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Encyclopedia results for tinymce installation

tinymce installation

Encyclopedia results for tinymce installation

  1. TinyMCE

    Infobox Software name TinyMCE logo screenshot File TinyMCE.png 250px caption An instance of TinyMCE with the full ... TinyMCE , also known as the Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor , is a platform independent ... to editor instances. TinyMCE is designed to easily integrate with content management system s. TinyMCE integrates with many different open source systems, such as ProcessWire , Mambo software ... TinyMCE is compatible with multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox , Safari ... . ref cite web url http wiki.php Browser compatiblity title TinyMCE Compatibility  ... 30 ref API TinyMCE v3.0 includes an extensive Application programming interface API for custom integration. ref cite web url http index.php TinyMCE API title TinyMCE API  Moxiecode ... TinyMCE ships with an assortment of plugins. ref cite web url http index.php TinyMCE Plugins title TinyMCE Plugins  Moxiecode Documentation Wiki publisher date 2010 02 04 accessdate 2010 02 23 ref Because TinyMCE is meant to be a client side application, it does ... download.slp?platform TinyMCE After the Deadline mdash A spelling, style, and grammar checking software service with a TinyMCE plugin. http Our Projects Tinymce ... http log en projects tinymce images Image Manager mdash Ajax image and file manager with multiupload ... . http p tinycimm TinyCIMM mdash TinyMCE CodeIgniter Media Manager. http ... are available for TinyMCE 2.x.x. ref http language.php TinyMCE Javascript ... translations are available for TinyMCE 3.x.x. ref cite web url http i18n title TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor by Moxiecode Systems AB publisher date accessdate 2010 02 23 ref Product support The Moxiecode community support for TinyMCE has been officially ... punbb viewtopic.php?id 1277 title TinyMCE Forum No support forum? publisher ...   more details

  1. Installation

    Wiktionarypar installation Installation may refer to Installation computer programs Installation, work of installation art Installation, military base disambig cs Instalace de Installation es Instalaci n fr Installation ko it Installazione nl Installatie pl Instalacja pt Instala o desambigua o ru fi Asennus sv Installation ...   more details

  1. Installation art

    Installation art describes an artistic genre of three dimensional works that are often site specific ... , 1917. Photograph by Alfred Stieglitz Installation art can be either temporary or permanent. Installation .... A number of institutions focusing on Installation art were created from the 1980s onwards, suggesting the need for Installation to be seen as a separate discipline. These included the Mattress Factory , Pittsburgh, the Museum of Installation in London, and the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, MI , among others. Installation art came to prominence in the 1970s but its roots can be identified in earlier artists ... in much later installation art whose roots lie in the conceptual art of the 1960s. This again ... form . Early non Western installation art includes events staged by the Gutai group in Japan starting in 1954, which influenced American installation pioneers like Allan Kaprow . Wolf Vostell shows his installation 6 TV De coll age in 1963 ref http works television decollage ... if you can Take if you have to in the jungle Arambol , Goa , India . Installation Installation ... this later joined such terms as project art and temporary art. Essentially, installation environmental ... of video in 1965, a concurrent strand of installation evolved through the use of new and ever ... 45 . There is a strong parallel between installation and theater both play to a viewer who is expected ... come in from outside to sit and take in a created experience a trademark of installation art has ... the novel universe of the installation. The artist and critic Ilya Kabakov mentions this essential phenomenon in the introduction to his lectures On the Total Installation One is simultaneously both a victim and a viewer, who on the one hand surveys and evaluates the installation, and on the other ... atmosphere of the total illusion Kabakov 256 . Here installation art bestows an unprecedented importance ... takes with him into the space of the installation will remain with him as he enters, to be either ...   more details

