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  1. The Rudiments

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name The Rudiments image caption image size background group or band alias Los Rudiments, Rudiments origin San Francisco , California USA genre ska , reggae , punk rock years active 1990 1996 label Asian Man Records , Dill Records , Beach Recordings website Members Brent Wilson br Scott Pope br Craig Mazzera br Scott Rehlaender br Matt Powell br Andy Baker br Drew Morton br Craig Timms The Rudiments are a ska and Punk rock punk band from the East Bay San Francisco Bay Area East Bay , California . Biography The group was together in the 1990s, and were signed to Asian Man Records with other ska punk artists of the era, such as Link 80 and MU330 . They started out playing local shows and produced their first record with Dill Records , Psychoska . The band s most popular songs include Wailing Paddle , Trash , and Scapegoat . Later in their fairly short lived career, the band put out Bitch Bitch Bitch , a record more centered around the punker side of their sound. The bands influences can be noted as Operation Ivy band Operation Ivy and The Clash , who were both pioneers of the ska and punk sound. In December 2004, drummer Scott Pope was riding his bicycle in San Francisco when he was struck by a car and went through the windshield. I had it together enough to call my girlfriend, but after that I was out and woke up with a severed spine as a C7 quadriplegic. Their song Wailing Paddle was covered by Boston ska punk band Big D and the Kids Table on their 2002 album, The Gipsy Hill The Gipsy Hill LP . Band members Scott Rehlaender Lead Vocals Brent Willson Guitar, Bass, Vocals Matt Powell Guitar, Bass, Vocals Scott Pope Drums, Percussion Craig Mazzera Drums, Percussion Pat Phelan Keyboards Daniel Collas Drums, Percussion Eric Overley Trombone D. K. Palmgren Drums Discography Psychoska Dill Records Terror in the Heartland Dill Records Bitch Bitch Bitch Asian Man Records Rudiments Circle Our Empire 1990 1993 Asian Man ...   more details

  1. Rudiments of music

    Orphan date June 2009 The Rudiments of music are the basic elements of music theory . They include musical notation , pitch music pitch , time music time , scale music scale s, key signature s, time signature s, and interval music interval s, together with their typical uses in melody and harmony . The Rudiments are those elements of theory that are normally learned, more or less explicitly, as part of learning to play any musical instrument, as distinct from the more abstract aspects of theory that would be studied as a more academic, discipline. References Martin Agricola Agricola, M. 1991 . The rudiments of music New edition . Aberystwyth Boethius Press. Translated from the Latin edition of 1539 by John Trowell. ISBN 0863140343 Macpherson, S., & Payne, A. 1969 . The Rudiments of Music , 3rd edn. London Stainer & Bell. ISBN 978 0852490105 Ottman, R. W., & Mainous, F. D. 2000 . Rudiments of music 2nd edition . Englewood Cliffs, NJ Prentic Hall. ISBN 0 13 783671 6. Category Music theory music theory stub ...   more details

  1. The Rudiments of English Grammar

    . Watts, R. Joseph Priestley and education. Enlightenment and Dissent 2 1983 83 100. DEFAULTSORT Rudiments ... grammar books Category Style guides fr The Rudiments of English Grammar ...   more details

  1. Rudiment (disambiguation)

    wiktionary rudiment Rudiment may refer to Rudiment , one of a set of basic patterns used in rudimental drumming Rudiments of music , a technical term for the basic elements of music theory and the terminology used to describe them Rudiment, an incompletely developed organ, a form of vestigiality The Rudiments , a 1990s ska punk rock band signed to Asian Man Records Rudiment , an album by the rhythm and blues group Natural Afrodisiac disambig io Rudimento homonimo ...   more details

  1. Tyro (disambiguation)

    Tyro can refer to Tyro , character in Greek mythology Tyro Payments , Australian payments bank Tyro, Kansas , small town in the United States Tyro programming language , a programming language for beginners tyro, a beginner or learner in anything one who has mastered the rudiments only of any branch or knowledge. wiktionary tiro See also Marcus Tullius Tiro Tiro, Guinea , town dab ...   more details

