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Encyclopedia results for shelf life

shelf life

Encyclopedia results for shelf life

  1. Shelf life

    of shelf life of lettuce Shelf life is the length of time that food s, beverages, pharmaceutical ... date is required on packaged perishable foods. Shelf life is the recommendation of time that products ... Cite journal last Gyesley first S. W. year 1991 title Total Sysstems Approach to Predict Shelf Life of Packaged Foods volume issue pages id ASTM STP 1113 EB url ref Most shelf life dates are used as guidelines ... content oct2006 db20061002 959305.htm?campaign id rss topStories accessdate 2008 09 01 ref Shelf life Shelf life is different from expiration date the former relates to food quality , the latter to foodborne ... that has passed its shelf life might still be safe, but quality is no longer guaranteed. In most food stores, shelf life is maximized by using stock rotation , which involves moving products with the earliest ... , leading to a loss of profit. Shelf life is most influenced by several factors exposure to light and heat ... models for estimating the shelf life of cornflakes in flexible packaging journal Packaging ... to eat, leading to food poisoning . However, the shelf life itself is not an accurate indicator to the food ... Wall Street Journal volume 235 issue 62 pages A1 cover story date 2000 03 28 ref Shelf life is not significantly ... products opinion date February 2012 . One major exception is the Shelf Life Extension Program ... remained effective nine years after their shelf life, and, as a cost saving measure, the US military regularly uses a wide range of SLEP tested products past their official shelf life if drugs have been ... s may be incorporated into some food and drug products to extend their shelf life. Some companies ... vapor transmission rate , etc. extends the shelf life of some foods and pharmaceuticals. The United States Department of Defense DoD Shelf Life Program defines shelf life as, blockquote The total period ... user. Shelf life is not to be confused with service life defined as, A general term used to quantify the average or standard life expectancy of an item or equipment while in use. When a shelf ...   more details

  1. Shelf Life (film)

    Infobox film name Shelf Life image image size caption director Paul Bartel producer Anne Kimmel br Bradley Laven writer O Lan Jones br Andrea Stein br Jim Turner narrator starring O Lan Jones br Andrea Stein br Jim Turner music Andy Paley cinematography Philip Holahan editing Judd H. Maslansky distributor released 1993 runtime 81 min. country FilmUS language English budget gross preceded by followed by website amg id Shelf Life is a 1993 film directed by Paul Bartel . It stars O Lan Jones , Andrea Stein and Jim Turner . ref http work shelf life 135380 ref Cast O Lan Jones as Tina Andrea Stein as Pam Mrs. St. Cloud Jim Turner as Scotty Mr. St. Cloud Paul Bartel as Various Apparitions Justin Houchin as Young Scotty References reflist External links imdb title id 0108111 title Shelf Life Paul Bartel Category 1993 films Category Films directed by Paul Bartel ...   more details

  1. Shelf Life Extension Program

    The Shelf Life Extension Program SLEP is a joint program of the United States Department of Defense and the Food and Drug Administration which aims to reduce the cost to the military of maintaining stockpiles of certain pharmaceuticals. Under SLEP, medications are tested for safety and stability for extended periods of time in controlled storage conditions. In many cases, medications remain effective for years past their printed expiry dates. External links https portal page portal SLEP PAGE GRP SLEP HOME NEW SLEP The DOD FDA Shelf Life Extension Program https slep slep info paper JAN 2006.doc SLEP information paper Category Healthcare Category Medical research Category Health research Category Health sciences Category United States Department of Defense ...   more details

  1. Shelf Life (novel)

    Orphan date November 2006 Unreferenced date October 2006 For the episode of Fairly Odd Parents please see Shelf Life . Shelf Life is a novel written by Robert Corbet writer Robert Corbet and published in 2004 . The novel deals with an unnamed supermarket and the various people who work there. Each chapter is named after an aisle of the store, but may only have some minor references to it. There are other smaller chapters that deal with other areas such as Accounts and Service Desk. Each character has one chapter about them, which usually involves their current situation, then goes into a flashback about what had happened beforehand. Characters Adam Adam is a 17 year old boy who manages to get a job on the floor i.e. reshelving and cleaning because his dad doesn t want him to laze around Adam got the job through connections, although on the floor he is known as Andy to the customers. A big fan of TV, Adam would rather be watching TV than working. His first aim is to create anarchy within the store starting with drawing the anarchy symbol in a pool of something black and sticky but this aim is eventually replaced with the opposite, in an effort to impress Louisa, a girl he has a crush on. Adam is the only other character besides Louisa to have more than one chapter where he s the main character or a supporting character with Louisa. He is also the only other character to not have a flashback of some sort. Louisa Also 17, Louisa is a very studious girl, shown by the fact that while she s three days younger than Adam, she s in her first year at university, studying to be a nurse. A supermarket worker by day and a training nurse by night, Louisa is often very tired but she still maintains a good work ethic, shown by being named Employee Of The Month at the start of the novel. She is oblivious to Adam s crush on her at first, but she eventually asks him out. Her role in the store is mostly that of reshelving and manning the service desk. Chloe One of the checkout girls, C ...   more details

