale. ref ... June 19, 2004 ref The Bachelorette After her appearance on The Bachelor , Trista was selected ... ceremony, which was broadcast as the finale of a three episode special called Trista & Ryan ... in the history of reality television. Citation needed date February 2009 Television appearances Trista ... 10, 2011 Trista and Ryan Sutter appeared in a Hands Only CPR PSA campaign from the American Heart Association and the Ad Council . ref http video youve got trista and ryan sutter 3322317762 ... their first child in summer of 2007. During her seventh month of pregnancy, Trista was diagnosed with gestational ... title Watch Trista, Ryan and Baby Max at Mommy s Cover Shoot ref and made his first on camera appearance in a video diary series Trista recorded for . ref cite web url http 2007 11 trista bachelorette max.php publisher MomLogic title Max Sutter Ready For His Close Up ref Trista was ranked 7 on the Maxim magazine Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2003. ref name ... lists maxim 2003 accessdate January 28, 2007 ref On October 14, 2008, Trista and Ryan announced to Life and Style magazine that she was pregnant with their second child. Trista said that if the baby ... exclusive trista ry 1.php Dead link date July 2010 ref In April 2009 DO NOT ADD SPECIFIC BIRTH DATES , Trista delivered daughter Blakesley Grace via C section. DO NOT ADD WEIGHTS, LENGTHS as per WP BLP this is a non notable minor ref cite web url http celebrity 2009 04 03 ryan and trista ...   more details

  1. Tristan

    Other uses Refimprove date January 2009 File DrapersTristanIsolde.jpg thumb 300px Tristan and Iseult as depicted by Herbert James Draper br 1864 1920 . Tristan IPA en tr st n Latin British language Celtic ... , etc. is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornwall Cornish hero and one ... numerous trials that test their secret affair. Tristan legend cycle Tristan makes his first medieval ... the oldest stories concerning Tristan are lost, some of the derivatives still exist. Most early versions ... romances , Tristan en prose or Prose Tristan appeared and was one of the most popular romances of its ... Tristan from the traditional legend into the realm of King Arthur where Tristan participates ... roots There are obscure aspects to Tristan his Cornish language Cornish or Breton language Breton ... to the fame of the legends of King Arthur . In addition, there was a Tristan who bore witness to a legal ... and several islands are interconnected at low tide. Regardless, Tristan being a prince of Lothian would ... was a part of Pictish territory Tristan may in fact have been a Pictish prince under a British King ... inscribed Tristan Stone , set beside the road leading to Fowey in Cornwall. It measures some ... with the story of the tragic love of Tristan and Iseult. There is a Tau cross on one side and a Latin ..., that the characters referred to are Tristan, of which Drustan is a variant, and Cynvawr Latinized ... Eisner concluded that the name Tristan comes from Drust, son of Talorc, but that the legend of Tristan ... eighth century. ref Sigmund Eisner, The Tristan Legend, A Study in Sources , Northwestern University ... of Diarmuid and Gr inne . Eisner concludes that the author of the Tristan story used the names ..., was associated with a monastery, and started the first rendition of the Tristan story on its travels to wherever it has been found. ref Sigmund Eisner, The Tristan Legend, A Study in Sources ... Wagner composed the opera Tristan und Isolde Tristan and Isolde , now considered one of the most ...   more details

  1. Tristan Kingsley

    Infobox adult biography name Tristan Kingsley image caption birth name birth date birth date and age 1986 01 24 mf yes birth place San Jose, California San Jose , California , United States death date death place spouse height height ft 5 in 3 weight convert 105 lb kg abbr on eye color Brown hair color Brown ethnicity United States American , Mexican people Mexican , Italian people Italian alias Tristen Kingsley, Trista number of films 42 per IAFD ref name iafd iafd name id Tristan 07 . Retrieved on 2009 07 30. ref website http spelling US US for color, UK for colour Tristan Kingsley born January 24, 1986 is an United States American pornographic actress . Early life Kingsley was born on January 24, 1986 in San Jose, California San Jose , California . ref name iafd cite web title Tristan Kingsley publisher Internet Adult Film Database url http person.rme perfid Tristan 07 gender f accessdate 2009 02 05 ref Kingsley claims that she was always getting in trouble when she was growing up, but was a good student in high school and was always on the honor roll . In her senior year, she did secretarial work at a gym. Kingsley stopped working until she ... at a pet store. ref cite web last Capps first Jesse title Adult Film Star Tristan Kingsley publisher ... name, Tristan Kingsley, because she liked the name Tristan and her son s middle name is Kingsley. Citation ... name PVN cite web author Ray title Tristan Kingsley Interview publisher Porn Valley News date 2008 02 22 url http home archives 2008 02 tristan kingsle 1.html accessdate 2009 02 ... IMDb name 2872278 Tristan Kingsley iafd name id Tristan 07 gender female name Tristan Kingsley afdb name id 46489 gender female name Tristan Kingsley Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Kingsley, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American pornographic actor DATE OF BIRTH ... PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kingsley, Tristan Category Living people Category 1986 births Category People ...   more details