  1. Coll�ge de Calvi

    One of the colleges of the University of Paris , the Coll ge de Calvi was intended as a primary education college where students learned the rudiments of grammar. Coll ge de Calvi was founded in 1271 as a literary college of the Sorbonne. References Byrne, Muriel St. Clare ed . The Lisle Letters, an abridgement. Chicago University of Chicago Press, 1981 106 108. france university stub coord missing France Category Colleges of the University of Paris ...   more details

  1. Open, closed, open

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Open, closed, open is a technique of playing snare drum rudiment s, especially used during audition s. Open, closed, open technique consists of beginning the rudiment very slow and controlled, speeding up evenly until at the maximum speed for the drummer, then slowing back down after maintaining that speed. Optimally, the drummer should end on the opposite hand as started, in case of alternating rudiments such as paradiddle s. Also, the speed ended at should be approximately the same speed as the drummer began. Rudimental Percussion DEFAULTSORT Open, Closed, Open Category Percussion performance techniques Music stub ...   more details

  1. Heliodorus (philosopher)

    Heliodorus is cited as the author of a work titled Commentary dated 564 AD , which has been preserved, on the Introduction or Rudiments of Paulus Alexandrinus , the 4th century Alexandrian astrologer. The name Heliodorus appears only on the later of two groups of manuscripts, and so is somewhat doubtful. Leendert Westerink has argued that the commentary consists of notes of lectures, most likely given by the sixth century philosopher and astrologer, Olympiodorus the Younger Olympiodorus , in 564 AD. ref Westerink, L. G., 1971 , Byzantinische Zeitschrift 64, 6ff. ref Notes Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Heliodorus ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Heliodorus Category 6th century philosophers Category 6th century Byzantine people Category Byzantine philosophers Byzantine bio stub ...   more details

  1. Dill Records

    Dill Records was a small punk rock ska record label based out of Monte Sereno, California , that put out CDs Gramophone record records from 1989 1998. The name is an allusion to initially the label s only band, Skankin Pickle . It was started by Mike Park, a.k.a. Bruce Lee of Skankin Pickle. The first other band with a release on Dill Records was the Tantra Monsters Dill 006 in 1994. After the breakup of Skankin Pickle, Mike Park continued releasing records, beginning the label Asian Man Records in 1996. Asian Man and Dill Records coexisted until 1998. Asian Man re released many albums originally released by Dill Records, as all releases are now out of print and Dill Records is no longer in operation. A partial Dill Records discography class wikitable Artist Title Catalog Number Skankin Pickle Skafunkrastapunk CD cass DILL 001 reissued as DILL 0012 in 1997 Skankin Pickle Skankin Pickle Fever CD cass DILL 002 reissued as DILL 0014 in 1997 Skankin Pickle Sing Along with Skankin Pickle CD cass DILL 003 Skankin Pickle Skankin Pickle Live CD cass Skankin Pickle Hi, My Name is Erik Yee. My Favorite Band is Green Day 7 Slapstick Lookit CD cass The Tantra Monsters s t 12 songs CD cass DILL 006 Janitors Against Apartheid One Eye Open Nerds CD DILL 007 MU330 Chumps On Parade CD DILL 010 The Rudiments Los Rudiments Psychoska CD DILL 0011 The Facet Playing Second CD DILL 0015 Janitors Against Apartheid One Eye Open 1 in 3,000 Nerds Can t Be Wrong CD DILL 016 Various Artists Dillinquents Red & Green CD 78 RPM s Go EP DILL 0021 The Rabies Want Me Back EP CD DILL 022 78 RPM s New World Chivalry CD DILL 0023 Various Artists Misfitz of Ska CD cass Less Than Jake Pezcore CD cass DILL 5 Skankin Pickle Category American record labels ...   more details

  1. Theodore Gardelle

    Theodore Gardelle November 30, 1722 &ndash April 4, 1761 was a Switzerland Swiss painter and Enamel paint enameller . He was born in Geneva , where he studied portrait miniature painting. Having acquired its first rudiments, he went to Paris in 1744. There he gained great proficiency in the art. He lived there studying and painting until 1750. Then he returned to his native place and practised his profession for some years. In 1756, he again went to Paris. In 1760, he went to England, where he was executed in Haymarket London Haymarket , London , for murder ing his landlady. External links http newgate ng287.htm Theodore Gardelle Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gardelle, Theodore ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH November 30, 1722 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH April 4, 1761 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gardelle, Theodore Category 1722 births Category 1761 deaths Category Enamellers Category Swiss artists ...   more details