  1. Sound installation

    Sound installation related to sound art and sound sculpture is an intermedia and time based art form. It is an expansion of an art installation in the sense that it includes the sound element and therefore the time element. The main difference with a sound sculpture is that a sound installation has a three dimensional space and the axes with which the different sound objects are being organized are not exclusively internal to the work, but also external. A work of art is an installation only if it makes a dialog with the surrounding space. A sound installation is usually a site specific art site specific but sometimes it can be readapted to other spaces. It can be made either in close or open spaces, and context is fundamental to determine how a sound installation will be aesthetically perceived. The difference between a regular art installation and a sound installation is that the later one has the time element, which gives the visiting public the possibility to stay a longer time due possible curiosity over the development of sound. This temporal factor also gives the audience the excuse to explore the space thoroughly due to the dispositions of the different sounds in space. Sound installations sometimes use interactive art technology computers , sensors , Machine mechanical and kinetic art kinetic devices, etc. but we also find this type of art form using only sound sources placed in different space points like loudspeakers speakers , or acoustic music instruments materials ... to experience a sound installation for just a few minutes or for a longer period of time. This obliges ... La Monte Young WAZA art collective WAZA See also Po me lectronique by Edgard Var se Installation ... External links http projekte publications bem bem6 Sound installation art http writings.html The sound installation http Audium Experimental music genres Category Installation art Category Musical techniques de Klanginstallation nl Geluidsinstallatie kunstwerk ...   more details

  1. Installation testing

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Portal Software Testing Installation testing is a kind of quality assurance work in the software industry that focuses on what customers will need to do to install and set up the new software successfully. The testing process may involve full, partial or upgrades install uninstall processes. This testing is typically done by the software testing engineer in conjunction with the Configuration Manager configuration manager . Implementation testing is usually defined as testing which places a compiled version of code into the testing or pre production environment, from which it may or may not progress into production. This generally takes place outside of the software development environment to limit code corruption from other future or past releases or from the use of the wrong version of dependencies such as shared libraries which may reside on the development environment. The simplest installation approach is to run an install program, sometimes called package software . This package software typically uses a setup program which acts as a multi configuration wrapper and which may allow the software to be installed on a variety of machine and or operating environments. Every possible configuration should receive an appropriate level of testing so that it can be released to customers with confidence. In distributed systems, particularly where software is to be released into an already live target environment such as an operational website installation or software deployment as it is sometimes called can involve database schema changes as well as the installation of new software. Deployment plans in such circumstances may include back out procedures whose use is intended to roll the target environment back if the deployment is unsuccessful. Ideally ... which take place during the installation or upgrade of a multi tier application. This type of testing ... Installation Testing Category Software testing ...   more details

  1. Installation Sonore

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Installation Sonore Type Studio album Artist Rin r se Cover Installation Sonore.jpg Released 1999 Recorded Genre Electronic music Electronic br House music House br Downtempo Length Label V2 Records Producer Reviews Pitchfork Media 6.2 10 http article record review 21357 installation sonore link Last album Retrospective Rin r se album Retrospective br 1997 This album Installation Sonore br 1999 Next album Music Kills Me br 2002 Installation Sonore is the debut album of the band Rin r se , break out in 1999. Track listing tracklist headline lyrics credits no music credits yes title1 la guitaristic house organisation music1 Freu Carri Palumbo length1 7 09 title2 radiocapte music2 Freu Carri Palumbo length2 5 30 title3 sublimior music3 Freu Carri Palumbo length3 5 33 title4 le mobilier music4 Freu Carri Palumbo Saboul length4 4 21 title5 323 secondes de musique r p titive avec guitare espagnole music5 Freu Carri Palumbo length5 5 23 title6 mes vacances a Rio music6 Freu Carri Palumbo length6 6 30 title7 popular mechanics music7 Freu Carri Palumbo length7 4 45 title8 I love ma guitare music8 Freu Carri Palumbo Saboul length8 5 18 title9 rock classics volume I music9 Freu Carri Palumbo Gauthier length9 5 21 title10 le triangle music10 Freu Carri Palumbo length10 5 20 Trivia La Guitaristic House Organization sic gained exposure as a sample song with Windows XP to show off Windows Media Player. Category 1999 albums Category Rin r se albums Category V2 Records albums fr Installation Sonore lt Installation Sonore ...   more details