  1. Tristan Farnon

    Tristan Farnon may refer to Tristan A. Farnon , American web comic author Tristan Farnon , character in the works of James Herriot , based on the real life Brian Sinclair hndis Farnon, Tristan ...   more details

  1. Tristan (disambiguation)

    Tristan is a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. Tristan may also refer to Literature and other media Tristan , a 12th century French poem by Thomas of Britain Tristan , another 12th century French poem by B roul Tristan , a 13th century German poem by Gottfried von Strassburg Tristan orchestral composition Tristan orchestral composition , a composition for piano, tape and orchestra by Hans Werner Henze Tristan novella Tristan novella , a novella by Thomas Mann Tristan song Tristan song , by Patrick Wolf from his second album Wind in the Wires Tristan Farnon, a character in the works of James Herriot , based on the real life Brian Sinclair Tristan Ludlow, the protagonist of Legends of the Fall , a 1994 drama film based on the 1979 novella of the same title by Jim Harrison Tristan ... Gi Oh franchise Tristan and Iseult , an influential legend of romance and tragedy Tristan & Isolde film Tristan & Isolde film , a 2006 romantic drama film based on the medieval romantic legend Tristan und Isolde , an opera by Richard Wagner, based on the legend The Tristan chord , a variant on the half ... Life of Tristan Smith , a novel by Peter Carey The Prose Tristan Prose Tristan , a 13th century French prose work Tristan Comic Tristan , a comic about a young man during the days of Jeanne D Arc , by J. Pleyers art and J. Martin scenario . Other TRISTAN , a particle accelerator in Japan that was the first site to confirm vacuum polarization around an electron Tristan name , a moderately common male given name Tristen Gaspadarek , an American singer songwriter Tristan Albatross Diomedea dabbenena , a large seabird from the albatross family Tristan da Cunha , a group of remote islands in the south Atlantic Ocean Tristan Island Ile Tristan , an island off Douarnenez in Brittany, France Tristan Island Antarctica , a small rocky island west of Yseult Island and north of the west point of Cape Jules Tristan rock lobster Jasus tristani , a species of rock lobster endemic to the Tristan ...   more details

  1. 1966 Tristan

    Notability Astro date February 2012 Infobox planet width 25em bgcolour FFFFC0 apsis name Tristan symbol image caption discovery yes discovery ref discoverer Cornelis Johannes van Houten , Ingrid van Houten Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels discovery site Palomar Observatory discovered September 24, 1960 designations yes mp name 1966 alt names 2552 P L named after Tristan mp category orbit ref epoch May 14, 2008 aphelion 2.6641722 perihelion 2.2323022 semimajor eccentricity 0.0882002 period 1399.1963560 avg speed inclination 2.48312 asc node 125.69423 mean anomaly 340.89422 arg peri 58.50909 satellites physical characteristics yes dimensions mass density surface grav escape velocity sidereal day axial tilt pole ecliptic lat pole ecliptic lon albedo temperatures temp name1 mean temp 1 max temp 1 temp name2 max temp 2 spectral type abs magnitude 13.5 1966 Tristan 2552 P L is a Asteroid belt main belt asteroid discovered on September 24, 1960 by Cornelis Johannes van Houten , Ingrid van Houten Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels at Palomar Observatory . External links http sbdb.cgi?sstr 1966 Tristan JPL Small Body Database Browser on 1966 Tristan Minor planets navigator 1965 van de Kamp 1967 Menzel Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT Tristan Category Main Belt asteroids Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1960 beltasteroid stub de 1966 Tristan es 1966 Trist n eo 1966 Tristano fa it 1966 Tristan la 1966 Tristan hu 1966 Tristan no 1966 Tristan nn 1966 Tristan pl 1966 Tristan pt 1966 Tristan sk 1966 Tristan sr 1966 tl 1966 Tristan uk 1966 vi 1966 Tristan yo 1966 Tristan ...   more details