  1. Financial sector development

    unreferenced date November 2010 Financial sector development in developing countries and emerging markets is part of the private sector development strategy to stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty. A solid and well functioning financial sector is a powerful engine behind economic growth. It generates local savings, which in turn lead to productive investments in local business. Furthermore, effective banks can channel international streams of private remittances . The financial sector therefore provides the rudiments for income growth and job creation. External links http FIRST http Netherlands Financial Sector Development Exchange NFX NFX operations were discontinued in April 2007. http Consultative Group to Assist the Poor http En Policy Dialogue TenYearFrameworkAndStrategies.pdf Ten Year Framework and Strategies for Development of Islamic Financial Services econ term stub date June 2010 DEFAULTSORT Financial Sector Development Category Development Category International economics ...   more details

  1. Antoine Bouzonnet-Stella

    Antoine Bouzonnet Stella , or Bousonnet, called A. Stella, was the nephew of Jacques Stella , and was born at Lyon Lyons in 1634. He was instructed by his uncle in the rudiments of design, and is said to have been a reputable painter. For his picture of The Pythian Games he was in 1666 received a member of the Acad mie de peinture et de sculpture Royal Academy at Paris, where he died in 1682. We have a few etchings by him, among which is Moses defending the Daughters of Jethro, after Nicolas Poussin Poussin . References Bryan article BOUZONNET, Antoine Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Bouzonnet Stella, Antoine ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1634 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1682 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bouzonnet Stella, Antoine Category French painters Category French engravers Category 1634 births Category 1682 deaths Category People from Lyon France painter 17thC stub ...   more details

  1. Johann Friedrich Dietler

    File Karl Emanuel Tscharner.jpg thumb right 200px Portrait of Karl Emanuel Tscharner , ca. 1860 Johann Friedrich Dietler was born at Solothurn , in Switzerland, in 1804, and was instructed in the rudiments of art by German, a drawing master of that town. He distinguished himself as a portrait painter, and visited Paris and Italy, remaining also some time at Geneva but he finally settled at Berne , where he died in 1874. He painted for the town of Solothurn The Burgomaster Wengi before the Cannon. File JeremiasGotthelf.jpg thumb right 200px Portrait of Jeremias Gotthelf , 1844 References Commons category Adriaen van Diest Bryan article DIETLER, Johann Friedrich Persondata NAME Dietler, Johann Friedrich ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1804 PLACE OF BIRTH Solothurn DATE OF DEATH 1874 PLACE OF DEATH Berne DEFAULTSORT Dietler, Johann Friedrich Category 1804 births Category 1874 deaths Category People from Solothurn Category Swiss painters Category Portrait artists Switzerland painter stub de Johann Friedrich Dietler ...   more details

  1. Harmonia Sacra

    Infobox Book name Harmonia Sacra title orig A Compilation of Genuine Church Music translator image image caption author Joseph Funk illustrator cover artist country language series subject genre Christian music publisher unknown pub date 1832 english pub date media type pages isbn oclc preceded by followed by Harmonia Sacra is a Mennonite shape note hymn and Melody tune book, originally published as A Compilation of Genuine Church Music in 1832 Winchester, Virginia Winchester , Virginia by Joseph Funk 1778 1862 . The original publication was a four shape shape note book using the shapes and syllables faw, sol, law, and mi . Funk designed A Compilation of Genuine Church Music for use in singing school s. It contained 208 pages, including rudiments of music and tunes harmonized for three voices. Funk released a second edition in 1835, and a third in 1842. The 1847 fourth edition was the first publication by Joseph Funk and Sons at Singers Glen. The name was changed to Harmonia Sacra in 1851 , using the original title as a subtitle. In 1851, Funk also changed from the four shapes to the seven shape shape note system. Rather than adopt the Jesse B. Aiken Aiken system, Funk devised his own. Further editions were released, including 1860 , 1866 , 1878 , 1980 and 1993 . In 1866, called the 12th edition, the three voice parts were expanded to four. After 1878 17th edition , the rudiments of music were deleted. In 1980, the 24th edition, the format was changed, changing the old four stave oblong tunebook to an upright modern soprano alto tenor bass format. The 25th edition 1993 restored the old oblong tunebook format, as well as the rudiments of music and 27 three voice hymns from the first and second editions. A newly typeset 26th edition is available. An online edition of the 26th edition provides tunes in both four and seven shape settings. According to the Mennonite Encyclopedia this music textbook ... has reached a total issue of nearly 100,000 copies. The book is still ...   more details