  1. Street installation

    Unreferenced date November 2010 Street installations are a growing trend within the street art movement. Whereas conventional street art graffiti is done on surfaces walls street installations use 3 D objects space to enhance interact interfere with the urban environment . Like graffiti, it is non permission based and once the object sculpture is installed it is left there by the artist. Street Installations are sometimes designed to be taken moved by the public as part of interactive and ongoing life of the art work. Unlike graffiti, street installations are generally designed in such a way that no damage is done to the property or location in which the installation is placed. Artists Artists who are exploring or who have explored this field include Above artist Above Tejn artist Tejn Mark Jenkins Leon Reid IV Brad Downey Banksy Mark Divo El Celso Graffiti Research Lab Invader artist Lennie Lee Mark McGowan performance artist Mark McGowan Nsumi fr Patrick Moya Patrick Moya fr icon Will St Leger WAZA,China See also Art intervention Culture jamming Graffiti Installation art MONU magazine on urbanism Roundabout dog Street art References Reflist External links Wooster Collective s sub category for street installations http 3d http 2006 12 14 arts design 14graf.html?ex 157680000&en 6194706aa794f763&ei 5124&partner permalink&exprod permalink New York Times article about the 2006 street art show at 11 Spring in New York s SoHo, which includes references to various installation artists Street Art DEFAULTSORT Street Installation Category Graffiti and unauthorised signage Category Installation art Category Street culture Installation ...   more details

  1. Engineering Installation

    Engineering Installation , better known as Glossary of military abbreviations E EI , is a functionary of the United States Air Force that provides the engineering and installation of telecommunications into permanent facilities. This includes removal and relocation of old or outdated ground communication electronics systems, and to provide for emergency and programmed, mobile, on site, maintenance and modification of these systems. Engineering Installation Missions deploy worldwide to fulfill their mission to engineer, install, remove,and relocate C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence C4I information systems and infrastructure such as antennas, cabling, radios, navigational aids, and Meteorological meteorological equipment . ref http Mission Engineering Installation ref EI can be described as a corps of Telecommunications engineering telecommunication engineers and the functional intermediary between Civil engineering civil engineers and information technology professionals. Engineering Installation Squadron aviation Squadrons fall under the Major Command of the Air Force Space Command . There are currently 1 Active duty active duty EI unit, ref http wiki 38th Engineering Installation Wing ref ref http news story.asp?id 123170911 ref 16 Air National Guard List of United States Air National Guard Squadrons EI squadrons , ref http units index.asp ref ref http units index.asp ref ref http units index.asp ref and 1 EI team assigned to a Defense Information Systems Agency defense agency . ref http ns eisit.html ref References Reflist Category United States Air Force ...   more details

  1. The Desertshore Installation

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name The Desertshore installation Type Box set Artist Throbbing Gristle Cover Released June 10 2007 Recorded 1 3 June 2007 Genre Industrial music Industrial Length Label Industrial Records Industrial Producer Reviews Last album This album The Desertshore Installation br 2007 Next album The Desertshore Installation is a box set that was released by Throbbing Gristle . The 12 CDr set documents recording sessions for the Desertshore album a cover of the Nico record see Desertshore . These sessions were open to the public and a short question and answer session is included in the recordings. Each session lasted for approximately 2 hours and there were 2 sessions per day, an afternoon and an evening session. The box set only had one pressing. A number of jams recorded during the installation appear on Throbbing Gristle s tour only album release The Third Mind Movements . CDr information Friday Afternoon Disc A 1 09 02 Friday Afternoon Disc B 1 04 30 Friday Evening Disc A 1 02 47 Friday Evening Disc B 0 54 06 Saturday Afternoon Disc A 0 48 08 Saturday Afternoon Disc B 0 47 36 Saturday Evening Disc A 1 07 58 Saturday Evening Disc B 0 55 46 Sunday Afternoon Disc A 0 47 15 Sunday Afternoon Disc B 1 01 42 Sunday Evening Disc A 0 46 01 Sunday Evening Disc B 1 07 02 Session set lists Friday, Session 1 My Only Child Gen Vox & Jam Janitor of Lunacy Gen Vox & Jam Friday, Session 2 Afraid Gen Vox Jam to rhythm tracks The Falconer Gen Vox Saturday, Session 3 Mutterlein Gen Vox Jam Session to Mae Blue Gray Le Petit Chevalier Gen Vox Saturday, Session 4 Abschied Check Springbankistan Jam Abschied Gen Vox Janitors of Lunacy Vox Mental Jam The Falconer ... the desertshore installation http release 1009855 entry DEFAULTSORT Desertshore Installation, The Category Box set albums Category 2007 compilation albums Desertshore Installation Category Throbbing Gristle compilation albums Desertshore Installation ...   more details