  1. Tristan (name)

    Infobox given name name Tristan image imagesize caption pronunciation gender Male occasionally female meaning Welsh origin noise of arms or clanking sword br French origin sad or sorrowful region origin Latin related names Tristam, Trist o, etc. footnotes Tristan or Tristram is a given name of Welsh people Welsh origin. It originates from the British language Celtic Brythonic name Drust or Drustanus . It derives from a stem meaning noise , seen in the Welsh language modern Welsh noun trwst plural trystau noise and the verb trystio to clatter . It became popularized through the character of Tristan ... French version of the myth , meaning sad or sorrowful . The recent rise in the name Tristan ... of the Fall . Tristan is the 87th most popular baby name in the United States , and has been consistently ... meaning 1 Tristan title Think Baby Names Origin & Meaning of Tristan accessdate 2007 03 02 ref People with the name Tristan Tristan Bernard , a French playwright and novelist Tristan Gemmill , a British actor Tristan Gommendy , a French race car driver Tristan l Hermite , a French political and military figure of the late Middle Ages Tristan Louis , an Internet entrepreneur and writer Tristan MacManus , an Irish dancer featured on Dancing with the Stars U.S. TV series Tristan Murail , a French composer Tristan Rogers , a soap opera actor Tristan Taormino , the author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women Tristan Tzara , a Dadaist poet Tristan Wilds , an American actor Tristan A. Farnon , an American webcomic author Tristan de Clermont , a French born knight who ... Diego Trist n , a Spanish footballer References reflist See also Tristan disambiguation Trist o da Cunha a remote volcanic group of islands in the south Atlantic Ocean Tristan and Iseult influential ... Category Welsh masculine given names br Tristan anv badez de Tristan Vorname fr Tristan pr nom is Tristan it Tristano no Tristan navn pl Tristan imi ...   more details

  1. Tristan (novella)

    Infobox Book name Tristan title orig Tristan image File TristanNovella.jpg 200px image caption 1904 edition author Thomas Mann country Germany language German language German genre Novella publisher Reclam release date 1903 oclc 4764708 Tristan is a 1903 novella by German writer Thomas Mann . It contains many references to the myth of Tristan and Iseult . The novella alludes in particular to the version presented in Richard Wagner s opera of the Tristan und Isolde same name . As such, it can be seen as an ironic paraphrase, juxtaposing the romantic heroism of Wagner s characters with their essentially flawed counterparts in the novella Fact date April 2007 . It also heavily deals with psychology and a major part of the novel is set in a sanatorium and details the lives of two people who are patients at the sanatorium. External links Project Gutenberg s http etext 13810 German etext of Tristan http tristan by thomas mann 1903 Explanation of the idea and theme of Tristan Category Novels by Thomas Mann Category 1903 novels Category Novellas Thomas Mann 1900s novel stub de Tristan Thomas Mann ...   more details

  1. Tristan l'Hermite

    Unreferenced date December 2009 See also Fran ois Tristan l Hermite Tristan l Hermite was a France in the Middle Ages French political and military figure of the late Middle Ages . He was Provost Marshal provost of the marshals of the King s household under Louis XI of France , which gave him enormous power in the Intrigues and plots that characterized that king s 22 year reign. The mystique surrounding his name caused the 17th century French poet and playwright Fran ois Tristan l Hermite Fran ois l Hermite to take his name as a pseudonym . He appears as a figure in Victor Hugo s The Hunchback of Notre Dame Notre Dame de Paris and Walter Scott s Quentin Durward . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Lhermite, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Lhermite, Tristan Category French military personnel L Hermite, Tristan Category Year of birth missing L Hermite, Tristan Category Year of death missing L Hermite, Tristan France mil bio stub ...   more details

  1. Tristan D

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Tristan D image Tristan Dorian.jpg caption image size background non vocal instrumentalist birth name Tristan Dorian alias Tristan D birth ... Contrast associated acts website url current members past members notable instruments Tristan D born Tristan Dorian , 7 March 1988, Brighton , is a British Trance music Trance DJ and Electronic Dance Music EDM music producer from Brighton, England. Career Tristan s DJ career began in 2001 in the form of self promoted club nights called Twisted, based in Brighton and London. Tristan s reputation ... the likes of Eddie Halliwell , Simon Patterson musician Simon Patterson and Markus Schulz . Tristan ...?djorguest Tristan 20D&year 2010 Ibiza Clubbing 2010 line up ref ref http appearancedates.shtml?djorguest Tristan 20D&year 2011 Ibiza Clubbing 2011 line up ... planet dance 2011 lineup Magaluf Uncovered BCM line up 2011 ref Tristan s career as a music producer ... In Ibiza records. ref http artist Tristan D Discogs Artist Tristan D ref Since then, Tristan ... by TV Rock feat. Rudy. Tristan s music is often played on Judge Jules BBC Radio show, where he has ... for Judge Jules ref Production Aliases Tristan is also involved in several other projects ... j 351 J&T Project on ref Previous aliases have included , Tristan De Cunha. Podcast Tristan produces a podcast The Weekly Verdict , available on iTunes, where he showcases 20 minutes of the latest EDM tracks. ref http gb podcast tristan d presents the weekly ... Brooks & Tristan D 2010 2012 Tristan D 2010 The Morning After Tristan D 2011 Interstate 5 Tristan D 2011 Pacific Beach Tristan D Remixes 2009 Chakalaka Wippenburg Tristan D remix 2010 In The Air TV Rock feat. Rudy Tristan D remix 2010 Orko Tigran Oganezov Tristan D remix 2011 Lunar Love Vicky Devine & Nick Larson Tristan D remix 2011 Video Games Lana Del Ray J&T Project remix ref http ...   more details