  1. Skankin' Pickle Live

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Skankin Pickle Live Type Live album Artist Skankin Pickle Cover LivePickle.jpg Released August 1,2010 Recorded March 2010, September 2010 Genre Ska punk ,, punk rock Length 42 07 Label Dill Records Producer Skankin Pickle Reviews Last album Sing Along With Skankin Pickle br 1994 This album Skankin Pickle Live br 1995 Next album The Green Album Skankin Pickle The Green Album br 1996 Skankin Pickle Live is a live album by American ska punk band Skankin Pickle , released on Dill Records in 1995. Tracks 1 2 were recorded at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California on September 2, 1995. Tracks 3 15 were recorded at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California on March 3, 1995 Skankin Pickle Live features five bonus tracks from two other artists on the Dill Records roster three tracks from Hawaiian ska reggae band The Tantra Monsters that later appeared on their self titled 1996 album, and two from San Francisco ska punk band The Rudiments , Treadmill from the 1995 Suicide Machines split Skank for Brains and a then unreleased cover of The Toyes Smoke Two Joints titled Two Joints . Track listing All songs written by Skankin Pickle except where otherwise noted. Hussein Skank 3 23 Fakin Jamaican Steve Devlin 2 11 David Duke is Running 4 President 1 48 Pabu Boy 1 19 Asian Man 3 14 Rotten Banana Legs 2 56 I Missed The Bus 2 28 I m In Love With A Girl Name Spike 1 57 Thick Ass Stout 4 51 Anxiety Attack 2 49 Ice Cube Korea Wants A Word With You 1 33 Margaret Cho Show 1 39 Little Brown Jug song Little Brown Jug Joseph Winner 1 21 Toothless & Grey 3 49 Fights 3 21 Bonus track Beans and Rice by the Tantra Monsters 6 25 Bonus track Working Man by the Tantra Monsters 3 36 Bonus track Traffic by the Tantra Monsters 5 46 Dill Records advertisement 0 34 Bonus track Treadmill by The Rudiments 3 40 Bonus track Two Joints by The Rudiments 5 40 Personnel Lynette Knackstedt guitar, vocals, lead vocals on tracks 6 and 14 Gerry Lundquist slid ...   more details

  1. Percussive Arts Society

    40 P.A.S. International Drum Rudiments PAS International Drum Rudiments , a set of basic drum beats and exercises that is used by percussion educators. These rudiments can be found in most percussion ...   more details

  1. Kai Lung

    Kai Lung http ctol2001 kai lung.htm is a fictional character in a series of books by Ernest Bramah , consisting of The Wallet of Kai Lung 1900 , Kai Lung s Golden Hours 1922 , Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat 1928 , The Moon of Much Gladness 1932 published in the USA as The Return of Kai Lung , Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree 1940 , Kai Lung Six 1974 and Kai Lung Raises His Voice 2010 . Character introduction Kai Lung is a Chinese storyteller whose travels and exploits serve mainly as excuses to introduce substories, which generally take up the majority of a Kai Lung book. Character sketch Motivations Kai Lung is a man of very simple motivations most frequently, he is animated by a desire for enough tael s to be able to feed and clothe himself. Otherwise, his main motivation is love for his wife, Hwa mei, and he seeks nothing more than a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Generally, he does not intrude in other people s affairs unless he thinks it necessary to teach them the rudiments of classical proportion with one of his fables. Conflicts This character usually comes into conflict with barbarians, bandits, and other people who are not classically educated, as well as various unscrupulous individuals who are intent on taking away his property. Category Fictional characters introduced in 1900 Category Characters in British novels of the 20th century Category Kai Lung Category Fictional Chinese people in literature lit char stub ...   more details