  1. The Journey (installation)

    Orphan date February 2009 The Journey is an installation art art installation on the subject of human trafficking . Through a series of seven linked transport containers it depicts the experiences of women sold into the sex trade. ref name unis http unis pressrels 2008 uniscp555.html Container Exhibit Highlights Plight of Trafficking Victims . United Nations press release, 6 February 2008. ref The installation s individual containers were designed by artists including Anish Kapoor , Sandy Powell costume designer Sandy Powell and Michael Howells . Its creation was instigated by the actor Emma Thompson and the activist Sam Roddick daughter of the late Body Shop founder Anita Roddick . It is designed to highlight the work of the Helen Bamber Foundation , an organisation set up by the psychotherapist Helen Bamber which offers therapeutic treatment to those traumatised by violence and abuse. ref http theatre drama story 0,,2182559,00.html Acts of compassion . Guardian, 3 October 2007. ref The installation was first shown in Trafalgar Square in London between 23 and 30 September 2007. ref http 2 hi uk news england london 7009366.stm Art exposes reality of sex trade . BBC News website, 24 September 2007. ref It was then shown at the Heldenplatz in Vienna between 13 and 16 February 2008, to coincide with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, a conference held in Vienna as part of the ongoing UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking UN.GIFT . ref name unis References reflist External links http www.the The Journey s appearance in London http UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking Category Installation art works nl Journey tentoonstelling ...   more details

  1. Video installation

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Video installation is a contemporary art form that combines video technology with installation art , making use of all aspects of the surrounding environment to affect the audience. Tracing its origins to the birth of video art in the 1970s, it has increased in popularity as digital video production technology has become more readily accessible. Today, video installation is ubiquitous and visible in a range of environments from galleries and museums to an expanded field that includes site specific work in urban or industrial landscapes. Popular formats include monitor work, projection, and performance. The only requirements are electricity and darkness . One of the main strategies used by video installation artists is the incorporation of the space as a key element in the narrative structure. This way, the well known linear cinematic narrative is spread throughout the space creating an immersive ambient. In this situation, the viewer plays an active role as he she creates the narrative sequence by evolving in the space. Sometimes, the idea of a participatory audience is stretched further in interactive video installation. Some other times, the video is displayed ... of video installation was Korean American Nam June Paik whose work from the mid sixties used multiple ... to create large immersive environments. Wolf Vostell is another pioneer of video installation ... 1997 Survey at the Whitney Museum in NY is considered a watershed mark in the history of video installation ... David Hall and Tony Sinden exhibited the first multi screen installation in Britain, 60 TV Sets, at Gallery House London in 1972. Subsequently British video installation developed a distinctive ... installation pieces are good examples where specially filmed elements are shown as a series of serial .... Artists working with video installation Vito Acconci Gustavo Aguerre Doug Aitken Marsia Alexander ... art Video Art Perpetual art machine References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Video Installation Category Art ...   more details

  1. Spawn installation

    In personal computer game s, a spawn installation is an installed copy of a game that may only be used to play in multiplayer mode, or otherwise limits the amount of single player content accessible to the user. Additionally, some spawn implementations only allow the user to join games hosted by the installer s cd key . There are several purposes for a spawn installation, including but not limited to creating added value by allowing the owner of the game to experience the multiplayer mode with friends and game demo demonstrating the game to more potential buyers. A similar concept for example, in some Command & Conquer games is the use of multiple game discs. Each disc contains a discrete portion of the game, such as an individual campaign. Sharing a disc with a friend allows both the owner and the friend to experience the full content of each respective disc, but not at the same time. In contrast with spawn installations, the disadvantage to the multiple disc approach was that the game could only be shared among as many people as there were discs, while spawn installations could be used on any number of systems. This concept is very similar to the single card multiplayer Nintendo DS Download Play Download Play option that some Nintendo DS games offer such as Super Mario 64 DS . The difference here, however, is that a spawn installation is installed on the system like a normal program, whereas the Nintendo DS only keeps its downloaded copy in memory while it is powered on. Games with spawn installation Joint Strike Fighter game Joint Strike Fighter Innerloop Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit Electronic Arts Diablo video game Diablo Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft Blizzard Entertainment Warcraft Orcs & Humans Blizzard Entertainment ref name MacGamerWOHReview cite web url http features ?id 626 title Warcraft Orcs and Humans Mac Gamer last Wrobel first J. date ... References reflist DEFAULTSORT Spawn Installation Category Video game development Videogame software ...   more details