  1. Shelf

    Wiktionary Shelf may refer to Shelf storage , a flat horizontal surface used for display and storage Technology Shelf computing , a user interface feature in the NeXTSTEP operating system Geology Continental shelf , the extended perimeter of a continent, usually covered by shallow seas Ice shelf , a thick platform of ice floating on the ocean surface Architecture Light shelf , a reflective element placed outside of a window to enhance room illumination by natural light Biological Sulphur shelf , an edible mushroom Business and politics Shelf life , the length of time that perishable items are considered suitable for sale or consumption Shelf registration , a registration arrangement for the sale of securities In a Quality business quality sense, top shelf usually refers to where the best quality wine or liquor are kept in a specialty liquor store or bar the best product is kept at the top behind the Bar counter Bar .28counter.29 bar or cash register for display until someone needs it. In a marketing sense, a product which is on the shelves is displayed for consumer consumers and is available for sale. In a politics political sense, the term shelve may mean that an issue which was being considered actively was no longer being considered actively, that is, an agenda item was shelved meaning that it is not at the forefront of the political agenda while it hasn t been rejected entirely. Popular culture Shelf song Shelf song , a 2008 song by the Jonas Brothers Places and entities Shelf, West Yorkshire , a village in England Shelf corporation , a company or corporation that has had no activity Shelf organization , a UK health services organisation See also Off the shelf disambig cs elf de Bauholz Brett he ru simple Shelf Reflist ...   more details

  1. On the Shelf

    orphan date August 2010 On The Shelf is a disco dance song from in the 1978 motion picture soundtrack of Goin Coconuts , featuring Donny Osmond Donny and Marie Osmond . The duet received slight radio airplay in the Provo, Utah area when the film was released. Songwriters are Steve Voice and Peter Yellowstone. Category 1978 songs 1970s song stub ...   more details

  1. Continental shelf

    shelf off the south eastern coast of the United States The continental shelf is the extended perimeter of each continent and associated coastal plain . Much of the shelf was exposed during glacial period s, but is now submerged under relatively shallow sea s known as shelf seas and Bay gulfs ... the continental shelf and the abyssal plain , comprises a steep continental slope followed by the flatter ... the shelf and slope. ref Pinet 39, Gross 45. ref The continental rise s gradient is intermediate between the slope and the shelf, on the order of 0.5 1 . ref Pinet 37. ref Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea , the name continental shelf was given a legal definition as the stretch ... 03FCDE The global continental shelf, highlighted in cyan The width of the continental shelf varies considerably &ndash it is not uncommon for an area to have virtually no shelf at all, particularly ... shelf &ndash the Siberian Shelf in the Arctic Ocean &ndash stretches to convert 1500 km mi sp us in width. The South China Sea lies over another extensive area of continental shelf, the Sunda Shelf , which joins Borneo , Sumatra, and Java island Java to the Asian mainland. Other familiar bodies ... of continental shelves is about convert 80 km mi abbr on . The depth of the shelf also varies, but is generally ... of the shelf is usually quite low, on the order of 0.5 vertical relief is also minimal, at less than convert 20 m ft abbr on . ref Pinet 36 37. ref Though the continental shelf is treated as a physiography ... Rock legend 663300 Mantle The shelf usually ends at a point of increasing slope ref http EBchecked topic 539632 shelf break ref called the shelf break . The sea floor below the break ... ocean floor, the abyssal plain . The continental shelf and the slope are part of the continental margin . The shelf area is commonly subdivided into the inner continental shelf , mid continental shelf , and outer continental shelf , each with their specific geomorphology and marine biology ...   more details