  1. Marty Phillips

    Marty Phillips of Crossett, Arkansas , USA is a gospel singer , songwriter , as well as editor of the Jeffress Phillips Music Company . A composer of many songs, he is most noted for What A Meeting In The Air . Phillips teaches in various singing schools across the Southern USA. Marty has served as President of the Ashley County, Arkansas Ashley County Gospel Singing Convention, the Arkansas State Gospel Singing Convention and in 2004 the National Gospel Singing Convention. He has composed a book of basic music theory called, Rudiments of Music , and an advance theory book called, Understanding 4 Part Harmony. He teaches in several music schools each year, such as the Jeffress School of Music, the Tri County Music School, and many others. Marty is one of the best known songwriters of the day. He has been recognized as such in 1991 in Hendersonville, NC, at the Old Fashioned Gospel Singing and Musical Convention. They recognize an outstanding songwriter each year. External links http Jeffress Music Company Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Phillips, Marty ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Phillips, Marty Category Living people US composer stub US singer stub ...   more details

  1. Windgather Rocks

    infobox UK place official name Windgather Rocks os grid reference SJ994783 country England region East Midlands shire county Derbyshire shire district High Peak England High Peak latitude 53.30165 longitude 2.01046 scale 20000 map type Derbyshire Image WINDGATHER ROCKS PEAK DISTRICT UK.JPG left thumb Windgather Rocks The Windgather Rocks is a gritstone crag on the Derbyshire Cheshire border in England. It is in the Peak District National Park and is a popular site for learning the rudiments of rock climbing. As the name suggests the area is exposed to the prevailing winds, being convert 400 m above sea level. Links http databases crags craginfo.html?id 109 UK Climbing database http windgather rocks High res photos of Windgather Rocks http walks 2004 614.php A walk including the Windgather Rocks mmukscaled SJ994783 100 Map sources for Windgather Rocks Category Visitor attractions in Derbyshire Category Visitor attractions in Cheshire Category Hills of Cheshire Category Mountains and hills of the Peak District Category Climbing areas of England Derbyshire geo stub Cheshire geo stub England sports venue stub ...   more details

  1. Ossification of axis

    Image Gray105.png thumb 300px The axis is ossified from five primary and two secondary centers. The axis anatomy axis is Endochondral ossification ossified from five primary and two secondary centers. The body and vertebral arch are ossified in the same manner as the corresponding parts in the other vertebrae , viz., one center for the body, and two for the vertebral arch . The centers for the arch appear about the seventh or eighth week of fetal life, while the centers for the body appear in about the fourth or fifth month. The dens or odontoid process consists originally of a continuation upward of the cartilaginous mass, in which the lower part of the body is formed. About the sixth month of fetal life, two centers make their appearance in the base of this process they are placed laterally, and join before birth to form a conical bilobed mass deeply cleft above the interval between the sides of the cleft and the summit of the process is formed by a wedge shaped piece of cartilage. The base of the process is separated from the body by a cartilaginous disk, which gradually becomes ossified at its circumference, but remains cartilaginous in its center until advanced age. In this cartilage, rudiments of the lower epiphysial lamella of the atlas and the upper epiphysial lamella of the axis may sometimes be found. The apex of the odontoid process has a separate center which appears in the second and joins about the twelfth year this is the upper epiphysial lamella of the atlas. In addition to these there is a secondary center for a thin epiphysial plate on the under surface of the body of the bone. Gray s Category Skeletal system Axis ossification ...   more details

  1. Andrew Adgate

    Andrew Adgate 22 March 1762, Norwich, Connecticut 30 Sept 1793, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a musician, music director, and author from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is noted for founding the Institution for Encouragement of Church Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1784, which became the Free School for Spreading the Knowledge of Vocal Music the following year. He directed choral concerts in Philadelphia from 1785 through 1793, performing both Europe an and United States American works. He also founded the Uranian Academy in 1787. Works Rudiments of Music Philadelphia Harmony Selection of Sacred Harmony References Who Was Who in America Historical Volume, 1607 1896. Chicago Marquis Who s Who, 1963. External links worldcat id lccn n82 219703 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Adgate, Andrew ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 22 March 1762 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1793 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Adgate, Andrew Category 1762 births Category 1793 deaths Category People from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Category Choral conductors US music bio stub US conductor stub ...   more details