  1. Installation of the Vizier

    The Installation of the vizier , alt. Instruction of Rekhmire , Regulation laid upon the vizier Rekhmire , is an ancient Egyptian text dating to the New Kingdom found in Rekhmire s tomb at Thebes. It describes the office of the Egyptian Vizier Ancient Egypt vizier , his appointment, his duties, his relationships to other officials, and how to behave. Two incomplete copies of the Regulation laid upon the vizier Rekhmire have survived, one in the tomb of Woser reign of Thutmose III and another in the tomb of Amenemope reign of Amenhotep II . ref Breasted, op.cit. , § 671 ref The vizier s main functions according to the Regulation are in the fields of the judicial judciary , treasury , war , Interior ministry interior , agriculture , and general executive government executive . ref Breasted, op.cit. , § 672 ref References M. Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature , Vol.2, University of California Press 1976, p.21 24 J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt , Part Two, Chicago 1906, 665ff. references Category Ancient Egyptian literature Category Ancient Egyptian culture Category Ancient Egyptian viziers egyptology stub de Dienstanweisung f r den Wesir fr L Installation du vizir ...   more details

  1. Disc Installation

    Marlais, and Ronald J. Onorato. Blurring the Boundaries Installation Art 1969 1996 San Diego, Museum ... 4705250 Category Installation art works ...   more details

  1. Installation (computer programs)

    2009 Installation or setup of a computer program including device driver s and plug in computing plugins ... installer , a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation ... for immediate execution and therefore need an installation procedure. Once installed, the program ... As mentioned earlier, some computer program need no installation. This was once usual for many ... complex however, the need for tangible installation presented itself. Nowadays, a class of modern applications that do not need installation are known as portable application s , as they may be roamed ... installation and can be run directly from a bootable Compact Disc CD , DVD , or USB flash drive ... installation. Types Attended installation This is the most common form of installation. An installation ... an end user license agreement EULA , specifying preferences such as the installation location, supplying ... may ask the user to specify another target path. Silent installation Installation that does not display messages or windows during its progress. Silent installation is not the same as unattended installation see below All silent installations are unattended but not all unattended installations are silent. The reason behind a silent installation may be convenience or subterfuge. Malware are always installed silently. Unattended installation Installation that is performed without user interaction during its progress or with no user present at all. An unattended installation either ... of installation. Such input may be in the form of Command line interface command line switch command ... of an operating system that can be installed with an answer files. In unattended installation, it is assumed that there is no user to help mitigate errors. For instance, if the installation medium was faulty, the installer should fail the installation, as there is no user to fix the fault ... log for later review. Headless installation Installation performed without using a computer monitor ...   more details

  1. Network Installation Manager

    Network Installation Manager is a system management Software framework framework on the IBM IBM AIX operating system AIX operating system that Installation computer programs installs and manages Computer system systems over a Computer network network . External links http infocenter systems index.jsp IBM Systems Information Center http infocenter systems topic doc insgdrf nim intro.htm?tocNode toc front front.cmb 0 0 5 4 Network Installation Management http infocenter systems topic doc insgdrf concepts operations.htm?tocNode toc front front.cmb 0 0 5 4 8 Using NIM operations http infocenter systems topic doc insgdrf nim resources.htm?tocNode toc front front.cmb 0 0 5 4 7 Using NIM resources http infocenter systems topic doc aixcmds4 nim.htm idx81 NIM man page http abstracts sg247296.html?Open NIM from A to Z in AIX 5L Redbook http www.web aix network installation manager server nim master concept and configuration in details Network Installation Manager Server NIM Master Concept and Configuration in Details Category IBM operating systems de Network Installation Management ...   more details