  1. Tristan Cousins

    The nephew of Robin Cousins , Tristan Cousins born August 1, 1982 in London is a Great Britain British figure skater who competes in mens singles. He won the bronze medal at the British Figure Skating Championships in 2008. External links isu name id 00005682 name Tristan Cousins http tristancousins Official Site of Tristan Cousins Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cousins, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Figure skater DATE OF BIRTH August 1, 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cousins, Tristan Category British male single skaters Category 1982 births Category Living people UK figure skating bio stub ...   more details

  1. Tristan (Guinea)

    Orphan date February 2009 Tristan also Tristao is the largest island in the Tristan and Capken Islands , Guinea . Its area is 226 km . Guinea geo stub coord 10 52 N 14 55 W region GN type isle source kolossus ruwiki display title Category Islands of Guinea de Tristan Guinea es Isla Trist n ru ...   more details

  1. Tristan Ingram

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Tristan Ingram image caption image size background non vocal instrumentalist birth name Tristan Ingram alias birth date 25th March 1982 death ... website url current members past members notable instruments Tristan Ingram , Gillingham ... from Kent, England. Career Tristan is a DJ, producer and remixer ref cite web title Tristan Ingram url http www.ibiza music artist Tristan Ingram work I Voice Electronic Dance Magazine ... http watch?v XRXd2kBfIzo Ali Wilson, Matt Smallwood & Tristan Ingram Miasma TNT Luther ...?v Nmy1D3FtzuU Tristan Ingram DJ On Route BBC Radio 1 October 2009 YouTube Bot generated title ref ... artists tristan ingram Integrity Artist Management Tristan Ingram Biography ... news dont stay in mix of the week 035 tristan ingram house Mixmag Don t Stay In Mix of the Week 035 Tristan Ingram House Bot generated title ref as well as being referred to by Mixmag, in summer 2009 ... with Tom Novy, Mync, Tristan Ingram at Sankeys Ibiza, Ibiza 2011 Bot generated title ref and was rated ... generated title ref Discography Las Salinas San Antoni Ali Wilson & Tristan Ingram remix Vandit Hannah When The Sun Goes Down Ali Wilson & Tristan Ingram remix Tristan Ingram More Hannah Sanity Ali Wilson & Tristan Ingram remix Tristan Ingram & Grant Nalder Uppers & Downers Polarbear Music Hannah I Believe in You Ali Wilson & Tristan Ingram remix Ali Wilson Matt Smallwood & Tristan Ingram Miasma Pilot 6 Ali Wilson & Tristan Ingram African Chant Blackhole ref http artist Tristan Ingram Releases Miscellaneous?anv &noanv Tristan Ingram Discography at Discogs Bot generated title ref Mr Sam & Andy Duguid Satisfaction Guaranteed BK Black Russian & Tristan Ingram remix Blackhole Recordings Florence & The Machine Howl Ali Wilson & Tristan Ingram Club Edit X Cabs Neuro 99 Black Russian & Tristan Ingram 10 years on remix Hook Records Black Russian & Tristan Ingram Take Note Fakt Original ...   more details