  1. The Elf on the Shelf

    The Elf on the Shelf A Christmas Tradition ISBN 978 0 9769907 9 6 is a children s picture book written by American mother and daughter Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell, and illustrated by Co Steinwart. The book was self published in 2005 by CCA and B Publishing in Marietta, GA . The Elf on the Shelf comes in a keepsake box that features the hardbound book and a small pixie scout elf. Written in rhyme with accompanying watercolor illustrations, it is a Christmas tale of how Santa knows who is naughty and nice. The described tradition of The Elf on the Shelf usually begins around Thanksgiving and lasts until Christmas Eve, when the elves return to the North Pole until the next holiday season. The book spent time as the number one best seller at Barnes and Noble s website. ref http article how self published book became best seller 415174 1 How a Self published Book Became ... and the family play an on going game of hide and seek. The Elf on the Shelf explains that elves get ..., so the rule for The Elf on the Shelf states There s only one rule that you have to follow ... published The Elf on the Shelf along with Bell s twin sister Christa Pitts, they created their own publishing ... publishing 300 copies of The Elf on the Shelf , they had sold over 1.5 million copies by the end of 2010. ref cite news last Wilson first Craig title This Christmas elf flies off the shelf url http life books news 2010 12 23 elf21 CV N.htm newspaper USA TODAY ref Television adaptation ... The Elf on the Shelf . It was first telecast by CBS on November 26, 2011. ref http title tt2094761 ref Christmas traditions An Elf s Story The Elf on the Shelf follows Germanic and Scandinavian ... Ellie names her own Elf on the Shelf Kegel . ref http title tt1794602 ref References reflist ... life books news 2009 12 10 bookbuzz10 ST N.htm Book Buzz . USA Today . December 14, 2009 DEFAULTSORT Elf On The Shelf Category 2005 books Category American children s books Category Christmas ...   more details

  1. Floating shelf

    Wikify date April 2010 Orphan date September 2008 A floating shelf is a form of shelf designed so as to avoid showing any unsightly brackets, appearing as though it is floating on the wall. Design and Use Image Floating shelf diagram.jpg thumb right 300px Diagram of floating shelf installation and design. A floating shelf is designed to fit within a minimalist decor by hiding the supporting brackets within the shelf. The shelf has at least two symmetrical channels into which slide brackets attached to the wall. Screws are inserted through the bottom of the shelf to hold it on the brackets. Though usually constructed of light weight material such as Medium density fibreboard MDF and laminated, these shelves can often hold considerable weight. References Reflist Category Furniture furniture stub ...   more details

  1. Siberian Shelf

    Image Kara Sea map.png 250px Image East Siberian Sea map.png 410px Image IBCAO betamap.jpg right 350px Bathymetric topographic map of the Arctic Ocean and the surrounds The Siberian Shelf , one of the Arctic Ocean coastal shelf coastal shelves such as Milne Ice Shelf , is the largest continental shelf of the Earth , a part of the continental shelf of Russia . It extends from the continent of Eurasia in the general area of North Siberia hence the name into the Arctic Ocean . It stretches to convert 1500 km mi sp us offshore. It is relatively shallow, with average depth of 100 m. A number of islands are within the shelf, including the Wrangel Island , Novaya Zemlya , and the New Siberian Islands . ref http oceans ArticOceanWeb Shelves siberian.htm Siberian Shelf ref It is encompassed by the Kara Sea , Laptev Sea , and East Siberian Sea , and respectively subdivided into the Kara Sea Shelf , Laptev Sea Shelf , and East Siberian Shelf . Eastwards it merges into the Chukchi Shelf of the Chukchi Sea shared by Eurasia and Alaska i.e., by Russia and the United States . Westwards it merges into the Barents Shelf of the Barents Sea . Also, the New Siberian Islands and the New Siberian Rift Basin define the New Siberian Shelf . According to the split of the high Arctic by the Lomonosov Ridge Lomonosov mid ocean ridge into the Eurasian Basin and Amerasian Basin , the Siberian Shelf is split between the Eurasian Shelf and the Amerasian Shelf . Flora and fauna The Siberian Shelf is the habitat for numerous flora and fauna. Notably the Polar bear is found through much of the shelf, including the Barents Sea and Chukchi Sea . References references coord missing Russia Category Landforms of the Arctic Ocean Category Siberia Category Eurasia Category Landforms of Asia Category Landforms of Russia nn Den sibirske sokkelen ru ...   more details