  1. Remote Installation Services

    RIS, Remote Installation Services is a Microsoft supplied server that allows Preboot Execution Environment PXE BIOS enabled computers to remotely execute boot environment variables. Background At boot time, a workstation that has been set to boot from PXE will issue a BOOTP request via the network. Once the request is received, the DHCP Server will supply an IP address to the machine, and the DNS server will point the client computer to the RIS server, which in turn will issue a disk boot image often called the OS Chooser . Once the OS Chooser environment has been booted, the user must authenticate against the Domain Controller , and can then select a Windows image to install. The source files for each image can be customized with 3rd party utilies such as NLite to slipstream updates and service packs, apply tweaks, perform unattended installations, and include software with the operating system. History Remote Installation Services was introduced with Windows 2000 as an optional component when installed on Windows 2000 Server. Initially, it supported only the distribution of Windows 2000 Professional , but with Service Pack 3 allowed for the remote installation of Windows 2000 Server ... Deployment Services . Overview On Windows 2003, two services are required to provide Remote Installation Services DHCP and Remote Installation Service. The Remote Installation Server doubles as a proxy DHCP server to provide Boot Server and Filename instructions to clients. Remote Installation Service ... the OS Chooser and mount the share where images are stored. Installation Using RIS RIS can ... 2000 Remote Installation Service to Deploy Windows 98 http guides binl.php BINL protocol explained Windows Components Category Windows components af Remote Installation Services de Remote Installation Services es Remote Installation Services fr Services d installation distance ru Remote Installation Services ...   more details

  1. Fully Automatic Installation

    Notability date February 2008 Fully Automatic Installation FAI is a non interactive system to install the Debian computer operating system and other distributions ref https lists.uni pipermail linux fai 2011 September 009243.html CentOS and Scientific Linux Cern installations with FAI ref unattended on a single computer or a whole cluster. FAI uses a collection of Perl and shell script s for the installation process. Changes to the configuration files of the operating system can be made by cfengine , shell, Perl and expect scripts. There is a PHP based graphical frontend GOsa not only for FAI, which is used by the City of Munich at their migration to Linux ref http Rathaus dir limux ueberblick 175149 windowsabloesung.html City of Munich report ref . FAI is released under GNU GPL 2 . See also Kickstart Linux a similar tool for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution M23 software distribution system is also a Software Distribution Tool for Debian Ubuntu References references External links http fai FAI Homepage http wiki.fai FAIWiki Category System administration Category Software distribution Category Network management Category Free network management software Category Free software linux stub de Fully Automatic Installation fr Fully Automatic Installation ...   more details

  1. Pieces (art installation)

    Pieces is a diptych by the United Kingdom British artist and sculptor Baldrick Buckle . It was exhibited at the Europlaza, Pakhuis De Zwijger Amsterdam in 2007. One half consists of a room containing over 20 million individual jigsaw puzzle pieces and the other consists of a cube built from approximately 8000 empty jigsaw puzzle boxes. An article about the installation and an interview with the artist was published in NRC Handelsblad , a Dutch national newspaper. A version of Pieces that included a car , a travel trailer caravan , a gin & tonic bar and a market stall was also commissioned and exhibited by the organisers of the http Art Car Boot Fair 2007, held in London s Brick Lane . The installation was extensively captured by users of Flickr .com and on http dna collective A24709854 BBC Collective and was also used as the backdrop to a Richard & Judy television feature on the event. External links http index.php?id 1179 Pieces images http search ?w all&q 27Pieces 27 Art Car Boot Fair &m text Pieces at Art Car Boot Fair 2007 images on Flickr .com http collective gallery 2 static.shtml?collection artcarbootsale&image 10 Pieces Buckle Portrait BBC Collective DEFAULTSORT Pieces Art Installation Category Installation art works ...   more details