  1. Flora Tristan

    Image Flora Tristan.jpg thumb right 210px Flora Tristan, socialist writer and activist Flora Tristan ... of a Pariah 1838 , Promenades in London 1840 , and The Workers Union 1843 . Tristan was the grandmother ... Henriette Tristan Moscoso . Her father, Mariano Trist n y Moscoso, was an Arequipa Arequipa born Peru ... there. When her father died in 1807 before her fifth birthday, the situation of Tristan and her mother ... her to Peru, Tristan wrote a travel diary about her experiences during its history of Peru ... . Mario Vargas Llosa , in his historical novel The Way to Paradise , analyzes Flora Tristan and her ... France. The Workers Union Tristan wrote this essay in 1843 after extensive rest in Peru and a short ... this work, one can compare Tristan to similar utopian socialism Utopian Socialists including Charles ... Simonians , whose works she had studied throughout the years. Tristan takes into account the studies ... of women s rights. Tristan recognizes that the working class had been fighting for over twenty ... seemingly two different essays, Flora Tristan acknowledges the need for the liberation of women ... about women s liberation, Tristan did recognize that in the post revolution French society, women would not be easily considered equal just because they are human beings. Therefore, Tristan ... effort at creating a common union was the last before Flora Tristan s death in 1844. By drawing ... Workers Union. Landmarks Place Flora Tristan coord 48.832394 N 2.320632 E in the XIVe Arrondissement , Paris , is marked with a sign describing Tristan as Femme de Lettres and Militante F ministe . Bibliography M ire Cross The feminism of Flora Tristan . Berg, Oxford 1992, ISBN 0 85496 731 1 Flora Tristan s Diary The Tour of France 1843 1844 , translated, annotated and introduced by M ire ... 1711.dl IbrAmerTxt Ibero American Electronic Text Series Tristan, Flora, Peregrinaciones de ... Collections Center . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Tristan, Flora ALTERNATIVE ...   more details

  1. Tristan Corbi�re

    Infobox writer name Tristan Corbi re image Photographie du po te Tristan Corbi re.jpg imagesize 150px alt caption pseudonym birth name birth date Birth date 1845 July 18 df y birth place Morlaix , Bretagne, France death date Death date 1875 March 1 df y death place Morlaix occupation Poet nationality French ethnicity citizenship education alma mater period genre Poetry subject movement Symbolism notableworks spouse partner children relatives influences influenced awards signature website portaldisp Tristan Corbi re 18 July 1845 &ndash 1 March 1875 , born douard Joachim Corbi re , was a French poet born in Coat Congar, Ploujean now part of Morlaix in Brittany , where he lived most of his life and where he died. His mother Marie Ang lique Aspasie Puyo, 19 years old at the time of his birth, belonged to one of the most prominent families of the local bourgeoisie. His father was douard Corbi re Antoine douard Corbi re , known for his best selling novel Le N grier . A cousin, Constant Puyo , was a well known Pictorialism Pictorialist photographer. During his schooling at the Imperial Lyc e of Saint Brieuc where he studied from 1858 until 1860, he fell prey to a deep depression, and, over several freezing winters, contracted the severe rheumatism which was to disfigure him severely. He ... id Corbi re Tristan name Tristan Corbi re Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Corbiere, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 18 July 1845 PLACE OF BIRTH Morlaix , Bretagne, France DATE OF DEATH 1 March 1875 PLACE OF DEATH Morlaix DEFAULTSORT Corbiere, Tristan ... deaths in France France poet stub be x old br Tristan Corbi re ca Tristan Corbi re cs Tristan Corbi re de Tristan Corbi re el es Tristan Corbi re fa fr Tristan Corbi re it Tristan Corbi re nl Tristan Corbi re no Tristan Corbi re pl Tristan Corbi re pt Tristan Corbi re ro Tristan Corbi re ru , sk Tristan Corbi re sv Tristan Corbi re ...   more details

  1. Tristan of Montepeloso

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Tristan born before 1020 was the first lord of Irsina Montepeloso from 1042. Unlike his fellow Normans Norman mercenaries, Tristan was a Breton people Breton . He was one of the twelve leading barons of the Hauteville following as indicated by his inclusion in the parition which divided the conquered regions of Apulia. Tristan probably arrived in the Mediterranean around 1030. He took part in the Sicilia n campaign of George Maniaches of 1038. In 1042, William Iron Arm was elected count of the Normans and the division was made. Montepeloso was his capital and he received the region of Potenza . He married a sister of William and undersigned two diplomas of William s brother and successor Drogo of Hauteville Drogo as Tristainus cognatus comitis Tristan, relative of the count. It is possible that he is the Tristan recorded as the founder of the Deliceto , near Foggia , in 1073. DEFAULTSORT Tristan of Montepeloso Category Normans Category Italo Normans Category 11th century people Category Breton people Euro noble stub ar fr Tristan de Montepeloso it Tristano di Montepeloso ...   more details