  1. Off-the-shelf

    Wiktionary Off the shelf may refer to Off the shelf component Commercial off the shelf , a phrase in computing terminology Ready to wear Shelf corporation , a type of company Off the Shelf Festival , a festival of writing and reading which takes place each year in Sheffield, United Kingdom A product recall the product is taken off the shelf See also Off the hook disambiguation disambig Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Top shelf

    Top shelf may refer to Pornographic magazine s, which are kept on the top shelf in newsagents, out of the reach of children this expression is mainly used in British English Liquor of higher quality mainly referring to Whisky , which is kept on the top shelves in a store, whereas the other shelves would hold liquor of lower quality this expression is mainly used in American English Thee Top Shelf , a popular unlicensed Sacramento drinking club and music hall located in the city s Alhambra Triangle from 2001 to 2004. Best known for its sliding scale and barter system pricing structure applied to high octane beverages for its dominoes tournaments and as the Womb of Cap Daddy . Top Shelf Productions , an American publishing company Triple J General programming Top Shelf Radio , a programme on Australian radio station Triple J disambig ...   more details

  1. Shelf ice

    File Shelf Ice.JPG thumb right 400 px Shelf ice along the southern Lake Michigan Shoreline at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Shelf ice can refer to the ice that forms when a portion of a lake surface freezes. It is often then washed upon the shore. This is common within the Great Lakes . Formation Shelf ice forms from float ice. Float ice is like drift ice , but seldom becomes large enough to support humans or large animals. The cold temperatures freeze small areas of the open lake, forming float ... water several miles wide. Structure of shelf ice Shelf ice is a floating mat of ice, but unlike a pond or a small lake that freezes over, the shelf is not a uniform sheet of ice. Created by the wind and waves, the shelf ice is a jumble of ice chunks, pushed onto each other. It is as if you took a pile ... in a ridge. But there is nothing stable in the pile. The individual pieces ice in the case of shelf ..., density, and depth. Over time, the shelf extends out from the shore in a long lasting floating ledge ... from solar heating and weather variations. Therefore, an ice shelf can vary from a large flat surface to a jumbled pile of blocks with parallel ridges. When a shelf extends out to a sand bar, a ridge will form that is higher than the rest of the shelf. If there is more than one sand bar along a beach front, the ice shelf will form a ridge along each sand bar. Citation needed date December 2009 gallery File Shelf Ice beach.jpg Southern Lake Michigan beach in winter at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore File Shelf extending from shore.jpg An unbroken stretch of shelf ice at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore File Shelf Ice ridge.JPG Ridges of shelf ice along Lake Michigan s southern shore at Indiana ... throughout shelf ice, the ice may give way unexpectedly. One can plummet several feet through an air ... the danger. See also Ice sheet dynamics Ice shelf References Winter Warning Signs along the beaches ... Shelf Ice Category Glaciology ...   more details

  1. Ice shelf

    File Corp2400 Flickr NOAA Photo Library.jpg thumb Close up of Ross Ice Shelf Image Ross Ice Shelf 1997.jpg thumb Panorama of Ross Ice Shelf An ice shelf is a thick floating platform of ice that forms where ... found in Antarctica , Greenland and Canada . The boundary between the floating ice shelf and the grounded ... 3 642 03414 5 ref That flow continually moves ice from the grounding line to the seaward front of the shelf ... a chunk of ice breaks off from the seaward front of the shelf. Typically, a shelf front will extend ... and melting from the lower surface are also important to the mass balance of an ice shelf. Ice may also accrete onto the underside of the shelf. The density contrast between glacial ice, which is denser ... surface. The world s largest ice shelves are the Ross Ice Shelf and the Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The term captured ice shelf has been used for the ice over a subglacial lake , such as Lake ... north of 82 N. Ice shelves that are still in existence are the Alfred Ernest Ice Shelf , Milne Ice Shelf , Ward Hunt Ice Shelf and Smith Ice Shelf . The M Clintock Ice Shelf broke up from 1963 to 1966 the Ayles Ice Shelf broke up in 2005 and the Markham Ice Shelf broke up in 2008. Antarctic ice ... km http tup maanum 01 maantieteellisia tietoja aihepiireittain.xls . Ice shelf disruption Image Antarctic shelf ice hg.png thumb Processes around an Antarctic ice shelf Image Glacier ice shelf interactions.svg thumb 250px Glacier ice shelf interactions In the last several decades, glaciologists have observed consistent decreases in ice shelf extent through melt, calving, and complete disintegration ... ice shelf hanging by thread European scientists . July 10, 2008. Yahoo News . ref The Ellesmere ice shelf reduced by 90 percent in the twentieth century, leaving the separate Alfred Ernest, Ayles ... Ice Island Calvings and Ice Shelf Changes, Milne Ice Shelf and Ayles Ice Shelf, Ellesmere Island, N.W.T. . Arctic 39 1 March 1986 ref The Ayles Ice Shelf calved entirely on August 13, 2005. The Ward ...   more details