  1. Windows Automated Installation Kit

    cleanup date April 2010 Infobox software name Windows Automated Installation Kit WAIK logo File screenshot File caption collapsible author developer Microsoft Corporation released date 2007 02 13 latest release version 3.0 latest release date date 2011 02 18 platform IBM PC Compatible size 1.66 GiB language English language English , Arabic , Mandarin Chinese Chinese , Czech language Czech , Danish language Danish , Dutch language Dutch , Finnish language Finnish , French language French , German ... en us library dd349343 WS.10 .aspx TechNet WAIK Windows Automated Installation Kit ... title Download Details Windows Automated Installation Kit AIK work Microsoft Download Center publisher ... en title Download Details Automated Installation Kit AIK for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server ... 9f76 4177 a811 39c26d3b3b34&displaylang en title Download Details The Windows Automated Installation ... ref Microsoft has also released a Windows Automated Installation Kit Supplement for Windows 7 SP1. http fwlink ?LinkId 139690 Windows Automated Installation Kit Readme references ... tool is not included with WAIK, but is instead included on the Operating System installation ... during manufacturing , WinPE is now available free of charge via the Windows Automated Installation ... installation to another as part of an operating system upgrade or wipe and reload recovery, for example ... Corporation ref Other features The WAIK Windows Automated Installation Kit is used to do to unattended installation of Windows. Along with that, with the Windows Automated Installation Kit the multiple architecture operating system 32 bit and 64 bit can be converted to a single installation DVD with its ImageX Feature. The WAIK can also create an bootable installation disk with the help of its ... Windows Automated Installation Kit AIK for Windows 7 Microsoft Windows components Category Windows ... Installation Kit ru Windows Automated Installation Kit ...   more details

  1. Floodwall (Art Installation)

    that envelops the spectator. The installation has also been used as a setting for collaborative theater performances involving singing and dance. ref name Configurations The installation ... Image 2.jpg thumb right 320px Floodwall Installation in Poland New York, New York January 4 February ... Grief Category Installation art works Category Installation art Category Hurricane Katrina relief ...   more details

  1. System Locked Pre-installation

    Cleanup date March 2010 Refimprove date August 2008 System Locked Pre installation , often abbreviated as SLP , is a procedure used by major OEM computer manufacturers in order to Product activation pre activate Microsoft Windows before mass distribution. There are three different versions of SLP SLP which is now commonly referred to as SLP 1.0 , SLP 2.0, and SLP 2.1. These versions roughly coincide with Windows NT versions see table below . Operating systems that use SLP 1.0 check for a particular text string in a computer s BIOS upon booting . If the text string does not match the information stored in the particular installation s OEM BIOS files, the user is prompted to activate his or her copy as normal. SLP 2.0 and SLP 2.1 works in a similar manner. This effectively locks the operating system to the qualified motherboard. In addition, if an end user feels the need to perform a clean install of Windows and if the manufacturer supplies the user with an installation disc not a System Recovery disc that is a hard drive image , the user will not be prompted to activate the copy, given that the installation is performed on the same motherboard. Furthermore, because the check only involves ..., can decrypt the key from a local installation. Keys from either source see below will allow the user to avoid activation upon re installation. However, since SLP 2.0 was introduced, hackers ... Vista 7 installation illegally but also be very hard to notice. This method can also be integrated into a Windows installation disk to activate on initial boot. Another method consists of modding the BIOS ..., a pirated retail installation can be converted to OEM, and the appropriate certificate installed ... . The installation source must also be SLP enabled by the manufacturer. Microsoft has not publicly released an SLP key for Windows XP Home Edition, but the actual key from any SLP activated installation of XP Home can be used on any other, regardless of brand. SLP enabled installation CDs usually ...   more details