  1. Tristan Hoffman

    Infobox cyclist name Tristan Hoffman image Tristan Hoffman Dwars Deur Grolle Groenlo, 16 10 2005 .jpg fullname Tristan Henri Christiaan Hoffman nickname birth date birth date and age 1970 1 1 birth place Groenlo , the Netherlands height weight currentteam ct THR discipline Road role Directeur Sportif ridertype Classics specialist amateuryears amateurteams proyears 1992&ndash 1999 br 2000 br 2001&ndash 2005 proteams TVM br MemoryCard Jack & Jones br Team CSC manageyears 2005&ndash 2006 br 2007&ndash manageteams Team CSC br Team High Road majorwins flagicon NED National Road Race Championship 1992 br Veenendaal Veenendaal 1999 br Dwars door Vlaanderen 2000 updated September 8, 2007 Image Tristan Hoffman in Groenlo bij zijn afscheid als prof in 2005.jpg thumb 240px Hoffman accompanied by colleagues at his goodbye race in Groenlo, 2005. Tristan Henri Christiaan Hoffman born January 1, 1970 in Groenlo , Oost Gelre is a former road racing cyclist from the Netherlands . Since early 2007 he is a directeur sportif for ct THR . Major results Palmares start 1991 1st, Overall, Ster Elektrotoer 1992 flagicon NED Dutch National Road Race Championship 1993 1st, Stage, Tour de l Avenir 1st, Stage 3, Tour de Suisse 1994 1st, Stage, Herald Sun Tour 1995 1st, 2 Stages, Tour of Sweden 1st, Stage, Vuelta a Murcia 1996 1st, Dwars door Vlaanderen 1st, Paris Bourges 4th, Paris Tours 1998 2nd, National Road Race Championship 1999 1st, Veenendaal Veenendaal 1st, Cl sica de Sabi nigo 1st, Stage 1, Driedaagse ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hoffman, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Dutch racing ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Hoffman, Tristan Category 1970 births Category Living people Category People from Oost Gelre Category Dutch cyclists netherlands cycling bio stub ca Tristan Hoffman da Tristan Hoffman de Tristan Hoffman es Tristan Hoffman fr Tristan Hoffman it Tristan Hoffman nl Tristan Hoffman nds nl Tristan Hoffman ...   more details

  1. Tristan Prettyman

    BLP sources date June 2008 Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Tristan Prettyman image TristanPrettyman.jpg caption Tristan Prettyman, 2005 image size background solo singer ... past members notable instruments Tristan Prettyman born May 23, 1982 is a singing singer songwriter ... to her blog. Early life Tristan Prettyman was born and raised in the town of Del Mar, California ... of 12. ref http surf girl on tristan prettyman ref She competed in the National Scholastic ... of when her musical ambitions started to blossom. Citation needed date January 2011 Image Tristan Prettyman.jpg left thumb Tristan Prettyman performing at the San Diego, California House of Blues in 2006 ... surfer Chris Malloy , heard her and asked Tristan to appear in the film the company was working on at the time entitled Shelter. Tristan s song Anything at All was chosen to be on the soundtrack ... York collaborating with producer Josh Deutsch who had worked with Mraz and Lenny Kravitz . Tristan .... 2, 2005, ref name kelefa shortly after Tristan turned 23 on May 23 of 2005. It peaked at 24 on Billboard ... August 25, 2005 , Tristan Prettyman Twentythree . Rolling Stone . 981 103 ref ref name kelefa ... health. Tristan plays and endorses Taylor Guitars . A former Roxy model, Tristan has also has appeared ... Tristan on surfing and staying active while on tour. In the Spring of 2009, Prettyman posted ... 06 07 jason mraz splits from fiance tristan prettyman exclusive work Daily Beast date ... Albums 4 Track Demo CD 2002 The Love EP Tristan Prettyman EP 2003 Twentythree 2005 Hello Tristan ... Tristan s Tumblr Site http Tristan Prettyman Official Site http Tristan Prettyman Official Message Board Allmusic class artist id p703698 pure url yes Tristan Prettyman s entry at http music raw ?cur tristan prettyman Tristan Prettyman acoustic session on http advice hot women 133 Tristan ...   more details

  1. Tristan Lahaye

    Infobox football biography name Tristan Lahaye image fullname Tristan Lahaye height height m 1.80 precision 0 birth date Birth date and age 1983 2 16 birth place Juvisy sur Orge , France currentclub Free agent clubnumber position Right back youthyears1 1996 2000 youthclubs1 FC Bretigny years1 2000 2004 years2 2004 2005 years3 2005 2006 years4 2006 2008 years5 2008 2009 years6 2009 2011 clubs1 AS Beauvais Oise clubs2 SO Romorantin clubs3 FC S te clubs4 Amiens SC clubs5 K.V. Kortrijk clubs6 LB Ch teauroux caps1 58 caps2 18 caps3 26 caps4 44 caps5 18 caps6 46 goals1 0 goals2 0 goals3 1 goals4 0 goals5 0 goals6 1 nationalyears1 nationalteam1 nationalcaps1 nationalgoals1 pcupdate 17 July 2009 ntupdate Tristan Lahaye born February 16, 1983 in Juvisy sur Orge , Essonne is a France Association football football defender. Lahaye has played for AS Beauvais Oise , FC S te , Amiens SC and LB Ch teauroux in Ligue 2 . ref Lfpfr first Tristan last Lahaye ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Lahaye, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Footballer DATE OF BIRTH 1983 02 16 PLACE OF BIRTH Juvisy sur Orge , France DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Lahaye, Tristan Category 1983 births Category Living people Category People from Juvisy sur Orge Category French footballers Category Belgian Pro League players Category K.V. Kortrijk players Category AS Beauvais Oise players Category FC S te players Category Amiens SC players Category LB Ch teauroux players france footy defender 1980s stub fr Tristan Lahaye nl Tristan Lahaye fi Tristan Lahaye ...   more details