  1. Shelf stereo

    Refimprove date October 2008 Original research date October 2008 image shelf stereo.jpg thumb right 200px A Magnavox 2.0 shelf stereo The term shelf stereo refers to any home stereo system that is physically suitable for placement on a shelf or other similar location. Shelf stereo systems are becoming more popular as their capabilities increase while size decreases. The price of shelf stereo systems are also declining and give consumers a better product for less money. The term may be used to describe systems ranging from a basic, battery electricity battery powered boombox to a sophisticated, multi function high powered receiver. Shelf stereos are often rated using the total system power in order to beef up their apparent power. History Shelf stereos basically date back to the radio receiver s often found in diner s ever since the advent of radio however, these early receivers were not stereophonic receivers, they are the predecessors of shelf stereo. Today In terms of power, many shelf stereo systems are considerably good, many of them having a total system power greater than 500 watt s, which is considerably more than many surround sound receivers, which are usually higher in price. Most shelf stereos use either the standard 2 channel format or the 2.1 channel format, with the latter being more common in the higher powered systems. The point one indicates the use of a subwoofer along with the two main loudspeaker speakers . However, this is the main difference between shelf stereos and surround sound receivers. Surround sound receivers most commonly utilize 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 speaker setups that provide true surround sound . Shelf stereos have adapted to new times with many ... The size of today s shelf stereos have also changed. Many of the popular stereos today are one connected ... shelf stereos are the stand alone iPod speaker system. These systems are made primarily for the use ... References references DEFAULTSORT Shelf Stereo Category Audio players ...   more details

  1. Shelf (computing)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Deleted image removed Image OPENSTEP Shelf.jpg right The Shelf is an interface feature in NeXTSTEP and OpenStep OPENSTEP , and is used as a repository to store links to commonly used files, directories and programs, and as a temporary holding place to move copy files and directories around in the file system hierarchy. In Mac OS X , items may be dragged onto the sidebar area of the Finder software Finder while holding the Apple key, but these do not behave as placeholders and cannot be manipulated in the below manner. The dynamics of the Shelf in file system operations can be illustrated by comparison with the metaphor used in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. In order to move a file the following steps may be taken the window containing the source folder ... to the source directory the file is dragged to the Shelf the user navigates to the destination directory the file is dragged from the Shelf to the destination directory Note that the file, when dragged to the Shelf, has not moved anywhere and is not changed in any way. The Shelf icon is merely a wikt placeholder placeholder for the file. In moving the placeholder off the shelf, the actual action occurs ... on the Shelf as well, and the file can be merely dragged to the destination directory icon. The process ... location is completed. The Shelf concept, though older, is more powerful in that the file system objects, their sources and destinations are persistent and available as long as they are on the Shelf ... operation is complete or until something else is placed in the clipboard . Since Shelf icons are placeholders of sorts, icons can be put on the Shelf representing commonly used directories, and commonly used programs can be put on the Shelf as well. The NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP file management application ..., and that browser window would show the corresponding shelf, allowing users to have many different .... See also Miller Columns DEFAULTSORT Shelf Computing Category NeXT Category Graphical user interface ...   more details