  1. The Gipsy Hill

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name The Gipsy Hill Type studio Artist Big D and the Kids Table Cover The gipsy hill ep.jpg Released 2002 Recorded Genre Ska Length LP 26 13 EP 24 09 Label Fork in Hand Records Producer Reviews Rating 4.5 5 http review 5153 link Last album Look What You ve Done This album The Gipsy Hill br 2002 Next album Porch Life br 2003 The Gipsy Hill is a 2002 release by the ska band Big D and the Kids Table . There are two versions of the release the EP version, and an LP version that adds the song Apologies. Track listing Check List 2 25 Evil Girl Angry Girl 3 00 Wailing Paddle The Rudiments 3 35 Great Song 3 25 Those Kids Suck T.K.S 1 20 Apologies 2 04 On the LP version, not the EP version What the Hell Are You Going to Do? 0 12 Find Out Damaged and Destroyed 2 43 Scenester 4 30 The Difference 2 36 New England Jonathan Richman 3 37 Category 2002 EPs 2000s punk album stub DEFAULTSORT Gipsy Hill, The ...   more details

  1. Kamloops Wawa

    Image Wawatest2.jpg thumb 300px right Introduction to Kamloops Wawa shorthand br found in each issue The Kamloops Wawa was a publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops in British Columbia , Canada , in the 1890s and 1900s. The contents of the Kamloops Wawa were near entirely written using an adaptation of the French Duployan shorthand writing system ref name n3895 cite web title Duployan Unicode proposal url http JTC1 SC2 WG2 docs n3895.pdf ref . Most of the texts of the Kamloops Wawa were composed in the local variant of Chinook Jargon with some passages and articles in Nlaka pamuxtsin , Secwepmectsin , St at imcets and other traditional languages. Some series of articles, however, included translations into Chinook Jargon of classical texts from Latin, such as the Seven Kings of Rome , though most content was either community news or translations of the mass or other liturgical materials. See also Duployan shorthand Chinook Jargon Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics External links http hiyu kamloops.html Kamloops Wawa page, Chinook Jargon Information Superhighway site http ljcr24.htm Chinook Rudiments, J.M.R Le Jeune Category First Nations culture Category History of British Columbia Category Culture of British Columbia Category Duployan shorthand references ...   more details

  1. Ferdinando del Cairo

    Ferdinando del Cairo 1666 1748 was an Italy Italian painter of the Baroque . He was born at Casale Monferrato , and learned the first rudiments of design from his father, an unknown artist. He afterwards became a pupil of Marcantonio Franceschini at Bologna . He painted history, and, in conjunction with Giacinto Garofalino , was employed to paint the ceiling of the church of Sant Antonio at Brescia . He died at Genoa. He had an elder brother, Giuseppe or Guglielmo 1656 1682 who was also a painter. References cite book first Michael last Bryan year 1886 title Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, Biographical and Critical Volume I A K editor Robert Edmund Graves pages page 208 publisher George Bell and Sons location York St. 4, Covent Garden, London Original from Fogg Library, Digitized May 18, 2007 id url http books?id 4GYCAAAAYAAJ&printsec titlepage&dq DICTIONARY AACHEN AALST&as brr 1 authorlink Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cairo, Ferdinando Del ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1666 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1748 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cairo, Ferdinando Del Category 1666 births Category 1748 deaths Category People from Casale Monferrato Category Italian painters Category Italian Baroque painters Category Bolognese painters Italy painter 17thC stub fr Ferdinando del Cairo ...   more details

  1. William Rollo

    About the South African linguist and classicist the British general Bill Rollo William Rollo was a southern African academic. He was born in 1894 in Glasgow and graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in classics in 1915. ref University of Glasgow http ww1 biography ?id 2857 ref After the war he completed his DLitt in linguistics at Leiden University . His thesis was on the Marquina dialect of the Basque language . He immigrated to South Africa in 1925, where he was professor of classics, then Head of the Classics Department and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Cape Town until 1953, when he was invited to take up the post of interim principal of the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland , now the University of Zimbabwe . ref University of Zimbabwe University of Zimbabwe people University of Zimbabwe ref br He was a skilled linguist and during the Second World War he taught himself Japanese people Japanese so he could teach the rudiments of the language to South African pilots who were going to fight in the Far East . He died in 1960 in Grahamstown , while teaching classics at Rhodes University . References references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rollo, William ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rollo, William Category University of Zimbabwe Category University of Cape Town academics Category Classical scholars Zimbabwe bio stub ...   more details

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