  1. Tristan Nitot

    Infobox person image Tnitot.jpg name Tristan Nitot caption Tristan Nitot birth date birth date and age 1966 10 19 df yes birth place Suresnes , France other names known for President of Mozilla Europe occupation Tristan Nitot born on 19 October 1966, France French is the president of Mozilla Europe . Studies Tristan Nitot is a graduate of the cole Sup rieure d Informatique de Paris or SUPINFO , a school for advanced computer studies in Paris, also known as ESI. He also has a master s degree from ESCP management studies in Paris, specialising in Social management of Organisations. Career After having been the technical manager of a Startup company start up specializing in computer security and having worked for Partner Soft S.A in Paris, he joined the Netscape Communications Corporation where he held various positions from 1997 to 2003, first running Product marketing in Southern Europe and then acting as a Technology Evangelist, managing developer relations in Europe. Tristan Nitot also helped to launch the project in 2002, aiming at promoting Web standards and accessibility. Since January 2004 he has been the founder and chairman of Mozilla Europe , the international ... to the project since 2001. Tristan has been publishing material on the Web since 1996, and started ... of open source software , reaches an average of 12,000 readers daily. Personal Hobbies Tristan is married, and has two children. External links http Tristan Nitot s website fr icon http cv Tristan Nitot s CV en icon http www.mozilla en about Mozilla Europe en icon http en tech le web 08 tristan nitot president of mozilla europe Interview with Tristan Nitot Intruders tv Video Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Nitot, Tristan ... DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Nitot, Tristan Category Mozilla developers Category Netscape Category 1966 births Category Living people cs Tristan Nitot fr Tristan Nitot ...   more details

  1. Tristan Homer

    Infobox person image 510198976 347ec9bbf0 o.jpg name Tristan Homer caption Tristan Homer, taken May 19, 2007 birth date 1980 birth place Salmon Cove , Newfoundland death date death place other names known for Tristan Homer is a Canada Canadian television producer and podcaster. He is currently the producer of the animated children s television program Almost Naked Animals . ref http title tt1830924 fullcredits cast Full cast and crew for Almost Naked Animals at IMDb ref He has also served as line producer on the series Max and Ruby , ref http name nm2052882 Tristan Homer at IMDb ref and the Gemini nominated television adaptation of Wibbly Pig . ref Robinson, Andrew http Entertainment 2011 01 25 article 2168833 An animated Homer 1 An animated Homer The Compass . January 25, 2011. ref As a podcaster, Homer co created the video series Jim Dupree Enthusiast in 2005. The podcast was later adapted for television, and aired on BiteTV in Canada. ref http title tt1448193 Jim Dupree Enthusiast at IMDb ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Homer, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Television producer DATE OF BIRTH 1980 PLACE OF BIRTH Salmon Cove , Newfoundland DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Homer, Tristan Category Canadian television producers Category Canadian podcasters Category Living people Category Ryerson University alumni Category 1980 births Canada tv bio stub ...   more details

  1. Tristan Gale

    Tristan GALE IOC profile http ske wwc.html List of women s skeleton World Cup champions since 1997. http Official website http tristan ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gale, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Skeleton ..., Tristan Category 1980 births Category American skeleton racers Category Living people Category Olympic ... Skeleton bio stub de Tristan Gale fr Tristan Gale no Tristan Gale pl Tristan Gale pt Tristan Gale ru , fi Tristan Gale ...   more details