  1. Shelf (storage)

    Other uses Shelf disambiguation Shelf A shelf plural pl. shelves is a flat horizontal plane which is used in a home , business , store or elsewhere to hold items of value that are being displayed, stored or offered for sale. It is raised off the ground and usually anchored supported on its shorter length sides by Bracket architecture brackets . It can also be held up by columns or pillars. Shelves are normally made of strong materials such as wood , bamboo or steel , though shelves to hold lighter weight objects can be made of glass or plastic . A shelf can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface, be suspended from a ceiling, be a part of a free standing frame unit, or it can be part of a piece of furniture such as a cabinet furniture cabinet , bookcase , entertainment center , some Headboard furniture headboards , and so on. Usually two to six shelves make up a unit, each shelf being attached perpendicularly to the vertical or diagonal supports and positioned parallel one above the other. Free standing shelves can be accessible from either one or both longer length sides. A shelf with a hidden internal bracket is termed a floating shelf . The length of a shelf is based upon the space limitations of its siting and the amount of weight which it will be expected to hold. The vertical distance between the shelves is based upon the space limitations of the unit s siting and the height of the objects adjustable shelving systems allow the vertical distance to be altered. The front edge of the shelf under the object s held might be used to display the name, product number, pricing, and other information about the object s . The unit can be fixed or be some form of mobile shelving . The most heavy duty shelving is pallet racking . History Expand section date February 2012 References Reflist furniture stub Category Storage systems Category Furniture be be x old fa ru ...   more details

  1. Shelf in the Room

    Infobox Single Name Shelf in the Room Cover Artist Days of the New from Album Days of the New album Days of the New B side Released 1998 Format Recorded October, November 1996 Genre Post grunge br Acoustic rock Length 4 44 Label Southern Outpost record label Outpost Writer Travis Meeks Producer Scott Litt Certification Chart position Last single The Down Town br 1998 This single Shelf In The Room br 1998 Next single Enemy Days of the New song Enemy br 1999 Shelf in the Room is a song by Days of the New and the third and final single music single from their Days of the New album self titled debut album . The song reached 3 on Billboard magazine Billboard s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1998 ref http bbcom retrieve chart 182100&model.vnuAlbumId 497729 Artist Chart History Days of the New Retrieved August 27, 2008. ref and is a concert staple. Shelf in the Room is also the first track on the band s Days of the New The Definitive Collection Definitive Collection released in 2008. While perhaps not as popular as other singles from the album, Shelf In The Room is regarded for its engaging acoustic guitar ... stability and isolation. The shelf is considered a means of security with the chorus line, The shelf in the room has been so true I can hide in the shelf in the room. It is also described as holding ... video video for Shelf In The Room bears the rural and color aesthetics depicted in the album ..., including a set of old keys, a dead bird s feather, and shards of glass, on a shelf. He then sits ... in a wooden building with a shelf bearing various strange items that Meeks examines while he ... sitting on the floor under direct lighting much like the young boy. Items showcased on the shelf include ... you sign love gesture . Track listing Shelf in the Room Special Guide Whimsical Chart positions ... Shelf in the Room Music Video YouTube Days of the New DEFAULTSORT Shelf In The Room Category 1997 ...   more details

  1. Shelf registration

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Shelf registration is a process authorized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Rule 415 that allows a single Securities Act of 1933 registration document to be filed by a company that permits the issuance of multiple security finance securities . Form S 3 issuers may use shelf registration to register securities that will be offered on an immediate, continuous, or even on a delayed basis. Other special types of securities, such as those used in a business combination, Mortgage backed securities, and those of a closed end fund . In July 2005 the SEC put in place automatic registration shelf filings. This filing is a relaxed registration process that applies to well known, seasoned issuers WKSIs, pronounced Wiksy , and covers debt securities, common stock, preferred stock and warrants, among other various instruments. A WKSI is a company that has filed all annual, quarterly and current reports in a timely manner, and either has a greater than 700 million market capitalization or has issued 1 billion in registered debt offerings over the past three years. Shelf registration is a registration of a new issue which can be prepared up to three years in advance, so that the issue can be offered quickly as soon as funds are needed or market conditions are favorable. For example, current market conditions in the housing market are not favorable for a specific firm to issue a public offering. In this case, it may not be a good time for a firm in the sector e.g. a home builder to come out with its second offering because many investors will be pessimistic about companies working in that sector. By using shelf registration, the firm can fulfill all registration related procedures beforehand and go to market quickly when conditions become more favorable. Finally, firms often use universal shelf filings and choose between debt and equity offerings based on the prevailing relative market conditions. DEFAULTSORT Shelf Registration Category ...   more details