  1. Offshore installation manager

    The Offshore Installation Manager OIM is the most senior manager of an offshore platform operating on the UK Continental Shelf UKCS . Many offshore operators have adopted this UK offshore management model and title and applied it to their operations in all global regions irrespective of the local regulations in force. In the UK the individual must be officially registered as an OIM with the Offshore Safety Division of the Health and Safety Executive and the OIM is responsible for the health, welfare and safety of the personnel on board the installation, whether a offshore drilling drilling rig , Offshore platform production platform or a support vessel e.g. a flotel . The OIM position had arisen in part from the Inquiry into the 1965 Sea Gem disaster, in which the Sea Gem drilling rig collapsed and sank in the southern sector of the North Sea with a loss of 13 lives. The Inquiry recommended that ... there ought to be a master or unquestioned authority on these rigs and that ... there ought to be the equivalent of a shipmaster s daily round when the master could question those responsible for different aspects of the day to day management of the whole. ref Inquiry into the Causes of the Accident to the Drilling Rig Sea Gem, Adams, J.R. 1967 , The Ministry of Power, HMSO CM3409, London ref The recommendations from the Sea Gem Inquiry were formalised in the Mineral Workings Offshore Installations Act 1971 which requires a registered OIM to be in charge of each installation. Training and selection of OIMs has been the subject of research projects ref OTH 92 374 The Selection and Training of Offshore Installaion Managers for Crisis Management, Prof. R. Flin and G. Slaven, HSE Books, Health and Safety Executive, 1994, ISBN 0 7176 0776 3 ref and specialist training ref OPITO OIM Training http uk library industry competence oim controlling emergencies.pdf ref References references DEFAULTSORT Oim Offshore Installation Manager Category Resource extraction occupations ...   more details

  1. 202nd Engineering Installation Squadron

    aircraft transport The 202nd Engineering Installation Squadron is a unit of the Georgia Air National Guard . The installation, repair and serviceability of sophisticated command, control, communications ... is the responsibility of the men and women of the 202nd Engineering Installation Squadron. ref ... Engineering Installation Agency Squadron GEEIA with personnel strength of 23 officers and 294 airmen ... airmen and became the 202nd Electronics Installation Squadron. The first woman to enlist in the 202nd .... In 1982, the 202nd changed to its present name, 202nd Engineering Installation Squadron. The unit s mission of engineering, installation, removal and relocation of Command, Control, Communications, Computers ... Engineering Installation Squadron was assigned to Air Force Materiel Command and the Electronic ... Engineering Installation Squadron can mobilize to provide combat communication installation and support ... and support. The 202nd Engineering Installation Squadron has participated in more than 100 ... Units GSU throughout the southeastern part of the United States. The unit deploys in small installation ... Engineering Installation Squadron is the lead unit, and joined with sister Engineering Installation ...   more details

  1. List of installation software

    The following is a list of software frameworks for building Installation computer programs installation program s, broken down by platform support. Cross platform class wikitable sortable Program Developer Platforms Status Cost Free and open source software Free Open source InstallAnywhere Flexera Software Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Java, Solaris, AIX , HP UX, and IBM iSeries Active No Install4j EJ Technologies Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix Active No JExpress Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Java, Solaris, and any OS running Java Active No InstallBuilder Bitrock Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP UX, others Active No IzPack Any OS with Java Virtual Machine Active Free Yes InstallJammer Independent Windows & Linux Discontinued Free Yes br GPL 2 Microsoft Windows class wikitable sortable Program Developer Cost Free and open source software Free Open source Cross Platform Installer type Advanced Installer Caphyon Ltd No EXE and Windows Installer MSI AKInstaller AKApplications nonfree from 60  No No EXE and Windows Installer MSI Inno Setup , written in Delphi Jordan Russell Free Yes No EXE JExpress DeNova No Yes EXE, APP bundle, Linux binary, JAR InstallBuilder Bitrock Inc. nonfree 995 yr No Yes EXE Install Creator Clickteam No InstallJammer Damon Courtney, BWidgets Team Free Yes br GPL 2 Yes EXE InstallAware InstallAware Software No EXE and Windows Installer MSI InstallShield Flexera Software formerly Acresso Software nonfree from 599, 539 yr No EXE and Windows Installer MSI InstallSimple InstallSimple Solutions Free No No EXE Installer VISE MindVision Software nonfree from 695 yr No IzPack Free Yes br Apache License Yes java Nullsoft Scriptable Install System ... for managing the installation of software packages. See also package management system , the primary method to install software on Linux based systems RUNZ Category Installation software Category Lists of software Installation software ...   more details

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