  1. Tristan Psionic

    Infobox musical artist name Tristan Psionic image caption image size background group or band origin Hamilton, Ontario , Canada genre Indie rock years active 1992 dash 2010 label Sonic Unyon associated acts website current members past members Sandy McIntosh br Mark Milne br Tim Potocic br Rob Higgins br April Sabucco br Peter Kirkpatrick br Gary Wool McMaster Tristan Psionic was a Canadian indie rock band. Formed in 1992 in Hamilton, Ontario , the band consisted of vocalist Sandy McIntosh, guitar ist Mark Milne, bass guitar bass ist Gary Wool McMaster and drum mer Tim Potocic. The band formed its own label, Sonic Unyon Records , to release its albums and developed the imprint into Canada s largest independent label. After Wool s departure, Heimlich Maneuver band Heimlich Maneuver bassist Peter Kirkpatrick was enlisted to help write and record TPA Flight 028 and was replaced by April Sabucco shortly thereafter. Sabucco was in turn replaced by Rob Higgins on the band s final release, Mind the Gap Tristan Psionic album Mind the Gap . Discography The Sounds of Tristan Psionic Sonic Unyon , 1994 TPA Flight 028 Sonic Unyon, 1996 Mind the Gap Tristan Psionic album Mind the Gap Sonic Unyon, 2000 Other releases The Allied Nations Victory Sonic Unyon, 1999 , split 7 with Primrods External links http genres artist.cfm?Band Id 5348 Tristan Psionic at New Music Canada Allmusic class artist id p276011 pure url yes Tristan Psionic at Allmusic http Sonic Unyon Records DEFAULTSORT Tristan Psionic Category Musical groups established in 1992 Category Musical groups disestablished in 2010 Category Musical groups from Hamilton, Ontario Category Canadian indie rock groups Canada band stub ...   more details

  1. Tristan Jones

    Image Tristanat Boat Show.jpg Tristan Jones at book signing, Annapolis Sailboat Show 1987 thumb Tristan Jones May 8, 1929 June 21, 1995 was an author and mariner who wrote numerous books and articles, many in the first person, about sailing. His stories tended to be a combination of both fact and fiction ... Tristan Jones, whose real name was Arthur Jones, was born in 1929 in Liverpool . He was the illegitimate ... of the Real Tristan Jones date 2002 publisher McGraw Hill Professional http www.mcgraw ... to write. He was a natural at both. As Tristan Jones, in his mid forties, he sailed out of Brazil ... his past. His imagined past included being born on his father s tramp freighter off Tristan da Cunha ... Amherst , cite web url http storyteller p18 storyteller.html title Tristan Jones author Kinsley accessdate 2010 06 18 ref ref http meet tristan.htm Meet Tristan ..., although he returned briefly to sea. Films about Tristan Jones Tristan Jones the Psychology of Adventure 1990 The Incredible Tristan Jones 1990 A few years after his voyage from San Diego to Thailand ..., and has been released as a videotape and DVD, titled Tristan Jones the Psychology of Adventure ... Village for a videotaped interview, which became The Incredible Tristan Jones . Books by Tristan Jones Image Tristan Bust.jpg Bronze portrait bust of Tristan Jones, sculpted from life, by William Barth ... reflist The Tristan Jones Web Site by Don Swartz http acknowledgements.htm Contributing Sources External links http The Tristan Jones Web Site by Donald R. Swartz http TristanJones.aspx Portrait Bust from Life of Tristan Jones Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Jones, Tristan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH May 8, 1929 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH June 21, 1995 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Jones, Tristan ... writer stub de Tristan Jones ...   more details

  1. Tristan Island

    Distinguish Tristan da Cunha For the island in Antarctica Tristan Island Antarctica Image Tristan Island 3 Oct07.JPG 300px right thumb Tristan Island off Douarnenez, Brittany Tristan Island or the le Tristan is located at the mouth of the Pouldavid Estuary off the French port of Douarnenez in south western Brittany . It is only about 450 m long and 250 m wide but despite its small size, it has a rich history, especially since the Middle Ages when a priory was built there. In the 19th century, it became famous as the site of the first canning factory for sardines fished in the Bay of Douarnenez. It is also closely associated with Breton legends and the island of Ys . Now uninhabited, the island has become a nature reserve which is only accessible to tourists once or twice a year or by special arrangement with the local tourist office. At low tide, the island is connected to the mainland on the Douarnenez or eastern side of the estuary. History Tristan bears traces of civilization dating ..., the island became known as Tristan. One of the most colourful figures associated with Tristan was Guy ... . Gallery center gallery widths 150px heights 120 File Tristan Island chapel.JPG The Aviators Chapel File Tristan Island canning factory1.JPG Former canning factory File Tristan Island north coast.JPG The north coast File Tristan Island fort.JPG The fort gallery center External links commonscat http ... Conservatoire du littoral, Bretagne, Ile Tristan http fr patrimoine patrimoine maritime phares finistere tristan Le phare de l le Tristan, http decouvrez default.asp?num 630 Description of Ile Tristan from the official Douarnenez website http ?ie UTF8&ll 48.100969, 4.337304&spn 0.005947,0.019956&t h&z 16&om 1 Tristan Island from Google ... of Finist re Category Islands of Brittany Tristan Category Protected areas of France br Enez Tristan cy Enez Tristan fr le Tristan ...   more details

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