  1. Shelf angle

    In masonry veneer building construction, a shelf angle is a steel angle which supports the weight of brick or stone veneer and transfers that weight onto the main structure of the building. Background Traditional masonry buildings had thick load bearing walls that supported the weight of the building. Openings in these load bearing walls for elements such as door s and window s were typically small and spanned by lintels or arches . Modern buildings The invention of skeleton frame buildings made it possible to have wide openings such as ribbon windows extending across most or all of the building facade . In most such buildings, brick, stone, or other masonry cladding is often a single wythe of material also called a veneer . The only way to support the weight of this veneer across a wide opening is by providing a shelf angle on which the masonry bears. ref http Brick Industry Association, Technical Note 21B, 2006 ref The shelf angle, in turn, is attached to major elements of the building structure such as floor beams or structural columns . Shelf angles are also called relief angles . In the United States, common sizes for steel shelf angles include L 3 x 3 x 1 4 and L 4 x 4 x 1 4 . In addition to supporting the weight of masonry, shelf angles create logical locations for movement joints. ref http Brick Industry Association, Technical Note 18A, 2006 ref References Reflist See also cite book last Ramsey first Charles authorlink coauthors Hoke, John Ray, Jr. ed title Architectural Graphics Standards 10th Edition publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. year 2000 location pages url doi id isbn 0 471 34816 3 DEFAULTSORT Shelf Angle Category Masonry Category Building materials Category Construction terminology ...   more details

  1. Sahul Shelf

    Image Map of Sunda and Sahul.png 400px thumb The Sahul Shelf and the Sunda Shelf today. The area in between is called Wallacea . The Sahul Shelf IPAc en icon s h u l is part of the continental shelf of Australia continent Sahul the Australia New Guinea continent and lies off the coast of Australia . The Sahul Shelf proper stretches northwest from Australia much of the way under the Timor Sea towards Timor , ending where the seabed begins descending into the Timor Trough . Another part of the Sahul Shelf is known also as the Arafura Shelf and runs all the way from the northern coast of Australia under the Arafura Sea to New Guinea . The Aru Islands rise from the Arafura Shelf. The Sahul Shelf is sometimes taken to also include the Rowley Shelf which runs out under the Indian Ocean from the northwest coast of Australia as far south as North West Cape . When sea level s fell during the Pleistocene ice age , including the last glacial maximum about 18,000 years ago, the Sahul Shelf was exposed as dry land. Evidence of the shoreline of this time has been identified in locations which now lie 100 to 140 metres below sea level. ref name aims cite web year 2001 url http c document library get file?uuid 703cba58 6526 44e4 91eb 7ef84e4ba25d&groupId 30301 title Big Bank Shoals of the Timor Sea An environmental resource atlas publisher Australian Institute of Marine Science ... title SahulTime accessdate 2008 07 22 ref The Arafura Shelf formed a land bridge between Australia ... the edge of Sahul Shelf where it drops off into the deep waters of the Wallacea biogeographical area. Wallacea sits in a gap between the Sahul Shelf and the Sunda Shelf , part of the continental shelf of Southeast Asia . ref name wirantaprawira cite web last Wirantaprawira first Willy authorlink ... larger Sahul Shelf was suggested in 1845 by G.W. Earl who called it the Great Australian Bank and noted .... Earl also suggested the existence of the Sunda Shelf which he called the Great Asiatic Bank . ref ...   more details

  1. Shelf corporation

    confused Shell corporation Companies law A shelf corporation , shelf company , or aged corporation , is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity metaphorically put on the shelf to age . The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one. Common reasons for buying a shelf corporation include To save the time involved in taking the steps to create a new corporation. To gain the opportunity to bid on contracts. Some jurisdiction s require that a company be in business for a certain length of time to have this ability. To show corporate longevity in order to attract consumers or investors. To gain access to corporate Credit finance credit . These reasons are open to criticism. Many years ago, it would take months to properly incorporate a business. However, it is now quite easy, at least in Australia , Canada , the United States and Western Europe , to do so. In fact, it can now be done in as little as a couple of hours in some jurisdictions. A corporation might end up on the shelf precisely because of a bad business history. It is questionable whether a shelf corporation improves access to capital, since creditors and investors look into a company s history as part of due diligence . Citation needed date July 2011 A number of consortia produce and sell shelf corporations, promoting the fact that the new buyer can at the same time have a corporation with a long history, and yet have complete control over the establishment of the corporation s board of directors and shareholder profile. Citation needed date July 2011 A Reuters report described Wyoming Corporate Services as an example of a vendor of shelf companies, which were ... Plains date 2011 06 28 publisher Reuters ref One item to be aware of is the re aging of the shelf ... 2000 , p. 54. Category Types of business entity cs Ready made spole nost de Shelf Company ...   more details

  1. Beehive shelf

    orphan date January 2010 File Beehive shelf.jpg right 300px thumb A beehive shelf is shown in the left hand picture. The middle picture shows the shelf from the side with a gas entering from a tube on the left and bubbling up through a hole. The right hand drawing is about half the scale of the others and shows the shelf in use inside a pneumatic trough. A beehive shelf is a piece of laboratory equipment, usually of pottery, used to support a receiving jar or tube while a gas is being collected over water with a pneumatic trough . History. The name derives from the design of early beehives made from bound grass called a skep .The squat circular shape was made by binding the grass bundles to form a flat wheel. Sides were added using the same material with a cutout to allow honey bees to enter and leave the hive. See also Pneumatic chemistry Further reading Griffin, John Joseph, http books?id ZwkNAAAAYAAJ&pg PA226&dq Beehive shelf&as brr 1 Chemical Handicraft A Classified and Descriptive Catalogue of Chemical Apparatus , page 226, 1877 Category Laboratory equipment chem stub ...   more details

  1. Simian shelf

    The simian shelf is a bony thickening on the front of the ape mandible . ref cite web url http browse simian shelf?jss 1 dict header title Simian shelf publisher Random House work Unabridged v 1.1 accessdate 2008 12 22 ref Its function is to reinforce the jaw, ref cite web url http glossary glossary.html archiveurl http web 20060830160800 glossary glossary.html archivedate 2006 08 05 title Online Anthropology Glossary author Wright, M. year 1996 accessdate 2008 12 22 ref though it also has the effect of considerably reducing the movement of the tongue by restricting the area available for muscles. ref cite book author Howells, W. title Mankind So Far publisher Doubleday location New York year 1945 pages 68 ref Humans are the only apes to have protruding chins, though some fossils of early humans show evidence of a simian shelf. ref cite web author Custance, A. C. year 1997 title The Implication of Convergence on Human Origins work Convergence and the Origin of Man url http old evol 3ch3 3ch3.html accessdate 2008 12 22 ref References reflist primate stub Category Primate anatomy Category Skull ...   more details

  1. Sunda Shelf

    Image Map of Sunda and Sahul.png 300px thumb Geology Geologically , the Sunda Shelf is a south east extension of the continental shelf of Southeast Asia . Major landmasses on the shelf include the Malay Peninsula , Sumatra , Borneo , Java island Java , Madura , Bali and their surrounding smaller islands. ref Zvi Ben Avraham, Structural framework of the Sunda Shelf and vicinity Structural Geology January 1973 http 1912 1265 abstract cite book last Monk first K.A. coauthors Fretes, Y ..., 723 pp. ref Sea depths over the shelf rarely exceed 50 metres and extensive areas are less than 20 ... 078 7 ref Steep undersea gradients separate the Sunda Shelf from the Philippines , Sulawesi and the Lesser ... Asia Southeastern Asia which encompasses these areas of the Asia n continental shelf that were ... of the Asia s land mammal fauna, and is the boundary of the Indomalaya and Australasia ecozone s. The shelf ... with the exception of Sumatra, Java, and Bali, which while connected to the Sunda Shelf, belong ..., R.W. 1949 During glacial period s, the sea level falls, and great expanses of the Sunda Shelf ... Flooding of the Sunda Shelf A Late Glacial Sea Level Record , Science 288 12 May 2000 1033 35. ref Image SEAsia.jpg thumb left Sunda Shelf is depicted as light blue sea, from the relief globe at the Field ... north east between the North and South Natuna Islands. ref Tjia, H.D. 1980 . The Sunda Shelf, Southeast ... Hong Kong pages 118 id ISBN 978 9625938882 ref To the east of the Sunda Shelf is the Sahul Shelf ... on the Sunda Shelf and changing landbridge connections with mainland Southeast Asia have resulted ... Shelf during eustatic sea level changes has effects on the El Ni o oscillation. ref Andrew B. G. Bush and Richard G. Fairbanks, Exposing the Sunda shelf Tropical responses to eustatic sea level change ... Sunda Shelf mangroves ecoregion References reflist 2 External links Voris, H., and C. Simpson ... Sea Level Paleogeography Maps of Sunda Shelf The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois. Category Geography ...   more details

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